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February 2004



The man who is killing Elvis Presley's    music all over the world

Probably very few people have ever heard of Gary Hovey but I hope every Elvis fan in the world will now know about him. He is married to Priscilla Presley's sister Michelle and is Lisa Marie's uncle. He would have been Elvis' brother-in-law. For some unknown reason he was given the job of handling Elvis' music. All I had previously heard about him is apparently he was a used car salesman. But now he has destroyed probably hundreds of Elvis Shows. Hovey has cost his niece, Lisa and other music copyright holders, $millions in lost revenue because of his arrogance, stupidity and rejection of so many Elvis Events and Shows. He is living proof 'Elvis is dead' because could you imagine what Elvis would have done to him after stopping so many productions bringing Elvis' music to his fans? 

Hovey threatens, intimidates and harasses so many fan clubs, promoters and impersonators that Elvis Show after Show has been cancelled. We are not just talking about small Elvis fan club conventions, he has stopped and affected major productions. The greatest honour for Elvis would have been knowing that his music was turned into a ballet, "The King". 

The ballet's producer is Peter Schaufuss and he was knighted in Denmark. His ballet is the greatest Elvis Presley Show I have ever seen but I have only managed to see the entire production on video because of Hovey. Peter had to cancel a production in Edinburgh and to rewrite the Sadler's Wells Ballet in London because Hovey refused him rights to use key Elvis songs that were fundamental to the beautiful story portrayed in the ballet. Peter went to Los Angeles to meet this megalomaniac, apparently offered him 15% of the box office for song rights but was completely rejected. When asked whether he could leave a video of the ballet Hovey told him not to bother. Sadly, only a few thousand people have seen the original and complete Ballet in Denmark. The WORLD is denied seeing such a moving, dramatic and wonderful theatrical and musical experience, all because of one stupid man, given such an important job because he is the brother-in-law of Priscilla Presley.

Now there is even worse news. Unless there has been some last minute face-saving Hovey has denied "Jailhouse Rock the Musical" the right to use the theme song from the film and other Lieber and Stoller hits. It seems Lieber and Stoller, such great songwriters, do not have the guts to stand up to Hovey. Again, Lisa will lose huge income and the World will be a poorer place because the producers of the Musical have to substitute other Elvis songs that have no relevance to rock 'n' roll. The Show will still be GREAT but the World will be denied seeing "Jailhouse Rock" performed live on stage in "Jailhouse Rock the Musical".

To me great music is one of the wonderful attributes of humanity. Music and particularly Elvis' music brings a joy to life, hope, enlightenment and spiritual awareness. Just imagine what life would be without music. Try to imagine what your life, dear reader, would be like without Elvis. To deny brilliant producers, directors, choreographers, designers and singers the right to use Elvis' Music is a "crime against humanity". All Elvis wanted to do was to entertain, to make people forget about their problems and be moved by his beautiful voice, a gift from God, to a greater happiness and fulfillment in their lives. Hovey is destroying Elvis' music legacy and is a disgrace. By banning Elvis' music he is denying the World a quality of humanity which relieves stress and encourages feelings of goodwill, tenderness, kindness and love. I just hope that Lisa Marie reads this article and fires her uncle, Lieber and Stoller get some guts and the media expose this arrogant twerp! Also, while she is 'kicking ass' just like her dad used to, perhaps Lisa can get rid of Jack Soden.                      
Definition of 'twerp':
silly, stupid or contemptible person.

*Definition of 'humanity' from "Webster's English Dictionary": 1. The quality of being human; the peculiar nature of man, by which he is distinguished from other beings. 2. Mankind collectively; the human race. 3. The quality of being humane; the kind feelings, dispositions, and sympathies of man; especially, a disposition to relieve persons or animals in distress & to treat all creatures with kindness and tenderness. 4. Mental cultivation; liberal education. 

The pleasure provided by music is a very important characteristic of humanity (my words). This article's purpose is to expose Hovey to the Elvis World and International Media so, hopefully, he does not try to ruin any more exciting Elvis  productions. 


Plymouth Theatre Royal
Fri 20th February - Sat 6th March 2004

Mon-Sat Eves 7.30pm Thu/ Sat Mats 2.30p

Tickets :  01752 267222

Palace Theatre 

March 9th 2004
for two weeks

Tickets :  0870 - 4013000


Piccadilly Theatre
previews from March 26th
grand opening April 19th 2004

Tickets :  020 7369 1754
see map and directions

see details of Musical

Jailhouse Rock the Musical competition winners

The winners of  our competition to win tickets to see a preview show of the Musical and get a backstage pass are :

Johnny  Fairley, Lorraine Whitacker, Lorraine Pite, Jill Levack of Britain and Paul Kaijanen from Finland, producer of another Elvis musical: www.ccrider.tv.


Congratulations! I am sure you will love the show. You will be contacted by the producers of the Musical to arrange for distribution of your tickets in the near future.


Review of the WORLD PREMIERE in Manchester

I was honoured to be at the World Premiere Shows of  'Sing-a-long-a Elvis' at the Lowry in Manchester and the whole concept is just wonderful and the most fun Elvis Shows in the World. Just imagine 1,200 Elvis fans, many dressed specially for the Event, all on their feet, singing, clapping, dancing along to Elvis songs with words on a big screen in a theatre led by a compere, dancers and singers plus the winner of the GMTV Elvis contest, Heath Ashton. At the end of the first part of the show all the audience are on their feet singing along and  letting off party poppers as the final bars of  "If I Can Dream" are played. The atmosphere is electric and each person has a huge grin on their face, a great night's entertainment and at such reasonable prices allowing the whole family to participate.

The show gets even more interactive in the second part with members of the audience invited on stage if they are dressed up or dancing in a lively way. A "King" for the evening is chosen from the 20-30 people on stage and the winner is crowned while the rest of the audience give a blast on their tooters and wave their flags. The audience are given a bag with an assortment of special goodies to help them participate in the party atmosphere. On the first night the "King" was an Elvis look-a-like but on the second night a girl dressed as a "Hound Dog" was the winner, crowned and given Elvisly Yours souvenirs as a prize.

There is nothing like  "Sing-a-long-a Elvis". It is a unique experience unlike any other Elvis Show you will ever see and so much more fun. You are the stars of the show with everyone, yes everyone, all joining in together to celebrate and enjoy Elvis' music as one. It is like a religious revival meeting but instead of Jesus it is pure Elvis, pure fun and pure happiness. To forget all your problems and worries go along to the next "Sing-a-long-a Elvis". There are shows in Southampton, Hackney (London) and Blackpool then later in the year there will be a tour in forty venues. Full details will be announced for the Autumn Tour on our website and in future Cyber Newsletters.


Elvisly Yours has a "Suspicious Mind" about the latest press release from the notorious new Elvis Museum in Liverpool called "Fingerprints of Elvis".

A recent press release, to coincide with Valentine's Day, encouraged fans to visit the Museum to see the "Partner's Cross" which was supposedly owned by Elvis and another given to Priscilla Presley to cement their love. Amazingly this piece of jewellery, of which no one I know has ever heard, is apparently insured for £1 million. Since jewellery that actually belonged to Elvis Presley sells for usually no more than $20,000.00-$30,000.00 I just cannot believe this ridiculous valuation. Even Elvis' jumpsuits only fetch a maximum of  $100,000.00 at auction and many do not even reach their reserve price so why would a piece of unknown, disputed jewellery be insured for £1,000,000.00?

The Museum press release stated :  "The cross was perhaps the closest material item to Elvis' heart ­ one of just two crosses he had made for Priscilla and himself. Even after their traumatic break-up the 'King' always treasured his cross and kept it close by his side ­ he couldn't bear to be parted from it. He must have gained some comfort for his broken heart from it in the difficult latter days of his life."

To quote Larry Geller, one of Elvis' closest friends who was with Elvis most of the later years of his life : "The 'Partner Cross' is pure, unadulterated BS!  No way!  Sid, when it was over, it was so over". 

Another fan got a quote from Marty Lacker, Elvis' co-best man at his wedding, who said, "It isn't true, once Priscilla was gone, she was gone and Elvis did not want to get back together". 

I was invited to the opening of the "Suspicious Prints of Elvis Museum" at my own expense. I went around the Museum to offer my ideas and thoughts, suggest any amendments and find any faults, all for free and just to help as someone with an extensive knowledge of Elvis. Elvis' stepbrother, David Stanley was there for the opening as their special Elvis consultant. I was at the Elvis Museum for two days but the manager, Jerry Goldman (any relation to Albert Goldman?), was too busy to meet me in that 48 hour period, except for one minute, after I had heavily promoted the Museum on our website and in our Newsletter. What I found in the Museum was quite shocking. There was a whole wall of Sun records but the Sun labels were copies, badly cut out by hand and poorly stuck over other 45 rpm non-Sun records. Many of the film posters were copies and not originals. The Mercedes which was passed off as Elvis' in fact belonged to Dr. Nichopoulos. Drum sets were from the rock 'n' roll era but not owned by Elvis as indeed were many other artefacts. 

The Museum gift shop had bought a number of our products to sell, including a book by David Stanley called "Life With Elvis". David had been in Blackpool for the 25th Anniversary signing many copies of this book for the fans at our Convention and receiving royalties from us. David shockingly demanded the Museum take HIS book off their shelves because he told the Museum there were lies in the book and his later book told the "truth". Elvisly Yours has sold "Life With Elvis" for 16 years and until I had this bombshell from David I always believed the book to be an honest insight into life with Elvis, as told by a stepbrother. Not only did they take that book off the shelves but also books by Bill Burk and other books from Elvisly Yours sold on a 'Sale or Return' (SOR) basis. This means the Museum would not have to pay for these books unless they were sold. I wish all the merchandise we sold was on such a basis, as there is no risk. Alas, we have to pay for all the stock we buy. It is crazy not to put rare Elvis books on SOR in your shop with no risk attached. Some wonderful Elvis books were just left in their boxes in storage for seven months. The Museum would not return them to me after repeated requests so in the end I had to drive up to Liverpool and take the books back myself, almost £2,000.00 worth of stock. 

This Elvis Museum has about 20% of the retail shop dedicated to Marilyn Monroe merchandise(?), has a ghastly life size, hand painted wooden or plastic effigy of Elvis in the entrance and the worst Elvis logo in the world on much of the merchandise.

Their idea to commemorate the Anniversary on August 16th was to have a replica of Elvis' grave floating on the Albert Dock while a choir sang gospel songs ...how tacky and demeaning to Elvis can you get ? I told them it was an awful idea but they still stuck the replica of Elvis' grave on the pavement outside the Museum.

I have known David Stanley for twenty years, he has the 'gift of the gab' and is a convincing speaker. I was in Memphis when he called a Press Conference to attack Albert Goldman in the mid-1980s with a claim that he would sue Goldman over his nasty book. All the fans cheered him at the Press Conference yet some years later he co-authored a book with the notorious Albert Goldman. He keeps on changing his story about Elvis' death and more recently claimed Elvis had killed himself. I have given David the benefit of the doubt and supported him when so many famous people in the Elvis World, particularly family and friends of Elvis have been extremely critical of David, but no more. 

I have trusted him and sold his book for 16 years, helped in bringing him to England on two occasions, got worldwide publicity for him (for free) and treated him with respect and dignity only to find he has interfered with my sales contracts with the Elvis Museum, of which he is a very expensive consultant. The reason for the interference is because his book, "Life With Elvis" has some lies (in David's words). In future we will sell his book as a 'fantasy' and perhaps fans should write to David asking for their money back.

Uniting Elvis fans in America to fight EPE

I am getting more and more emails from Elvis fans, fan clubs and dealers in America asking for my help and advice about fighting EPE. Fans, promoters, fan clubs, family and friends have had enough and are getting more and more angry over the abuses of EPE who are harassing, nasty and vindictive. There is a complete Elvis monopoly in the States and EPE continually abuse their monopoly position and make legal claims over the use of Elvis' name which are unfounded and can be challenged in the US Courts. If Bill Gates of Microsoft was sued over his monopoly why shouldn't EPE be challenged over their monopoly of everything 'Elvis' in America? Elvisly Yours is the only Elvis organization to take on and defeat Elvis Presley Enterprises in the Courts and what we did in the UK can be repeated in America. 

I have had fans willing to write to their legislators in Congress and the Senate, contact the local and national media and unite together to fight EPE. It needs total commitment, hard work, guts, teamwork and it would help to have friendly anti-trust and trade mark lawyers sympathetic to the cause for the fight ahead.

I would be happy to act as a catalyst and mentor to help fans and fan clubs unite Elvis fans in America who really love Elvis and do NOT care about getting invited to the President's Lunch by EPE during Elvis Week. But, it is the dedicated American fans who must take this battle to them. I cannot fight the battle for you. Regard it as a Revolutionary "War of Elvis Independence". 

In my battles with EPE in the US and UK I was inspired by a story written by Sherry Daniels of California that although a fantasy highlights the evil of EPE and the goodness of one dedicated fan who wanted the legacy of Elvis to continue for future generations...it is called "Setting the Eagle Free"....

"Setting the Eagle Free" 
by Sherry Daniel

Any American Elvis fan, fan club or dealer who would like to join the battle against EPE in America should write to me sid@elvisly-yours.com and I will forward your emails to other Elvis Warriors...I like the name "Presleyites" because it evokes memories of the Israelites who wandered for 40 years to find the "Promised Land" and freedom; in your case freedom from EPE domination and harassment. Did you know, in London alone, there are SEVEN Elvis theme Restaurants but none in the USA ?

July 5th 2004

In our last Cyber Newsletter we mentioned plans for an "Elvis Moment in Time" when Radio Stations all over the World will be encouraged to simultaneously play "That's All Right" on July 5th 2004. 

Have you contacted your local radio station wherever you live in the world? So far there has been no reaction from the organisers in Memphis to our request to help, probably under instructions from EPE to have nothing to do with Elvisly Yours, even though our help and publicity will encourage thousands of Elvis fans to go to Memphis. But, what do you expect from the megalomaniacs at EPE who actually threatened the world famous travel agents, Thomas Cook that they could not promote Tours taking members of the Elvisly Yours Fan Club to Memphis. Thomas Cook were planning to promote the Tours through 400 branches and after the threat cancelled the promotion and Memphis lost $millions. 

To kick ass and get the organizers to start promoting "Elvis Day 2004" email : aturner@mcvb.or and mary@mcvb.org. Tell them Sid sent you and they better start rocking & rolling !!!

If anyone has written to the above sponsors of an "Elvis Moment in Time" please let me know their response.


The Elvis Express Independent Elvis Fan Club now has its own radio station which can be picked up on the internet and is recorded every Friday for one hour. Simply click on to www.elvis-express.com and follow instructions or click on the banner :

If you have problems accessing the show simply copy it from the website and listen at your convenience.

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A Bad "Elvis Experience"


In May 2002 I was approached by Paul Smith of the Elvis Fan Club to help with the promotion for a show called the "Elvis Experience" in Blackpool. He had recommended me to the promoter Michael Welch of Jamcat Music Ltd. Paul was going to do the disco at the Event at the Winter Gardens, Blackpool. But, they needed help attracting fans and the media to what was going to be an annual Show each year. 

We had a meeting in my offices in Watford and after a lot of thought I proposed a deal that was signed by Welch who was highly recommended by my old friend, Paul Smith. Welch knew nothing about Elvis or Elvis fans so he very much needed my input. I was to going to handle the promotion and Welch would be responsible for all costs of the event. I would get an agreed percentage of net revenue after he had covered basic costs. I was allowed exclusive rights to sell memorabilia. 

Not only did I do the PR but I got artists to perform at very reduced fees and persuaded David Stanley and his sponsor Rachel Harvey to join our Event. I was available to help Welch morning, noon and night and there would be daily desperate phone calls from Welch, even at midnight throughout the build up to the Show. I was happy to help because I was going to be part of a long term project gradually building the "Elvis Experience" to be the no.1 Elvis Show in Europe. 

There were so many Elvis events on in Britain that I had to think of a good publicity angle so I chose the "Elvis Wedding of the Century". I told Welch about this and it would be another marketing project as part of the overall expense of the Show. To reduce Welch's costs I tried to get as much sponsorship of the "Elvis Wedding" as possible. I got the hall for free, the stretch limousine free, hotel, wedding and expenses in Las Vegas free but although I tried could not get the tickets sponsored. The tickets cost about £1,250.00 but that was the cheapest PR investment probably in UK history. We had BBC, Sky and RI:SE filming the wedding LIVE, plus Granada Reports TV, BBC Look North-West TV and even Russian State TV. Also, there were five radio stations and twenty press photographers from major photo agencies and the national press. You just cannot buy such publicity, worth £millions and all because of my simple idea of arranging a wedding at the "Elvis Experience" and flying the winning couple immediately to Vegas to get married again on August 16th, the 25th Anniversary.

But, at the 11th hour Welch said he could not pay the airfares because he had no money left. I had an option to cancel the event and all that publicity or lend Welch the money and get it back from the proceeds of the show. I paid for the tickets and trusted Michael to pay me back. We had worked closely together on a daily basis and I trusted him. The Wedding was a huge success and the winning couple Juliet Massey and Dani Leighton were just perfect. The officiator of the Wedding was Mark Leen, the Emerald Elvis who was brilliant. All the publicity was for the "Elvis Experience" and Elvisly Yours hardly got a mention. I did no interviews even though I had arranged all the marketing because I was too busy making sure everything went smoothly. The publicity for the "Elvis Experience" was unbelievable and went worldwide. We made every TV and Radio News broadcast in Britain plus half pages in the Sun, Express, Daily Star and hundreds of other papers. I was delighted and Welch was equally thrilled. Our Show, the "Elvis Experience" was now a worldwide name and we could plan for the future. Welch told me he had lost money at the Event, although I did not see his books. In good faith, to help Welch, I said I would take the money for the tickets and press cutting service I ordered from a later show and Michael thanked me and shook my hand.

But, I was cut out of future shows. I found that Michael was going ahead with the Elvis Experience 2003 without me. He had also cut out and only paid a pittance to the musical director of the 2002 Show, Yoev Romem who also did all his web work. Also, Paul Smith was not paid anything for running the discos for two nights. I tried to meet with Welch but he was too busy for six weeks then offered me a deal to work for nothing on the 2003 show and if he made a profit he may pay me something. Sadly, I did not put in two key words into our initial agreement "future events". Consequently, even though he swore to me that I would be a partner and would work together for the "Elvis Experience" sharing in the revenue and profits, I could not sue for loss of profits.

I never got paid for the tickets, nor press cutting service and I am stuck with many unsold t-shirts and posters from the 2002 event that I had hoped to sell at future shows. I am now forced to SUE Jamcat Music Ltd for the money for the tickets, press cutting service and unsold "Elvis Experience" stock. Welch is now claiming because it was my idea I had to pay for the tickets. 

I would ask that you do not book tickets for the "Elvis Experience" if he runs a show in 2004 in Blackpool because the promoter is not to be trusted. He has cheated Elvisly Yours, his musical director Yoev Romem and Paul Smith was badly treated. I will be speaking to other promoters to launch an alternative Elvis Show in Blackpool instead and look out for details in future newsletters and on our website.



The Elvisly Yours Statue was unveiled by Elvis' friend Charlie Hodge at the Baronial Suite in the City of London on September 27th 1981. 

Charlie was very worried about his personal security at the Event and that fans would mob him so we had to make 'special' arrangements. Charlie said he would sign autographs for the fans for only ten minutes. There were nearly 2,000 fans attending the two shows. We could not get Charlie away from the fans from the front of the small stage so we had only one option, to put Charlie behind the stage in a small room. We had to clear the hall then release Charlie who was not very happy being locked in a broom closet for twenty minutes. 

The Russian Elvis...Rafik 

In 1989 we organised a very successful PR campaign that we called "Presleynost". We found the biggest rock 'n' roll fan in Russia, took eleven months to apply for a visa and took him to visit Graceland. 

In 1990 we followed up with a project we called "Presleystroika" with the Russian Elvis, "Rafik". He had the best voice I have ever heard and was an opera singer with the "Leningrad Rock Opera". He could not speak any English and learned all Elvis' songs phonetically. He applied for a US visa in his home town (now named St Petersburg) at the US Consulate but was refused. This was the same week a delegation of Memphis businessmen were in the city of  St Petersburg, Russia. He even came to Britain hoping to get a visa in London but again was refused. He was filmed by four TV News crews here and CNN even went early in the morning to film him at the US Embassy expecting him to get the visa. Again he was refused and told to go back to  Russia and apply again. Our fan club left for Memphis and still we tried with pressure from the World's media but always the answer was no. I was told he had to get a US work permit even though he was not going to sing, just visit Graceland. It took almost a year to get the work permit and finally he joined our Tour in October 1991.

We arrived in Boston and our tour group went through immigration but the US officials refused me permission to stay with Rafik. They sent me away and got a Russian interpreter. They kept Rafik for ages and even though he had all the necessary papers they did not believe he was the 'Russian Elvis'. All other passengers had cleared immigration and Rafik was left there with all the immigration officials crowded around him. They said he had to prove he could sing before they would let him into America. Remember, Rafik is an opera singer and with all his heart and soul sang "Love Me Tender" in the Immigration Hall of Boston Airport and was clapped and cheered by all the officials who duly stamped his passport and let him in to the USA. He is probably the only person in US history who had to sing his way into America.

In our next Newsletter Rafik's story will continue with the nightmare scenario when he tried to get back into Britain...

Charlie's Story

Charlie Hodge loved Elvis more than anyone and was the only guy to have his own room at Graceland. Charlie never has anything bad to say about Elvis so I said "surely there must be something that Elvis did that made you mad" and he recounted this story...

Charlie had a date with a gorgeous girl and he decided to take her way out of town for dinner in the hope that Elvis would not bother him. He picked up his date and drove to a far away restaurant. As usual Elvis needed to know where the guys were just in case there was an emergency.

The date was going great and they were about to start dinner when suddenly there was a message that Charlie had to get back to Graceland right away. You don't say 'no' to Elvis Presley so Charlie made his apologies to the girl, said he'd be back as soon as he could and drove at great speed to Graceland. He rushed into Graceland, into the TV room where Elvis was sitting and while trying to catch his breath Charlie asked "what's wrong ?". Elvis then replied, "change the TV channel Charlie"..... 


Elvisly Yours statue of Elvis 

Rafik (Russian Elvis) on stage

Rafik at Graceland

Charlie Hodge on stage with Elvis

includes a thesis by Sid Shaw, DisGraceland and 21 more papers by experts in the Elvis World 
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