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Elvis's jumpsuit on display at the Museum

Mitsukoshi Centre Exhibition leaflet

Vince Everett

I had dealings with the Japanese Elvis Fan Club and a company called Japan Allround Music from the 1980's. I knew there was a big market in Japan so in 1994 I took a trip to Japan to find potential customers and a company that would like to rent an Elvis Museum that had been touring Europe.

Tokyo is beautiful and a fascinating city but very few people speak English so I had to employ a translator for my business meetings. Japan is very expensive but I managed to get increased facilities on my credit card and that paid for the trip plus I sold business samples. In fact many trips have been paid for around the world by taking lots of samples of Elvis memorabilia and selling them in the country.

I negotiated with several companies that specialised in the Entertainment Industry in Japan and found a good partner "Naylor Hara" who agreed to rent and market Vince Everett's collection of Elvis artifacts. In 1995 we took most of the exhibition in our luggage to Japan and just a few items were shipped independently.

The Japanese are such clever designers and the Elvis Exhibition looked wonderful at the Mitsukoshi Department Store, the most prestigious in Japan, if not the world. The leaflet promoting the Museum was the best design I have ever seen for an Elvis leaflet. We had 18,000 visitors to the Museum in six days and it was a huge success. During the Elvis Exhibition I met Japan's Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi (then just a Minister) as he is a huge Elvis fan. BMG Japan even produced an album of his favourite Elvis songs.

Sadly, poor Vince Everett died and God only knows what happened to his collection. However, Vince had the memory of seeing part of his collection displayed magnificently in a prestigious department store and it fulfilled a lifelong dream to show his collection in all its glory and in memory of his greatest love, Elvis Presley.

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