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Ive been an Elvis fan since I was a toddler I was doing my paper round when
Elvis passed I cried all the way home I was twelve and saved my earnings
and purchased items from your catalogue The red Mephis Mafia tour jacket
and a Elvis buckle are the two items that stick in my mind Ive been nagging
my folks to try and find them for me so I can pass them on to my daughters
I left home when I enlisted in the army and I havent seen them since One
day I shall do my pilgrimage to Gracelands until then I shall carry on

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Hi i have been an elvis fan since i was five so sad another year has gone
by without elvis all u true elvis fan keep his name alive forever sylvia

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jayne kemp
From: liverpool england
the king no one will ever step in those blue sued shoes x x x x x x x
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Mrs Kim Dempsey
From: London England
He Cannot ever be replaced

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From: england
i have been a fan of elvis for years he will always be the king
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Ian Burdett
From: Plymouth
Elvis will allways be the king no matter what now and forever from a loyal
fan Ian Burdett

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From: south wales
Are there any 100% Elvis fans from South Wales,in particulary
Carmarthenshire or Cardiganshire who would like to chat about everything
Elvis? feel a little cut off from all the great events held at bigger towns
and cities? If so,i would love to hear from you. I am female,age 44 and
have been to Memphis
which was magical. Keeping the dream alive TCB

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From: cardiff uk
hi im 53 male been elvis fan for 45 yr the world lost such a great person
when elvis left this p;lanet but his faith and love goes on if you want
write to me pls do love to hear from you im 53 male single

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From: USA, Okl
Excellent site! So to hold, men!
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