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From: derbyshire
just to say happy birthday elvis wherever you are from one of your greatest
I recently moved house and proceeded to decorate the spare room with many
of my collectables
many of which i have had for many years

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From: birmingham
happy birthday for tuesday xxx love you loads x
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From: Glasgow
I collect a lot of elvis collectables and have a few doubles if anyone
wants to know what I have please contact me at my email address and I will
get back to you I have a room thats a shrine to elvis and want to keep
building it up

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From: scotland
Hi have loved elvis since i was a ***ager still do just found this site
address on the official calender HAPPY NEW YEAR keep on loving

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Hope you all had a very happy new year and keep elvis in your heart he may
be gone but will never be forgotten

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From: northamptonshire
happy new year to elvis fans everywhere love and miss you elvis
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Holly Garrett
From: Wyoming USA
You have a wonderful collection that I hope to be able to share in some day
I enjoyed viewing what you have very much

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From: Cardiff
love and best wishes for christmas and the new year to sid and all you
elvis people all over the world and happy christmas elvis wherever you are
i love you and miss you

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From: United Kingdom
I am a Elvis fan and would like to contact others
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elvis is the king and he always will be the king i love his looks his music
and his movies and everything about him there will never be another king of
rock and roll in my view thanks for your time

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