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    Newsletter 31

 AUGUST 2005

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Price: Elvis Duck $11.99 + $5.26 shipping
Supermarket duck $8.50

We recommend you feed your family instead
  In their wisdom Elvis Presley Enterprises have just licensed a company called "Celebriducks" to market an Elvis rubber duck, honest! It is being launched during Elvis Tribute Week 2005. The rubber duck is supposed to be a limited edition, but nowhere on their website could I find the size of the limited edition or even the size of the duck. Under UK laws they could be charged under the Trade Descriptions Act for not stating the size of the limited edition in their publicity and on their website. 

Will 500 ducks be made or 5 million ? The price in the USA is $11.99 plus shipping. The cost of shipping is a minimum of $5.26 and if you want an Elvis duck quickly, the shipping cost is $49.28. I checked our local supermarket yesterday and you can get a medium size duck at $8.50 to feed a family of four. So this Elvis rubber duck is rather expensive, even though the sequins on  the jumpsuit are apparently hand painted. EPE are the people who claim to be protecting the memory of Elvis Presley, his name, image and likeness and they license an ELVIS DUCK. Favourite fan comment is by J B Gude, Actually it was simple slip of the fingers...if you look at your keyboard you will find 'F' right next to the 'D' EPE were trying to send us a message, see?

But do not fear, Elvisly Yours have, at great cost, time and ingenuity, designed new ducks to start a wonderful new EPE Duck Collection. Day and night we have slaved to bring you these new designs in time for the August Anniversary of 'Elvis Duck Week' 2005. Subscribers to our Cyber Newsletter are the first people in the world to get a sneak preview of the new EPE Ducks. Elvisly Yours now proudly introduce to you...Soden Duck, (nicknamed 'snowjob'), Priscilla Duck ('sattnin') and Bob Duck ( 'chutzpah')....namely, Jack Soden, Priscilla Presley and Bob Sillerman Ducks. Soden was CEO of the previous EPE Management, Priscilla was Elvis' ex-wife and Bob Sillerman is the new owner of EPE. Elvis fans around the world are still waiting for Mr Sillerman's first mitzvah in honour of Elvis Presley. So, the early prototype of the Bob Duck is in black and white, just like photos of Elvis Presley in the 1950's when he started,  until Bob can prove himself to Elvis fans and show his true colours. 

  Soden Duck (snowjob)   Priscilla Duck (sattnin)  Bob Duck (chutzpah)

Bid on eBAY for the 
Best Elvis Tribute Show in the World

For the man or woman who has would you like bid on eBay for your very own private Elvis Show on Friday 30th September 2005 in the UK, with probably the world's best Elvis Tribute, Kraig Parker. Kraig is supported by the fabulous Royal Tribute Band and Orchestra and Elvis' original backing singers, the Sweet Inspirations. Kraig will be headlining the Porthcawl Elvis Festival but will be available for just ONE date before the Festival for your very own show. It could be for a Corporate event, a birthday party, wedding, engagement, barmitzvah, country club, golf club, local town hall or entertainment venue:

Bidding starts on eBay from midnight 
on August 15th until September 1st 2005.


The star of "Jailhouse Rock the Musical" was Mario Kombou. He will appear at the Porthcawl Elvis Festival doing a special Comeback Tribute in the Pavilion and will do other gigs around the town, details to be announced prior to the Festival on our website . Mario received standing ovations each night in his role of Vince Everett and at the time of writing is in Memphis for the ETA Contest during Elvis Duck Week.

Fairways Hotel...
the best hotel in Porthcawl

for the Festival or anytime


Official Shows at The Grand Pavilion:

Friday Night 
30th September
The 'Elvies' Hall of Fame
Saturday Lunchtime October 1st Chat Show, meet & greet with Elvis personalities* * * 
Saturday Night  
October 1st
The 2005 Elvies
Sunday Lunchtime October 2nd   The Kenfig Hill Male Voice Choir perform Elvis songs
Sunday Night
October 2nd  
Kraig Parker, backed by  'Sweet Inspirations' and Kraig's superb RTB Band

Other Festival Highlights :

  • A Tented Festival Village featuring all-day Elvis family entertainment
  • An Elvis Gospel Service at Trinity Church
  • Elvii Rugby XV v Porthcawl RFC
  • The Elvis Cruise  
  • Elvis Weddings and Blessings in the Grand Pavilion that has a wedding license.
  • Elvis Rides at the Funfair
  • King of Karaoke
  • Harley and Classic American Car Parade
  • Elvis Films throughout the Festival
  • Hound Dog competition
  • Elvis "It's A Knockout" Competition
  • Jiving Competitions
  • Meet Sam Thompson, Dick Grob (Memphis Mafia), Charles Stone (Elvis Tour Producer), Jerry Presley,  Sweet Inspirations, Sandi Pichon and introducing Patsy Andersen from Memphis * * *

About 100 Elvis events in 
and around Porthcawl!


By telephone : 01656 786996

  The 'Porthcawl Elvis Festival 2005' is sponsored by    
  the McArthur Glen Shopping Mallsupported by 
  Elvisly Yours. 

How to get to Porthcawl, the South Wales Riviera  

Visit the website 

We are still looking for Elvis look-a-likes who can seriously play rugby and appear for the Elvii Rugby XV v Porthcawl RFC. 

Sunday October 2nd for the "Wooden Spoon" Charity. Applications to Peter Phillips 

See the Emerald Elvis 
in Ireland August 16th & 20th

Raised on Elvis! Elvis! Elvis!
UK 2.50, Eu £5.00,Ov £7.50

    Rare Elvis
Buy our books from Sandi in Memphis


Sandi Pichon book signings during Elvis Tribute Week

Friday, August 12th –

2:00 to 4:00 p.m. –          Airport Inn 1441 East Brooks Road

Saturday, August 13th –

9:00 to 11:00 a.m. –     Airport Inn 1441 East Brooks Road

Noon to 4:00 p.m. –     Pool Party Mike and Cindy's – 1034 Audubon Dr

Sunday, August 14th –

9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. –    Good Rockin’ Tonight – Marriot Hotel

Fans not in Memphis can order Sandi's book online direct from this |Newsletter, just click on "Add to Order" in the adjacent column.

Fans going to Memphis for Elvis Week will also be able to buy our two books 'Elvis A King Forever'   & 'Rare Elvis' from Sandi Pichon. 

New 2006 Elvis Calendar
£6.95 p/p
UK 1.95, Eu £3.90,Ov £5.85



Sadly, we will probably not have an 'Official' Elvisly Yours calendar for 2006 because the company we licensed to publish the calendar was in breach of contract and we withdrew their license. 

I have just not had time with all the ongoing negotiations for 'Elvisly Yours Restaurants' to find a new publisher. 

You can be sure that for 2007 and the 30th Anniversary year there will be a new Elvisly Yours calendar and indeed lots of new Elvisly Yours official products that will be sold in the Restaurant.

However we have a great new 2006 Elvis calendar that you can order NOW online or buy in our Elvis shop at 233 Baker St, NW1. 

The retail price is only £6.95
(plus £1.95 p&p UK, twice p&p Europe, 3x World)

Elvisly Yours Restaurants

We now have the support of a UK bank for the first Restaurant in London and negotiations are ongoing with potential operators. The success of "Elvisly Yours Restaurants" will depend on the quality and experience of the Restaurant Operator. There will be very rigid quality controls to make sure our Restaurants are close to perfection. The food must be excellent, the service impeccable but friendly, the atmosphere just right and the entertainment superb. If you get all these ingredients just right customers will come back time and time again. So it is very important that we find the perfect Operator, as the first Restaurant in London will be the Flagship Restaurant and set the standard for the rest of the world, as the chain expands. 

In mid-September, after the sweltering summer break, our architect (Ray Hole) will be in Dubai continuing negotiations for a chain of Middle-East "Elvisly Yours Restaurants" and we will report his progress in the next Newsletter. He is also designing a 'Jurassic Park' style Theme Park that will be amazing with over 100 life size animatronic dinosaurs.

ELVISLY YOURS Competition Winner
 Winner of the Elvisly Yours monthly draw is Mr P BARR of ELY, Cambs. 

and he receives a computer mouse mat and bookmark

Gulag Graceland 2...just imagine... Sigi  would not be allowed to wear her fantastic Elvis outfit for the honour guard at the Candlelight Service

John Krondes' CD

  Our last Newsletter about dress codes imposed by Graceland generated a lot of gossip on the internet and emails to me. Most supported my view but a few followed the EPE line.In the good old days before the EPE Blue Meanies hijacked Elvis Tribute Week in Memphis fans could honour Elvis however they wanted. 

Elvis Tribute week around the August anniversary belonged to the fans. It was started by fans, for the fans and it was wonderful to be in Memphis. Everything was so relaxed, full of fun and inexpensive or mostly free.

EPE has ruined all the joy, spontaneity, variety and love that was characteristic of "Elvis Week" and after going each August Anniversary to Memphis for 11 years I stopped going in 1992 like tens of thousands of other Elvis fans fed up with rules and regulations imposed by the megalomaniacs running ( or ruining) Graceland. Local predictions for visitors for Elvis Week this year are just 5,000-8,000 people. What a disgrace ! We will have more people visiting little Porthcawl in Wales for our superb Elvis Festival than they get in Memphis for Elvis Week. 

I am shocked that the previous management that lost $25 million is still in place, still laying down their ridiculous rules, still licensing products like Elvis ducks yet evicting Carol and Lisa the last tenants from the original Elvis Shopping mall opposite Graceland...the final straw. 

That will be it, when Carol and Lisa go there will be no more link to the past for the older fans. The very few that have been going since 1978 will just have their memories... when will EPE learn, when will they ever learn ? They have been killing the goose (no DUCK) that lays the golden egg for years by the way they disregard and treat the fans.

Meanwhile if Sigi Kramer, from Luxemburg, arrived at the Gates of Graceland in her fantastic, homemade Elvis outfit she would be turned away from the honour guard. How absurd, especially when she would attract worldwide publicity in such a great outfit.

Sigi has been working very hard to promote John Krondes and what he calls the "Elvis Hit Making Team". John has got together many of Elvis musicians, backing singers and previous songwriters to record new music in the Elvis Style. It includes, the Jordanaires, Sweet Inspirations, TCB Band and Memphis Boys Band : Singer prompts reunion of Elvis' musicians  

Also, he released a fabulous tribute to the 100th Anniversary of Las Vegas, called 'Vegas in the Morning'. John has a good, strong voice and the song is very catchy. It is like the signature tune for Las Vegas and 100 years of fun ! John, who is promoted by Joe Esposito hopes to be in Europe next year to launch his career this side of the Atlantic.

When Sigi and her daughter Angela return home they hope to form an Elvis Fan Club for Luxemburg and we will keep you posted when they are ready to take members. 

If you would like to know how Sigi made her fantastic Elvis outfit you can email her at: or


In Memory of Pat Geiger

Pat Geiger, passed away peacefully  July 2nd 2005. Fans will remember how tirelessly this never give up hope, tenacious and fine lady worked to get recognition for Elvis Presley on a U S postage stamp. All her efforts were finally rewarded with the successful conclusion of her campaign on January 8th 1993.
Pat had recently been living with her son Larry and his wife in California.  According to her wishes, there were no memorial services.  Her final resting place is back in her beloved Vermont - next to her mother.
 Condolences may be sent to:
The Geiger Family
135 McCarron Way
Hemet, CA 92545

I developed a long correspondence with Pat in the 1980's and early 90's to try and help her in the US stamp campaign. Elvisly Yours had released the highly successful first day covers in the UK to honour Elvis' 50th birthday and I sent samples of the covers to Pat. What is not known is that the US stamp was probably stopped for years by EPE. They had sued me in 1985 in US Federal Court and the case went on for over six years. Under their own rules the US Postal Service has to wait ten years after the death of a celebrity before a stamp could be released so the Elvis stamp should have been released in 1987 in the USA.

The Postal Service gave Pat all sorts of excuses why they still waited to release an Elvis stamp but I believe the real reason for the delay was EPE who claimed rights of the name, image and likeness of Elvis Presley and the US Postal Service were fearful of a lawsuit with EPE. Within ONE week of me deciding NOT to appeal my US lawsuit to the Supreme Court the announcement of the US Elvis stamp was made in late 1991. It then took over one year for EPE to set up hundreds of licenses for Elvis stamp products, the US Post Office to have a mail competition to decide the design (great profit for the Post Office) and to distribute the stamps for Elvis' birthday on January 8th 1993, six years late. EPE made millions from the license deals and it would be interesting to find out whether the US Postal Service made any money other than from sales of the stamp.

The day I was assaulted at Graceland

In 1988 we did a special project with a famous British TV programme called "Surprise! Surprise!". Each week the programme was watched by 16 million people and made wonderful surprises for people, making dreams come true, uniting families some after 40 years apart. It was a very heart warming show and often brought a tear to your eye. I contacted the programme about our annual project to take a handicapped Elvis fan and family member to Graceland. We raised money each year to make a dream come true for a handicapped Elvis fan. They loved the idea and wanted film before they went receiving the tickets as a surprise and then the following week for their visit to Graceland.

We invited two handicapped fans to our shop, John Rowan and John Tompkins. In front of the cameras they were asked about their love for Elvis and if they wanted to visit Graceland. Of course, they said they would love to go and the presenter Bob Carolgees said "you're going to Graceland, here's your tickets...let's go". The look on their faces was wonderful. One boy was Down Syndrome and made a speech saying it was the best day in his life and how happy and grateful he was to everyone and how much he loved Elvis. Most of the camera crew were in tears after his moving speech.

When we arrived in Memphis I phoned NBC to ask them if they could film our visit to Graceland for "Surprise! Surprise" and they loved the idea and met us at the Graceland Gates the next morning. They had a camera ready and we were going to walk up the drive. The man at the Gates said let me check with the office and he phoned and we waited. He told us that the person who could give the decision was in a meeting and would not be out for over one hour. NBC said don't worry we will phone and sort it out. Forty minutes later we are still outside the Gates and nothing is happening. The handicapped fans were getting tearful and it was a very hot day. NBC kept on calling, kept on saying they have filmed hundreds of times and they would sort it hour goes past and I said we should go and get the bus and do the regular tour. NBC did interviews outside the Gates so they had some film, at least. Then after 1 hour and 20 minutes a message came from Todd Morgan that we should get the tour bus but NBC would not be allowed to film. Remember, 16 million people each week would watch the story over two shows in Britain....what great PR for Graceland.

I paid for the two fans, their family members and myself, no free tickets from EPE and we get the bus. Suddenly, the NBC film crew drive up and had got permission. Then a 6ft 4ins tall security guard arrives and starts making conversation with me leading me away from NBC and the boys. It was their day and I just went along with this farce until we got around the back of the house where Elvis' cars used to be kept. NBC said they would like a film of me and boys all walking away from the cars towards the house and started to film us. By this time Toad Morgan had arrived from his important meeting and the security guard on Toad's orders pushed me over, away from the filming. I said "don't you push me around" and Morgan screamed out loud "there is a lawsuit going on and a conflict of interests...we don't want you in the film". I shouted "don't push me around" and this was in front of all the shocked visitors to Graceland. Instead of paying me as a publicist for getting Graceland on one of the top rated programmes in Britain I am assaulted. I could have sued them but I did not want to spoil the beautiful story of the visit of two handicapped boys to Graceland. I have never seen film footage of the assault and wonder whether NBC still have it from October 1986. I was told the poor security guard lost his job at Graceland the next week, but Toad still remains.

In October 1989 year I organised "Presleynost" with the first Soviet citizen to ever get a US visa just to visit Graceland. For this Elvisly Yours promotion there were five film crews and the world's press outside the Gates of Graceland for a worldwide publicity event and this time we weren't kept waiting, but that's another story for the next Newsletter...

An example of Chutzpah

For many years we took handicapped Elvis fans to Graceland. We fund-raised each year through our fan club and hopefully raised enough money to pay for a trip with expenses for a handicapped fan and family member or friend. If we were short, as was usual Elvisly yours made up the difference. During one year the City of Memphis reciprocated and Elvisly Yours were the hosts to two black children from the ghetto in Memphis who had a letter from Mayor Hackett of Memphis for the Lord Mayor of London. I had to try to arrange for the boys to meet the Lord Mayor and wrote to the Mansion House where he lives.

I got back a short letter of apology saying the Mayor, Sir Greville Spratt was very busy and he did not have time in his diary to meet the boys from Memphis. If you don't succeed at first try, try again has been my lifelong motto. I immediately phoned the Mayor's Office and explained to the Equerry in Waiting for the Mayor (I think that is his title) that the children from Memphis were black and that to refuse to meet the child was a snub to the Mayor and City of Memphis and the media would regard the matter as racism by the Lord Mayor of London. Within half an hour the Equerry phoned me back and arranged the meeting at the Mansion House for two black kids from the ghetto in Memphis with the Lord Mayor of London, that's chutzpah! The Mayor was delightful and very charming and was very kind and presented the boys, their teacher and me each with gifts, very unlike his Equerry.

Pat Geiger


Elvis First Day
Elvisly Yours 85 First Day Cover
UK £1.00, Eu £2.00, Ov £3.50

Elvis stamp

Last concert First Day Cover
5.95 p&p
UK £1.00, Eu £2.00, Ov £3.50


John Rowan, John Tompkins, Bob Carolgees and Sid at presentation of tickets for trip to Memphis


In Memphis being presented artworks at Mud Island


Aaron Richie + fans from the Strictly Elvis FC walked to London raising money for boys to go to Memphis


Willie and Gary with Austin Mitchell  at the 
Houses of Parliament 

Willie Johnson, Gary Chalmers, their teacher and Sid meet the Lord Mayor of London

Correction to Newsletter 29

In Newsletter No.29 I made a big mistake and just one person in the world who read our Newsletter noticed the mistake, Piers Baegley of in Australia. I had been told by Vince Everett that the last song Elvis publicly performed was "Unchained Melody" which was featured in the last concert video. It was one of those facts that just stuck in my mind and I nver questioned it because Vince Everett was one of the world's leading experts on anything Elvis. But the last song sang in public by Elvis was, of course, "Can't Help Falling in Love". As a prize a "SACK JACK" button badge is on its way down under to Australia.

Ed Bonja to have heart surgery 

Ed Bonja was the official photographer for Elvis Presley and many of the classic 70's photos you see in print were taken by Ed. In fact, the pose of the "Elvisly Yours Statue" was taken from one of Ed's photographs and has been used by the Elvis Duck company 'Celibriducks' on their website without his permission. Ed is in Vegas waiting for a double by-pass operation and we wish Ed all the best for a speedy recovery. These operations are now routine and we look forward to Ed being up and about very soon but taking life easy as the warning was a message for Blue Sued Heaven to slow down....