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Elvisly Yours Elvis Presley Party
Campaign March 1st 1984 Chesterfield by-Election

Our thanks to William Kilpartick who has conducted
 extensive research on British Parliamentary by-Elections from 1945:


Elvis Presley brought happiness and pleasure to millions of people around the world and the simple aim of the Elvisly Yours Elvis Presley Party is to bring happiness and pleasure to the British Electorate in what otherwise would be dull, stage managed affairs.
If you are one of the disenfranchised 30% who usually don't vote in General Elections, disheartened and disgruntled, fed up with the main traditional Parties and not loony enough to vote Loony we have a simple, revolutionary solution for the British Electorate. ...

Instead of putting a cross against one of the boring candidates in your constituency just write in E L V I S on the top of your ballot paper and with a little bit of good ol' rock'n'roll we'll get the MESS OF BLUES we are in ALL SHOOK UP. Remember the halcyon days when "we never had it so good" it is just no coincidence that Rock'n'Roll and Elvis Presley thrived- simple, basic foot stomping music that produced a zest for life. ..

Compulsory IQ tests for MP's.
MP's to clock in and out of Parliament.
Sleazeometer installed in House of Commons which blasts out "You ain't nothing but a Hound Dog" when MP's register positive.
Abolish Council Tax and replace by a special tax on The Lecture Tours of Margaret Thatcher.
Ban the hunting of animals and replace with hunting of hunters. The hounds can chase the hunters and lick them to death when they catch their prey. Re-nationalisation of all Public Utilities and the railways. These re-nationalised Industries would be bought back at the price they were originally sold.
All traffic cones would be replaced by giant, pink, fluorescent TEDDY BEARS. Free travel on the buses paid for by a 30% increase in the tax on petrol.
Dismantling of Britains stockpile of Atomic weapons with the consequent savings used to finance a massive investment in education and health.

All new MP's to spend one month sleeping rough in their Constituency before taking their Parliamentary seat and thereafter one week each year they are in Office.
Britain to remain in Europe on condition that all Euro MP's wear jumpsuits in the European Parliament.



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