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Pre-order Elvis playing cards
and receive FREE rare RCA collectors card!

We would now like to introduce the finest Elvis Presley playing cards in the world. There are 58 different photos of Elvis with each pack. There are 52 suit cards and 4 jokers in each pack and the back and front cover.

The 4 suits represent different eras of Elvis' life. For Hearts there are photos from the 1950's, Clubs has the Movie years, for Diamonds the '68 Comeback and Change of Habit period and Spades the 70's and Vegas era.

Front and back of the new Elvis card pack

Elvis playing cards 9.95 for 2 packs
p&p 1.25 p&p, 2.50 Eu, 3.75 world

We will also be framing the entire collection and selling the cards as beautiful framed memorabilia like the framed old cigarette and bubblegum cards (details soon).

The playing cards are now in stock. We recommend fans should buy two packs, one to use, the other to keep, still shrink wrapped and in mint condition. ORDER two packs and receive a special gift - an original RCA card with the 1979 calendar. These were produced in limited quantities and given to the birthplace at Tupelo for distribution to Elvis fans. I managed to acquire the last remaining calendar cards; highly collectable. 

RCA Calendar card

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