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Cyber club   

       Newsletter 21


August  2004



Our dear friend Al Dvorin was killed in a motor accident on August 22nd 2004 on a small back road between Palm Springs and Las Vegas. Although Al was 81 years old he had the mind of an 18 year and was so witty, so sharp, so endearing to everyone he met. He always told me not to mention his age and if pushed to say 70. He thought saying he's 81 was bad for business because people would think he was too old to perform and perform he did perfectly each and every time he was asked to appear on stage at Elvis Events, Conventions and to the media. 

Photos by Paul Gansky

It was if God called Al to be with his wife Bernice he had just lost to cancer, Elvis and his dear friend Colonel Parker. Fate took his hand and for a split second he apparently took off his seat belt on a winding road in the desert. Al was a big man and felt uncomfortable so he was trying to adjust his seat belt. As he undid the belt his dear friend Ed Bonja (Elvis' official photographer) who was driving looked to see what Al was doing, took his eye momentarily off the road and lost control and went over an embankment with the car rolling over. Al without his seat belt was thrown from the vehicle and was killed instantly. Ed had his seat belt on and although injured survived and raised the alarm. Al was like a father to Ed and he is heartbroken...that split second was all it took and if Al would have waited even for a second he would still be with us. It was truly fate and we have lost a dear friend and the world its greatest Elvis historian. If you read all the wonderful tributes to Al on the official Tribute pages of the Chicago Sun-Times you start to realise how many people he touched. You were always made to feel appreciated and wanted by Al, that he cherished your friendship and you were special to him. He was the same way to everyone, calling fans, friends from his Elvis days, people he had known even briefly and was always funny, charming, thoughtful and so full of life. 

He had finally, with his grandson's help from Israel, managed to master one computer skill and that was to send an email. I was lucky to receive two emails from Al, just weeks before he died and the last phone call was just before August 16th when he told me about his trip to Vegas and Palm Springs and how he was looking forward to the shows. He loved to be on stage recounting his endless stories about Elvis and his life. He was one of the world's great story tellers with a voice that entranced you. There was something very soothing and reassuring  about his voice and listening to Big Al, as he was known. He had one of those voices that always held your attention. I always begged him to tape all his memories of his life with Elvis and produce not only a book but "talking books" so that future generations would know the true history of Elvis Presley. Al was with Elvis for 22 years, almost from the beginning until the day Elvis died. He had sent me a fax of his memories of that fateful day entitled "THE DAY ELVIS DIED" then Al retired for twenty years from the Elvis scene finally to break his silence and appear at Elvis Shows and Conventions around the world enchanting Elvis fans with his stories.

We had planned to bring Al to England when the first "Elvisly Yours Restaurant" opened and to work with him opening other Restaurants around the world. We also talked about touring an Elvis Museum of all the artifacts he had collected from 1955 until Elvis' death in 1977. For eighteen months he kept on promising me he would send me a catalogue of everything he had in the collection but sadly, he never did. Perhaps his family would like to continue Al's legacy and one day exhibit his collection. I do not know whether Al ever recorded his memories on tape or in a manuscript because even some of the stories could make a wonderful book that would be cherished by not only fans but all the people ever associated with Elvis. Al was like a walking, talking Elvis Presley computer with a tremendous memory of all sorts facts and figures.

I received the tragic news from Ana of the Portuguese Elvis Fan Club on Monday morning August 23rd. I checked on the Internet for any more news but there was none, just a few comments on a an Elvis news group. I phoned the Press Association for confirmation and they could find no news but they contacted Associated Press in America who eventually confirmed Al Dvorin was killed. It took six hours before the newswires put out the story while the Elvis World was passing the news by email between tens of thousands of fans. It seems the 'elviswire' is much quicker than the 'newswire'. The Press Association Showbiz Editor Anita Singh put out the story late afternoon around the world and the media gave Al Dvorin the recognition he truly deserved. Read some of the worldwide Press Association releases : 
BBC and Scotsman.

Our deepest sympathies go to Al's family and this tragic time. His family recently lost Al's wife Bernice and now Al in such tragic circumstances. The outpouring of love and grief for the death of someone in the Elvis World is unprecedented since Elvis died. Please
add your tribute on our website "Al Dvorin Tributes". Of all the people I have ever met associated with Elvis Al Dvorin was the nicest, funniest,  smartest, kindest, warmest, sincerest and most honest. We will miss his warmth, his jokes, his laughter and his never-ending support. It was an honour to have known such a wonderful person. I still have his voice in my ears from his last phone call to me, about 12 days before he died, so full of life, so encouraging and appreciative.

Al Dvorin and Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc

Many of the tributes to Al stated he never had a bad word to say about anyone, but that is not true because he hated Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc. He had tried to sue EPE and BMG some years ago because he was never paid one cent for them using his voice over and over again. Musicians are entitled to royalties every time a song is played so why not Al Dvorin with one of the world's most famous catch phrases "Elvis has left the building". Alas, the law firm he used in Memphis charged him a fortune and did very little so he dropped the case. But, the greatest insult to Al was yet to come. He was invited to Memphis for the 25th Anniversary and at the Virtual Elvis Concert he was asked to go on stage at the end and say those immortal words, "Ladies and Gentlemen, Elvis has left the building, thank you and good night...". Al waited by the side of the stage as requested but was never called on to the stage and EPE used someone else instead to make Al's famous announcement, "...Elvis has left the building..". Al was heartbroken... what an insult to such a great man. Imagine what Elvis would have said or done to those jerks that run EPE (or is it ruin?).


We launched the Project for Elvisly Yours Restaurants on July 5th, Stage 1 and announced our spectacular plans in our last Cyber Newsletter. Since then we have attracted worldwide publicity in Trade Magazines Stage 2 and now we have started Stage 3, negotiating with potential investors around the world. The first Restaurant is planned for London, hopefully by late 2005 and it will be opened with Paul Lillie and Mark Leen, the joint winners of our ETA Contest held on July 5th at the London Trocadero.

Over the coming months we will keep you informed of developments and provide further information about "Elvisly Yours Restaurants" and answer your questions. We have had many letters and emails from fans in Britain and around the world asking whether the Restaurants will be in their city or country. While the current management control EPE in America I am afraid there will never be an "Elvisly Yours Restaurant" in the USA. Until Lisa Marie sells Graceland and EPE or sees sense and realizes what a lousy job Soden has done for 22 years and gets rid of him the same old monopoly will exist stopping such wonderful projects ever existing in America. The plan is to open first in London followed by Europe and Australasia.

We have had many fans asking if they could work in the Restaurants and even one of the ETAs in our Contest on July 5th is also a chef and it would be neat if we had singing Elvis waiters, waitresses and singing Elvis chefs. Until the first Restaurant is about to open we will not be looking for staff but you can be sure we will heavily publicise vacancies when we are ready because we only want the best people. Staff are one of the key attributes of any restaurant and at "Elvisly Yours Restaurants". We believe we will attract dedicated Elvis fans who will want to make the experience of dining in our Restaurants something that Elvis will be proud of as well as Elvis fans and music lovers. Elvis fans will be highly motivated and caring staff and imagine what a great place to work..."blue suede heaven"...a Restaurant dedicated to the memory of Elvis Presley!!

Sneak Preview of the Menu and Cocktail List

I spent one whole weekend going through the names of all of Elvis' songs and movies to design an amazing "Presleyised" menu and cocktail list. Everything will be themed with Elvis in mind and the menu and cocktail lists will become collectors items that fans can buy. The cover of  the menu will be in "blue suede" and embossed with the image of the animatronic 1950's Elvis that will be the entrance that visitors will go under to enter the Restaurant. Not only will Elvis move his hips and curl his lip as he says "thankyouverymuch" but we plan to have your name stated as you leave, "Ladies and Gentlemen, President John Kerry has left the building..." or John Doe, Mary Rose etc. It was Al Dvorin's voice we wanted to use as you left the building.

Here are just some of the great dishes and wonderful cocktails that will be served each day at the spectacular "Elvisly Yours Restaurants" : 


Queenie Wahine’s Asparagus
Asparagus Tempura ‘Hawaiian Style

King Creole Gumbo 

Creole Gumbo
Rock-A-Hula Oysters
Oysters ‘Rockefeller'

Stuck on You Spicy Chicken Wings
Spicy Bayou Buffalo Chicken Wings 
served with a cooling Salsa


Baked Kentucky Rain Chicken
with Elvii Chips and Polk Salad
Oven Fried Chicken cooked with Potato Chips 

King Burger Supreme
Prime Burger with a choice of Toppings with 
Double Trouble Slaw
100% Pure Beef, Char-grilled 
and served with Slaw,

Love Me Tender Steak
Pan Crushed Prime Rib Eye Steak with Glazed Shallots and Red Wine Jus Served with a House Salad

Latest Flame Catfish
Mississippi Fried Catfish Served on a bed of ‘Black Eye Peas’


Too Much Monkey Business
Banana Croissant Bread & Butter Pudding with 
Peanut Butter & Jelly

Are You Lonesome Tonight 
Knickerbocker Glory
Knickerbocker Glory Ice-Cream topped with Mississippi Mud Cookies


All Shook Up Ice Tea 
Tea (cold), Peach Liqueur, Strawberry Liqueur, Vodka

Aurora Pink Cadillac
Whipped Cream, Aurora, Cacao Liqueur            

Baby, I Don’t Care
Cranberry Juice, Peach Schnapps, Vodka 
That’s All Right Mama
Coconut Cream, Cream, Grenadine, Pineapple Juice, 
Dark Rum, White Rum, Old Navy Rum, 
Straw, Stirrer, Cherry, Pineapple Slice Flip.

Flip, Flop and Fly Fizz

Orange Juice, Champagne

Danish Elvis - George Palchev

Inside the King Creole Bar

After July 5th celebrations

You can read all about the great day we organised to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Rock 'n' Roll July 5th on our website www.elvisly-yours.com

On the day Deke Rivers kindly donated a prize of a new jumpsuit. The draw was by David Dias (Elvis Shmelvis Junior 2) and the first names he drew were two ETAs who did not bother to turn up on the day, the third name was his own Grandpa Shmelvis who kindly refused the prize and it was finally won by George Palchev, Danish Elvis. 

Here is a photo of George proudly wearing his jumpsuit made and donated by Deke Rivers. 

Deke now has an Elvis and Rock 'n' Roll Bar opened in Tunbridge Wells called the "King Creole" full details can be seen on www.thekingcreole.co.uk.

The bar features live acts, great cocktails and snacks and the ideal place for Elvis fans to spend a relaxing and enjoyable evening and receive a warm welcome from Jeanette and Deke.

73 Camden Road
Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Opening Hours : 

Mon-Fri 5.30pm-11.00pm 
Saturday 2.00pm-11pm

To find out what's going on or for directions please call  01892 614525 or mobile 0771 9132207


The "Fingerprints of Elvis Museum" has closed in its original format. Many of the Elvis artifacts are still in the Albert Dock in Liverpool and are on display for FREE with new pop memorabilia items. The majority of the collection is now being prepared for another project. The collection is now called the "Icons Shop and Elvis Exhibition"

ICONS SHOP AND ELVIS EXHIBITION Located on the historic Albert Dock, Icons brings together a fantastic range of merchandise from many of the greatest Icons in music and screen including Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe, Bob Marley, Audrey Hepburn and The Beatles, plus landmark films such as Lord of the Rings and Star Wars.   Shoppers can also experience the FREE exhibition featuring many rare pieces of memorabilia and personally owned items from one of music's greatest icons - Elvis Presley.  See Elvis' gold buggy which he used to travel around his Graceland estate, elaborate clothing and instruments and an extensive range of jewellery including his "Partner Cross" plus the only set of "The King's" fingerprints known to exist.   
Icons Shop and Elvis Exhibition is situated at : Unit 17, The Colonnades, Albert Dock Liverpool, UK.

Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE) & BMG discriminate against the Deaf and Hearing Impaired by not including closed-captioning !!!
June 22, 2004, EPE & BMG released two Elvis Presley DVD boxed sets in the USA 

Elvis: '68 Comeback Special Deluxe Edition DVD and 

Elvis: Aloha From Hawaii Deluxe Edition DVD.  

They are not closed-captioned for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired!!!

There are 28 million Deaf and hearing impaired in the U.S. and 3 million in Canada, not counting the seniors who will lose some or all of their hearing due to age each year. Many fans have deaf or hearing impaired relatives or friends and most will lose some or all of their hearing due to age, later, but would still want to continue to watch any videos including Elvis videos on TV and to understand and enjoy them.  That's what closed-captioning is for!!! Many Elvis videos on VHS &/or DVD have closed-captioning.  Press the button on your remote and see what the closed-captioning looks like.  For your information, all of Elvis feature films on videos expect "Charro" and "This is Elvis" are closed-captioned, which is really appreciated. Hearing impaired fans were so looking forward to see the two Elvis TV Specials with closed-captions so much, only to be slapped in their faces as they are not closed-captioned, even though campaigns were organised a year before to inform EPE and BMG. 

Closed-captioning is a process by which the audio of a television program or home video is converted into captions (similar to subtitles) which appear on the screen.  With closed-captioning television, the dialogues of the program of home video and television programs will be printed on the screen, enabling deaf and hearing-impaired people to read what they cannot hear.  Captions are only seen on television sets equipped with a built-in captioning capability since 1993 to the present. To include closed-captioning on any Home Video of any kind format with upper case, is not a hardship.  It is a $17 billion home video entertainment industry.  It is a goldmine! 

In Memphis hearing impaired fans aren't able to have full access to verbal communication at official functions, because EPE wouldn't provide a sign language interpreter.  It is indicated in their brochure that they do not have a service for the hearing-impaired and that fans should bring their own sign language interpreter . We have been informed that when Elvis did his concerts in Las Vegas, the proceeds from some of the merchandise sold during his Las Vegas concerts went to the School for the Deaf and Blind in Nevada. Also, when he was in New York City, he met a reporter with a deaf child, and he took time with that child.  It showed that Elvis did care about persons with disabilities and it was hoped Graceland and EPE would continue this legacy.  It is a real slap to their faces that EPE would treat any deaf and hearing-impaired that way. 

For more information or questions, contact taselvisfan@yahoo.com 

Ms. Theresa Anne Swedick (TAS) Elvis Fan and advocate for 100% captioning.

This is just another example of the meanness of EPE and sadly Lisa Marie Presley is doing nothing to address all the serious problems caused by her management staff.

For those the Gods are about to destroy 
they first make mad

In a previous Cyber Newsletter we tried to explain the crazy things EPE are doing to destroy the Elvis World and their own business. Nothing surprises me anymore with EPE including the latest bombshell for Elvis fans. One of the better ideas that came from EPE was to allow Elvis fans to use the email address "elvis.com" but now they are going to charge $21.00 a year or $2.00 a month for this original 'free' service. They first get the fans hooked on having their own email address with elvis.com then, I am sure, thousands of fans are stung with a charge. All Elvis fans should boycott this charge and change their email addresses. One wonders whether the 'free' service was just a scam to get a huge mailing list, followed by the sting when fans were hooked with their own unique Elvis email address?

Graceland and EPE are for Sale 
at $350 million ?

Rumours have started yet again that Graceland and EPE are for sale and the asking price is $350,000,000.00. Every few years these rumours surface and it is suggested that there is a Casino Group seriously interested in buying Graceland. If EPE Management believe the Elvis World will decline as the original fans die off they may be well pressurising Lisa to sell and take all that money. They sold off Elvis artifacts a few years ago, closed their only Elvis Restaurant and with so few fans in Memphis for the 50th Anniversary of Rock 'n' Roll and for Elvis Week 2004 I would not be surprised if Lisa's Scientology friends and management at EPE would like to take the money and run. We will let you know of  developments.


ELVISLY YOURS Competition Winner
Winner of the Elvisly Yours monthly draw is :
Catharina  Müller of Helsingborg, Sweden.

She wins the First Day Cover from Elvis' last Concert venue

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Banned 'KING and QUEEN" Issue

In 1981 the Elvisly Yours Statue was being sculptured by Jon Douglas and I wanted to announce to the world that "Elvis was coming to England". I tried to think of the most British institution we had to associate with Elvis and realised the "Queen" was the obvious choice but how to combine Elvis and the Queen? I had a brain wave to put the image of Elvis and Queen Elizabeth on the front cover of the 'Elvisly Yours' magazine. Little did I know what an uproar that would cause. I asked permission to use the photo from a photo agency called "Rex Features" and had the ideal photo of Elvis cheek to cheek with a co-star and simply superimposed the Queen's photo. 

The designer who produced the film for the artwork was very nervous about Elvis being so close to the Queen. It is British etiquette that you never touch the Queen, let alone have her image cheek to cheek with Elvis Presley. I had a big battle with him to move Elvis closer and closer to the Queen. Perhaps he thought he would be sent to the Tower of London. In those days the Royal Family were held in such high regard, but I did not think Queen Elizabeth would mind a great photo of her being used with Elvis. 

I sent a copy of the magazine to her with a handwritten letter explaining why we had used her image with Elvis. I never got an acknowledgement to my letter or thank you for the magazine, nor did I get beheaded or sent to the Tower of London.

We produced 10,000 copies of the "King and Queen" issue only to find our distributor could find no shops or wholesalers who would stock the magazine. They thought it was in bad taste but the only real complaints we got were from Elvis fans asking why was "she" on the cover of an Elvis magazine?  We had to change the cover and produced the same issue with a photo of Elvis from the movie "Kid Galahad". The price £3.95 (p&p £1.00 UK, £2.00 Europe, £3.00 USA & Rest of World).

Articles showing the cover of the banned Elvis magazine started to appear in the national newspapers. We asked to advertise them in these papers but were refused. But, I said you showed the cover so why can't we advertise it but they continually refused. Eventually a paper called the "Daily Star" allowed us an advert on condition the image of the Queen was blanked out. We have just a few copies left 23 years later and they can be sold in the USA. 
The price is £15.00
(£1.00 p&p UK, £2.00 EU, £3.00 USA).

ELVIS in Hungary

In the mid-1980's I decided to try and do Elvis business in Hungary after meeting a DJ of a Hungarian Radio Station who was visiting England. His name was Endre Barcs and he was a big Elvis fan and told me there was a big Elvis fan club in Hungary.

I flew to Vienna and then took the train to Budapest loaded with lots of Elvis memorabilia to sell as samples. On the train journey I had a meal on board that was excellent and asked for the 'bill'. Very few people in Hungary can speak English and instead of the bill I was given a beer. I tried to explain I did not want beer, just the bill and he called a colleague with better English. The second waiter brought another beer-two beers no bill. I asked to see the manager and eventually he said ah, you want the 'check', American for 'bill'. I got the bill but charged for two beers. Trying to explain I did not want the beers and to deduct them from the bill became too problematic and I paid for the beers.

In Hungary I appointed a translator for business meetings and set up a deal to barter Elvis souvenirs for Hungarian canned food. We would supply Elvis memorabilia for food and find a distributor in Britain to buy the food. I had several visits to Hungary and many telexes and phone calls but sadly the Hungarian Government then blocked the deal and that was that. 

Budapest is very beautiful, as was Vienna and it was a great experience. I went to an Elvis Convention and gave out copies of my book 'Elvis A King Forever' to several fans and Government officials. I have recently heard the book has been ripped off and a Hungarian version was printed some years ago. Now Hungary is in the European Community I can sue the Hungarian publishers, if I can find them.

Interestingly, the annual Elvis Conventions are held in fancy hotels with the men wearing dinner suits and the ladies evening gowns...why ? In the Communist days when Elvis first became popular only the elite in the Communist Party could afford the radio receivers to hear rock 'n' roll and they frequented the fancy hotels and that tradition exists until today. The general population were banned from hearing rock 'n' roll and Elvis for many years.

H3.  Banned Elvisly Yours Magazine No.2   
p&p UK1.00, Eu £2.00, Ov £3.00

Original Elvisly Yours magazine No 2
£3.95 each 
(p&p UK£1.00, Eu £2.00, Ov £3.00)

The album by Komar Laszlo is a tribute to Elvis in Hungarian and was given to me by Endre Barcs. Elvis' songs are in Hungarian.

Our book "Elvis A King Forever" has been illegally printed in Hungarian. We are now trying to track down the publishers.

J1. Elvis A King Forever


p/p UK £2.50, Eu £5.00,Ov £7.50

includes a thesis by Sid Shaw, DisGraceland and 21 more papers by experts in the Elvis World 
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