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BMG and Gareth Gates 
insult the memory of Elvis

stop press...stop press...stop press...stop press...

Gareth Gates dropped by Pepsi

The new animated Disney film "Lilo and Stitch" about an alien who becomes an Elvis fan and impersonator is being promoted by a video of Gareth Gates singing Elvis’ classic "Suspicious Minds". Not only is this a very poor imitation of Elvis by that wimp Gates whose performance would not even have made 12th place in a talent contest at Butlins Holiday Camp, Bogner but it ends with the insult to Elvis Presley....

"Gareth has left the building".

Apparently, some joker at BMG has called Gareth "what a wimp" Gates the new Elvis. When will they ever learn at BMG ? For 25 years they do little or nothing to promote Elvis Presley. Then, because their copyright on Elvis’ music starts to end in 2004 they make an effort to market Elvis with the 50’s greatest hits album. They do an awful marketing job with Elvis’ "Suspicious Minds" by failing to get sufficient product into the stores. Then, they delete Elvis’ no.1 single "A Little Less Conversation" to make way for Gates and now the immortal phrase that ended Elvis Concerts in the 1970’s ..."Elvis has left the building" has been usurped by BMG for their latest pop prat, Gareth Gates.

They should have used some marketing initiative and given the public the choice of video of Elvis singing "Suspicious Minds" or Gates to promote "Lilo and Stitch".... Gareth has left the building ? ...Gareth can bugger off !

Elvisly Yours,

Sid Shaw

Footnote : their insult has got a just reward because Pepsi have now dropped Gates from their promotional campaigns just a few months after signing him up. Perhaps with his awful version of Suspicious Minds announcing "Gareth has left the Building" it should have been "Gareth has left the 'Pepsi' building" and how long before BMG dump him ?

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