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From: Sweden
Hi there,great website! Please check out the swedish rockband Sthlm Cowboys, www.sthlmcowboys.se.se they have some nice Elvis songs and thebassplayer has been playing with Scotty Moore & DJ Fontana.Check them out!
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Arthur Shaw
From: Leeds, West Yorks England
Great bar to visit if you are Malta. We good nights in this freindybar.Arthur & Sandra.
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From: new york
i love elvis more then anything this is great
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From: Argentina
Greetings from Argentina!
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Wanda Turnbough
From: Tx
I love this website!!!!!! I Love Elvis!
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liza seymour
From: lincoln england
Hi i have been a fan since i was 3 and thats over 32 years ago now. I love elvis and my 2 children 11 and 8 also have grown up with him.My daughter loves him like me and my son just knows he is the best, this site is really good and i loved the poems. The King Lives On.
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From: LA
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Hi ELVIS FANS around the world!!, this is an amazing site, the loved photos, the beautiful poetry made me cry. I've been an Elvis fan since 1997, his gospel music is an inspiration to me, his movies are pure fun, his life is a touch, I would to hear from anyone from Los Angeles, CA, keep up the hard work Mr. Sid !!!love never fail!!!!
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katie packheiser
From: texas
love him
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From: Brazil
Hi! We enjoyed a lot your website! Congratulations! If anyone there need some contact from Brazil, please let us know! For further information about us, visit www.elvisback.com Kisses for all of you!
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