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Cyber club   



November 2003



Elvisly Yours is proud to announce the Musical, "Jailhouse Rock" will launch in England in Plymouth on February 20th 2004.

 Plymouth Theatre Royal


for just a two week engagement  

Friday 20th February - Saturday 6th March 2004
Mon-Sat Eves 7.30pm Thurs & Sat Mats at 2.30pm

 General Booking Opens 26th November 2003 - Tickets :  01752 267222 www.theatreroyal.com    

  Manchester NEXT at the Palace Theatre 
2nd or 3rd week March 2004 for two weeks  
Tickets :  0870 - 4013000

 then “Jailhouse Rock” will be Rockin’

London venue to be announced shortly. Check our website regularly for updates on Manchester and London.

"Jailhouse Rock, the Musical" is from the creators of 'Buddy', that pulsating, wonderful show that thrilled audiences for 14 years in Britain. Now a unique international team of producers, choreographers, designers, song-writers, lighting and stage experts have been gathered to mastermind this wonderful, new musical production that will chronicle the very early days of rock ‘n’ roll in the 1950’s symbolised in the meteoric rise of Elvis Presley. This new Musical explores the many musical, social, historical and religious influences that were the catalyst for the new Musical Explosion that became known as Rock’n’Roll and was epitomised by Elvis Presley.

Since the limited tour with just weeks of performances in Plymouth and Manchester will sell out many times over we recommend that you start phoning the theatres now making enquiries about reserving your tickets.

BUY A SIGNED PHOTO OF JULIE PARRISH and help raise money for the Lynda Jackson MacMillan Centre

When Julie died, on October 1st and had been so kind to me by sending FORTY signed photographs in gratitude for a brief period of time I helped her, I wanted to honour her memory. I had already given ten of her photos to the Elvis Express Club to raise money for the Chestnut Tree House children's hospice and others were given as prizes in a special competition or on display at the Elvisly Yours Shop. Except for a few, including one made personal to me, the remainder will be auctioned through our Elvisly Yours Cyber Club and web site. There are no more signed photographs of Julie Parrish. Just a few she signed to fans she met in Memphis or friends and some sold through her website or at a limited number of Elvis Conventions. She did not even realise until quite recently that Elvis fans would want her signed photos.

We are asking generous fans to bid at least £50.00 (about $80.00) per signed photograph and all proceeds will go to the Lynda Jackson MacMillan Centre. It is a unique charity that supports cancer victims and their families by offering advice and counselling to all those in need and they have helped tens of thousands of people over the years. Julie had ovarian cancer twice and I am sure would be honoured to think her signed photographs and memory are helping others who have had to battle cancer. Perhaps you want something special as a Christmas gift for a family member or friend, we can even frame the photo for a small additional cost of £5.00. We would like to aim for a target of £1,000.00 for the charity so Julie's family may be sent a special certificate from the Lynda Jackson MacMillan Centre. Each purchaser will receive a letter of thanks and receipt from the charity. There are seven photos with Elvis from the film in which she co-starred, "Paradise Hawaiian Style" and the rest are from StarTrek, model photos of Julie, Beverly Hills 90210 and other famous TV shows. Remember not only will the photos be an investment but you will be helping a cancer charity. We do hope that Elvis fans are generous and we are giving you the first option to bid for the photographs and if any remain they will be auctioned on eBay. 



The memorial service for Julie Parrish was held on Saturday, October 25 2003 at the Christian
Institute, 1308 2nd Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401 and just a short distance from Julie's home. We are grateful to Larry Geller and his wife Carol for the following details about a very moving and heart-warming tribute to Julie at the Memorial Service. The Church was adorned with personal photos throughout Julie's life and artifacts from her home and personal belongings including her favourite t-shirt, black, with a sparkly E-L-V-I-S, our book "Elvis A King Forever" and original lobby cards from "Paradise Hawaiian Style" helping to create an Elvis ambiance and as Julie had often said "thank you God for letting me be one of the people who got to kiss Elvis.".

The Memorial Service was beautiful. It started with Elvis' song, "Amazing Grace" , lasted 2.5 hours and about 150 people were there including Hollywood friends, members of Elvis fan clubs, people Julie had simply 'touched' and her family. Some of her Hollywood friends that spoke were director Corey Allen (from "Rebel Without a Cause), comedian Ronnie Schell and actress Barbara Luna. Anne Helm of 'Follow that Dream' was there, Sandy Martindale (who dated Elvis in the 60's before she married Wink Martindale), Ed Bonja (official Elvis photographer) and other actors and actresses. Mostly it was her very special friends who spoke so lovingly of Julie. She was blessed with several close friends who were more like 'sisters' to her and she to them. They told funny, warm stories of her, going back many decades, bringing both laughter and tears.

A few of her family members spoke and her long-time boyfriend of some years ago, Joel Wachbrit. The woman minister, who was part of the special group of 'sisters' spoke lovingly about Julie and also sang. Much of the talk was of Julie's giving heart and her efforts on behalf of the battered women's shelter to which she devoted so much time and energy. Julie was genuinely one of the people who make the world a better place.

Larry was full of praise for Joan and Paul Gansky who helped to organise the Memorial Service and made sure that Elvis mementoes were prominently included in the display.

A final comment is a quotation from Larry, "Sid, I've known Julie for many years, ever since "Paradise, Hawaiian Style" and we had become great friends. She was very close to my family, and living in the area, we spoke on the phone and always stayed in touch with each other. Although I knew she had battled cancer twice, I was unprepared for the suddenness of her passing. I keep seeing her beautiful, sweet face, and I find it so hard to believe she's gone."

After the service Joan and Paul Gansky told us that there was a reception at the Beverly Hills home of one of Julie's close friends and about 50 people attended. The congregation held hands in a circle in the garden, had two minutes of silence for personal prayer, then released a beautiful white balloon!!...It danced happily back and forth in the sky, swirling around...heading right to the Pacific Ocean that Julie loved so much and then hopefully onwards and upwards to heaven. Then everyone socialized and people became friends through knowing Julie and recounting their many stories. Everyone promised to keep in touch and honour Julie that way. What a gift Julie left and some wonderful, new friendships. 

Since the Memorial Service we have heard from the webmaster for Julie's website at : www.julieparrish.com . His name is Stan Holcomb and he knew Julie for six years and has kindly provided a nice anecdote about how he became involved with Julie's website and the only meeting he had with her in New York in 2000. To read this cute story click on  "Julie, Stan and Halloween".

A nice tribute to Julie can be found on the "Elvis' Women" website as well as a mass of information on the women in Elvis' movies. It was Julie Parrish that inspired Greg Altenberger to make this very professional website and Julie helped Greg track down many more actresses who were co-stars in Elvis' movies. In tribute to Julie, Greg says, "her outlook on life always inspired me, she was very serious about not being very serious. She was a very funny and a very classy lady!" 

Another website to check out is a loving, intimate and irreverent site created by Dana Burgy-Gautschi and simply entitled "Aunt Julie". Dana is the daughter of an old friend of Julie's, Jaine Wilhite. Jaine shared an apartment with Julie when she was a model and just starting on her acting career. They kept their friendship for evermore and Julie was referred to as 'auntie' by Jaine's children.

Those of you who are near Julie's hometown, Tecumseh, MI, will be interested to know that a memorial will be held for her there : November 8th, 2003, 2pm-5 pm, Masonic Temple, 700 Bishop Reed Drive, Tecumseh, Michigan.

In lieu of flowers, the family is asking that donations be made to the cause of aiding abused women and their children.  If you care to send a card to the family, please address it to: 
The Wilbar Family, PO Box 1702, La Mirada, CA 90637-1702.  

ELVIS 4th TO NONE...sorry 39th to NONE

First, BMG conceal Elvis' eyes on the cover of  the remix of "Rubberneckin" then they chop off half his face on the latest compilation cover, "Elvis 2nd to None". To add to the perpetual butchering of Elvis' face they came up with an  awful, boring title for the album and to me it was not a particularly inspiring choice of Elvis' songs. It did not reach no.1 in the album charts but was 4th in the UK on release and now it has dropped to 39th. The general public are not stupid "39th to None" is just another Elvis compilation following a disastrous choice of a poor remix  of "Rubberneckin" after the fabulous ALLC.  If I was the head of BMG I would ask some serious questions, coming up to the 50th Anniversary of Rock 'n' Roll, about what is going wrong with their marketing or rather mismarketing of Elvis Presley's music catalogue. 

From July 2004 BMG will start to lose their music copyright monopoly on Elvis' music in the UK and many other countries as copyright expires after 50 years. For further information about the copyright problem facing BMG and other record labels check out the BBC website :                  http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/entertainment/music/2625865.stm

Elvisly Yours is the most popular Elvis website in Europe with thousands of hits each week. Our Cyber Newsletter is distributed to hundreds of Elvis websites and fan clubs around the world in addition to thousands of Elvis fans, yet we are given no information at all by BMG regarding Elvis Presley music. They have stated any contact by BMG with Elvisly Yours will upset Elvis Presley Enterprises who just managed to ruin and close an Elvis theme restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee. BMG are running scared about the consequences of the fifty years Copyright Law, they are even planning to release an Elvis Presley book to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Rock 'n' Roll with Elvis' first record at Sun Studio on July 5th 1954. Now we hear that BMG may join forces with Sony to combine their operations. One redeeming thought about this development is that Sony is Japanese and their Prime Minister is one of Japan's greatest Elvis fans. Perhaps he will 'kick ass' or better 'kung-fu kick ass' and get Sony/BMG to release for once what Elvis fans want with CD covers that do not butcher Elvis' beautiful face...but don't hold your breath.

Commemorating the 50th Anniversary of good ol' Rock 'n' Roll

Elvisly Yours first coined the phrase the "50th Anniversary of Rock 'n' Roll" and now it is being used universally. Technically, there is no definitive date when rock 'n' roll started. Some may argue when Bill Hayley's 'Rock Around the Clock' became world famous the recording date deserves recognition as the start of rock 'n' roll but there were many black singers doing their stuff prior to Bill Hayley. To me, this style of music genre really took off on July 5th 1954 when Elvis, Bill and Scotty recorded "That's All Right" in Sun Studios, Memphis, Tennessee.

All over the world 2004 will herald this 50th Anniversary with many events in many countries. There is even a plan to get every radio station in the world to all play "That's All Right" on July 5th at the same time (i.e. Memphis time). In Britain the 50th Anniversary year will really start on February 20th in Plymouth when "Jailhouse Rock, the Musical" is launched and we will keep you informed of Show details as and when we get them and list other special Elvis events around the country and around the world. Even BMG Records are doing a special book to cash in on the Anniversary.

In Memphis, Scotty Moore, BB King, Isaac Hayes and Justin Timberlake will be musical ambassadors for Memphis and the Mayor Willie W Herenton is a driving force behind this year long celebration. Timberlake was born in Memphis and is the current pop flavour of the month. Isaac Hayes lives in Memphis and recorded at STAX Records in the city,  while Scotty and BB King are obvious choices as ambassadors. There will be events throughout the year honouring the Anniversary but the highlight will be July 5th 2004 when a "Global Moment in Time" will be created marking the largest playing of a single song at the same moment and each radio station will be honouring Elvis Presley. What a great idea and I salute the person who first thought of it. I hope Memphis makes the effort to pass on that information to all radio stations around the world and gets their co-operation. Perhaps the Memphis organisers would like to contact us and other Elvis web sites and fan clubs to make sure fans in each country encourage their radio stations to make July 5th 2004 that "Elvis Moment in Time". 

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We have not been to the States in five years 
but Maureen and I spent ten days in California
 visiting old friends, making new friends and 
also negotiating world promotions of Elvis
 Events with top Hollywood producers.

We had not been to Los Angeles for 12 years
 and it was good to see old haunts and drive, or
 rather crawl, up and down the freeways. We
 met Larry Geller and his wife Carol for lunch. 
It is always an enjoyable experience meeting
 Larry and for the first time his wife who is also
 his business partner. Larry was a close friend
 of Julie Parrish and he recounted stories about
 her and other anecdotes on Elvis. 

We were made very hospitable by two mega
 Elvis fans, Joan and Paul Gansky who were
 also close friends of Julie and helped organise
 her Memorial Service. They kindly helped
 distribute some Elvisly Yours books and
 magazines to local fan clubs to raise money in
 Julie's memory for a battered woman's refuge in
 Los Angeles. 

Joan is English and makes a great cup of tea,
 something the British badly miss when visiting
 the States. At their home we met Ed Bonja
 who was the official photographer to Elvis for
 Colonel Parker. Ed has some wonderful
 photographs of Elvis and apparently he has
 10,000 in his collection. A surprise guest during
 our visit was Dennis Roberts, Elvis' personal
 optician who made hundreds of pairs of
 prescription glasses for him. He showed us
 some fabulous Elvis jewellery and glasses
 while recounting cute stories about his dealings
 with Elvis. We saw some great photos of Julie
 and learned a lot more about her from Joan and
 Paul. They have a superb Elvis collection and
 we saw just a fraction of it and was surrounded
 in their home by giant photos taken by Paul
 and some by Ed. We even were invited to a
 private screening at UCLA by the Executive
 Producer to see a superb documentary on the
 life of Charlie Chaplin which will be available on
 DVD and video. Elvis loved Charlie Chaplin and
 we just bought the video of 'Modern Times' and
 loved it.
Our business negotiations are ongoing
 and we'll release information about all our major
 plans around the world for 2004 when
 negotiations have been concluded. Yes, next
 year promises to be just as exciting for Elvis
 fans as the 25th Anniversary. Keep on
 checking our website for all our Elvis news.


15th November 2003
The Fairway Hotel, Edinburgh Road Bathgate, West Lothian, Scotland

Tickets £10 at venue or from Andy.

Contact  Email : Andy or Con

Tel : 07729 513937 / 01592 570639

The 'DEFINITIVE ELVIS' is Dead        

A US Appeal Court has ruled that the independent documentary entitled the "Definitive Elvis" infringes copyrights of EPE and Leiber and Stoller. 

The film was a 16 hour documentary that, by all accounts, was a very good production and rather than working with the film's producers, as is their stupid habit, EPE sued and sadly as is the norm in the US they just won. 

I am sure the producers would have wanted to work with EPE but the "Blue Meanies" at EPE made their lawyers a bit richer, instead. How much money could EPE made by licensing the "Definitive Elvis"?  

Yet again, EPE have killed another Elvis project and upset the fans. One dissenting Judge called it "a miscarriage of Justice".

Perhaps, someone can answer the question why the film "Elvis and the Colonel" with Beau Bridges was never stopped in the US or anywhere ?

includes a thesis by Sid Shaw, DisGraceland and 21 more papers by experts in the Elvis World 
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  The Humes Years

Limited stock of this 
classic Elvis book,
 just reprinted

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2004 Elvisly Yours  NEW style Calendar
Elvisly Yours Calendar
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Christmas is a great time for festive fun and the Elvis Express and the Hanover are bringing you an all Elvis show to celebrate the festive season.    

Our special "LIVE" performance will be from "THIS IS ELVIS" a great live show by a very talented young man. Plus all Elvis music, all night.
  WHY NOT organise your works Christmas party for this special night of fun that you will remember and talk about all year long. Or just come along with family and friends.  

It's all in support of the Chestnut Tree House Appeal
Tickets are £8.00 each and go on sale October 1st but you can pre book your tickets NOW!  

To Pre-order your tickets: Send us £3.00 per ticket plus a S.A.E. (medium sized) along with your name and address.  Pay the remaining £5.00 per ticket by November 1st and we will send you your tickets.  
(note: £3.00 deposit is non-refundable)

All cheques / postal orders are payable to: 
The Elvis Express
, 208 Queens Park Road, Brighton, Sussex, BN2 9ZB England    
TCE ALWAYS Lee Dawson (Editor)
For more details on how to subscribe: send a S.A.E. to The Elvis Express, 208 Queens Park Road, Brighton, Sussex BN2 9ZB, England
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