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Uri Geller Fights for Justice in America
  Uri sues Hazen and Feeeman who cheated him
out of Elvis' Audubon House. Read the lawsuit !
Uri Geller is a huge Elvis fan and he has been, what we call in Britain, gazzumped! He legally had the highest bid for Elvis' house on Audubon $905,100.00 only to see it stolen from him by the sellers who sold to a Mike Curb, a famous American songwriter and publisher. The sellers were Mike Freeman and Cindy Hazen and their greed will cost them dearly. Uri complained to the Bankruptcy Court about their actions and on August 17th 2006 they face a Hearing that can determine whether they acted illegally when they filed for bankruptcy knowing they were going to make a large profit from the sale later of the Audubon house. If found guilty of fraud they can be heavily fined or it has been suggested even imprisoned. This trial is important because it will determine whether auctions are legally binding and eBay are also 'indirectly' on Trial because their auctions are meaningless as indeed all auctions if a seller can just sell privately to a higher bidder after an auction.
Freeman and Hazen now face a huge Trial in Memphis in US Federal Court. Elvisly Yours has managed to obtain Court records with the help of an Elvis friend in America. You can now read the lawsuit filed against Freeman and Hazen. It is fascinating reading. There are causes of action for other parties named in the lawsuit but this is the initial case against the sellers of the now, world famous house that Elvis bought for himself and his parents when he first became famous.
Uri, with his partners, wanted to use the Audubon house to invite children from around the world to give them free vacations in Memphis and hopefully to eventually open a Museum to make the world more spiritually enlightened to help bring peace through the love and spirit of Elvis Presley.

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