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Cyber Club   

    Newsletter 30


 JULY 2005


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The Candlelight Service or
'Welcome to Gulag Graceland'

The Candlelight Service started spontaneously after Elvis died. In fact, the Annual Candlelight Service started August 15, 1979 when 25 to 30 loving, devoted fans gathered at the gates of Graceland to remember Elvis, show their love and share their memories. "Elvis Country Fan Club" of Texas were the original driving force behind the growth of the Candlelight Service. 

Elvis Presley Enterprises, when they took over the running of Graceland in 1982, realised the enormous worldwide PR benefit from thousands of fans holding candles going up to Elvis' gravesite at midnight on August 15th (originally it started at midnight). Images are beamed all over the world every year and because of devoted Elvis fans Graceland and EPE get all this free publicity. But they have become bigger and bigger control freaks and have just recently issued a decree about a special dress code for standing as the honour guard. For your shock or amusement we repeat their instructions below and our comments :

There is a special dress code for standing as the honor guard. The dress code for standing in the honor guard is as follows:
· Navy blue or black pants
· White t-shirt with the flag of your country or state in the middle
· Name of the fan club above the flag
· Name of the state or country listed below the flag
· Comfortable shoes

For the benefit of people from Britain pants are not 'underpants', they are trousers in our language. That then begs the question, since there are no instructions for the type of underwear you are allowed to wear, the colour, the fabric etc, what should fans do? Who knows, perhaps you don't have to wear any underwear at all as it is not listed in the decree. Elvisly Yours suggests you wear sensible underwear; black and sexy if you are a woman just in case you faint in the heat waiting for hours and get taken to the hospital. Men should wear white underwear or preferably none at all, since Elvis did not wear underwear according to Larry Geller, but try not to faint and get taken to the hospital if you dress Elvis style. Remember, if EPE allows you to wear underwear for the Candlelight Service honour guard make sure it is clean. Perhaps EPE will allow a special changing area for your underwear as waiting around for hours in the Memphis heat will make you all hot and sweaty. Elvisly Yours thinks it is best to take extra underwear.

You have to wear a white t-shirt with the flag of your country or state in the middle. Sadly, the instructions are not clear how big the flag should be on the t-shirt. Elvisly Yours recommends standard photo size 8ins x 10ins for the image of your flag. But most t-shirts featuring flags usually have some slogan about the country or state and this will surely not be permitted. A simple solution will be to buy some white paint and paint out the offending slogan. Also, the instructions are not clear whether the flag should just be printed flat or waving in the wind. Elvisly Yours suggests the flag should be printed flat to allow you to follow the additional instructions in the decree regarding captions to be added. Should a US citizen wear the flag of his/her Country or State? Are American fans banned from wearing a t-shirt with the US flag because if they all decided to wear the American flag and not their State EPE's rules about State flags would look kind of stupid. Also, fans could get a good deal at Wall Mart for bulk buying the t-shirt with just the US flag. Elvisly Yours recommends American fans only wear a t-shirt with the American flag, work together and try and buy wholesale.

Then you have to print the name of your fan club above the flag but what if, like 50 million Elvis fans in the world, you don't belong to a fan club? In Britain there are probably over one million Elvis fans yet today no more than a few thousand belong to Elvis fan clubs. Elvisly Yours suggests a solution to this problem, simply write your own name then the word fan club, e.g. the Patsy Andersen Elvis Fan Club. If you don't want to put your own name for fear of reprisals from the Gulag Graceland guards write in Patsy Andersen Elvis Fan Club. 

You have to print the name of your Country or State and for American fans this is another important reason for using the US Flag because there is no State with only THREE letters and the only sensible way to comply with the print instructions is to iron on transfer letters. If you come from Mississippi you have to spend a lot more money than simple USA. In fact this EPE rule is discriminating against Elvis fans from States with long names forcing them to spend more money. You could always claim you are from Iowa and save a few dollars but I am sure the clever commandant at Gulag Graceland has worked that out and you will have to bring your driving licence or passport to prove identity.

These caring, thoughtful souls at EPE have nearly thought of everything and their decree states you must wear comfortable shoes. Many people are comfortable in flip flops and Elvisly Yours recommends y'all wear flip flops for the Candlelight Service honour guard. Sadly, the decree does not state the colour of the comfortable shoes so Elvisly Yours recommends pink because Elvis liked pink.

If you followed all these stupid rules you would have to print a one off t-shirt that would cost $hundreds in artwork and screens. The only alternative is to get transfers and I am sure it is not easy to get transfers of flags in many countries or even some states. Of course, most countries don't use the English language and even if transfers exist in say Arab countries, China or India they would not be in English only the native language. This means that fans from many countries would not be allowed to participate in the honour guard.

The Candlelight Service used to be a wonderful, spontaneous experience organised by the fans in their love and appreciation of Elvis. Now it is just licensed and controlled by EPE who have the cheek to tell fans who spend their hard earned money at Graceland what they can wear to honour Elvis. How disgraceful and how patronising. No doubt they are thinking up ways to charge to participate in the Candlelight Service, just like they now charge for the Presidents Lunch and have just increased the price of parking at Graceland to $5.00. Poor Elvis is turning in his grave knowing how his family, friends and fans are being treated by EPE.

Rumour has it that the "Graceland Crosing Mall" after Carol and Lisa are evicted (see last Cyberletter no.29) will become a new EPE interrogation centre where Elvis fans who want to visit Graceland will have to be questioned and checked to see if they are wearing the correct clothing, the correct underwear, can prove their country or State of origin and also prove they are "official" Elvis fans from an "officially" licensed Elvis Presley Fan Club.

P.S. There is no mention about the back of the t-shirt. We would like fans to suggest a suitable slogan or message to be printed on the back of the t-shirt to tell EPE what we think of them. Please use humour and not profanity and send your entries to sid@elvisly-yours.com in not more than 20 words. The best slogan will win our new Russian Matrioshka Doll if he/she is from the FREE world and if an American fan wins he/she will get signed copies of "Elvis A King Forever" and "Rare Elvis". The closing date for the competition, named MESSAGE to EPE, is 
16th August ‘05. 

Elvis Wedding

There will be a fabulous Elvis wedding on Saturday October 1st at the Festival. Claire Rowlands will marry Marc Haries. Claire is a freelance legal representative in criminal courts and Marc is a local bus driver.

The Groom will arrive in a large convoy of Harleys and Bride in a large convoy of US Custom cars for the "Elvis Wedding". There will be a specially designed "Elvis Chapel of Love" on the seafront, in an area called Cozy Corner. The US Custom cars and the Harleys will form a guard of honour and there will be thousands of people present, Elvis lookalikes and Elvis' backing group, the "Sweet Inspirations". The Emerald Elvis will officiate at the 'Elvis Wedding' that  will be  THE Welsh Wedding of the Century and is open for the media and public. Claire has said she will be dressed in black for the Wedding. After all the razzamatazz of the public 'Elvis Wedding' the couple will retreat to a private reception in the 'Hi-Tide' with about 75 family and friends.

Fans will also be allowed to renew their wedding vows on the day in a true Elvis Style officiated by the Emerald Elvis in the Elvis Chapel of Love. If you want to register write to Peter Phillips wplp@beeb.net 



A future ETA star JELVIS, who won last year's contest for Young Elvis in Porthcawl


Official Shows at The Grand Pavilion:

Friday Night          
30th September
The 'Elvies' Hall of Fame
Saturday Lunchtime October 1st Chat Show, meet & greet with Elvis personalities***
Saturday Night  
October 1st
The 2005 Elvies
Sunday Lunchtime October 2nd   The Kenfig Hill Male Voice Choir perform Elvis songs
Sunday Night
October 2nd  
Kraig Parker, backed by  'Sweet Inspirations' and Kraig's superb RTB Band

Other Festival Highlights :

  • A Tented Festival Village featuring all-day Elvis family entertainment
  • An Elvis Gospel Service at Trinity Church
  • Elvii Rugby XV v Porthcawl RFC
  • The Elvis Cruise  
  • Elvis Weddings and Blessings in the Grand Pavilion that has a wedding license.
  • Elvis Rides at the Funfair
  • King of Karaoke
  • Harley and Classic American Car Parade
  • Elvis Films throughout the Festival
  • Hound Dog competition
  • Elvis "It's A Knockout" Competition
  • Jiving Competitions
  • Meet Sam Thompson, Dick Grob Memphis Mafia, Charles Stone (Elvis Tour Producer), Jerry Presley, The Sweet Inspirations, Sandi Pichon and Patsy Andersen ***

Probably 100 Elvis events in and around Porthcawl !


By telephone : 01656 786996

The 'Porthcawl Elvis Festival 2' is sponsored by the McArthur Glen Shopping Outlet. 

How to get to Porthcawl, the South Wales Riviera  

Visit the website www.elvies.co.uk 

Elvis Art Contest

The local schools in Wales will be organising Elvis art competitions for different age groups. Prizes will be supplied by Elvisly Yours for the winners. In addition the best Elvis artwork will be forever immortalised in a poster published by us and the winner receive 100 copies of the poster. 

Contact: Peter Phillips  wplp@beeb.net 

We are still looking for Elvis look-a-likes who can play rugby and appear for the Elvii Rugby XV v Porthcawl RFC. 
Sunday October 2nd for the "Wooden Spoon" Charity. Applications to Peter Phillips wplp@beeb.net 

See the Emerald Elvis in Ireland

Raised on Elvis! Elvis! Elvis!
UK 2.50, Eu £5.00,Ov £7.50

    Rare Elvis
Fans going to Memphis for Elvis Week will also be able to buy our two books 'Elvis A King Forever' and 'Rare Elvis' from 
Sandi Pichon. 


Sandi Pichon book signings during Elvis Tribute Week

Thursday, August 11th

11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.   Airport Inn 1441 East Brooks Road

:00 to 6:00 p.m.             Marlowe’s Restaurant
4381 Elvis Presley Blvd.
(Alzheimer’s Benefit Dinner)

Friday, August 12th

2:00 to 4:00 p.m.           Airport Inn 1441 East Brooks Road

Saturday, August 13th

9:00 to 11:00 a.m.      Airport Inn 1441 East Brooks Road

Noon to 4:00 p.m.      Pool Party Mike and Cindy's – 1034 Audubon Dr

Sunday, August 14th

9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.     Good Rockin’ TonightMarriot Hotel

Elvisly Yours Restaurants

Serious negotiations have been ongoing in different countries in the world regarding our proposed worldwide chain of "Elvisly Yours Restaurants". The architect in our consortium has had requests from various countries in the Middle East for franchises and is out there now in full discussions with major developers who love the idea of our Elvis Restaurants. They have been studying the business plans and the building costs are about one third there compared to London making it a very attractive business proposition. Also, the Restaurant will be a completely new structure and can be perfected. There is also interest from China in Beijing and Shanghai. 

We have also started negotiations with potential sponsors for major stars to appear at "Elvisly Yours Restaurants" with their fees covered by sponsorship and TV Rights deals around the world. I have always believed that we can attract top stars, especially those that love Elvis, to perform in the intimate atmosphere of the Restaurants with a audience of just 330 people. I know fans are anxious to see the first Restaurant open but very large sums are involved, at least £3 million to build and equip in London, plus VAT, deposits or leases to buy for property. There is a large marketing and PR budget, stock for the gift shop, food and drink, legal costs. It all takes time but fans who subscribe to our Cyber Newsletter will be the first to know when contracts have been signed.

ELVISLY YOURS Competition Winner
 Winner of the Elvisly Yours monthly draw is MARGARET BERRY of TAUNTON, SOMERSET, UK
and she receives a computer mouse mat and bookmark

Although you love Elvis, how good is your knowledge of pop groups?

Although this is an Elvis Newsletter I have to share with you an email I received from Darren Haynes, Brand Marketing Manager of the Official UK Charts Company. Darren had kindly arranged for the presentation of the 1,000th no.1 UK single trophy to me. If you click on the link you will open a series of 270 photos of pop groups and you have to name each one. But to do this you will have to have Microsoft Excel on your computer and unless you have broadband it will take a long time to download the file. If you can open the file it is a lot of fun and I got about 55 names correct in 20 minutes and then started to struggle. I could probably only get about 70…shows you how much I know about music (from the 60s until today). Can you do better without cheating by checking on the Internet?


Rubble Trouble

"Rubble Trouble" was the name given by the London Evening Standard to a problem we had encountered in December 1983 trying to sell items of jewellery licensed by Priscilla Presley after the paper got to hear the story.

Elvis' home at Hillcrest, Beverly Hills had been sold to a business woman who wanted to do renovations. She thought of the bright idea of gold plating the rubble, the bricks, the leaves, the pine cones and turning them into limited edition jewellery. 

Everything came with a certificate of authenticity signed by Priscilla Presley. I was told by the company Priscilla got 20% royalty for all items sold in the range.

I negotiated with the sales manager of the company, bought samples and launched the Beverly Hills range of Elvis Presley jewellery for exclusive sale by Elvisly Yours in Europe. We ran an advertisement on the back page of Elvisly Yours No.10 and looked forward to future business.

There was just one problem. We could not get the stock we ordered as there was a cat fight between the lady owner of the company and the lady Sales Manager. After weeks and weeks of phone calls, letters and a lot of aggravation we had to refund all monies to fans that had ordered this jewellery. 

The jewellery was sold at Graceland when it first opened to the public in 1982 but the company also fell out with Priscilla Presley and we were going to sell the remaining stock. 

Somewhere there are probably still hundreds of boxes of this jewellery. I was never approached again to sell it. Interestingly, there was nothing on the certificate or product stating it was licensed by Elvis Presley Enterprises. 


Screaming Lord Sutch tries to book Elvis

At the height of his fame as a rock star Screaming Lord Sutch went to the first Vegas Concert of Elvis Presley in 1969 at the new Hilton International. The Concert was just for the media, packed out and at that famous Press Conference Lord Sutch caused an uproar. Sutch told me the media were asking banal questions about the toothpaste Elvis used, the colour of girls hair Elvis preferred, so Sutch stood up and offered Elvis $1 million if he would perform a concert at Wembley Stadium.

Elvis was humble and said that Sutch would have to talk to the Colonel. At the time Sutch was representing a consortium of British businessmen and in those days $1 million was unheard of for a concert. There were many discussions with the Colonel but they eventually failed because the Colonel would not allow film rights. The only way for the British promoters to cover the $1 million fee would be to sell film rights and without it the deal couldn't work so Sutch came up with a great idea. Elvis would fly over Wembley Stadium in a helicopter during a rock concert and wave to the crowd for $100,000.00 but that was rejected... the rest is history and Elvis never made it to Britain.

A Secret Visit to London 

Following on from the Sutch's attempt to get Elvis to perform in London there is another story I heard from Jerry Schilling and Joe Esposito. I believe it was 1973 Elvis sent Jerry and Joe on a fact-finding mission to London. Elvis had desperately wanted to perform overseas and particularly in Britain but he needed to know about facilities, venues, transport, sound systems, security and the 1001 one problems that would be faced organising a tour to London and Europe.

They reported back to Elvis and told him that security in London would be a serious problem. It was never explained at the time but by security the most important factor for Elvis was that he be allowed to carry a gun for protection. Elvis always knew he was a prime target celebrity to be assassinated. He always carried a gun in his boot onstage in the 70's and had a FBI badge that allowed him to carry a gun across State lines in America. Of course, Elvis could not carry a gun in Britain and that is one of the main reasons he did not come here, not the hackneyed story about Colonel Parker being an illegal immigrant and not being able to travel overseas.

The Best Caption for our Photo Competition

When we published the Elvisly Yours magazine in the 1980's we had a caption competition in several issues and I remember the best caption I have ever seen for a photo competition.

We had a cute photo of Elvis smacking the bum of one of his leading ladies and asked for a suitable caption of what Elvis was saying at the time. I always remember the wonderful caption and until this day refer to it whenever I show the photo to anyone. The caption was by Maureen Covey and was..."the only hit of mine to reach the bottom"...just wonderful !!! 

Elvis' driveway with the famous gates

Gold plated Florentine mint leaf

Beautiful set of Florentine mint earrings

Sutch and Elvis

Jerry and Joe at Elvis' wedding: from left to right - Richard Davis, Jerry Schilling, George Klein, Joe Esposito, Priscilla, Elvis, Charlie Hodge, Marty Lacker

  Elvis photo from caption contest


includes a thesis by Sid Shaw, DisGraceland and 21 more papers by experts in the Elvis World 
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Baker Street Tube Station ->

The London Bombs

As I complete this Newsletter I have been checking the TV News and just discovered a man was shot dead on an underground train, at point blank range with five bullets by an undercover police officer.  At the time of writing I do not know if there is any connection to the suicide bombers. We are living in very dangerous times. Yesterday through a miracle all four bombs did not explode and only, it seems, detonators exploded giving the police a mass of new forensic evidence that will help catch the bombers.

I would like to thank fans from around the world that emailed asking if my family and I were okay and not injured by the bombs. The Elvisly Yours shop is in Central London near Baker Street Station, whereas our head office is 17 miles from London. We are very near the bomb at Edgware Road and less than a mile from two of the other bombs. Thankfully, no one I know was injured although friends were very close to the explosions and Ann who works in the shop on Thursdays took nearly two hours to get to work (instead of 15 minutes) as she goes past Edgware Road that was cordoned off.

In Britain there is a strong resolve, a stiff upper lip mentality that saw us through World War 2 and the Nazi bomb blitz, through 30 years of IRA bombs and will see us through this sad episode in British history. During the War the underground was a safe haven from the blitz and my family recounted many stories about their daily visits to the bomb shelters on the underground.

Below there is a link to some inspiring writing by one of the survivors of the London bombs (simply click on link). You should read it back to front, i.e. in the order Thursday 7th July until Thursday July 14th. Her diary puts you there from the moment of the blast until her continuing recovery. She was in the first carriage that blew up on the Piccadilly Line, at the opposite end to the bomb so she survived. Probably, because the train was so packed she was shielded by other people who perished: Survivor's diary .

If the leaders of our world used a fraction of the money they spend on weapons instead on PEACE we would live without fear and hatred.

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