Elvis Shmelvis

Also, Elvis Shmelvis Jnr, Elvis Shmelvis Jnr 2, Brother Shmelvis and Grandpa Shmelvis

Real Name
Martyn Dias

Contact Details :

email: elvis@shmelvis.co.uk

Tel :  0158 2661436

Website : www.shmelvis.co.uk

Martyn Dias is also known as Elvis Shmelvis. This guy will really liven up your wedding, party or cabaret. He has appeared on numerous BBC local radio shows and has a few newspaper headlines to his credit.


Picture taken 18/05/2004 in our shop at 233 Baker Street, London.
Mama Shmelvis, Sid Shaw, Elvis Shmelvis Jnr 2, Elvis Shmelvis, Black Elvis, Elvis Shmelvis Jnr 1.

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