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Renate Lampe
From: Brazil
Do you remember me, David? We meet in Memphis in 1995,1996 and 1997. I hope
to see you in AuUgust this year in Memphis.
Love from Brazoil

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From: australia
im only 24 BUT I AM THE BIGGEST ELVIS FAN!!! people go oh god, when i see
something elvis or hear something elvis related......i came across this
and YES. to ballot papers.

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From: frankfrankf
You can't separate pease from freedom because no one can be at
peace unless he has his freedom.

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From: maishofen
on wednesday december the 9th i saw your show, and it was amazing, by
closing my eyes, i thought elvis is singing.

thanks allot for this special evening!

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elvis aaron
From: warrington
hi sid how u doing can u please get in touch as i need 2 no how things are
and if you are still tradeing thanks elvis

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Scott and Kathy Bell
From: East Prairie, MO
Enjoyed the website!
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Jamie Coyne
From: Columbus, OH
Our Dear Friend Jim Browder has passed away in Memphis.
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From: UK
If anybody is a expert with the elvis magazines i could do with some help
on valuations please email me Bobtar at live.co.uk

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From: Rotherham
love the site, I use to buy the magazine many years ago, however, I would
like to see more stuff on this site

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Lord Benjamin Dower
From: London UK
Great job on the site, I love it.
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