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Julie, Stan and Halloween

How Stan Holcomb became friends with Julie and then became the webmaster for the Julie Parrish website and recounts his one and only crazy meeting with her on Halloween 2000 in New York City.


Stan Holcomb wrote Julie's website. He was a big fan and appreciator of many actresses of the 1960's. He had searched the internet in 1996 for information on many stars and came across  "Elvis' Women" by Greg Altenberger's. Greg put him in touch with Julie who tried to help him track a 1960's actress. In trying to help, Julie instead got into 'hot water' with the actress through a complete misunderstanding and both Stan and Julie felt equally guilty for the problem that ensued. I think we can call it 'prima donnaitis' with regard to the nameless actress.

Some months went by and Stan sent an email to Julie to say 'hello' and heard the sad news that her mother had died. Also, she was looking to have her own website and wanted to secure the domain name julieparrish.com. Julie was not getting a good service from the company, at that time, handling her website. Because Julie had been so kind to Stan, went out on a limb for him and even got into trouble with Ms Prima Donnaitis he offered to write her website and JulieParrish.Com was created in January 2000.

Their friendship developed and in October 2000 Julie was on the road. "She was driving from California, throughout the south west U.S.A., through the south east, and then up north to New England. I think she broke down somewhere in the middle of Arizona and was very brave to be making that trip all by herself. What an adventurer! She was making stops all along the way to visit friends and relatives, appearing at conventions and speaking engagements.

In New England she was visiting Frank and Iris Bessel. Frank is the brother of Ted Bessel who starred in the television series "That Girl" with Marlo Thomas. Julie and Ted were a couple at one time. Julie stayed in contact with the Bessel family after Ted died.

While she was in New England, Julie sent me an e-mail saying that she was going to be in New York City with Frank and Iris for the Halloween Parade and asked if she was going to get to see me while she was in town. She was so much fun to correspond with and talking on the phone that I couldn't miss the opportunity to meet her in person.

I made my way into the city and met Julie, Frank and Iris and Gwen. After meeting them I noticed that everyone was dressed up in their Halloween costumes, except me, that is. Much to my surprise, Julie told me that I needed a costume to march in the parade. I said to Julie I didn't know we were marching in the parade! I thought we were just going to watch it! Immediately, Julie reaches into her travel bag and pulls out this gruesome monster mask for me to wear. Frank and Iris find a black kimono, and voila! instant costume!

We made our way to the parade starting point, and we were off. Gwen who was dressed up as a witch, had her hat knocked off by this giant caterpillar-looking float we were marching next to in the parade. It actually happened twice to poor Gwen. Julie who had a camcorder with her, found an Elvis impersonator to take a photo with. I wonder if he knew who he was actually taking the picture with. The parade was long. Gwen and myself were getting a little tired. Frank, Iris, and especially Julie showed no signs of tiring. It was at this point I noticed that I was having a hard time keeping up with Julie.

We eventually made our way to a Thai restaurant where we felt we could all relax for a while. Well, the Halloween gremlins got poor Gwen again. The waiter spilled a drink on her. Then they brought a mop soaked in bleach concentrate to clean up the mess, and Julie started choking very badly from the fumes. It was a little scary there for a while, but she was okay. I guess we were all thankful the food was good.

We talked for a while, shared stories, told jokes. All in all it was a very good time. Then the time had come to go home. We walked for a few blocks, where I had to get on the
subway. I said good-bye to everyone. We all kissed each other on the cheek. Everyone except me and Frank that is. I just shook his hand. Julie said to me that if I was ever in California, to come visit her. We said we enjoyed each other's company, and thanked each other for a wonderful time. I started down the stairs to the subway, and turned and waved good-bye. That was the last time I ever saw Julie.

I kept in touch with her via e-mail, updating the site as needed, and we talked on the phone every few months. The last time I had spoken to her was September 2003, she sounded fine.

The first week of October I received an e-mail from Greg Altenberger saying some fans had wrote to him stating Julie had died. I immediately called her cell phone. I got her voice mail. I left a message to which there would be no response."

She was one of the nicest people I have ever met. I was lucky to have known her at all.

There is a quote from Star Trek which I feel describes my friend Julie:

"...of my friend I can say this: Of all the souls I have ever known, hers was the most human."

2003 Julie Parrish Website

Thank you, Stan, for sharing this wonderful story about Julie Parrish.

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