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Elvis Presley performed over 1,000 concerts before an estimated audience of 20 million fans - but he never realised his ambition to appear in the United Kingdom.

However today's technology, utilising unique full-colour archive film footage from landmark concerts in 1970, 1972 and 1973, can bring Elvis back to the concert stage, entertaining audiences just as he did over 30 years ago. The Concert features 32 of Elvis' finest filmed performances on a giant video screen, with Elvis himself singing lead vocals, taking the audience back to when he was KING. This is a live concert in every sense. Elvis' 'alive' on-stage multi-screen image is supported live by the same musicians and singers who supported him throughout his '70's concert career ; the legendary TCB BAND - James Burton (lead guitar), Glen Hardin (keyboard), Jerry Scheff (bass guitar) and Ronnie Tutt (drums) ; vocalists the SWEET INSPIRATIONS and the IMPERIAL QUARTET ; and a016-`iece orchestra - all under the guiding hand of ''Las Vegas' finest'', JOE GUERCIO - Elvis' original musical director. 

There are NO IMPERSONATORS ! Elvis not only sings lead, he also interacts with the audience, and he even introduces his musicians. Audience reaction has to be seen to be believed - within minutes of the show commencing, everyone can be forgiven for thinking that Elvis is there. The illusion is amazing, his vocal strengths pass the test of time and his music lives on. In every sense it is as if...

                           ELVIS ..NEVER LEFT THE BUILDING !!!

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