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Paul Hyu, the Chinese Elvis
from the TV commercial for AOL Broadband

The fabulous new 50's Elvis - 
Donny Edwards appears in the Kingsmill TV commercial

In our last Newsletter we featured an article, "Elvis Sells" and it mentioned two major TV campaigns. But, now Elvis has had lift-off and he is everywhere...thanks to Elvisly Yours. If it wasn't for my defeating EPE in the UK High Court and Court of Appeals none of these promotions would have happened. Our legal success gave Elvis back to the people and allowed Elvis' image to now dominate the advertising world in the UK. There was even a feature recently in the Wall Street Journal about this latest Elvis advertising phenomenon.

As mentioned previously, Elvis is on TV commercials for AOL Broadband and "Kingsmill" bread. Now he is on TV campaigns for Sky TV and Yellow Pages. The "Yellow page" commercial is funny and has an Irish actor dressed as an "ELF" on the phone having found the local taxi company in Yellow Pages. 

He says  loudly, "the party invitation clearly said "E-L-V-E-S" and there standing at the end of the hallway and looking very sheepish are a group  of ELVISES.

Elvis is on giant billboards advertising "SURE" deodorant, on the Underground, buses and bus stops. Elvis has just appeared on giant billboards with an ad for AOL featuring, "Elvis the Girl" in a jumpsuit. 

Then, just as you did not expect it there was the KING on the cinema screen singing "Suspicious Minds" advertising Sky TV. We were just waiting for the latest "Bridget Jones" film to start watching all the adverts and to our great delight there was Elvis !!! Now, Elvis is in National newspapers advertising AOL. Read from the Wall Street Journal:
Elvis is a hit again - on ads in England

As usual you get the self-righteous knockers in the Elvis World complaining on newsgroups how Elvis' memory is being insulted using ETAs. Elvis would be loving every minute. What do they  say?..."imitation is the greatest form of flattery" I never saw Elvis in Concert but if I see a really good tribute artist they may recreate the atmosphere of what it could have been like to see the King. 

There are hundreds of ETAs in the UK alone, all making a good living, giving pleasure to millions of people. That is what Elvis was all about... entertaining, making people happy to forget their worries and enjoy life. If there was no demand there would be no ETAs. On July 5th with two busloads of ETAs driving through London singing Elvis songs, watched by tens of millions of people around the world, was a very positive way to remember Elvis. Everyone smiled and waved, non-Elvis fans did not complain or ridicule. They all thought the promotion was great and we raised money for charity. That should be what life is all about; we have enough misery in this world. I believe ETAs bring some joy and happiness. I can assure you, these moaners will not be welcome at "Elvisly Yours Restaurants".

Why not send our cute eChristmas card ?

You can send an Elvis Christmas and New Year greeting to your family and friends on the internet. Simply click on Santa Elvis and follow the simple instructions from our website.

Elvisly Yours Restaurants

Exterior and interior of the Elvisly Yours Restaurant

We have had many fans from all over the world emailing and phoning us and even trying to book tables for our "Elvisly Yours Restaurants" Project. At the outset, I knew negotiations will be ongoing for many months and the earliest anticipated date for the opening of the first such Restaurant in London would be in late 2005 . The consortium of companies behind the concept meet every few weeks to discuss progress and there are many ongoing negotiations with a number of potential investors, in not only the UK but around the world. Each Restaurant will cost at least $6,000,000.00 to build and equip. In fact, one of the leading property developers in the UK Leisure Industry whom we met last week believed the cost would probably be even higher. With such a large investment time will be needed to complete all negotiations. 

We have been asked to offer a smaller scheme for Germany. But, we want to make a visit to an "Elvisly Yours Restaurant" anywhere in the world an experience to remember, something spectacular, something worthy of the memory of Elvis and hence, will only keep to our original plans. We are delighted our concept has captured the imagination of Elvis fans everywhere. We have had a lot of positive response and would like to thank everyone that has taken the time to email, write or phone, even Tourist Boards in Britain. Many fans have also asked if they can work in the Restaurants, even an Elvis impersonator as a chef. We want to employ Elvis fans when we have completed negotiations and after building work is completed. We will let fans know through our website, newsletter and the media. There is no problem getting investors for the Restaurants but we want an investor/operator, a company already well established in the catering business and will help guarantee its success. 


We are sorry we are late with the Newsletter. Essentially No.24 that should have been released in November has been delayed until now. Continued..

For those the Gods are about to destroy 
they first make mad
(our regular feature about the bizarre antics of EPE)

Remember you read some months ago, exclusively in the Elvisly Yours Cyber Newsletter, that Graceland and EPE were for sale at £350,000.00. Many people questioned this stor. Now one of the highest authorities in the Elvis World, Bill Burk, publisher of "Elvis World" has confirmed EPE turned down an offer of $5000,000.00 from a Casino. Apparently, EPE turned down the offer because they think the business is worth ONE $billion. According to Forbes Magazine EPE made $40 million last year. It is not clear whether this amount is turnover or profit. With the $millions the management probably all pay themselves, I believe, it is unlikely it was clear profit. These accounts reflected a good year with part of the 25th Anniversary included, but any accountant would say it is madness to value the EPE business at  $1billion.

Below are the official accounts from Probate Court in Memphis, Tennessee. These are public records showing the assets of Graceland in 1981and published in our book "Rare Elvis":

Assets at 31st July 1981

Grand Total

Graceland (value)
Furniture Trophy Room
Auto andTrucks
Furnishings & Clothing     
Musical Equipment
Royalty Rights
TV Specials
Government Bonds     



 (a selection of the assets listed)
Believe it or not but these are the actual figures taken from Probate Court Records for the Elvis Presley Estate in Memphis. How did they get from $8.5 million to $1billion in 23 years ? Just look at the value the accountants put on Elvis jewellery, horses, musical equipment and Graceland, the house itself ? If a reader is an accountant perhaps he or she can explain the valuation of the assets of the Elvis Presley Estate. 

Richard Davis 


Sadly, Richard Davis died in August from a heart attack and a Tribute and Fundraising Concert is being organised in Richard's memory by Patsy Andersen at a Casino in Mississippi on January 6th. Richard left a wife Kim and three young triplets. All proceeds will go towards helping raise the children.

We urge all visitors to Graceland for the 70th Anniversary to attend the Concert. It is has one of the biggest and best line-ups ever from the Elvis World. 

Artists Featured: Scotty Moore, Charlie Hodge, TG Sheppard, Steve Cropper,  Ronnie McDowell, Billy Swan, Kevin Adams, Sonny Burgess, Jimmy Velvet, George Klein, Joe Kent, Jerry Presley, Suzannah Leigh, The Pacers...

January 6th 2005 8pm, tickets $25.00
Phone 901-525-1515 for tickets

Horseshoe Casino
Bluesville Robinsonville


For more information click on these links: 

George Klein, Richard Davis and Jim Kingsley

Auction of Elvis artifacts and memorabilia

If you cannot make this wonderful Concert in tribute to Richard Davis and fundraiser for the triplets perhaps you would like to send a donation to his widow or even donate some Elvis memorabilia for auction. Every fan has lots of doubles of records, CDs, videos or memorabilia, so why not send any extra items to the : Richard Davis Appeal c/o Debra Campbell 3324 Herring Gull Lane N. Las Vegas NV. 89084. Checks should be made payable to Mrs. Kim Davis.
(see "Going Down Memory Lane" for stories about Richard)


For the first time in our history we did not have one entrant to one of our competitions. The last Newsletter featured a competition to name all the people in the photograph below. We are repeating the competition for this Newsletter and hopefully we will get some entries.

Send us a list of names, from left to right, of all the people in the photograph. December 18th 2004 we will draw at random a person who has correctly named the group. They will win our 2005 Elvisly Yours calendar (or USA 'Elvis in Canada') plus a NEW PRIZE ...a baseball hat  "This hat is NOT licensed by Graceland".

Send entries to 


Becky Martin's House

Becky Martin was a close friend and classmate to Elvis in Lawhon school in Tupelo. She had opened her home to people to see her Elvis room and to tell stories. Sadly, Becky  passed away a few months ago and her nephew now has her house. He has leased it to Jim Browder, a well known "Elvis Tour Operator" in Memphis and with Norma Presley, Elvis' second cousin they are showing the house again. Norma is Noah Presley's daughter and youngest child. Noah was Elvis' grandfather's brother. She is telling of the family and showing very rare pictures of uncles, great uncles and aunts and cousins etc. This will be a big boost for Tupelo. Norma's brother was the sheriff was killed in 2001 and her other brother was sheriff until January.

I believe when you visit Graceland Elvis' family and friends should be there to meet the fans answering all their questions instead of kids on minimum wage who weren't even alive when Elvis died. Harold Loyd  just tore tickets at the Trophy Room instead of being given a special desk where he could meet visitors and talk about his life with Elvis. Vester Presley was threatened with the sack unless he would keep quiet about EPE. Billy Smith, Elvis' cousin was fired from Graceland because he dared criticize all the mistakes Soden was making. So when you go to Tupelo there will be some real information from Norma Presley about Elvis and Tupelo, Gladys and Vernon and all the Presley family. Make sure you go to Becky Martin's House when you visit Tupelo.

There will be a $6.00 charge off the street to visit the house, with $1.00 going to St. Jude's Hospital. Anyone taking a Tupelo tour with Jim from Memphis may visit the house for free. Norma will be there talking to Elvis fans and talking about how Tupelo was in the 30's and the 40's. For further details contact Jim Browder :

EMERALD ELVIS in Cork for 70th Birthday Tribute

Mark Leen the Emerald Elvis will be appearing on Saturday, January 8th at the Cork Opera House with a fantastic Show. There are only 1,000 seats available and they are selling fast, so book today. Mark puts on a great Elvis tribute show and has the best selection of Elvis jumpsuits in Europe worth over £50,000.00.

Mark was the joint winner of the "Elvisly Yours Restaurant" Contest in London on July 5th and he will be the opening act with Paul Lillie when we open the first Restaurant in London. Cork is a lovely city on the east coast of Ireland and there are very cheap flights by Ryannair if you book early. Why not make a great Elvis weekend in Cork, see the Show, drink draught Guinness and enjoy good, Irish hospitality.

For more information visit: or write to Mark at

Booking Line: (353) 021 - 427 0022    Fax: (353) 021 - 427 6357
Cork Opera House Box Office, Emmet Place, Cork City, Ireland

 Why do ELVIS Fan Clubs and Elvis websites keep on giving BMG FREE publicity ?

It amazes me that Elvis fan clubs and Elvis websites keep on giving BMG FREE publicity. Elvis fan clubs struggle to survive and what has BMG or RCA ever done for the fans and the fan clubs? They have made $billions off the fans turning out Elvis compilation after compilation, the same thing year after year. If Elvis fan clubs and websites stopped running FREE advertising BMG would have to pay.

BMG have hoodwinked the fans for years. It is about time they started to help the "hand" that feeds them and pay for advertising in Elvis fan club magazines, newsletters and websites. In all my dealings with businesses over the years BMG are the meanest. A good friend is a senior executive with Warner Brothers who were promoting with BMG. Their executives wanted all sorts of samples from Warner's but were not willing to reciprocate by giving their products in return. 

In all the years Elvisly Yours has been in existence the only time BMG gave me anything was when I arranged for eight ETAs to promote the release of "Suspicious Minds". We had several TV news crews and the publicity went worldwide. The ETAs performed for free and just got £300.00 between them for traveling from all over the UK. BMG gave me some CD singles to give to the ETAs and some albums for Elvisly Yours that we play in our shop. We have to pay a fee to the Performing Rights Society to play Elvis' music in the shop, instead of being paid for the free publicity.

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Elvis clock "50's" £14.95
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ELVISLY YOURS Competition Winner

Winner of the Elvisly Yours monthly draw is
Helen Barton of Sawston, Cambridge who wins 
the 70th Anniversary Calendar



I spent many happy hours with Richard Davis on my visits to Memphis with the Elvisly Yours Fan Club. Richard was almost like a Siamese twin to George Klein and they would always be together at DJ functions where George was performing and at Elvis Events. 

Richard was always very accommodating with the fans and was pleased to sign autographs and have his photo taken. He would often come to the hotel to meet our tour group or meet us at Alfred's on Beale Street.

Richard did not produce a book and cash in on his association with Elvis like others in the Memphis Mafia. He would never betray Elvis and Elvis as meant so much to him and he wanted to protect their friendship.

Richard was one of the good guys and he will be missed by his family, friends and many of the fans who had the pleasure to meet him and enjoy his great stories. Fans visiting Memphis for the 70th birthday must go to the Special Tribute in honour of Richard at the Horseshoe Casino and to help his widow and the  2year old triplets he left. 

I invited Richard to England in the 1984 and he was our special guest at Sussex Beach Holiday camp also featuring Screaming Lord Sutch. He enjoyed meeting Sutch and it was a great Event. 

Richard Davis, Sid Shaw & Jim Kingsley 1983

Richard Davis in Britain, 1984

He had a great time in England. I gave him an Elvisly Yours watch where Elvis would appear then disappear on the face of the watch every 15 seconds. He loved the watch and wore it every day. On one visit to Memphis Richard complained to me that the watch stopped working and could I get it fixed. I said, "Richard, did you try changing the battery?". That was typical of Richard. What many fans did not know was Richard was the exact same build as Elvis. Whenever Elvis wanted any new clothes he would send Richard to the store to try on outfits. 

Richard would chose the ones that fitted, looked good and then take them back to Elvis at Graceland. Elvis would make his choice and then return the clothes not needed. Elvis would have been mobbed if he tried to buy clothes at any store and conveniently Richard was the same size so he became a wardrobe manager for Elvis.

Being the same size meant that Richard also appeared as a double for Elvis in a number of Elvis' movies. When the film directors needed stand in shots for Elvis, Richard would be the guy standing in. Richard also did security for Elvis on film sets and concerts. Richard was one of the Memphis Mafia and you can often see photos of him close to Elvis for many years of Elvis' career. 

LANSKY almost in a punch-up

One of Elvisly Yours' customers in Memphis was Bernard Lansky of Lansky Brothers and he used to buy our memorabilia for his store Beale Street store. 

I was told by one of Elvis' friends to be careful, Bernard was a jive man. I did not know the term but I got to know him and enjoyed his company until I started doing business with him. 

Bernard came by our warehouse to look at our Elvis memorabilia as he saw something he liked he took a sample and kept several items, not offering to pay. I said, "I am giving you all these goods, what have you got for me?" and he gave me a sort of joke credit card. 

The front of the card is printed "HEBREW BANKCARD".

The back of the card has the inscription,
"We are giving you this credit card out of the goodness of our hearts. Now take some good advice: put it in a drawer and forget about it. Once you start borrowing, there's no end to it. It's true you own the card now and can go out and act like a big shot, spend money all over town, break your poor mother's heart and who knows what trouble you will get into.  Look, don't be a Putz. Save your money, get a good education, become a doctor, marry rich, then buy wholesale and pay cash"

. I still have the card, today and I often recount the story of the "jive man". We started trading with Lansky and gave him a very good deal that I live to regret. I gave him stock on sale or return. Each time I was back in Memphis would check what he sold and he would pay me. 

On a visit in August in 1988 I got a call from Lansky saying he would like more stock. I went by his store with Elvis' cousin Danny Smith who was working for me at the time. He was the son of Billy Smith. After Billy was fired by Graceland I offered him a job to run my office in Memphis and Danny helped. 

Bernard Lansky in his shop
(c) ASAHI Net

Danny Smith at an Elvisly Yours party in 1988 Memphis

We arrived at the store and asked if he had done a stock check so I could be paid. He said he was far too busy and had not done a stock check but he had done well with my goods. He said he needed more stock and he would pay me after Elvis Week. I asked him if I could check the stock with one of his staff but he refused and kept on insisting on more stock. Danny started to get upset because this was clearly unfair and Lansky had several staff who were standing around doing nothing. We started to count the stock ourselves and tempers started to become frayed between Danny and Lansky. I said that unless he would pay me I would take my stock back. The frayed tempers became heated. Within seconds there was Danny Smith with fists raised in the blue corner and Bernard Lansky with fists raised in the red corner. I managed to relieve the tension and just told Lansky I was packing all my goods and taking them back. When I returned to the warehouse I calculated he owed me at least $1,200.00 but since neither he nor his staff had counted the stock it would be difficult to prove without suing Lansky. I have never received one penny in payment to this day from Lansky, the "jive man". All I have to remember is the "Hebrew Bank Card".



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