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Elvisly Yours Elvis Presley Party
Campaign March 1st 1984 Chesterfield by-Election

Our thanks to William Kilpartick who has conducted
 extensive research on British Parliamentary by-Elections from 1945:

During Parliamentary debates all MP's to be fitted with a lie-ometer which, each time they lie, will make them curl their lips and wiggle their hips followed by a loud chorus of "Return to Sender". 

A freeze on the expansion of Richard Branson's Virgin Empire before we are renamed the British Virgin Isles. 
The Greater London Council re-instated with overall control of London. A 50% tax on sweets. 

Peanut butter and jam sandwiches to become national dish. Policemen's boots to be replaced by Blue Suede Shoes to make it less painful for strikers and demonstrators. 
Schools to become Community Centres with fully funded Youth Clubs each evening which will offer sports, leisure and occupational training. 

A five year ban on all overseas investment except to the Third World and special investment grants for Home Investment. Retiring MP's banned from writing their memoirs or selling stories to the media for five years after leaving Parliament. 
Compulsory driving tests every three years. All immediate heirs to the throne to be called Elvis. 
Rename Coronation Street. ..Elvis Presley Boulevard, Eastenders ...Memphis Mafia, Brookside ...Tupelo. 
Old people to attend schools to pass on their experience and wisdom to children instead of being neglected and lonely in their frozen homes and free utilities for Old Age Pensioners. 
The Hound Dog will become the new British national dog. Children to be guaranteed a job when they finish their education. Parliament to be renamed GRACELAND and each days sitting to commence with Elvis' theme tune from the opening score of "2001 ". 

Prime Minister to spend one month every year working in a Third World country. Reintroduce Conscription and declare WAR on neglect. Replace the guns with paint brushes, spades, shovels, hoes, brooms. 
Armies of young conscripts will decorate old peoples homes, playgroups, run youth clubs, plant trees on Council Estates, clear rubbish, renovate derelict areas. 
TV News programmes to be introduced by Elvis' "Good Rockin Tonight". 

All radio stations to play one hour of Elvis music every day. History teaching to be revolutionised so that children are taught the horrors of War and not the glory. 
Difficult students to be involved in their local community helping play groups, Old Age Homes, hospitals whereby they will learn to respect themselves by helping others. 
Police to work for one month each year in their local school building relationships with all the students. 

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Sid Shaw Chairman and Leader
 Elvisly Yours Elvis Presley Party, 
233 Baker Street, London NW1
 tel.:  0207-486-2005



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