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Elvis and Beatles Stores

Westminster 'Blue Meanies' Council

On August 20th 2001 the Westminster City Council (hereafter named the 'Blue Meanies) prosecuted the Elvis and Beatles Shops for leaving an advertising sign unattended outside Madam Tussauds in London's West End. This is a complete waste of British tax payers money and we decided to fight this ridiculous prosecution. We were represented at Court by Harbottle and Lewis and the barrister Adrian Chaplin. To support us outside the Horseferry Road Magistrates Court we had the assistance of Diana Ross, Elvis and Sherlock Holmes. In fact, Holmes was called as a witness and gave evidence on our behalf. Because the trial was in the afternoon and the Judgement did not come down until 5.45pm it was too late to make the national newspapers and our little bit of history was not widely reported in Britain.

In this landmark Judgement we beat the "Blue Meanies" and this was the first time in history that Sherlock Holmes gave evidence in a trial. The Magistrates found it elementary and said "Return to Sender" and that they were acting like "Hound Dog of the Baskervilles".

Howard Cohen (
London Beatles Store), Elvis, Diana Ross and Sherlock Holmes holding the signs outside Horseferry Road Magistrates Court, August 20th 2001

The "Signs of Four" outside the Court

Elvisly Yours and the London Beatles Store share premises at Baker Street and share the costs of advertising. You can see the sign held outside Madam Tussaud.

Not only is Sherlock Holmes a brilliant detective but also a keen amateur photographer and he took this photo to allow Sid Shaw to get in the picture.

We would like to thank Gary (Elvis), Deanne( Diana) and Charles (Sherlock) for all their help and support in beating the 'Blue Meanies' of Westminster.

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