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Margo Blu

O Infinite Wisdom
Recharge Me with thy
Spiritual wisdom



“Do you know that you can converse with Elvis Presley?”
We had hardly met when the psychic saw him.
“Yes, I know,“ I replied smiling, my mind flashing back, two years ago. 1979 during a telephone call to one of Elvis buddy’s in Memphis, Tennessee, at Elvis request that rudely denied I should dare suggest Elvis was with me in spirit. 
“Why You Lady!” He demanded.
“Why would Elvis come to you!”?
“Vernon is Elvis Dad!” (Prior to Vernon’s death)
“Priscilla Was Elvis wife!”
“I Was Elvis best friend!” 
“I get down on my knees every night and pray to Elvis.
Why doesn’t he come to me?”
“I Don’t Believe You Lady!”
In tears I answered,
“Because you do not believe.” 

I suspected a tone of regret as he replied, 
“Well, honey. I have to get to the radio station.”
It would be twenty-six years before people began to believe in Spirit communication, 
1 Psychic books by John Edwards, and James Von Brohn opened doors for other gifted mediums to walk through. Through the years that I was subjected to many negative and often cold, and heartless remarks from those few who felt it their duty to remind me Elvis Presley was the greatest entertainer of all time, and that I was no Priscilla Presley, I began to receive heartfelt, positive reactions from the public, as a whole. 


Over the years my hopes rose and spiraled downward time after time in my quest to be heard on Elvis behalf. Many times, to help lift my spirits Elvis reminded me to think back to 1981 when an enlighten young reporter turned toward me as he was leaving my home after our interview, and remarked, “You did not choose Elvis. Elvis choose you.”

I purposefully did not read any of the magazine articles that were lining magazine racks until after I had channeled several short books authored by Elvis Presley through my sensitive writing. I did not want to color anything that Elvis told me with my own thoughts. 
When I did begin to bury my self in the market filled stories about my new spirit guide I was amazed to discover how many similarities there are between Elvis and myself.
I was totally ignorant in the knowledge Elvis had worldwide fan clubs and thousands of fans because I was not an Elvis fan, and I knew nothing about fan clubs. 
I never met any have Elvis family or friends, and I did not know Elvis Presley.
Yet, my namesake daughter, Margaret reminded me that I had always worshiped Elvis. We don’t always know things about ourselves that others can see.
I was lucky because I saw all of Elvis early television introductions and I admit I was armored of him, by his performances on the Tommy Dorsey shows and especially when he appeared on my favorite weekly Milton Beryl show April 3rd. 1956 on the deck of the Navy carrier, U S S Hancock, I telephoned all of my friends to tell them to turn on the Texaco Hour program because that kid with the rubber legs and adorable smile that I told them about was on 
Elvis was twenty-one years old, and already a heartthrob with women young and old. He stood holding on to that microphone, his legs parted with a guitar slung across his shoulder, holding a smirk on his face and he sang what would be my favorite fifties rock and roll song. “Heartbreak Hotel.”
Back then the news media had a field day condemning the new music craze, that they did not understand, called Rock and Roll, but spelled, E.L.V.I.S. P.R.E.S.L.E.Y.


Here are similarities of interest between Elvis life and my life. 

January 8th. Was Elvis birthday?
January 8th. Was also my papa’s birthday?

My papa died August 18, 1955. 

Because of Elvis and my Scottish background and my father’s life as a show business agent I cannot help but to think in the world beyond papa had a part in the rise of Elvis stardom.

August 18th. Was the date Elvis was buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in Memphis, TN> before they moved his grave with his mother’s to Graceland. 
January 8th was Elvis birthday.
January 8. Was my papa’s birthday?

February 1st. Elvis daughter, Lisa Marie was born.
February 1st. My mother, Evangeline was born.

Elvis daughter, Lisa Marie and my granddaughter, Lisa Marie are both professional singers.

April 25th. Was Elvis mother’s birthday?
April 25th. Is my daughter Jean’s birthday?

Elvis mother Gladys first name was LOVE
When Jean was a baby, 1961 through 1965 I sewed “LOVE” patches on her jumpsuits that were hand made by her grand mother. 

Gladys birthday was April 25th.
Jean‘s birthday was April 25th. 

January 26th. 1981 I remarried my second husband


Later on I read January 26 was special to Elvis and if he had decided to marry his girl friend Ginger, (at the time of his death) he had chosen 
January 26 Th. 

Elvis received his final divorce from Priscilla in the month of October.
I also received my final divorce from my husband October 1977.

Priscilla’ nicknamed herself “Beau” because Elvis related deeply to that color. (From her stepfather’s name, Beaulieu.)

Up until Elvis came into my life from the spirit world I went by my middle name, Margaret. Elvis nicknamed me “Blu“ 
Short for my sure name, Bluma.
Elvis wanted me to use my first name. He said to me,
“Honey, you use your name. It is a beautiful name.” 
I said,
“But Elvis they called me, Bluma, Bloomers. “
“So what baby. They called me Elvis Pelvis
“It’s the same part of the anatomy honey.
Just male and female, that’s all.”

Even though blue was also my favorite color it had never dawned on me I had a strong connection with blue.
Elvis recorded no less than ten songs that had “blue” in the words. He took this as something special to his life.

Elvis continuously had me checking the dictionary for meanings to names.

“El“ (I discovered) means elevated, and Vis, means power.
Ma …means mother, and it is a conductive of electricity. It also means “master’ and most everyone knows blue is spiritual.
With Elvis power and my conductive to electricity we do just fine communicating from our two worlds. 

Scramble the name Elvis and you get “LIVES”
Scramble the name Bluma and you get, “ALBUMS”


Elvis lives through his albums.
It’s music any way you look at it.

Elvis choose twelve men he named, The Memphis Mafia.
God choose my five daughters, and six grand daughters, I call, The Female Mafia.

Elvis agent, Colonel Tom Parker and my papa were similar because both Colonel and Wm. Morrison (my papa) migrated to America from abroad.
My father, like the Col. was a theatrical agent, and their mentor was the famous P.T. Barnum, Papa traveled with Barnum and Bailey promoting the Circus under the tent.
I was born with music in my soul and dancing feet I inherited from my father. At age nine through fourteen papas booked me as solo tap dancer on Stages throughout San Diego

One day when Elvis was in Burbank practicing his 1968 Christmas television special Elvis nearly rocked me off of my feet. We collided when Elvis was swiftly walking up behind me in the hallway in his hurry to rehearsal in NBC Studio, and in passing he shoved his left shoulder forcefully against my right shoulder, nearly toppling me. 
He took a step toward me with what appeared to be apologies. But, our eye-to-eye contact was broken when the NBC Tour Guide shouted, “There is Elvis!” and Elvis rushed behind closed doors.

It was only after Elvis passed to the other side that I found out about all of the many Elvis fans and fan clubs. Everyone was aware of the women gathered at Elvis house, but I may be the only woman who had no idea they were parts of Elvis fan clubs. I had never known anyone who belonged to a fan club. 
I loved Elvis and his music, but never with a personal touch, even though I bought every forty-five record Elvis recorded. 
I did identify with Elvis headlines throughout the years, and I remember my feelings when I read them. 

I remember August 18, 1958 when I heard news Gladys Presley, Elvis mother had died.
I knew the heart ache of loosing a best friend parent when my papa died August 18,1956.


When Elvis was drafted I thought it was unfair. 
When he was sent to Germany I was angry. My husband was captured in Germany during world war two, and he was taken war prisoner.

March 3rd. 1960. 
Elvis returned to Graceland. I was happy and sad, because Gladys was not home to greet him.

Two years later I heard Elvis had brought his girl friend he met in Germany to Graceland, and I wondered. “Why her?”

I also wondered who all those guys were followed Elvis everywhere, And why.

May 1st News around the world said that Elvis was married. 
My psychic missed that one. 

Nine months later a baby girl was born. I looked in baby departments wanting to buy Elvis little girl a gift and then decided she would never get it. I read later all outside gifts were sent to charities.

August 18th. A memorable date, Elvis and Priscilla were divorced after only three years and seven months of marriage.
I understood. I did not understand when she took Elvis back to court for more money claiming extrinsic fraud and she was awarded twice the amount with a lump sum of two million and a half of their Las Angeles home with another five percent of Elvis publishing business. 

Nineteen sixty-eight through nineteen seventy-seven there seemed to be an endless amount of news reports telling us that Elvis was ill.
Elvis was in the hospital.
I remember watching Elvis giving an interview over television with my family not long before he passed away. 
“He doesn’t have long to live.” I said and quickly covered my mouth with the palm of my hand wishing with all my heart I had not made that statement, as if not knowing would have given Elvis more time.


August, sixteen nineteen seventy-seven the world wept for their king of rock and roll.
Headlines shouted in huge lettering, “ELVIS PRESLEY IS DEAD”

Twenty-three years of Loving You was laid to rest, leaving a world of fans in morning.
He will always live in our hearts and our souls. Because…. He was Elvis. It is that simple.

Three years into my daily channeling Elvis in spirit he gave me a song. I titled it appropriately, Memphis, U. S. E. because Memphis will always be recognized as Elvis home in the United States.
Two years later, July 15, 1983 I paid Nashco Records in Nashville, Tennessee to set “my words” to music. They promised to promote my song for me.
Nancy, the (then) general manager told me that Elvis drummer, D .J. Fontana plays drums on my demo.

After I had played “Memphis, USE” a few times I realized it was set to the music of Elvis recording, “Steam Roller Blues.”
I made several telephone calls to Mr. Gentry concerning the promotion of my song. With words, “I’m going to Memphis, Memphis, Memphis, Memphis, Tennessee. 
I’m taking my baby to Graceland, U.S. E“
I knew I had hit song. I told this to my favorite San Diego disk jockey who waited for it to become a hit. Four years later Paul Simon recorded his rendition of “Graceland.”

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