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5th Anniversary of the death of 
Screaming Lord Sutch

Sid, David, Cynthia Payne at Stringfellows

He was simply known to me and Maureen as David and a dear friend since 1984, although Maureen actually went to school with him or rather, the sister school of Kilburn Grammar. June 16th sees the 5th Anniversary of his tragic death. All his friends said "if only" because it seems no one really knew the extreme depression he was facing. If only I had would have phoned him back after he had called shortly after my sister died in late 1998.

 It was a little unusual for him to call me at home, but I was out. Maureen had spoken to him and he talked about losing his mother and his dog but it was a difficult time for me and somehow the days went by and I did not return his call, much to my regret. We had gone to his mother's funeral, a real Monster Raving Loony send-off and I will always cherish the badges he gave out on the day, "Emily Sutch Lives".

I felt truly honoured to have shared just a tiny part of David's life. He was the sharpest and funniest person I have ever known. He was brilliant at one-liners. One could write a book about his comments and life. In fact, there is a thoroughly researched biography coming out next month by Graham Sharp of William Hill fame, another dear friend of Sutch. Maureen has contributed to the book with a brief profile about his pyschological traits.

Why a feature on Screaming Lord Sutch in an Elvis Newsletter ? It is because David Sutch went to Elvis' first Show in Vegas in 1969 and in an audience of 2000 journalists stood up offering Elvis $1 million to come to Britain to perform at Wembley Stadium. The deal fell through because Colonel Parker refused film rights. Instead Sutch suggested Elvis fly over Wembley Stadium and wave to the crowds for $100,000.00. David was never stuck for an answer to anything, except his own problems. 




Rock legend Screaming Lord Sutch (centre) meets Elvis

Sadly, after he died we saw the suicide notes he had left around his house and the intricate plans for his suicide. Britain lost a great talent and a rare person that brought a smile to everyone he met. He made our lives that much richer and is sadly missed. Sreaming Lord Sutch was a great rock 'n' roller and huge Elvis fan. Apparently, David got Elvis to sign his personal copies of Elvis' Sun Records when he met him in Vegas, but these have disappeared since David died.

One story I always remember fondly was when David recounted being interviewed in front of a TV studio audience in the North-East and when asked what he believed the local people thought of Mrs Thatcher, without thinking Sutch shouted out, "Maggie! Maggie! Maggie!" and the audience instantly responded in ONE voice, "Out! Out! Out!". But, my greatest memory of David was with him at the "Aquarius" in Chesterfield, February 1984 when we held the World's First Party Political Press Conference in a 'Fish and Chips Shop'. Although David was the longest serving leader of a political party in the UK, namely the "Official Monster Raving Loony Party" and was regarded as a true loony I, as a political associate during the 1984 Chesterfield by-Election, was referred to as being "gap-toothed but sharp-brained, quite the opposite of most politicians".

You will find the book by Graham Sharp a fascinating insight into one of Britain's greatest eccentrics, funniest men, much loved, but misunderstood characters to grace British Politics.

To read all the wonderful tributes to the best Prime Minister we never had click on :
Your tributes to Lord Sutch, from the BBC website

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