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Lisa only reaches No.16 
in the Singles Charts

Elvisly Yours tried our best to help encourage Elvis fans to get out there and buy Lisa Marie's first single, "Lights Out" but it was not to be and she only reached no.16 and then no. 34 for the second week. This is very disappointing and I really expected a much better result since we are talking about Elvis' only child and with a good record released. Also, disappointing is the fact that the cancer charity, the "Linda Jackson Macmillan Centre" will only get 100.00 instead of 1,000.00

Perhaps a post mortem after the event will highlight some reasons why the record did not do better. I went into Tesco in Watford and was told that Tesco would not be taking the record. This is a major fault of the EMI sales department. Elvis fans would be the first fans to buy Lisa's record just in love, memory and recognition of Elvis Presley (keep it in the family, so to speak). Most Elvis fans do not go into record stores and instead would buy their record at the Supermarket, WH Smith, Woolworth simply because most record stores rarely play Elvis' music unless they specialise in 'Oldies'. I just wonder how many other stores did not stock the record and if it is not stocked it cannot sell. Hopefully, the album will have much better distribution in the UK.

A lot of the media were upset with the PR department of EMI because they were not allowed to get tickets for the Showcase in London or be able to take photographs of Lisa in a general photo call. There had to be special arrangements to be booked for an interview. There should have been a "stop the traffic" shoot in Piccadilly or other London landmark where the Press could get their ideal shot of Lisa and she would have made the front page of many tabloids. If Lisa would have done a fifteen minute walkabout in London's West End she would have had all the British media following her and I suggested this to EMI but they rejected my suggestion.

I have had a lot of complaints from fans about the swearing on her album and in her interviews. The argument is that although Elvis apparently swore all the time in private he never did in public and was always a gentleman to whom ever he met in public. Parents do not want to expose their children to such language or learn about Lisa's sex life. They consider that private and sacrosanct. Lisa may argue that times have changed and swearing is more acceptable now but if she wants to capture the Elvis market then she should take heed to their complaints.

There was much too little airplay on Radio and TV. It was Radio 2 single of the week but records need constant playing on the BBC stations and commercial radio stations. Each day I would flick through the Music Channels on Sky and not once did I see the single played except when as part of a documentary as on VH1. I think the general PR was weighted too much towards the quality press instead of the tabloid newspapers. Lisa was on Jonathon Ross Show but the interview was hardly earth-shattering, with, it seems, Jonathon in awe of her in deference to Elvis Presley.

We will still be rooting for Lisa and hope her album, 'To Whom It May Concern' fares a lot better. I have been informed by her record company that the programme for distribution includes all major outlets and we will see this week whether the album is in all major outlets. If you go to a record store and cannot see her album please let me know, providing full details and I will contact EMI.

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