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Elvis Presley...His name will forever be associated with one of the best in the World's music. You do not even have to say his last name for people to understand who you are talking about. Elvis.

There are over 250,000 Elvis Presley fans in Great Britain. Over 900,000 copies of  "50 Greatest Hits" have been sold since Xmas in Britain. The King shares the top spot with the Beatles for the greatest number of UK no.1 hits, 17 each. Elvisly Yours with the Bank of Scotland have marketed an Elvis Presley Mastercard and have access to a mailing list of over 100,000 Elvis Presley fans in the UK. 

Elvis Presley songs are the most popular for karaoke singers. Up and down the country music stations have regular listening audiences with Elvis Presley Hours on "Gold" stations and Shopping Channels market Elvis product on special "Elvis Hours". Richard Branson promotes Elvis Presley Weddings in Las Vegas with his Virgin airline. He dressed up in an authentic Elvis jumpsuit for the inaugaral flight to Vegas. Elvisly Yours has over 350 different items of Elvis memorabilia in its current range and has sold over 3,000 different items of memorabilia. Many original Elvisly Yours items now appear in Elvis auctions around the world and on the Internet. 

If you click on "Google" internet Search Engine there are over 625,000 web pages listed for Elvis. Elvis Presley has sold over one billion records worldwide. Elvisly Yours owns a life size bronze statue of the King insured for 35,000.00. Some of Elvis greatest British fans are celebrities : Sir Tim Rice, Sir Elton John, Freddie Starr, Frank Skinner, Robbie Williams, Eamonn Holmes. Dr Mark Duffet has a Ph.D in Elvis Presley from the University of Wales. An Elvis Ballet from Denmark called "The King" was performed at Sadlers Wells after having to change the entire show because of legal threats from the Elvis Presley Estate. Elvis landed in Scotland for two hours on his way back from Army Service in Germany.

Elvisly Yours owns trade marks in twelve different British trade mark classes: 3, 9, 14, 16, 18, 21, 24, 25, 33, 36, 41, and 42 and has had registered trade marks since 1979. The show "Elvis the Musical" has been touring Britain regularly since 1978 having originally found fame for Shakin' Stevens and PJ Proby. There are seven Elvis Presley theme restaurants in London alone. 

Evlisly Yours

ELVISLY YOURS won a landmark legal battle against Elvis Presley Enterprises when we defeated them in the British High Court in 1997 and later in 1999 in the British Court of Appeals. We can supply our Elvis memorabilia all over the FREE world but sadly not to residents of the USA. We are under US Federal Injunction not to sell our Elvis souvenirs in the USA. EPE have a monopoly in the States that prevents ELVISLY YOURS selling our Elvis souvenirs to American residents. If American fans think such a monopoly of the world's most famous entertainer is wrong complain to your Senators and Congressmen. We can supply Elvis books and magazines to American fans and replica Elvis sunglasses (see memorabilia).

If you have Elvis friends who are not on the Internet, simply download pages from our Web site and print copies for your Elvis friends so they can share in the ELVISLY YOURS world.

ELVISLY YOURS will become the No.1 Elvis Website on the Internet. Each time you view the website you will find new and interesting developments with more news, views, rare photographs, memorabilia, competitions, poetry, artwork, pen pals, lonely hearts club, FAQ's and Elvis fun.

We are based in Britain but export to more than thirty countries around the world. If you need to contact us: