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Elvisly Yours Elvis Presley Party
Campaign March 1st 1984 Chesterfield by-Election

Our thanks to William Kilpartick who has conducted
 extensive research on British Parliamentary by-Elections from 1945:

Britain to enter the single currency on condition that the Queens head is on one side of the coinage and notes and Elvis on the other side unless Charles becomes King and then Elvis appears on both sides of the legal tender (which will then be referred to as love me tender). The euro will be renamed the "ELVIS". 
Massive investment in the Railways and 50% drop in fares paid for by trebling of road tax on juggernauts and a special tax on Cliff Richard records, videos and shows.
A total ban on all handguns and rifles. January 8th and August 16th would become National holidays and the Xmas break reduced to 2 days with tax incentives for companies that remain operational between Xmas and New Years day. 
Votes for 16 year olds so they can vote out of Office those politicians that put them on the dole. Ban on all violence on TV. 
National anthem to be replaced by Elvis' "If I Can Dream". 
Homeless rehoused in all the empty Council property. 
Elvis Presley films once a week on each channel at peak times. 
Radio 4 to be renamed "4 Elvis Radio" and become a 24 hour Elvis Presley Music Station. 
Ban all cigarette and alcohol advertising in all media. Small businesses to receive 100% tax relief on all stock up to a value of 1,000,000.00 at cost. Business rates to be reduced by 50% for small businesses with a turnover of less than 500,000.00. 
Singing of maiden speeches in Parliament to the tune of an Elvis Presley song of their choice. 
Free business rates for businesses that open in shops that have been empty for more than one year. The rates honeymoon to last for a minimum of two years. 
Nationalise Forte Hotels and rename them "Heartbreak Hotels". 
Compulsory attendance at school for parents whose children misbehave. 
Ban on all road building for five years except for urgent maintenance. Late night sittings in Parliament will have a one hour Elvis Karaoke Intermission. 
A ban on all chemical additives and chemical food dyes. 
Car tax to be based on size of engine so that at current rates a Rolls Royce would pay 5,000.00 per year and a Mini 500.00. 
The Prime Minister to attend Official functions in a pink Cadillac. 
Wages of teachers and nurses to be doubled.
 Solicitors earnings to be pegged to that of nurses. 
Free school dinners to be paid for by a wealth tax. Towaway zones on all major roads in all cities during rush hours. 
Nationalise RCA/BMG Record Company. MP's to take no other paid employment or directorships while representing their Constituency and twelve months community service after three or more years in Parliament when they lose or resign their seat. 
British Airways to run daily direct flights from London to Memphis. 
An on the spot fine of 100.00 for illegal parking in handicapped spaces. 
For Prime Ministers Question Time the Opposition leader to wear a 50's gold lame suit. 
The Speaker of the House to always be holding a teddy bear when the House is sitting and when necessary hand the teddy bear to boorish, belligerent MP's.



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