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Elvis Toiletries Set   Elvis badges
Elvis Men's Toiletries Gift Set

p&p UK £3.95, Eu £5.95, Ov £10.50 (by sea £6.95)
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  A1. Set of 6 badges 5.95
p&p UK UK 2.50, Eu 3.25, Ov 3.95

Elvis Ceramic handmade charms   Elvis Ceramic handmade charms
D23 (Set B) Four Elvis Ceramic Charms

p&p UK £2.95, Eu £3.95, Ov £5.95
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  D23 (Set A) Five Elvis in Concert Charms

p&p UK £2.95, Eu £3.95, Ov £5.95
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Order both sets (A&B) of Elvis Ceramic Charms for only 21.95
p&p UK £2.95, Eu £3.95, Ov £5.95
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Elvis fridge magnets

B1. Set of 4 magnets
p&p UK 2.50, Eu £3.25,Ov £3.95

B2. Set of 3 large magnets

p&p UK £2.50, Eu £3.25,Ov £3.95

Elvis Metal Coasters (set of 4)   NEW Metal Magnets
Metal Coaster Lid
D13. Elvis Metal Coasters- Set of 4 £6.95
p&p UK 2.95, Eu 3.95, Ov 5.50

B4 NEW Metal Magnets
set of 4
UK £2.50, Eu £3.25,Ov £3.95

Elvis Art posters (42 cm x 35 cm) 13 different pictures

No.1  No.2 No.3 No.4
B-1. Any 4 Elvis Art prints £9.95 set (p&p UK £3.95, Eu £4.95, Ov £5.95)
(please, specify which prints you want to order)
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Elvis jewellery set


C2-5. Elvis jewellery set: 
 ELVIS Diamonte brooch
and Diamonte necklace £11.45
p&p UK 2.75, Eu 3.60, Ov 4.25


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Collectors cards set C

Elvis postcards

Elvis postcards

Elvis postcards

G3. Set of 12 cards A 4.95 (p&p UK 2.50, Eu 3.25, Ov 3.95)

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Elvis A King Forever

Robert Gibson with Sid Shaw.

Now on its third edition and seventh printing, probably the best Elvis Presley book ever published. It tells the complete life story of Elvis with "Tender Loving Care" and with some of the best photographs ever in an Elvis book. It is a book you cannot put down, from Elvis' traumatic birth in that little shack in Tupelo, Mississippi, to that tragic day in August 1977. In hardback and 192 pages in full colour throughout.

This book can be personally signed by Sid Shaw. If you want is signed please give details in "Special Requests" box when you check out.

J1. Elvis A King Forever

UK 3.95, Eu 7.95, Ov 10.95 (Sea mail 7.95)

Elvis replica sunglasses


The King

E10.   £9.95 GOLD 
  p&p UK 3.50, Eu 3.95, Ov 4.50

E11. £9.95 SILVER
  p&p UK 3.50, Eu 3.95, Ov 4.50

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