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Remembering Elvis on August 16th...the end of an era !!

Sadly, after ten years our Elvisly Yours shop on Baker Street was forced to close when our lease expired on March 25th 2010 and new landlords gave us 24 hours notice to vacate. The new landlords are the same, nice people who bought Portsmouth Football Club but defaulted on a loan for £17,000,000.00 almost forcing the club out of business. Property laws are archaic in Britain and still give such enormous power to landlords, never changing from the days of Robin Hood. Actually, there had been an Elvisly Yours Shop in London for over thirty years. 

We now move on to bigger and better things and we will be touring Elvis Shows and Peter Schaufuss’ Dancicals like “The King” around the world. Of course, our website www.elvisly-yours.com is one of the most popular Elvis websites in Europe with thousands of hits each week. Elvis Fans, fan clubs, dealers and general retailers from all over the world continue to order online and we ship Elvis memorabilia to over 50 countries as well as license companies to market Elvis Presley memorabilia and services.

On August 16th 2009 a documentary film was made about the Elvisly Yours Shop and our FREE Elvis Street Party. I gave the title of this Annual Event, “Maureen’s Day” in memory of my late, darling wife Maureen to raise money for the Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre (LJMC) who were so kind to Maureen during her battle with cancer. The documentary was filmed by the Award winning IveraghFilms and produced by Paul Desmond and Ian Craig. Sadly, shortly after the filming Ian died very suddenly and Paul delayed the editing of the film until now, to coincide with the August 16th 2010 anniversary of Elvis’ death:


Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre. Donations can be made online or cheques sent to: 
Elvisly Yours, Park House, 15 Greenhill Cres, Watford WD18 8PH. Please write "In memory of Maureen" on the back of the cheque and your address.
My sincere thanks to the Elvises that donated their time performing and raising money on August 16th 2009 for the LJMC:

Elvis Shmelvis: Martyn Dias: www.shmelvis.com

Elvince: Vince Citrano; 

Ian Coulson: www.iancoulson.com 

Mark Goddard: www.greatbritainsbestelvis.com 

I would also like to thank the excellent work of Paul Desmond of “Iveagh Films”, the Producer. The documentary is dedicated to the memory of the highly respected journalist Ian Craig, the co-producer.

Ian Craig obituary | Media | The Guardian
1 Nov 2009 ... Obituary: Journalist and lobby correspondent for the Liverpool Evening Echo and Manchester Evening News.

Elvisly Yours,