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December 2003


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ELVIS FANS everywhere


Elvisly Yours is proud to announce "Jailhouse Rock the Musical" will premier in England at Plymouth on 20th February 2004.

 Plymouth Theatre Royal


for just a two week engagement  

Friday 20th February - Saturday 6th March 2004
Mon-Sat Eves 7.30pm Thurs & Sat Mats at 2.30pm


Tickets :  01752 267222                     www.theatreroyal.com    


at the Palace Theatre Manchester 
March 9th 2004 for two weeks

Tickets :  0870 - 4013000                        www.manchestertheatres.co.uk 

 then “Jailhouse Rock” will be Rocking
LONDON at the Piccadilly Theatre 

previews from March 26th and grand opening April 19th 2004

BOX OFFICE :  020 7369 1754

see map and directions       see details about the Musical

MARIO stars in "Jailhouse Rock the Musical"

In 1998 I was invited to the Music Hall in Shoreditch to put in our shop for an Elvis Night and watch an Elvis Tribute Show by Mario. I had not heard of Mario before, but the Music Hall had highly praised him and their praise was justified. It was a great night at this wonderful Venue which has sadly closed at this location because it could not get support from the local or central government. The food was great, the atmosphere warm and inviting and then Mario appeared. 
He put on a superb show that night with various costume changes and could do the whole repertoire of Elvis Presley numbers through the 50's, 60's and 70's. He looked the part with his dark looks, Elvis style hair and had great costumes. He did not just sing but really entertained the audience and they loved him. He had many curtain calls and had a whole gang of his family along to support him. Mario is of Greek origin and has performed regularly for the Greek community in Britain. We kept in touch and Mario was invited to the opening of the new Elvisly Yours shop at 233 Baker Street in March 2004. 
He had come by our shop a few months ago and was thrilled to be short-listed for the part of Vince Everett in "Jailhouse Rock the Musical". I was told by the producers that he had been short-listed and I praised Mario to them. They said they wanted a Vince Everett in his 20's and Mario was worried because he is in his 30's but he obviously impressed them sufficiently to get the part and I am thrilled for him after all the years of hard work he will star in a major West End Show. I am sure his family is proud of him and we wish him every success in the show and in his future career.


There was a real Vince Everett and he was a dear friend for almost twenty years. I hope with the recognition "Jailhouse Rock the Musical" will receive perhaps my dear friend Vince will also be remembered for his massive contribution to the Elvis World before his untimely death. Sadly, his estranged wife refused to let any of his friends know when and where he was buried. She had good reason to be angry with Vince who was so Elvis mad that he sold the family house without telling his wife. She was evicted with young children from her home when the new owners turned up on the doorstep after Vince left for Memphis to spend the money from sale of the house on Elvis artifacts. He was addicted to collecting Elvis memorabilia, books and photographs and his amazing collection has disappeared. I have repeated the obituary I wrote for Vince Everett and had on display in my shop at the Trocadero in 1998 :




On November 6th 1998 Vince Everett was found dead in his flat. He had died from a massive heart attack and with him died his amazing Elvis collection. Vince wasn’t just an Elvis fan, wasn’t just an Elvis collector. His whole life was devoted to Elvis. As early as 1957 Vince was chasing after Elvis in America. He missed Elvis who was in Hollywood filming but befriended Elvis’ parents and worked for them for nothing as a handy man. In return Vernon Presley gave Vince some of Elvis’ old jackets and so started Vince’s amazing collection. Vince had fourteen of Elvis’ 50’s jackets including the one worn at the signing of the RCA contract.

He went to Germany and met Elvis at his home where Elvis gave him a solid gold bracelet. He followed Elvis continuously in the States in the late 60’s and early 70’s until 1973. Vince always said that Elvis died inside in 1973 after his divorce from Priscilla and all the fun times had gone.

In 1995 one of Vince’s dreams was realised when we took part of his unique collection to Japan where it was put on display in Mitsukoshi Depart Store in Tokyo for six days attracting 18,000 visitors. It was hoped to follow this success with other tours but alas there was not the money to promote. The collection was displayed in Scotland for the Edinburgh Festival in 1997 but was badly publicized and did not succeed. It is believed part of this valuable collection is still sitting in storage in Scotland.

When Vince died sadly the family refused to allow any friends to the funeral and Vince had many friends-who knows what happened to the collection? Vince collected Elvis memorabilia for over 40 years. He had thousands of albums and CD’s, thousands of photographs, books, magazines and hundreds of personal items that belonged to Elvis. Just like a drug addict is addicted to drugs, Vince was addicted to Elvis. He had to buy the next book, the next record, next anything Elvis. He would do crazy trades offering valuable personal artifacts for just one record. Elvis was his life. He will be sadly missed by all his friends and by a special friend who found poor Vince on November 6th 1998.

Of all the people I  have ever met in the Elvis World Vince was the most devoted, most knowledgeable about Elvis and no one else can take away his reputation as the world’s no.1 Elvis fan...the no.1 spot is reserved for ever for Vince Everett. Of course, Vince Everett was the name adopted by Vince when he heard that was to be the name Elvis used in the film Jailhouse Rock.

Very few people knew Vince’s real name, Andrew Cohen, and that he was Jewish, just like Elvis. We will all miss you Vince. RIP, at least you are now with your hero, Elvis.


On our website and in our last Cyber Newsletter we asked fans to bid at least £50.00 for the few remaining signed photographs of Julie Parrish and not one of you mean lot has bid. We will extend the offer until December 31st 2003 after which we will use eBay. Surely, with Christmas coming such a signed photo will make a great gift and help a cancer charity in Julie's memory!!

BUY A SIGNED PHOTO OF JULIE PARRISH and help raise money for the Lynda Jackson MacMillan Centre for cancer support.

When Julie died, on October 1st and had been so kind to me by sending FORTY signed photographs in gratitude for a brief period of time I helped her, I wanted to honour her memory. I had already given ten of her photos to the Elvis Express Club to raise money for the Chestnut Tree House children's hospice and others were given as prizes in a special competition or on display at the Elvisly Yours Shop. Except for a few, including one made personal to me, the remainder will be auctioned through our Elvisly Yours Cyber Club and web site. There are no more signed photographs of Julie Parrish. Just a few she signed to fans she met in Memphis or friends and some sold through her website or at a limited number of Elvis Conventions. She did not even realise until quite recently that Elvis fans would want her signed photos.

We are asking generous fans to bid at least £50.00 (about $80.00) per signed photograph and all proceeds will go to the Lynda Jackson MacMillan Centre. It is a unique charity that supports cancer victims and their families by offering advice and counselling to all those in need and they have helped tens of thousands of people over the years. Julie had ovarian cancer twice and I am sure would be honoured to think her signed photographs and memory are helping others who have had to battle cancer. Perhaps you want something special as a Christmas gift for a family member or friend, we can even frame the photo for a small additional cost of £5.00. We would like to aim for a target of £1,000.00 for the charity so Julie's family may be sent a special certificate from the Lynda Jackson MacMillan Centre. Each purchaser will receive a letter of thanks and receipt from the charity. There are seven photos with Elvis from the film in which she co-starred, "Paradise Hawaiian Style" and the rest are from StarTrek, model photos of Julie, Beverley Hills 90210 and other famous TV shows. Remember not only will the photos be an investment but you will be helping a cancer charity. We do hope that Elvis fans are generous and we are giving you the first option to bid for the photographs and if any remain they will be auctioned on eBay. 

Bill Burk injured in car crash

Sadly, last month Bill Burk was injured in a serious car crash. At first, it was thought his injuries were not serious but later tests showed some internal damage also neck and back injuries. Bill was in a lot of pain and I hope he is on the road to full recovery



See the memorial service pamphlet

We are indebted to Jim Wilbar, Joel Wachbrit, Paul and Joan Gansky for permission to publish the pamphlet given to the congregation at Julie Parrish' moving Memorial Service.


Scotty Moore has just had a brain surgery and was taken to Baptist Memorial Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee. His surgery was for a brain embolism and apparently went very well. The doctors seemed very optimistic and expect a full recovery; this was not a stroke.

I was recently informed that Scotty was only ever paid a pittance for "Don't be Cruel" and other songs. His image has been used to sell pop up greeting cards and such. BMG release old out takes as new records but paying the musicians the one time recording fee back in 1956 at let's say $46.00. Yes, only $46.00 was paid to Scotty for "Don't Be Cruel" the slow version, with Scotty's lead in, which virtually made the record. Scotty has been trying to sell his personal belongings just to pay for food bills and supplement his social security cheque while EPE and BMG have made hundreds $millions. What a way to treat one of the world's greatest ever guitarists. We wish Scotty a full recovery and hope he gets better very soon.



In our last Cyber Newsletter we mentioned the plans for an "Elvis Moment in Time" when Radio Stations all over the World will be encouraged to simultaneously play on Julie 5th 2004 "That's All Right". It is a great idea and would be a world first for any artist. I wrote to the organisers in Memphis offering my help to promote the idea to fans all over the world but they have not bothered to reply. With or without them "Elvisly Yours" is now kick-starting the campaign to persuade every radio station in the world to simultaneously play 'That's All Right' on July 5th 2004. We will find out the chosen Memphis time when the record was recorded. In the meantime pass on this Newsletter to all your Elvis friends and start contacting radio stations around the world to put them on notice to play "That's All Right" at the preset time. Please let us know what feedback you get from your radio stations and if you get any resistance just let us know and we will bombard the radio stations with phone calls, emails and faxes to get them to join in "That's All Right DAY".

Perhaps you will have more luck than me contacting the "Memphis Convention and Visitors Bureau" to get them to respond to my offer to help them. We need to mobilize Elvis fans around the world to contact every radio station to  simultaneously  play "That's All Right" on July 5th 2004. Email aturner@mcvb.org and/or mary@mcvb.org and just tell Alexandra or Mary that Sid sent you !!


Talking about radio stations the Elvis Express Independent Elvis Fan Club now has its own radio station which can be picked up on the internet and is recorded every Friday for one hour. Simply click on to www.elvis-express.com and follow instructions or click on the banner :

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Recently, I have been looking for photographs and clippings of Screaming Lord Sutch. There will be a wonderful, new biography on David Sutch written by Graham Sharpe of William Hill fame. The book will be released next Spring to commemorate the fifth anniversary of David's death. David had persuaded me to stand in the March 1st 1984 Chesterfield by-election. 

We livened up the town and put on rock 'n' roll and Elvis events for two weeks. We held the world's first press conference in a fish and chips shop, sold beer at 1p a pint to encourage the media to attend our first rally, we formed a coal-ition in a coal mining town and so it went on. 

We made thousands of people happy with our campaign. The Labour Party invited us for a beer, the Tories for tea and cakes and the Liberal Democrats for coffee even though we were the opposition because our campaign was so much fun.  Read the original historic manifesto

Whilst hunting for photos of me and Sutch, like one does, I found old photographs from other times in Elvisly Yours' history. I found a photo when I presented the miniature of our life-size statue to Jack Soden in 1982. 

Funny, but in 1985 and under oath at a deposition, 
Mr Soden stated he did not know we were trading in America even though he was given the statue miniature & other items of Elvisly Yours memorabilia. 

Then there was the time that a beautiful hand made replica of Graceland in silk flowers was presented to Graceland in January 1985. But, it disappeared never to be put on the grave or seen again. It is so beautiful I am sure some thief still has it on display at their home in Memphis. 

Not long after the floral Graceland was presented I was sued by EPE in US Federal Court. It just shows how sick the EPE management are, they even stopped a beautiful floral tribute from Elvisly Yours being put on Elvis' grave.

Incidentally, we have just found in our warehouse "SACK JACK" and "HIT THE ROAD JACK" button badges  from 1985 and are offering them for the first time ever on the internet.

price £3.95 set of 4
(plus £1.00 p&p UK £1.50 other countries)

 Lord Sutch and Sid (Chesterfield by-election)
March 1984

Lord Sutch with Elvisly Yours statue
October 1989

Joni (Soden), George Klein, Alan Fortas (deceased), 
Bill Burk, Beth Pease, Jim Kingsley (deceased), Sid
Memphis, October 1982

Joni (Soden), Jack Soden and Sid 
with presentation of miniature statue.
Memphis, October 1982

Elvisly Yours floral tribute to Elvis: Aunt Nash, Twyla Dixon, Denise, Todd Morgan
Memphis, January 1985

includes a thesis by Sid Shaw, DisGraceland and 21 more papers by experts in the Elvis World 
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ORDERS received before December 18th will be shipped in time for Xmas

  The Humes Years

Limited stock of this 
classic Bill Burk book,
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4 Elvis Christmas cards plus
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Inside: Merry Xmas and a Rockin' New Year! 

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Win a signed copy of “Elvis, A King Forever”. List all the mistakes in an email marked “deliberate mistakes” and send to info@elvisly-yours.com. The first person drawn out of the hat December 31st 2003 with the correct list will win the signed, hardback book.

How many deliberate mistakes can you find in this short history of Elvis Presley?

Elvis Jesse Presley was born on August 16th 1935 in the small Alabama town of Tupelo. His parents, Vester and Gladys, worked as sharecroppers on the cotton fields and were very poor. As work was scarce in Tupelo, the family moved to Memphis, Tennessee where Elvis attended the County High School. After graduating, Elvis got a job working for the Crown Gas Company as a driver. It was during this time that Elvis made his first record, a birthday present for his father, at Sam Phillips' Sun Recording Studio.

After hearing about Elvis from his partner Marion Koster, Sam invited Elvis back to record a few more numbers with the help of local musicians Bill Moore and Scotty Black. Elvis was able to re-create the sound of the black, blues singers together with a hillbilly beat and the results were sensational. The records Sam released did well locally, and it soon became clear Sun Records just couldn't cope with National demand. Phillips sold Elvis' contract to Columbia Records for $35,000 but a change of heart by the executives there gave RCA the chance to sign Elvis up themselves. And so Elvis became RCA's biggest recording star with number one after number one on both sides of the Atlantic. Elvis' fame spread worldwide and the hits just kept on coming. Movies were next, and Elvis made the trip to Hollywood for his first film "Loving You". The fans flocked to see Elvis on screen and he also became one of America’s most popular movie stars.

Elvis, just like any other American man, was drafted in 1959. He joined-up with the U.S. Marines and was stationed in France. Whilst in service Elvis met his future wife, Priscilla, the daughter of his commanding officer. After his national service was over, Elvis bought his new home in Memphis called 'Graceland'. His career was unaffected by his years in the forces and a film of his adventures was quickly made. Throughout the sixties, Elvis continued to record great records and starred in many films, including "Roust around", "It Happened At The Worlds Fair", "Spin off ", "Blue Hawaii", "Paradise Hawaiian Style" and "A Stone For Danny Fisher". But Elvis had not performed before his fans for many years, so in 1969 he was persuaded to make a T.V. Special for the ABC network. The show was a tremendous success and this encouraged Elvis to play a season of shows in Las Vegas. He later went on tour and performed another TV special in Hawaii during 1974. Other countries visited by Elvis included Canada, Scotland, West Germany and Japan, although British fans were sadly never to see him appear on stage in Britain. The tragic news of his passing came on a sad January night in 1977. Elvis, in body, was dead, but his spirit and legend will live on forever.

N.B.  There are 26 mistakes and list each mistake by word(s)


 Elvisly Yours,

Sid Shaw


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