For many years fans around the world contributed to our Elvis Poetry page in our magazine called "Elvisly Yours" which sadly ceased production in 1992 after all the problems caused by Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc. We would now like to encourage fans around the world to share in their love for Elvis through poetry and we will publish on our website the best Elvis poetry. We have chosen some of the best poems from our archive to feature on this page to inspire you Elvis poets and will present  prizes of Elvis memorabilia for the best poetry each quarter. Tell your family and friends to send in their poetry to :  sid@elvisly-yours.com  

American Elvis fans may enter the competition but will not be able to win prizes of Elvis memorabilia for legal reasons but can win a t-shirt inscribed : "I AM NOT LICENSED BY GRACELAND"


  Elvis Presley The King of Rock 'n' Roll

Elvis, Take My Hand

Elvis  by William Heffner

Setting the Eagle Free

The King

To Elvis

Holiday Of A Lifetime

The King Is Dead


A King's Crown

by Lee Foster

My Son

Elvis and Me

Yes, Elvis, we do

The King of Rock n Roll

Two Broken Hearts Reunited in Heaven

Christmas At Graceland

Memories Of The King

Elvis  by Nicola Gregory

Magical Voice

Elvis by Terri Grant 

Forever In My Heart

Forever And Always

Graceland Lost

The Everlasting Gift

Elvis by Sandra Hamilton

 A Tribute to A King

Elvis Tribute

My tribute to Elvis

Aptheosis of the Cat

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