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July 2006

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  A tribute to Dr Ed Franklin     Last chance to order a limited edition Elvis shirt 
  What's wrong with Parkes?     How many great deals did Colonel Parker kill?  
  Uri Geller fights for Justice in America     Priscilla Presley changed history 

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A Tribute to Dr. Ed Franklin

Ed, Jackie and Curt Franklin

Memphis and the Elvis World have just lost one of its great characters and a dear friend, Dr. Ed Franklin. Sadly, there are so few characters in Memphis, people that are larger than life, that can put the fear of God in some, yet have a wicked wit, sense of humour and heart of gold. 

To me Dr Franklin was just Ed and over the years we spent many happy hours together at his great club Bad Bob's and later Bad Bob/Vapors. 

The first Elvisly Yours tour to Memphis was in October 1982 and we stayed at the old Quality Inn on Brooks Road. At the back of the hotel was a nightclub called Bad Bob's.

The club stayed open until quite late and every night fans would end up at Bad Bob's and I met the club's owner, Elvis' vet Dr Ed Franklin. He was a huge man, with a big bellowing voice that at first could seem intimidating but his bark was much worse than his bite. He was very laid back and seemed to take everything in his stride. He had a great sense of humour and recounted wonderful stories about his time with Elvis as his vet. 

He continued to look after Graceland's animals after Elvis died. He didn't take any BS from EPE and admired the fact that I took on EPE in the Courts in the USA and particularly in Britain where we defeated them. His clubs were very reasonably priced for food and drink and played great music, even in the afternoons when he put on tea dances for old timers and the not so old. I used to love watching "line dancing" to the great country music that was the main feature of the clubs. Over the years hundreds of Elvisly Yours Fan Club members enjoyed Ed's entertainment. Although he was known for his Elvis Tribute Contests in August his clubs were open all year around and I would see him on each visit I was in Memphis and that was usually four times a year, twice with fan club tours and then twice in later years for legal proceedings with EPE and general Elvis business. We did several charity promotions together, including one for Special Olympics and the only Concert the Russian Elvis, Rafik, performed in America was at Bad Bob's. Ed had a heart of gold and always had time to talk even on his busiest nights. He was a larger than life character whom you thought would just go on and on. Since I stopped going to Memphis and taking tours I lost contact with Ed but still his death came as a shock. 

However, it brought back such fond memories of a kind and gentle man who helped Memphis rock on, year after year. I was honoured and privileged to have been his friend. My sincere sympathies go to his wife, Jackie, his children and family. Their loss is felt all over the world by the thousands of fans that Dr Ed Franklin's life touched, a true legend of the Elvis World and of Memphis.

Photographic Memories of Bad Bobs/Vapors

Russian Elvis Rafik rehearsing at Bad Bob's    

      Rafik performing at Bad Bob's October 1991

The first Elvisly Yours Tour to Memphis 1982  
Bad Bob's behind the hotel and the fans

Rafik by Monster Truck with Vapors in background 

           Click here  to view and sign Dr. Franklin's Remembrance Book at the Commercial Appeal.

Last chance to order a numbered, 
limited edition casual Elvis shirt

The first samples of the shirts are being sold as a limited edition, they are that good. The first 500 will be numbered and sold with a certificate and can be pre-ordered now. Only shirt orders received before August 16th 2006 will be numbered with a certificate. We don't believe there has ever been a shirt that has been numbered. It will make sense to frame the shirt rather than wear it and believe me it is fabulous and should be framed. 

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What's wrong with Parkes? 

Australians have a great reputation for being strong characters, great in sports, great fighters and have a deep inner strength. They are even Australians that fight crocodiles and they have the world's most poisonous snakes and spiders. Sadly, this wonderful, macho reputation is being ruined by it seems a bunch of pansies who run the annual "Elvis Festival" in Parkes, NSW, Australia. Each year Parkes puts on an Elvis Festival but after reading on the Internet that Elvis impersonators were to be banned the organisers got their "knickers in a twist" ("panties in a wad"), started panicking and have run to Bob Sillerman, the new owner of EPE begging for an "Official" license. Even Bob Sillerman has stated he does not intend to stop Elvis impersonators. 

As long as the Parkes Elvis Festival pays the standard fee for playing Elvis music they can have all the Elvis Tribute Artists in the world performing and there is nothing EPE can do to stop Parkes celebrating the music of Elvis Presley. I took on Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc in the UK Courts to bring freedom to the Elvis World. In London alone there are seven Elvis theme restaurants and ETA Contests up and down the country throughout the year. There are probably several thousand unlicensed Elvis shows. Since Australian Law follows UK Law and EPE was defeated here I would be happy to advise the Parkes Elvis Festival Committee about their rights. They should save the license fee and give the money to a local children's home, just as Elvis would have wanted if he were alive.

How many great deals did 
Colonel Parker Kill?

Elvis Information Network  has recently reported that Colonel Parker stopped Elvis singing Dolly Parton's song, "I Will Always Love You". You will recall this was famously sung by Whitney Houston and became a worldwide hit.

Dolly and Elvis feature in a TV commercial promoting Tennessee

According to Dolly Parton Elvis had told her he wanted to record the song and loved it. Dolly was over the moon until she got a call from Colonel Parker saying, "Now you know we have a rule that Elvis don't record anything that we don't take half the publishing." Dolly was not willing to hand over 50% of publishing rights and thought this was very unfair. I wonder what Elvis felt and did he just let the Colonel ruin deal after deal? During the movie years Elvis was turning out some pretty poor songs all because Colonel Parker did not care about quality, and only cash. I am sure if Elvis would have recorded "I Will Always Love You" it would have been fabulous and another no.1 hit. With today's technology it may be possible to have Elvis sing the song through computer technology, in fact he could sing a whole range of new songs and duets. I remember some years ago George Klein had told me Elvis' record producer Felton Jarvis had "in the can" duets sung with other artists and had hoped to do a deal to release an album. I wonder whatever happened to that project?

Of course, the classic blunder Colonel Parker made and killed the deal was Elvis co-starring with Barbara Streisand in, "A Star is Born". Elvis so wanted to become a serious actor and that would have been a huge break for him after years of garbage films but the story goes that they could not agree on who would have lead billing and the deal fell through and Elvis' part was given to Kris Kristofferson. I just wonder how many great deals the Colonel killed? If Elvis could have been acting in great films, having fulfilment in his life, who knows whether he would have lived?

Audubon house


Uri Geller, his Cadillac with 5000 bent spoons attached

Uri Geller fights for Justice in America

Uri Geller has asked Elvis fans to remain "tuned in" to the Elvisly Yours website to read all about his epic battle to finally become the proud owner of Elvis' home on Audubon Drive.

There has been a lot of lies written in the media, put out by Cindy Hazen and Mike Freeman, about the purchase of the Audubon house but the 'truth' will be revealed in the lawsuit. Uri was using the same lawyer as the sellers to speed the sale. 

They wanted two months to leave the home and Uri was negotiating for just one month when he received a bombshell from the joint lawyer stating the house was being sold to another buyer. An immediate injunction was requested by Uri to prevent the sale and should have been issued but wasn't. All the twists and turns, lies and deceit will make for a great Trial. 

Hopefully, all the guilty parties will come to their senses and allow Uri Geller's purchase to go through, as is legally and morally correct. By an amazing coincidence the house was sold on to a Mike Curb who many years ago was a partner of one of Uri's closest friends, Shauna Shapiro. 
I think Mike is a man of integrity and should do the honourable thing and allow Uri's purchase to succeed otherwise there could be lengthy litigation that will be damaging to the Trusts he represents. 

 Besides which eBay will be crucified and Hazen and Freeman really bankrupted for their greed and sins. Uri is determined to have good triumph over evil and he believes he is not just fighting for the children that will benefit from his purchase of Audubon but to make all Auctions legally binding on the seller in the USA.

I have met Uri Geller and yes, he did bend a spoon and a fork for Maureen and me. He did it in two seconds in front of our eyes. They were just regular cutlery taken from our drawer and by just gently touching them they were bent. There was NO illusion, NO trickery and if you get the chance to meet Uri he will do the same and bend your spoons.

Priscilla Presley Changed History

It has been stated that Graceland's character is to remain despite a massive overhaul to the Graceland complex but there is no specific timetable according to Kevin Kern, a spokesman for EPE. In particular, plans to tear down the 128-room Heartbreak Hotel and replace it with an entertainment complex, two 400-room hotels and restaurants, is still on the drawing board, said Kern. But now Kern hasn't done his homework because he stated, "But don't expect the shag carpeting in the mansion's Jungle Room to be taken up and replaced with hardwood floors.""The house is a national landmark. You don't make changes like that. You don't change a national landmark,'' said Kern. "There's always the process of maintaining a place, but that doesn't mean you have to make changes. You clean it up. You trim the trees and change out plants, but you don't change the house. Graceland mansion will always be like it was.

…Who is he kidding or didn't he know Priscilla tore up the carpet, torn down the curtains, removed the furniture etc, etc when she took over Graceland and changed history? It seems she did not like the way Elvis left Graceland when he died and millions of people have never had the chance to appreciate Graceland as Elvis left it. Perhaps Sillerman can now change the house back to the way it was when Elvis died, as featured in the photographs displayed in this Newsletter supplied originally by Jimmy Velvet. The rooms you first enter when you go into Graceland were in a bright red, carpet, drapes, furniture and apparently it was the style Linda Thompson persuaded Elvis to chose. 

The interior of Graceland was in bright red when Elvis died

All the furniture, drapes, curtains, wallpaper was in bright red

  The red effect was created by 
Linda Thompson

By all accounts Priscilla didn't like Linda, especially because she was close to Lisa, so as soon as she got the chance Priscilla put her mark on Graceland and destroyed history, by changing the interior decor of Graceland. I am shocked to see after all these years Linda and Sam Thompson are finally guests of Graceland for Elvis Week 2006, especially after what EPE did to her parents when they sued them to take back the house Elvis gave to them.

Facts about Elvis' hair by Larry Geller

I get 10,000 emails a year about Elvis and I try to answer all. Recently I was asked a question about what pomade Elvis used for his hair. Of course, Elvis' hairdresser on the road was Larry Geller who was also his spiritual advisor. In Memphis Elvis used Homer Gilliland, commonly known as Gill, but on Tour and for many movies Elvis used Larry Geller and they became close friends. Larry kindly took time to answer the fan fully and wrote, "in terms of Elvis' hair you can add the following: In the sixties I styled Elvis' hair for the movies Roustabout; Girl Happy; Double Trouble; Easy Come, Easy Go; Frankie and Johnny; Harum Scarum; Paradise Hawaiian Style; Tickle Me; Spinout and Clambake. 

We would arrive at the studio each morning, and before Elvis' make-up was applied I would do his hair in his dressing room. During the day's shooting I would be on the set making sure his hair matched scenes and was looking appropriate. Typically, I would have to redo his hair a half-dozen times a day because he was so active in the films. Although Elvis had a perfect full head of hair, it did lack body. Therefore I had to constantly spray it, and when it came to the type of shampoo that I used, it was a custom solution that I prepared. I always used a mild pH base, to which I would add vitamin E oil, Aloe Vera gel, Jojoba oil and other ingredients to keep his hair healthy and looking great. He also received from me regular shampooing, brushing and scalp massage. Pomade? Never! That was a no-no. The only pomades available in those days were detrimental: heavy and clogging the pores; they would have worked against the full, healthy head of hair that Elvis possessed and that I worked to maintain. 

When it came to dying his hair black, I used a wonderful product from a company called "Lapinol", which is no longer in business. I later used Clairol or sometimes L'Oreal.  On tour in the seventies, I would do his hair before we left the hotel or on the plane. Backstage before a performance I would tinker with it, making sure it looked right."  It was Larry who trimmed Elvis' hair for the funeral at the request of Vernon Presley and when he discovered Elvis had greying hair he had to use his partner's black eyebrow pencil to blacken the grey roots. Larry has just written a new book about his spiritual experiences with Elvis and is hoping to market a new range of wonderful, natural hair products, just like he used for Elvis. We will advise you of the publication of the book and launch of the hair products as soon as we hear from Larry.

Are Uri and Larry Geller Cousins?


I recently introduced Uri Geller to our dear friend, Larry Geller. I could not get over how much they look like each other; Larry could be an older brother. They have similar traits when they stand and talk and both are deeply into spiritual life. Larry was Elvis' mentor and Uri was keen to meet him on a recent visit to Los Angeles. They both have family from Austria and since they are Jewish the War could have separated the Geller family. They are researching their roots to see if they are indeed cousins. It was Larry who first told me Elvis was Jewish. Elvis' great, great grandmother Nancy Tacket was Jewish and according to Jewish law the mother carries the religious line making Elvis also Jewish. 

Elvis' hairdresser, tailor, dentists, jeweller, optician and his good friends from school, George Klein, Alan Fortas and Marty Lacker were all Jewish. He went where his Jewish friends went. His school was close to the Jewish community. He even used to turn on the lights on Friday night for the Rabbi in the projects where he lived. He didn't know much about his Jewish roots, but he felt such a connection to Jews it was unbelievable, according to Larry. In 1964 when they went to Forest Hills where his mother was originally buried before they moved her to Graceland Elvis said, 'I want a Star of David here' and one week later they put in a gorgeous Jewish star.

After every movie he made, Elvis would give a gift to everyone who worked on the film. One year he designed a watch. Every 30 seconds the face of the watch turned black and you'd see a Cross joined to a Star of David. Elvis often wore a Cross and Star of David and always said he did not want to miss getting into Heaven on a technicality.

On the night Larry first met Elvis he told him, "The Jews wrote the Bible. They were the chosen people. But when I went to church, they condemned the Jews and it confused me. I asked my mother about it, and she swore me to secrecy. She said I couldn't even tell my father. She said we had someone Jewish in the family, but I was a little kid and she didn't tell me anything else. I was embarrassed and frightened to ask."

Paul Graham, a huge Elvis fan, is blind 
but has just published his first book!!

Some years ago I got a phone call from an Elvis fan in Scotland asking for some advice on publishing a book about Elvis. He knew I had beaten EPE in the UK Courts and wanted to know if he would have problems writing his own book. His name is Paul Graham and what is amazing about Paul is he is totally blind, since the age of 12. There has been constant communication by phone and emails for several years with Paul. He decided to delay his Elvis book and first write a children's book, instead.

The book is delightful and is called "The adventures of Captain Kizzy and the Grapes". In keeping with his love for Elvis a character in the book is named "Elvis Pearsley". It is in large format (8.5 x 11ins) and in colour. The ISBN number is 142592896X and published by Author House. It is Paul's love for Elvis Presley that has kept him going over the years. 

Paul still remembers how Elvis looks in his mind, because as a kid he was a huge Elvis fan, encouraged by his parents who also love Elvis. How a person can overcome such hardship as blindness and write a book, let alone get it published is a wonderful achievement. Paul needs your support by people buying this book and I hope this feature is reproduced by all fan clubs and fan websites around the world. Paul is a role model for the millions of other handicapped people around the world showing however great your handicap you can achieve great things in life, even having your own book published when you are blind. It is available in major bookstores in the UK and through  and recommended price is £9.50. You can buy it from the publishers by clicking on: 

The Adventures of Captain Kizzy and the Grapes

If you have any problems buying the book or would like to write to Paul Graham his email address is .  For your information, Paul has voice activation on his computer so when he gets an email since he cannot read it a voice tells him what is in the email. I said it would be great if the voice could be in an Elvis style but there is a range of voices available if you are blind or poorly sighted. Hopefully, Paul will get publicity and be successful with this book so that he can write his ultimate book of how Elvis Presley has been the main inspiration in his life.

2006 Tupelo Elvis Festival attracts
record crowds?

Apparently, this June's Elvis Presley Festival attracted more attendees and generated more money than any previous festival in the annual event's eight-year history. Roughly 9,700 people turned out at the June 2nd-4th celebration in downtown Tupelo - double the previous record attendance, according to Downtown Tupelo Main Street Association. Now this was the 50th Anniversary of Elvis' homecoming in Tupelo, a very important historical event and to attract less than 10,000 people over three days is a sad indictment of how poorly Tupelo has marketed itself over the years. Even small towns in America attract 50,000-100,000 for their annual Festivals and with Tupelo having such a major event in its lap as Elvis' 50th Anniversary Homecoming to attract only 10,000 over three days is very sad. 

Elvisly Yours tried to help advertise the Tupelo Festival for free on our website and in our Newsletters but the marketing company sent an email stating they didn't need any help and emails to staff on the Festival Committee rejected our emails and we made several attempts. Tupelo is a lovely little town that deserves so much more recognition than it has received as the birthplace of Elvis Presley. . For many years Graceland neglected to promote Tupelo for fear of losing a tourist dollar. There should be buses leaving every hour to and from Graceland and Tupelo to encourage visitors to take in the whole Elvis experience from his early formative years in Tupelo to the splendour of Graceland We are still waiting for a response about the shack not being original and further investigative work is being conducted. 

The Elvis Presley Park that includes the replica shack and Chapel is done with dignity and class. There is so much more Elvis history to be seen in Tupelo and Verona, where Gladys and Vernon were married. Many Presley and Smith family members still live in the Tupelo area and they should be brought into a major redevelopment of Tupelo as consultants because of their intimate knowledge of Elvis' early history. Tupelo can be promoted as a historically important heritage town, attracting as many visitors if not more than Graceland. I am sure Tupelo could even get US Government Heritage funding with a well-prepared Business Plan. 

 New Elvisly Yours watches and Clocks

     Possible new clock design

Elvisly Yours has just signed a major contract with one of Britain's leading clock and watch manufacturers. Over the next few months we will be designing a wide range of watches for launch in January 2007 and the 30th Anniversary year.

Included in the range will be a clock that the legs of Elvis acts as the pendulum and swing back and forward. In my office, for over 20 years, I have clocks that used to be handmade in Memphis in the shape of a guitar by a lady who made the clocks as a labour of love. They are quite beautiful, hand carved and lacquered wood with a photo of Elvis on a glitter backing. I have always wanted to reproduce them after the lady that made them was driven out of business by EPE. I used to get them from Roy Wells of the Wooden Indian store in the Graceland shopping plaza. We will also re-launch our famous 'disappearing Elvis' watch. The watch worked on a Polaroid principle and Elvis would appear then disappear every 15 seconds. I still wear the original proto-type and gave them to Elvis' friends who came to England. 

I remember giving one to the late Richard Davis. He loved it and wore it every day for about two years. I was in Memphis and he complained the watch wouldn't work anymore and he was quite upset. I said, "Richard, have you tried changing the battery?"

We want your help…

We want to produce watches and clocks that Elvis fans will be proud to own and would like to receive your suggestions of ideas for watch and clock designs. If we use any particular design submitted we will "name" the watch after the person who gave us the idea/design and they will receive four free samples of the watch or clock for them and family members. Please send ideas or designs to  before August 31st 2006, thank you.

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Billy Smith

There was no one closer to Elvis than Billy Smith. He was Elvis' first cousin and his mother Aunt Loraine was a sister of Gladys. Aunt Loraine was a dear friend for many years until her sudden death in 1988 just days after my fan club tour left Memphis. Billy was with Elvis for 18 hours a day during his last two years of life; he and his wife Jo were Elvis' constant companions. Billy had applied for a job at Graceland after it opened to the public and they eventually took him on as a Tour Guide on minimum wage. He was later promoted to head tour guide but eventually was fired by Jack Soden after complaining about all the mistakes being made by the management of Graceland. But during his time working for Graceland I had a disagreement with one of the junior staff working inside the Trophy Room. I plus many fans on my tour were shocked to see the jumpsuits of Elvis poorly displayed. 

The Last Concert jumpsuit with the Sundial had something like a 28inch waist and the world knows Elvis was very overweight. Then, the Aloha jumpsuit was on display and it looked quite cheap and tacky. I had seen the Aloha suit at the Hilton in Vegas and that suit was far more impressive. I casually asked the tour guide, in those days you were given tours by guides through Graceland, which jumpsuit was the original suit, the Vegas or Graceland suit. Immediately, the guide jumped down my throat and said, "Are you saying this jumpsuit is a fake?" I never said that only asked which was original since the Vegas suit was far superior. He got very loud and angry so I said let's ask Billy Smith. Full of himself he stormed out of the Trophy Room to go find his boss, Billy just as Billy was coming up the path. When Billy saw me he put his arms out, called out ,"Sid!" and hugged me. You should have seen the look on the guide's face. 

I had been a friend of Billy's for some years and on early trips to Memphis bought thousands of his fan club magazine called "Elvis the Record". Also, Bill and Jo had always gone to the hotel to meet the British Elvisly Yours fan club on our tours to Memphis and Tupelo. The answer to the jumpsuit question was simple. 

Elvis had three of each suit, one to wear, one for spare in case a suit was damaged or stained and one was being cleaned. 

So the suit at Graceland was probably well worn while the Vegas suit given by Vernon Presley to Baron Hilton when Elvis died was probably a spare. 

The reason for the small waist was because that was the size of the dummy in stock. Instead of trying to display an artifact in its authentic state Graceland chose to fit the jumpsuit to the small dummy. 

More on Billy in our next Newsletter and how he ran the Elvisly Yours office in Memphis after being fired from Graceland. 


Elvis Presley Trauma Center

It has always upset me that so little has been named after Elvis in Memphis since he died. Most Memphis residents don't really care about Elvis and don't realise how much he has done for the City. You would think by now it would "Elvis Presley International Airport", Memphis just like there now is a "John Lennon Airport", "George Best Airport" and even a "George Bush Airport" in Houston. The only meaningful building named after Elvis is the "Elvis Presley Trauma Center". It is world famous as a leading, state of the art Trauma Hospital for the Tri-State area of the mid-South and dedicated in the memory of Elvis Presley. 

I was lucky enough to be in Memphis at the Dedication Ceremony in 1983. A lot of hard work, to build the hospital, was put in by the Elvis Presley International Memorial Foundation who helped with fund-raising and was completely independent of EPE. At the Ceremony was Mayor Bill Morris (a good friend of Elvis) who introduced as a special guest, Sam Phillips. There were hundreds of fans present from all over the world and Sam spent hours signing autographs as it those early days after Elvis died Sam was not seen by fans very much.  I have heard stories about EPE threatening the Elvis Presley Trauma Center over different ideas they had for promotion using Elvis' name, instead of them bending over backwards to help them with their fund-raising. 

Worst Elvis Photo

In our last Newsletters we asked fans to submit their worst photo of Elvis Presley to see if they could find an even uglier photo than the one published from my Elvis photo collection. 

Elvis fans can be a lazy lot and we only got one response to this request. Maybe it is because Elvis was so good looking he did not take a bad photo. Nevertheless, Sanja Meegin submitted a pretty awful photo of Elvis as displayed opposite. Sanja writes regularly for the Elvis Information Network, the best Elvis News source in the world If we had requested the opposite and the best photo of Elvis Presley no doubt we would have received hundreds of photographs. But choosing the best photo of Elvis would be an impossible task. I cannot think of anyone else in history that looked so different in thousands of photos. Each slight movement of the head or hair gave a different look for Elvis. This really became evident when Jon Douglas, the sculptor who made our life size statue of Elvis was trying to capture Elvis' features for the statue, each photo looked different. 

Austin Mitchell, MP

Many politicians in Britain and around the world are held in low regard by the general public. In Britain, there is a great Member of Parliament who have been a friend to Elvisly Yours for 25 years. His name is Austin Mitchell and he is the MP for Grimsby, a fishing town on the north east coast of England. I met Austin after we unveiled our statue and was looking for a home for the Statue in 1981. Austin has been a TV presenter and when he discovered we could not find a home for the Elvisly Yours Statue he went on a news programme called "24 Hours" and offered to help us find a home for the Statue. The Statue had been offered by us for free to museums and art galleries but no one wanted our Elvis and Austin stepped forward to help. 

We finally found a home for our statue at the "Elvisly Yours Centre" in the East End of London but I have remained friends with Austin ever since. Austin has always been there when we have had problems, with EPE, with the Russian Mafia, Hackney Council, our campaign against the Trustees of the Princess Diana Estate and to take Elvis friends and our international visitors around the Houses of Parliament. He is a true champion of the people and it is a pity not all politicians are like Austin.

Opposite are photos of Austin outside the Houses of Parliament when we had as visitors two boys from the Memphis ghetto we sponsored on a trip to London and with Rafik, the Russian Elvis and a policeman who joined in singing for the TV cameras and press who covered the visit. Even at short notice Austin has always obliged us and he has been a true friend for 25 years. He is one of the few remaining Socialists from the Old Labour Party and has been a Member of Parliament since 1977, the same year Elvis died. He is also a big Elvis fan and has a great sense of humour. To highlight the plight of the fishing industry in Grimsby he changed his name legally to "Haddock". For overseas fans, 'haddock' is a popular fish in Britain and is eaten as "fish and chips" all over the country.

Destruction of Tupelo Fairgrounds 

In the last Newsletter there was a feature about the destruction of the Tupelo Fairgrounds where Elvis sang "Old Shep" at the age of 10. Further, a visit to the Fairgrounds was a highlight of the Tour of Tupelo as we would always have the buses escorted by the local Tupelo Police. 

Fans would take photographs with the Police, sit in their cars and on their bikes, wander around the old fairgrounds, sit in the stands (bleachers) and just have a great time. We were always blessed with fine weather and the Fairgrounds were always a superb place to stop and wallow in the enormous history of Tupelo. In their wisdom the Fairgrounds have been demolished and I call it vandalism by City Government. 

They could have preserved the stands and built around the remaining artifacts but now practically everything is gone and it is heart-breaking. I don't know if anything was done by American fans to stop this wanton destruction. In Britain there would have been hearings going on for years and citizens can object to any new developments. 

Apparently, this is not the case in Tupelo and I expect some rich landowner has gained while the world loses another part of Elvis' history. Opposite are some photographs that take you back to what it was like in the past with fans sitting in the stands enjoying the atmosphere and the Russian Elvis Rafik striking an Elvis pose in front of the magnificent police Harley bikes on the Tupelo Fairgrounds.

Eddie Poole, Jo and Billy Smith 


Billy Smith with fans at our Memphis hotel 1985

Aloha Suit

Presley Trauma Center

Photo supplied by Sanja Meegin

Austin, Rafik and singing policeman outside Parliament

Austin with Gary and Willy prior to their touring Parliament, probably the only kids from Memphis ghetto to take the tour

Rafik and Harleys at the old Tupelo Fairgrounds

Enjoying sitting in the stands at the Tupelo
 Fairgrounds waiting for Elvis

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We are open 7 days a week 10.30am-6.30pm

next door to the London Beatles Store open 8 days a week

How to find us:
233 Baker Street, London NW1 6XE
tel: 020 7486 2005 

We are just 100 yards north of Baker Street Station at the top end of Baker Street near Regent's Park, plenty of parking in side streets or Regent's Park, if driving.


Baker Street Tube Station ->

Elvisly Yours,

Sid Shaw

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