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The winners of the ETA competition 5th July 2004 are:
Paul Lillie and Mark Leen (Emerald Elvis)
Elvis Shmelvis 4th The Kings King (Patrick Byrne)

The following were finalists:
Black Elvis ,Maltese Elvis, , Gary KingLiberty Mounten, Deke Rivers

The following ETAs gave their heart and soul to commemorate the 50 years of Rock'n'Roll in London on July 5th 2004:

Jay Ashton, Black Elvis, Jack Bradford,  Danish Elvis, Chinese Elvis, Ian Coulson,  
 Neil Duncan,   Emerald ElvisElvis ShmelvisMama ShmelvisElvis Shmelvis JnrElvis Shmelvis Jnr 2, Brother Shmelvis, Grandpa Schmelvis, Chris Mackey,   Maltese Elvis,  Graham Frain
Mark Goddard, Mike JemMike Jones, Gary King, Kings King, Liberty Mounten, Paul Lillie, Dave Michael,   Danny Owen, John Reid, Deke Rivers,  Jasper RRay Siberini, Chris Taylor,   Dean Lee Vegas,
Robbie West

July 5th 2004 is a day London and its visitors will remember forever as Elvisly Yours supported by an entourage of Elvis Tribute Artists got the streets of London rocking to the music of Elvis Presley. Film of this great "Elvis Day" and pictures were syndicated around the world by Associated Press and other international photo and news agencies and filmed by a host of television crews. All the Elvises were seen on TV throughout the day but the more conscientious always managed to get in the front of the filming and photography.

We started at the Elvisly Yours Shop, 233 Baker Street where the ETAs gathered, changed into their costumes and boarded the "Corona Extra Beer" open top double-decker buses. The sound system for both buses, in Piccadilly, the London Trocadero and Elvisly Yours were supplied by Elvis Shmelvis (Martyn and Sue Dias) who did a fabulous job after we were let down at short notice by a sound company. Corona Extra Beer Company had kindly donated two buses to use all day and the ETAs and guests on board were constantly refreshed by wonderful Corona beer.

Elvis Shmelvis (and Sue) kept the sound systems going throughout the day
Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre

The buses left Elvisly Yours and drove through the West End. The Elvis Tribute Artists were waving to the crowds and singing as they drove along. Onboard were TV crews from ITN, London Tonight, Welsh TV and British Satellite News.

Elvis Tribute Artists on top of the "Corona Extra Beer" bus
Elvisly Yours

The film from BSN was sent to the main TV broadcasters of 150 countries. The buses arrived at 12 noon for a photo call where there even were more TV crews to film us plus a hoard of newspaper photographers and photo agencies. Martyn set up the sound system in Piccadilly Circus and the crowds were entertained while we launched "Elvisly Yours Restaurants".

Rockin' on the way to London Trocadero
Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre

At 12.45pm we made our way to the London Trocadero. When we arrived the original location for the ground floor had to be switched at the last moment as they could not open the shutter of the empty unit. We ended up downstairs in the basement but with more room to house the audience and all the ETAs.

Photo shoot in Piccadilly Circus
Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre

A scrum of Elvises in Piccadilly
Gary King, in the white jumpsuit at the far end of the scrum facing the camera.

The standard of the singing was excellent and ten finalists were chosen. Sadly, some of the ETAs that did not make the finals sent me nasty emails and made various hateful comments about me and the judges. The whole purpose of the day was fun, to raise money for the Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre, have the chance to compete in an International Contest with a great first prize, be the opening act at the spectacular, new "Elvisly Yours Restaurant" and be seen by world television and in the world's press. There were just a handful of very bad losers who discredit the memory of Elvis Presley. There were thousands and thousands of happy people in London watching and joining in all the fun and laughter of seeing two busloads of Elvises singing their hearts out from two Corona buses while touring the West End.

Collecting for Lynda Jackson Macmillan Cancer Centre
Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre

The judges could not make a clear choice and decided to award the first prize to two
Elvis Tribute Artists, Paul Lillie (young Elvis) and the Emerald Elvis, Mark Leen (Vegas Elvis). Both Paul and Mark will open the first "Elvisly Yours Restaurant" in London (hopefully in 2005). Elvis Shmelvis came a very close third and Patrick Byrne fourth. The other finalists were Black Elvis; Maltese Elvis; Gary King; Liberty Mounten; Deke Rivers. The Judges were looking not only for a good voice, stage presence but showmanship and it was a difficult choice. Everyone for every Music Contest has the own opinion. The Judges were from the consortium planning the Restaurants and were looking for someone who could hold an audience and made their choice accordingly. We would like to thank Cliff Cooper of Cooper Owen Auction House, Orange Sound Equipment, Beatles Story Museum, Tin Pan Alley etc to join the Judges for the final. He has supplied 'Orange' equipment to the biggest names in pop, even the Beatles and Stones.

Elvises entertaining public on the streets of London
Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre 

After the London Trocadero we made our way on the two London buses to Trafalgar Square, past Downing Street, Parliament Square and headed back to Elvisly Yours. Everywhere there was gasps of amazement and smiles and thousands of waves as London rocked and rolled to Elvis courtesy of all the ETAs. Finally, at 4.45pm we got back to near the shop and parked. The Red Route Officers would not give us permission to park the bus for five minutes to sing "That's All Right" at 5pm so we dropped off one batch of Elvises and waited until the last minute for the second bus to draw up alongside Elvisly Yours. Quickly, all the Elvises jumped on the one bus and exactly at 5pm (11am Memphis time) they all sang "That's All Right". It was a great occasion and fitting climax to a wonderful day.

Sid Shaw announces the winner of the Elvis jumpsuit. 
The name of the winner was drawn out of the hat by 
David Dias (Elvis Shmelvis Junior 2)
Elvisly Yours

There followed the drawing out of the hat for the Elvis jump suit. The 500.00 plus Elvis jumpsuit was kindly provided by Deke Rivers who is making arrangements with George Palchev to send the jumpsuit to Denmark. The name was drawn by David Dias (Elvis Shmelvis Junior 2) and believe it or not he drew "Grandpa Shmelvis" and at 75 years old Grandpa Shmelvis didn't think he needed a jumpsuit so allowed someone else to win the prize and that was George Palchev of Denmark.well done George and thank you for coming so far to participate in our Elvis Day. 

There was the announcement of the final places. Elvis Shmelvis came third and received a bottle of Elvis champagne and will receive a special plaque as well. Then the announcement was made of the winner, in fact two winners. There was a problem that only one copy of "That's Al Right" the Sun record pressed by the original stamper was provided and Joe Pirzada has agreed to provide a second record from his personal collection. We are very grateful to Joe for displaying the stamper all day at Elvisly Yours. He gave interviews to TV and Press that went all over the world.
The day wasn't over because I had to do a live 10 minute interview with Paul and Mark on the ITV News Channel and radio interviews followed. We were celebrating 50 years of Elvis' music on July 5th and now we are planning to continue the Elvis legacy through "Elvisly Yours Restaurants".

Our thanks go to Sue Dias who kept the sound systems going throughout the day while under enormous pressure. Not only did Elvis Shmelvis have to sing, he was humping equipment all day up and down buses, helped by the other Shmelvises and still managed to get himself into key locations whenever there were interviews and photographs taken by the media. Michael Shmelvis (aged 13) sang beautifully in the Contest and I can see him competing soon for his dad's title of Elvis Shmelvis. Tina Dallorzso kindly provided free space at the London Trocadero for our Contest and to collect charity money. Jose Jauregui of Corona Extra Beer kindly supplied the two open top double-decker buses for the day. Staff from the Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre (Allan, Buzz and Sue) were helpful throughout the build up and day. It is a pity that only about 500.00 was raised on the day because we were not allowed to collect in the street.

Our youngest ETA Jayden Hill from Woking, Surrey (aged 3)
holding the new 2005 Elvisly Yours Calendar
His favourite Elvis song is 'Burning Love' 

Planet Jive

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