5th July Picture Gallery
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Elvis Shmelvis (Martyn Dias) singing his way to the third place

while working all the sound equipment at the London Trocadero
Martyn Dias (Elvis Shmelvis)

Elvis Shmelvis Jnr (Mickey Dias) sang beautifully and

is a future contender for the title Elvis Shmelvis
Martyn Dias (Elvis Shmelvis)

Some of the finalists discussing their songs with Elvis Shmelvis
Martyn Dias (Elvis Shmelvis)

Corona Extra buses start part two of the tour of the West End

emblazoned with "Elvisly Yours Restaurants are Coming" banners
Martyn Dias (Elvis Shmelvis)

The two winners Mark Leen and Paul Lillie together, 
note the fantastic suit worn by Mark.
Martyn Dias (Elvis Shmelvis)

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