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debbie henry
From: saint louis missouri [USA]
i have always been an elvis i think that he was the best singer ever. my favorite songs are supsicous mind, jailhouse rock, and many more debbie henry
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From: charlottetown [prince edward i
Dear ELVIS PRESLEY My name is katya maceachern im such a big fan of yours im been listening to your music when i was 12 year old still listening to your music because when i listen to it you spoke to me in my heart and telling every one your okay where you are now with your both loving parents i love you elvis presley from your fan katya mrs presley i give my condolence to you and your family of your husbants death he still lives on in your hearts and souls
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From: Berlin [Germany]
hi, i am a 15 years old girl from berlin and now i was two times in london in the elvis shop. i am a very big elvis fan, since i am 12 years old. my biggest wish i have is to come to memphis to the grab of elvis! itīs great to see, who all is elvisfan too, cause i donīt know somebody, who is a fan of him.
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From: chatham [uk]
Just like to say a big thank sid and the team for a truely marvelous site. Also too all you fans out there lets keep the kings memories flowing,as we are the kings much loved family. When ever we fans get together we should show one another the kind of love & respect that our ELVIS gave to us through his work, and his generosity. LONG LIVE THE KING!!!! MISSING YOU AS ALWAYS THANK YOU
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kelly marshall
From: belfast [northern ireland]
i think elvis is the greatest singer of all times. I am only 17 and i love him ever since i first heard him he was great. My favourite song is in the guetto
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From: UK [leeds]
I'm 15 and i love ELVIS all family dose i've been brought up with elvis i've even got a elvis necklace. i wish i could go 2 graceland 2 see the KING!!
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Matt Gurney
From: London [England]
Quite simply, the Man is still the greatest Icon to ever walk the earth barring of course Jesus Christ
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Katherine Baysdon
From: Lumberton, North Carolina [USA
I really like your site and I am proud of the way you have won your fights with EPE. Elvis would not have agreed with the way things are going. I can't afford to buy from EPE anymore and have started going to ebay for a lot of things. Good luck in your future. Keep up the good work. Katherine Elvis Fan since 1956 and proud of it.
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From: NY [America]
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From: London [uk]
Bought some sunglasses off your site, excellent thanks very much
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