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From: cardiff wales
charlie hodge was the general article. never a bad word said against elvis.i meet him while living in london in the 80s.we meet in a pub called presleys.rip charle.
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Charmaine Voisine
From: Canada
We have created a blog and group for Charlie Hodge where many people from all over the world have posted their condolences to his family. charliehodgefanclub.blogspot.com and groups.yahoo.com/group/Charlie-Hodge
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mike pagliuco
From: piscataway nj
im from nj ,id just like to say elvis is the greatest entertainer that ever walked the earth, may charlie hodge rest in peace ,i just heard,3-4-06//at 300pm , great friend to the king,, long live and may he reign,, always in my heart forever,, i am 42 and a 100 percent elvis fan , not a wanabee, long live elvis for yrs and yrs to come, always imitated,, but never could be DUPLICATED,, NEVER,,,,,,
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From: savannah,tn
needing more of elvis presley fans..
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Rohini Rajit
From: Orpington, Kent, England
Hi, I'm a fairly new fan and just starting to find out about thr great man himself. Would love to know any more recommended sites Cheers Rohini
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From: the netherlands
Hello :-) What a great website Iam a big Elvisfan, you can visit my Elvis website to and sign my guestbook to. :-) freewebs.com/elvis_presley_by_jolanda thanks and TCB bye bye XXX elvis-fan
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jim browder
From: memphis tn
sid, i have been going to 'graceland too' lately and have gotten to know paul macleod pretty well. he showed me a letter from tom stewart who worked for cash lumber company in the 70's. cash lumber was hired by graceland tore model the living room of graceland. at that time there was red carpet in there. this carpet came from duck's carpet and now paul has it. if anyone would like some they may contact paul at graceland too , holly springs ms 38635. he doesn't have a phone or computer so if you need to contact him you may either threw the visitor ctr. or threw me at jbtcb4ever@hotmail.com or my phone at 901-864-0811. this is very nice for him to offer this to us fans and a visit to see his collection is a must. thanks again tcb jim browder / jb tours memphis
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Landon Parker
From: North Carolina
I am only 14 years old but I have been an Elvis fan since I was nine years. Ever since one summer while listening to the radio I heard hound dog and then I asked my mother who it was singing and when she told me elvis presley I bought some of his records to play on my grandmothers record player and he became my favorite singer and still is. I like snapping my fingers and stomping my feet to his wonder voice. He's still the greatest all hail the king!!
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dean weights
From: canvey island , essex, uk
i have been an elvis fan for 30 years and have also passed on the music to my children. elvis has always played a massive part in my life and always will, as the great john lennon said and i quote" before elvis there was nothing " never a truer word spoken i say.
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From: Gillbertsville
I really love Elvis!!!! I would like to know someone who likes him too.
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