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  The amazing story of Dani and Juliette's entry for the 'Elvis Wedding of the Century' Competition

Dani and Juliette have been together for ten years and have a lovely daughter Holly-Mai who is five years old. Dani entered our Elvis Wedding Competition without telling Juliette and had not proposed. He was so certain that they would not win that they went away to Europe when we were due to announce the winners at the end of July. We could not contact them to tell them of their success and he still hadn't proposed when he found they had won. 

We arranged for Dani to propose LIVE to Juliette on Century 105.4 FM Radio in Manchester at 3.30pm on  August 7th 2002 . Photos were taken by Cavendish Press and Century and will be available soon on our website. Meanwhile, we have their photo entry below. Juliette works for Avalon Solicitors in Lloyd Street, Manchester and Dani has a unique hairdressing business. He sings Elvis songs to his celebrity clients while doing their hair. Apparently, he has a great 'Elvis' voice and performs in night clubs, while hairdressing.

When he proposed she was lost for words but she did manage to say that important three letter word  "YES". She was taking a late lunch and was very confused being asked to do an interview on the radio and what would the boss say, Andrew Nulty. Century phoned Avalon and explained why Juliette would be late back to work and Andrew was delighted for them and have, of course, given her time of for the wedding and honeymoon in Vegas.

We had the world's Media at the Wedding, even Russian State Television was  there and they became instant celebrities and I am sure that from a "Blue Suede Heaven" Elvis Presley is smiling down and blessing them.

...When Dani proposed Juliette was lost for words but she did manage to say that important three letter word  "YES". Photos © Cavendish press


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