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Cyber club   



January 2004


We wish all CYBER CLUB members 

The man who is killing Elvis' Music 
around the world

Probably very few people have ever heard of Gary Hovey but I hope every Elvis fan in the world will now know about him. He is married to Priscilla Presley's sister Michelle and is Lisa Marie's uncle. He would have been Elvis' brother-in-law. For some unknown reason he was given the job of handling Elvis' music. All I had previously heard about him is apparently he was a used car salesman. But now he has destroyed probably hundreds of Elvis Shows. Hovey has cost his niece, Lisa Marie and other music copyright holders, $millions in lost revenue because of his arrogance, stupidity and rejection of so many Elvis Events and Shows. He is living proof 'Elvis is dead' because could you imagine what Elvis would have done to him after stopping so many productions bringing Elvis' music to his fans? 

Hovey threatens, intimidates and harasses so many fan clubs, promoters and impersonators that Elvis Show after Show has been cancelled. We are not just talking about small Elvis fan club conventions, he has stopped and seriously affected major productions. The greatest honour for Elvis would have been knowing that his music was turned into a ballet, "The King". 

The ballet's producer is Peter Schaufuss and he was knighted in Denmark. His ballet is the greatest Elvis Presley Show I have ever seen but I have only managed to see the entire production on video because of Hovey. Peter had to cancel a production in Edinburgh and to rewrite the Sadler's Wells ballet in London because Hovey refused him rights to use key Elvis songs that were fundamental to the beautiful story portrayed in the ballet. Peter went to Los Angeles to meet this megalomaniac, apparently offered him 15% of the box office for song rights but was completely rejected. When asked whether he could leave a video of the ballet Hovey told him not to bother. Sadly, only a few thousand people have seen the original and complete ballet in Denmark. The WORLD is denied seeing such a moving, dramatic and wonderful theatrical and musical experience, all because of one stupid man, given such an important job because he is brother-in-law of Priscilla Presley.

Now there is even worse news. Hovey has denied "Jailhouse Rock the Musical" the right to use the theme song from the film and other Lieber and Stoller hits. It seems Lieber and Stoller, such great songwriters, do not have the balls to stand up to Hovey. Again, Lisa Marie will lose huge income and the World will be a poorer place because the producers of the Musical have to substitute other Elvis songs that have no relevance to rock 'n' roll. The Show will still be GREAT but the World will be denied seeing "Jailhouse Rock" performed live on stage in "Jailhouse Rock the Musical".

To me great music is one of the wonderful attributes of humanity. Music and particularly Elvis' music brings a joy to life, hope, enlightenment and spiritual awareness. Just imagine what life would be without music. Try to imagine what your life, dear reader, would be like without Elvis. To deny brilliant producers, directors, choreographers, designers and singers the right to use Elvis' Music is a "crime against humanity". All Elvis wanted to do was to entertain, to make people forget about their problems and be moved by his beautiful voice, a gift from God, to a greater happiness and fulfillment in their lives. Hovey is destroying Elvis' music legacy and is a disgrace. By banning Elvis' music he is denying the World a quality of humanity which relieves stress and encourages feelings of goodwill, tenderness, kindness and love. I just hope that Lisa Marie reads this article and fires her uncle, Lieber and Stoller get some balls or the media expose this arrogant twerp!                      
Definition of 'twerp':
silly, stupid or contemptible person.

*Definition of 'humanity' from "Webster's English Dictionary": 1. The quality of being human; the peculiar nature of man, by which he is distinguished from other beings. 2. Mankind collectively; the human race. 3. The quality of being humane; the kind feelings, dispositions, and sympathies of man; especially, a disposition to relieve persons or animals in distress & to treat all creatures with kindness and tenderness. 4. Mental cultivation; liberal education. 

The pleasure provided by music is a very important characteristic of humanity (my words).This article has been written without informing the producers of "Jailhouse Rock the Musical" and its purpose is to expose Hovey to the Elvis World and international media so that hopefully he does not try to ruin any more exciting Elvis Presley productions. 


Plymouth Theatre Royal
Fri 20th February - Sat 6th March 2004

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Tickets :  01752 267222

Palace Theatre 

March 9th 2004
for two weeks

Tickets :  0870 - 4013000


Piccadilly Theatre
previews from March 26th
grand opening April 19th 2004

Tickets :  020 7369 1754
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Sing-a-long-a Elvis 

Now for something completely different an "Elvis Sing- a- long". Just imagine going to see an Elvis film and the whole audience is singing along with Elvis on the screen. Giant screens show the words to all the songs and in a mass karaoke style everyone is singing along. The idea has been tried for films like the "Sound of Music" and now the show will feature Elvis. 

What a great idea and so much fun for Elvis fans, young and old. Fans are encouraged to dress Elvis style or with 50's clothing and it is great entertainment for the whole family.

Sing-a-long-a Elvis is coming your way, so look out for further details, soon !

a new book by Paul Graham, a blind Elvis fan

Paul is looking for a publisher to help him fulfil his dream and publish his book, a labour of love.

It has been kindly reported before in the Elvisly Yours Cyber Newsletter, that I have written a book called     "If I Can Dream?"

It is about a staunch Elvis Presley fan, and my life of once having sight, then thereafter. I wrote my book, as I wished to declare Elvis in a positive light. I am sick fed up of hearing all the negative stories and rubbish. The king is mostly my backbone for my book. With out Elvis' influence over me, then I would not have written one. Elvis is and always will be the inspiration behind me. My book tries to say everything for me.

Elvis's voice is untouchable and his contribution to Rock Music is undoubtedly insurmountable. I know I do not need to tell you fellow Elvis fans that.

Elvis was the best-looking guy I had ever seen and somebody I wanted to model myself on. He had the most beautiful head of jet black hair and best hairstyle a guy could ever have. Elvis also had a magnificent complexion. He had the face of a real man. It was no wonder then, like so many other guys, before I wanted to look like the King. Elvis certainly got the girls.

I hope that people will buy and read my book and understand. Any advice and pointers in helping me find a publisher would be welcome.

Remember I am totally blind. So I am talking from memory of vision. I remember so many good pictures of Elvis that I saw it is unbelievable. Elvis is still the best singer and performer ever.
Elvisly Yours

Paul Graham, Edinburgh 

BUY A SIGNED PHOTO OF JULIE PARRISH and help raise money for the Lynda Jackson MacMillan Centre for Cancer Support.


A big thank you to Barbara Wawrczeck (50.00), Hamburg and Aaron S.S. Young(120.00), Hong Kong for buying Julie's photos. Now we would like more fans to buy the rest of Julie's photos and help an important cancer charity.

When Julie died, on October 1st 2003 and had previously been so kind to me by sending FORTY signed photographs in gratitude for a brief period of time I helped her, I wanted to honour Julie's memory. I had already given ten of her photos to the Elvis Express Club to raise money for the Chestnut Tree House children's hospice and others were given as prizes in a special competition or on display at the Elvisly Yours Shop. Except for a few, including one made personal to me, the remainder will be auctioned through our Elvisly Yours Cyber Club and web site. There are no more signed photographs of Julie Parrish. Just a few she signed to fans she met in Memphis or friends and some sold through her website or at a limited number of Elvis Conventions. She did not even realise until quite recently that Elvis fans would want her signed photos.

We are asking generous fans to bid at least 50.00 (about $90.00) per signed photograph and all proceeds will go to the Lynda Jackson MacMillan Centre. It is a unique charity that supports cancer victims and their families by offering advice and counseling to all those in need and they have helped tens of thousands of people over the years. Julie had ovarian cancer twice and I am sure would be honoured to think her signed photographs are helping others who have had to battle cancer. Perhaps you want something special as a gift for a family member or friend, we can even frame the photo for a small additional cost of 5.00. We would like to aim for a target of 1,000.00 for the charity so Julie's family may be sent a special certificate from the Lynda Jackson MacMillan Centre. Each purchaser will receive a letter of thanks and receipt from the charity. There are seven photos with Elvis from the film in which she co-starred, "Paradise Hawaiian Style" and the rest are from StarTrek, model photos of Julie, Beverley Hills 90210 and other famous TV shows. Remember not only will the photos be an investment but you will be helping a cancer charity. We do hope that Elvis fans are generous and we are giving you the first option to bid for the photographs and if any remain they will be auctioned on eBay. 


We wrote in the last Newsletter that Scotty Moore had a brain surgery and was taken to Baptist Memorial Hospital in Nashville, Tennessee. His surgery was for a brain embolism and went very well. 

Scotty is now making a miraculous recovery. He is home again and undergoing therapy which will help him play guitar again. He hopes to make shows in the United Kingdom for February and March 2004. Scotty loves the UK and is setting his sights on rocking and rolling here next month. For all the latest news on Scotty Moore check his website: www.scottymoore.net.


We are also please to announce that Bill Burk is also recovering after his serious car accident. He is still in a lot of pain but made his annual pilgrimage for Christmas to Denmark with his wife Connie. He was also at his special annual Marlowe's Party for Elvis' Birthday Celebrations in Memphis but he will have to cut back on his workload until he is fully recovered. You can always bring a smile back to Bill's face by buying one of his many books we sell on the Elvisly Yours website Elvis Shop www.elvisly-yours.com.


July 5th 2004

In our last Cyber Newsletter we mentioned the plans for an "Elvis Moment in Time" when Radio Stations all over the World will be encouraged to simultaneously play on July 5th 2004 "That's All Right". It is a great idea and would be a world first for any artist. I wrote to the organizers in Memphis offering my help to promote the idea to fans all over the world but they have not bothered to reply. With or without them "Elvisly Yours" has kick-started the campaign to persuade every radio station in the world to simultaneously play 'That's All Right' on July 5th 2004. Pass on this Newsletter to all your Elvis friends and start contacting radio stations around the world to put them on notice to play "That's All Right" at the preset time on July 5th 2004. Please let us know what feedback you get from your radio stations and if you get any resistance just let us know and we will encourage fans to bombard any negative radio stations with phone calls, emails and faxes to get them to join in "That's All Right DAY". Let us know what radio stations you have got to say "YES" !!

To kick ass and get the organizers to start promoting "Elvis Day 2004" email : 

aturner@mcvb.o and mary@mcvb.org . Tell them Sid sent you and they better start rocking & rolling !!!


The Elvis Express Independent Elvis Fan Club now has its own radio station which can be picked up on the internet and is recorded every Friday for one hour. Simply click on to www.elvis-express.com and follow instructions or click on the banner :

If you have problems accessing the show simply copy it from the website and listen at your convenience.

Get your friends to join the Elvisly Yours Cyber Club  

and receive this great Newsletter with the chance to win prizes, receive all the latest news and buy our special offers. Simply get them, or you can send, their email address.

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In our last Newsletter we featured a column that was called "Going Down Memory Lane". This was well received so we thought we would make it a permanent feature of our Cyber Newsletter.

The Elvisly Yours Statue was finally unveiled by Charlie Hodge at the Baronnial Suite in the City of London on September 27th 1981. But most fans do not know the traumas associated with making the life size statue by Jon Douglas, the sculptor (now dead). Jon had his studio in Cricklewood, London in several lock-up garages. A stray cat had got into the studio and gave birth to four kittens which Jon named Elvis, Aaron, Lisa and Priscilla. They were born by the base of  the original clay sculpture of Elvis. 

Jon became paralysed in his hands and could not finish the statue so his sons, fans and Elvisly Yours staff were up all night putting the eight pieces of the statue together, before the unveiling ceremony. Transporting it to the unveiling ceremony they had all crowded onto the back of a truck with statue and instead of securing it, just sat on it until there was an accident. A driver jumped the lights so the truck had to do an emergency brake and the people in the back and the statue just went flying. Some people were badly hurt but the only damage to the statue was the microphone was rudely bent back. Eerily, Elvis always had problems with his microphones for all concerts. There were nearly 2,000 fans attending the two different unveiling shows. I wonder how many fans still have the original programme from the unveiling ceremony over 22 years ago.

There was a special brass plaque at the base of the life size bronze statue with an historical inscription about the unveiling ceremony. Within a few days some thief stole the plaque. If anyone knows who has that plaque please let us know. There is only one plaque in the world. Also, from the display at the Elvisly Yours Centre, someone stole the original cast of the miniature of the statue  and we discovered some time later the thief was killed in a motor bike accident one week after stealing it.

The statue was offered for free to Museums, Civic Buildings and Art Galleries in London but no one wanted it so we found a home at the Elvisly Yours Centre in Shoreditch, London. It has appeared on TV hundreds of times, on Top of the Pops and was even used by the Rolling Stones for their video "Rewind". It has travelled all over the UK and to Germany October 1st 1988 to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of Elvis landing in Germany. Our statue now proudly sits in the Elvisly Yours shop at 233 Baker Street, London and fans wanting to take a photo of the statue make a donation of 1.00 or more for cancer to  the Lynda Jackson MacMillan Centre.

There was another Elvis thief, this time in Memphis, who stole the beautiful Graceland in silk flowers by Jenny Palmer that was supposed to be put on the grave January 1985 for Elvis' birthday. EPE shockingly did not put our floral Graceland on the grave and instead it is part of someone's collection, stolen property which we would like returned. 

I am probably the only person in the world to be honoured by the City of Memphis and Shelby County for all I have done to promote Elvis Presley yet sued by the Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc. 

Mayor Bill Morris, a close friend of Elvis and Mayor of Shelby County presented me with keys to Shelby County in November 1983. It was, then, Sheriff Bill Morris who organised that famous Memphis Mafia group photograph when all the guys were presented with  Sheriffs badges. 

We have "SACK JACK" and "HIT THE ROAD JACK" button badges just found in our warehouse from 1985 and we are offering them for sale as 'collectors items'.

price 3.95 set of 4
(plus 1.00 p&p UK 1.50 other countries)


If you think you are the next best singer to Elvis or would like to see Elvis tribute artists from around the world strutting their stuff than go along to a major Elvis Tribute Contest:
"Walk A Mile in My Shoes"     

30th Jan - 1st Feb 2004, Blackpool UK

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