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Cyberclub Newsletter
www.elvisly-yours.com                                                                                                No.1     October 25, 2002

Apologies for the delay launching our first  Cyberclub Elvis Presley Newsletter

Our apologies for being so late in getting the Elvis Cyberclub first newsletter out to our members. We had hoped for but never expected the massive publicity that was generated for Elvis Presley in the world's media surrounding the 25th Anniversary. 

Believe it or not, but Elvisly Yours is run by just two people in the head office and two part time staff in the shop. Sid Shaw and Sasha Abramovich handle all administration, the website, all worldwide retail and wholesale business, all mail and email correspondence from around the world, all buying, all packing, all promotions... in fact everything. You can imagine the demands we received from the media and fans before, during and after the 25th Anniversary. It started two months prior to the release of "A Little Less Conversation" in Britain. Elvisly Yours started its own campaign hyping the record all over the world and the publicity still hasn't stopped now that Elvis has reached no.1 in about 30 countries.

We offered our complete help for FREE to BMG but were told by them they could not be seen to be involved with us because this would upset Elvis Presley Enterprises...what bullshit !!  We put on the biggest Elvis event in Britain for the Anniversary, called the "Elvis Experience" This attracted an audience of 500 million people worldwide who witnessed the start of the Event with the "Elvis Wedding of the Century" when Juliette Massey married Dani Leighton. You would have thought BMG could have given a small gift to the happy couple and got good publicity but no they did not give one CD to them or provide prizes for any competition even though we had 4,000 fans attend our Event. Instead, their PR company went behind our back and booked the Emerald Elvis for their own "Elvis #1" promotion. Mark Leen (the Emerald Elvis) had brilliantly officiated at our Elvis Wedding and also performed at the Elvis Experience. Yet, Warner Brothers gave us 140 FREE videos with no demands, just in good faith and in return we have constantly plugged Warners on our website for free.

So with constant calls and emails from the media and fans around the world something had to give and we have been late launching the 'Elvisly Yours Cyber Club'. We like to think all our efforts over the years and most recently helping TV, Radio and Press with their documentaries and stories has finally given Elvis the respect he deserves today, tomorrow and forever. It has taken 25 years but at last the drugs and hamburger anecdotes have given way to serious discussion and
interest in Elvis, the 20th Century's no.1 icon and entertainer.

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You can now apply online for the Elvisly Yours Mastercard...but ONLY if you live in the UK and not any other country(so please do not apply if you are American, German etc). 

Simply complete the application form by clicking onto the credit card image.


If you would like to have your say regarding Elvis matters please feel free to send an email to sid@elvisly-yours.com and the best emails we can publish in future editions of our Elvis Cyberclub newsletter. You are always very welcome to add your comments on our Elvis website Guestbook. If you are looking for penpals we have an extensive list on the Elvisly Yours website.

Elvis No.1 in 30 Countries

It has taken 25 years to get Elvis back to no.1 in the album charts so Elvis fans out there can tell all those non-believers that Elvis is the best and now you can prove it. Why has it taken so long ? Perhaps you should ask Jack Soden and his cronies. When Elvis died royalties for Elvis records were going to RCA. For years RCA tried to do a deal with EPE but they are so greedy and such ridiculous control freaks that RCA were continually threatened by EPE so they could not seriously promote Elvis.

In the mid 1980's EPE even sued RCA about some obscure claim. EPE control certain rights to certain songs and rights to film footage of Elvis singing.  When "Suspicious Minds" was released BMG could finally use a clip from the new version of "That's The Way It Is" with permission from Warner's who controlled video rights. Elvis could be shown singing one of his classic songs on TV.

Although Elvis did not reach no.1 through poor marketing by BMG ( most UK stores did not bother to carry sufficient or any stock) at least the record retailers could see that Elvis was saleable to the mass audience and not just the hardcore fans. 

The 25th Anniversary was going to be big and partly through luck NIKE chose an rare Elvis song as backing for their World Cup TV commercial. Then Disney wanted Elvis for "Lilo and Stitch" and the pressure from two major corporations finally was a catalyst for Jack Soden to get of his 'ass' and try to work with people instead of using law suits, antagonism and threats. Finally, a deal was struck between BMG and EPE over rights and you can be sure EPE are earning a small fortune but it has been TWENTY FIVE YEARS LATE. If they were intelligent businessmen, with foresight, running EPE they would have realised 25 years ago that properly promoting Elvis' music would encourage more and more Elvis business. So we have had to contend with all the silly stories about the hamburgers, drugs and Elvis being alive because of gross stupidity of EPE who would rather sue people in the Elvis World than work with them so everyone can gain, especially them. EPE have destroyed hundreds of Elvis projects which could have made them huge profits. They are the perfect example of the famous expression "all power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. As a result of NIKE using a remixed version of 
"A Little Less Conversation" this inspired record dealers around the world to stock up on the single which was a great hype for the 25th Anniversary and there was a media frenzy with all kinds of documentaries on Elvis, whole days being devoted to Elvis and a new breed of Elvis fan was created. Alas, in Britain, Elvis fans have been insulted by a new wimp singer called Gareth Gates badly singing "Suspicious Minds" which ends with the insult "Gareth has left the building". Also, "Lilo and Stitch" ends not with Elvis' classic "Suspicious Minds" but Gareth Gates... urggghhhh !!


Warner Home Video Special Competition for all 14 Elvis titles

First Prize set 14 Warner's Elvis videos:
David Green, Morley.

Runners Up prizes 1 Elvis Warner video each:

Mrs Sharon Maure, Orpington; Mrs Lynn Schwenter, Muttenz, Switzerland; Miss Pam Howarth, Leigh; Miss Tina Wareham, Gillingham; Mrs Jacqueline Ulmo, Sao Paulo, Brazil; Miss Surjiit Kaur, Nottin-gham; Mrs Lena Gostling, King's Lynn; Mister Moose,    New York City, USA; Carolyn Tucker, Dayton, Ohio, USA; John Gow, Falkirk; Andrew Hindley, Manchester; Mrs Lynda Keyte, Portsmouth; Miss Gabrielle Keszei, Bedfont; Serafino Graziosi, Montreal, Canada (winners from UK, except where stated)


August:            Michael Born  Epfendorf Germany   prize    "Elvis in Canada"  
Kevin Taylor   Leigh                                   Elvisly Yours t-shirt  
Glenda Ivey   
Jacksonville, Fl., USA                "Elvis in Canada" 


New Elvis coasters 
(set of 6)

Elvisly Yours tries to add new products to our existing range as and when we can. Alas, we cannot ship Elvis memorabilia to our USA members but some American fans have developed penpals or have friends in the UK or the FREE world (i.e.outside USA) and their friends have bought from us. One new item we can ship to the USA is the beautiful "Tupelo Shack" which is handmade and hand-painted, just £32.95 plus post and packing. To calculate UK prices into US dollars it is approxiamately $1.50 = £1.00 and also a similar rate for the Euro. We can ship to the USA all our books and magazines, sunglasses and now the "Tupelo Shack"...order TODAY! The only way we can maintain the high standards of our website, mail order and information services is if Elvis fans buy regularly from Elvisly Yours. Thankyou.

Elvisly Yours 2003 calendar

New book:
Prayers of Elvis

Early Elvis:
Tupelo Years

New computer mousemat 
(with noteholder)

Elvis Tupelo shack







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