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April  2004


Scroll down for review of 'Official Opening' and party for "Jailhouse Rock the Musical"

OUR 'Elvis Moment in Time'


50th Anniversary of Rock 'n' Roll

Biggest Elvis Event
in UK History

July 5th 2004 and it's FREE

July 5th 2004 will be the last worldwide celebration for Elvis. It will be the 50th Anniversary of Rock 'n' Roll commemorating the day when Elvis recorded his first record 'That's All Right' in Sun Studios on July 5th 1954. The 25th Anniversary of Elvis' death on August 16th 2002, was massive but July 5th 2004 will be even bigger. It will be called an "Elvis Moment in Time" when radio stations all over the world will simultaneously play "That's All Right" at  5pm in the London (11am Memphis time).

Elvisly Yours will have 50 Elvis impersonators all dressed for this historic occasion outside our shop at 233 Baker Street, London NW1 at 5pm singing "That's All Right" on a double-decker open top bus, then driving through the West End in one giant, moving Elvis Karaoke Party and at the same time collecting money for the "Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre" for Cancer Support. We want thousands of fans, students, tourists and office workers on the route to the West End singing along to "That's All Right" and a medley of Elvis numbers and then there will be a competition to find the best Elvis in a location to be announced.

We want the UK celebration to be the biggest and best in the world !

Be part of history, finish work earlier or take the day off, come straight from school or college, catch a bus, boat, train or plane and share your love for Elvis Presley on July 5th 2004. It is going to be a glorious, historic musical celebration for Elvis Presley and a day you will be able to tell your grandchildren about. Bring along all your family and friends and tell them to pass the word to encourage their family and friends to join in history being made for our man, Elvis.

July 5th 2004 5pm, 50th Anniversary of Rock 'n' Roll
Elvisly Yours, 233 Baker Street, London NW1


We are looking for 50 (fifty) Elvis Tribute Artists to become part of history and support our 50th Anniversary celebration of the music of Elvis Presley…50 years of Rock ‘n’ Roll…hence, 50 tribute artists to help raise money for cancer support. 

All Elvis Tribute Artists that attend this historical occasion on Monday July 5th will be given a FREE page on the Elvisly Yours website with photograph(s), details for booking their act with contact numbers and advertising of their events. There will be further publicity given on the Elvisly Yours Cyber Newsletter published each month on the Internet. The Elvisly Yours website is the most popular Elvis website in Europe with thousands of hits each week and the Elvisly Yours Cyber Newsletter is read by over 500 Elvis fan clubs and Elvis websites around the world and tens of thousands of Elvis Presley fans.

£5,000.00 prize for the best Elvis Tribute Artist
There will be a competition to choose the very best Elvis Tribute Artist (ETA) on July 5th 2004 after the “Elvis Moment in Time” and the winner will get a contract to receive a minimum of £5,000.00 to perform ten shows (£500.00 personal fee per show) at a new venue in London, details will be announced on July 5th. TV, Radio and Press will attend the 5th July 2004 event. Remember, not only will each ETA be given extensive publicity on the Elvisly Yours website, but they will be get the chance to win a valuable contract and will be helping raise money for a Cancer Charity. In addition, Elvisly Yours will help the winner achieve National and International media coverage.

We only want professional and semi-professional ETA's to be onboard the double-decker London Bus. They must be dressed in a professional jumpsuit, gold lame suit or '68 Comeback leather outfit. In the first instance, please send me an email agreeing to attend our 'Elvis Moment in Time' to:  sid@elvisly-yours.com  with brief details about you and where you have performed. We are looking for ETA’s from anywhere in the world and welcome any race, colour, nationality or religion to help make July 5th 2004 a day to remember in London. It will be the biggest Elvis Event anywhere in the world outside Memphis.

N.B. Elvisly Yours have been working on a major worldwide project that could give opportunities for ETA's in the UK for years to come. Only ETA's that support our Celebration of Elvis' music on July 5th for the 50th Anniversary of Rock 'n' Roll will be considered for this project and the winner, of course, will get a £5,000.00 contract and worldwide publicity.

"Jailhouse Rock the Musical"
Review of 'Official Opening' and Party, April 19th 2004

Please scroll down...and


We would have loved to have written a full report on the 'Official Opening' April 19th of  'Jailhouse Rock the Musical' and the special party after but we weren't invited. We would have written about the reactions of the media and the audience of celebrities. We would have interviewed the guests so that all the tens of thousands of Elvis fans around the world who read this Newsletter would have got a feel about what an opening night was like for an Elvis Musical. We even delayed this Newsletter to report on the Grand Opening. We have been extensively promoting the Musical  for FREE since July 2003 when no one else even knew it was happening. Each month we featured new details about the show in our Newsletters and on our website. We have been supportive throughout when the producers still could not get rights to use the songs of Leiber & Stoller, particularly "Jailhouse Rock". Perhaps you could use your own imagination and fill in this unfortunate gap in our Cyber Newsletter. 

Elvis Presley's Scottish Ancestry

They say from small acorns grown great oak trees and so it was with the story about Elvis's ancestry being traced to Lonmay, Scotland. What started out as a simple PR idea by the Aberdeen and Grampian Tourist Board became a worldwide story...such is the power of the name "Elvis Presley".

What a likeness-Andrew Presley 
to his later heir Elvis Presley ?

Allan Morrison author of the 
book, the "Presley Prophecy"

Allan Morrison had met Bill Burk in America, actually in Florida and not Memphis. He read his book "Early Elvis, the Tupelo Years" and was intrigued by Bill's mention of Elvis' Scottish ancestry. Being a Scotsman and an eye for a good story Allan started to do his own research. The mythology was that Elvis' family had derived from Paisley in Scotland and that somehow Paisley became Presley over time. It was common for emigrants to the USA to adopt the name of their home town. Click here to order Bill Burk's book Tupelo Years.

Allan spent six years researching the Scottish ancestry of Elvis Presley and traced the family to an Andrew Presley who married Elsbeth Leg August 27th 1713 at the Lonmay Church in  Aberdeenshire. It was Andrew's son, also called Andrew, who was forced to flee Scotland in 1745 at the time of the Jacobite Rebellion and went to the Americas to settle in South Carolina. It is Andrew Presley who was Elvis Presley's long lost relative. Public records prior to 1700 are very had to find so it was not possible to trace the Presley's back any further. Allan has speculated that going way back in time Elvis original ancestors were probably Vikings, particularly in that area of Scotland where there were many Viking raids and settlements established.

I had the pleasure of meeting Allan Morrison in London when he was a special guest on the "Richard and Judy Show" and I was invited to appear to discuss his wonderful, new discovery. It was a pity that another guest, also in the interview, was a jerk and making fun of Elvis. This guy was a 'miserable sod'. In the Television Studio you have to sit for several minutes on the couches waiting for the interview to start. In that time this guy did not say one word to us, looked like a tramp and was as nervous as hell. Then it was "lights, camera, action" and he suddenly became animated and instead of treating it as a serious discussion was making childish jokes, e.g. the best Scottish news since the Crankies. He left without saying a word to either Allan or me.

The "Presley Prophecy"

I asked Allan why he had gone for publicity now when his book, the "Presley Prophecy" was not yet published. He said he got an early morning call from an Ian Hainey in the Aberdeen Tourist Office when some information had leaked about Elvis' Scottish ancestry. Ian had rented a jumpsuit, picked up Allan and drove to Lonmay where he invited a few press. This simple idea was picked up on TV, Radio and Press all over the world, even by a twit called "Todd Morgan" at Graceland, who according to newspaper reports threatened little Lonmay that they can't use the name "ELVIS". Perhaps the twit forgot I defeated EPE Inc in the UK Courts and anyone can now use the name Elvis Presley in this country. Allan's book should come out in August and is fiction but based on the facts surrounding Elvis' ancestry. Look out for details about the book in the near future on www.elvisly-yours.com and we will be publishing the research papers that Allan kindly loaned Elvisly Yours. 

There is now an Elvis tartan but the producers of the tartan must be poor businessmen because I phoned the company immediately I heard the news and they have never bothered to return my call or send an email even though I could give them free publicity to thousands of Elvis fans in Britain and around the world.

We will keep you informed of new developments about the Scottish Elvis Story as it unfolds, special events and when the book, the "Presley Prophecy" is published. 


$5,000.00 to use the name Elvis Presley

We have been informed by Elvis fan clubs in Canada and America that Elvis Presley Enterprises demands they pay in advance $5,000.00 to use the name "Elvis Presley" to promote their Elvis Shows even if 100% goes to charity. In future there will only be shows called the "KING" and the name Elvis Presley will disappear from the entertainment world. How stupid can they get at EPE ? Why don't fan clubs sue them in the US Courts to get their Elvis back from these maniacs who are destroying the Elvis World? The name Elvis Presley to describe a show is only descriptive and is not an infringement of the trade mark "Elvis". I am sure there is one decent lawyer in the USA who loves Elvis Presley and can take out a lawsuit against EPE on behalf of US Elvis Fan Clubs and challenge this ridiculous abuse of monopoly power. EPE Inc must be stopped now before they destroy all that is good in the Elvis World...a world filled with love, hope, kindness and universal companionship and now there is greed and fear !!!

Lisa you are killing your father's music legacy...

We have heard from many sources in Memphis and insiders that Lisa Marie now calls all the shots at EPE. In other words, if Hovey wants to prevent a show using Elvis' songs or an Elvis fan club is threatened with legal action because they want to call their charity show "Elvis" then they must get permission from Lisa Marie Presley. If this is true it means Lisa is killing the music legacy of Elvis Presley, her father and she should hold her head in shame.


All Elvis fans around the world who read this Cyber Newsletter should make sure to contact there local radio station and tell them to play at 11am Memphis time on July 5th, "That's All Right ". Also, tell them about our huge promotion in Britain on July 5th with 50 ETA's all singing the song at 5pm London time on top a double-decker bus.

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In past newsletters and on our website we have described how we were cheated by Michael Welch of Jamcat Music Ltd over the "Elvis Experience". He is now facing a lawsuit and trial on June 4th 2004 at the Watford County Court. Sadly, because I was too trusting and did not make a long term written contract I could not sue for loss of profits from later shows. Even though we had a verbal agreement to work together for years it was not put in writing and is difficult to prove in court. All we can do is sue for the return of the airfares to Las Vegas for Juliette and Dani and some other expenses. Michael King will be a witness for us at the trial and he is also in the process of suing Jamcat Music Ltd. Not only did Michael not get paid for the shows in 2002 and 2003 but he even had to pay for his hotel room, even though Welch got the rooms for free as part of our marketing deal. If anyone knows of the whereabouts of Yoev Romem please contact us. Yoev was the producer and musical director of the show in 2002 and he was also cheated by Welch.


In Memory of Bobby Day 
and Leighton Sommors

It is a very rewarding experience going through old photos and files as you come across some wonderful snaps that bring back great memories.

Two dear friends who sadly died in 1998 and 1999 were Bobby Day and Leighton Sommors. Bobby had seen a feature in Elvisly Yours about the Russian Elvis, Rafik who I discovered in St Petersburg and eventually brought him to London then took him to Memphis. I had got a free jumpsuit, 'Burnin' Love'  style, for him from a manufacturer in the States and Bobby ended up buying nine jumpsuits from them and starting a career as an Elvis impersonator. 

Bobby's real name was Bobby Garrard but he had applied for the Elvisly Yours Card under his stage name "Bobby Day". He was refused by the Bank because they could find no record of a Bobby Day at his address. Since Bobby had helped promote the card at the Trocadero he was upset and I said I would try and get him a card in his stage name. The Bank, after my persuasion, eventually  gave him a card for "Bobby Day" and he was delighted. Sadly, two weeks later at the age of 41 he died from a heart attack, this was the same age as his father and grandfather had died. Bobby was a real nice guy and was always very accommodating and helped Elvisly Yours on many promotions and in return we helped him and his career blossomed.

Leighton Sommors was the greatest Elvis look-a-like in history and was such a warm, gentle man who never let his amazing looks go to his head. He was a very down to earth man who always told me he was the same age as Elvis and I did not believe him. But, when he died I discovered from his wife that he was born February 1935 but he looked so young for his age. I had told Leighton to come down from Manchester where he lived when I was at the High Court fighting EPE. He came and as a result got worldwide publicity and his career simply sky rocketed. I did not want to offend the Judge in the trial nor wanted the media to know so he hid in the court buildings while the Trial was going on. After the adjournment on the first day I came out of the High Court to talk to the TV and Press and who was alongside me, Elvis (or rather his spitting image, Leighton). The media loved it and we were photographed together...me and Elvis and photos went all over the world.

Sadly, Leighton also died from a sudden heart attack in his son's arms and I lost two dear friends in a short period of time but I am sure they are with our Elvis in "Blue Suede Heaven".

In memory of Jim Kingsley & 
Aunt Loraine

After I was sued by EPE in 1985 I had few friends in America in the Elvis World,  particularly among Elvis friends. Many were too scared of EPE and kept their distance from me and did not even offer verbal  support. One of the 'close' friends even  criticised me at fan club gatherings during Elvis Weeks. Two people had always stood by through all my problems  with EPE in America and they were Jim Kingsley and Aunt Loraine. Jim was one of the nicest guys I ever met associated with Elvis. He would always come to our hotel to meet the fans on our Memphis Tours and recounted wonderful stories about life with Elvis in the early '60s. He did not want to be part of the Memphis Mafia and instead  built his own career as a stunt man. Jim had cameo parts in Elvis' movies but his real love was working as a stunt man and he eventually became president of the Stuntman Union in the States.

Aunt Lorraine was one in a million. Elvis just lover her to bits as she was so full of life. She would always go to the airport to greet our Fan Club Tour and give each fan, as they got off the plane, a kiss and a rose that we had pre-arranged with her. After such a long journey to be met by Elvis' aunt with a kiss and a rose was something that always appreciated by the fans. Loraine would always go to the hotel to meet the fans at our parties and go with us to night clubs dancing the night away with everyone. You would see her wheeling handicapped fans around the dance floor to country music in the local clubs. Sadly, she died from a heart attack just 9 days after we left Memphis on the tour in 1988 and I believe she knew she would die because she was in tears as the fans said their goodbyes, something she never did before and made comments about not be able to see them again. She was always a good friend to me and someone who always brought a smile and created fun for everyone around her. She did spell her name with one 'r' just like Harold Loyd only used one 'l' and such spelling is common in the South.

Bobby , Eileen Weston and 
Leighton at  Elvisly Yours' shop Trocadero

You can now apply for the Elvisly Yours MasterCard online

Me and Elvis (Leighton) in taxi
outside the High Court 

Jim talking to fans on Elvisly Yours
Memphis Tour 1982

Richard Davis, Bena Monfee, Sid & Jim

Boyfriend Bill, Loraine and Sid when they took me out for a rib meal

Aunt Loraine at Memphis Airport

includes a thesis by Sid Shaw, DisGraceland and 21 more papers by experts in the Elvis World 
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