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From: South Yorkshire
first of all happy birthday to elvis it is nice to see that so many people
still love the greatest man to ever walk the earth i have been an elvis
fan since birth tcb

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mario spiteri
From: marsaxlokk malta
i been elvis fan when i was 20 elvis is the best he still the king and he
still lives in our haerts you wants to e mail he can i like to chat abaut

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maga mugu
From: angola
i love this site please keoo on
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From: Erskine Scotland
Just came across this web site how good is this loadsa cool stuff
lots to read up on will definitly be back for more been a fan for ever
since I first saw him in an old popstar book my sister had when we were
kids around 1963 I was about 5yrs old and been a fan ever since never to
be forgotten always on my mind forever and beyond

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Shauna Wright
From: Southend on sea
hi i have been an Elvis fan for 16 years he is a major influence in my life
in my opinion he is not dead but alive in every one

long live the king

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From: manchester
Hi i have a guitar clock from concert in 1968 i think or maybe sooner was
in hatford or milford usa dad hs more history on it was sold at concert was
after a value on it its in excellent condition dad wants to sell it sooner
go to someone who would use it hang it up or admire it email me if u have
idea of where he can sell it or offers thanks wayne

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From: Australia
God bless You Sid and Maureen and the Gracelands
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Love the magnets
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From: India
I loved this site
Take care
Elvis is the king

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Regina Osei
From: Memphis TN
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