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Cyber club   

    Newsletter 22


September  2004


Wonderful Tributes to Al Dvorin    

I have been told there were over 1,000 people at the funeral of Al Dvorin and there were amazing tributes to him posted on the official tribute paper Chicago Sun-Times.

The tributes were wonderful with over 55 pages to date that read like a who's who in the Elvis World. There were many fan club presidents, tribute artists and people from the entourage and who performed with Elvis. The huge list included Ginger Alden, Patsy Andersen, Ed Enoch and the Stamps, Joe Esposito, DJ Fontana, Larry Geller, Myrna Smith, The Jordanaires, Sam Thompson, Linda Thompson, Ronnie Tutt, Sonny West and Kathy Westmoreland to name just a few. Reading through these wonderful tributes shows how Al touched so many people and how "he gave out love like he was giving out candy", as eloquently put in one tribute. Myrna Smith wrote a poem, Kathy Westmoreland a touching tribute and the only person from EPE to write was an ex-employee,  Patsy Andersen. There was no tribute from Soden, Priscilla or Lisa....shame on them, unless they have written private messages to the family, but don't hold your breath.

Just a few hours before he died, Al phoned his agent Kristy Royle and told her he had been put in hospital in Vegas for a day previously, suffering from exhaustion. He should have flown from Palm Springs to Vegas but for some unknown reason was driven and he was dreading the journey. Al told Kristy to make sure she had all his family numbers, as if he had a premonition. Throughout his life Al gave out so much love but sadly at his death his family were not united in grief. Al Dvorin was Jewish and in the Jewish religion there is a period of grieving called "sitting shiva". The closest relatives sit on low stools in the family home and other family or friends come to pay their respects usually for one week. Sadly, Al would have been heartbroken to know that his daughter had to sit shiva in his house while her two brothers, one a rabbi, sat shiva elsewhere. For a man that gave out so much love it seems his son, the rabbi, won't speak to his daughter even when their father had died. It may be none of my business but Al was so good, so kind, so caring, so forgiving, so loving it would be nice to think his legacy will continue through his children and the memory of his love will bring them back together. Without this forgiveness, by none other than a rabbi, I don't think Al Dvorin or his beloved wife Bernice will rest in peace.

I think there should be a memorial service to Al Dvorin in America so that at some future date family, friends and fans can gather to pay their respects to a truly great man. I don't recall ever seeing so much love shared at the death of someone closely associated with Elvis Presley.

  To the family and friends of Al Dvorin:

  In times like these, words are not enough to ease
  the grief of one so dear. We were with Al in Las
  Vegas August 13 and 14. He was in great spirits,
  even though we always knew how much he missed
  his lovely wife, Bernice. He always requested her 
  favorite song, SPANISH EYES, and would listen 
  with tears in his eyes. He genuinely loved his family
  and was so excited about going to Israel for his 
  grandson's barmitzvah, though his heart was heavy
  because Bernice wouldn't be with him.




 My dear friend, Al. 

 You have given me memories that will live  
 forever  in  my soul. There was never one day that
 you didn't brighten all of our spirits. Always 
 cheerful, peaceful, never once did I see you '
 frazzled' or angry. Just to see your face each day 
 made me happy. I am out of words...I love you, 
 and will miss  you here. You truly were one of the 
 most  "wonderful" ...(this word just doesn't quite 
 say it all)... people I had the good fortune to 
 know.  Although I cry today for you, just thinking 
 of you  will always make me happy.
 What a unique, special, brilliant, honorable man.  
 Thank you for your friendship.

 Kathy Westmoreland (CA )

 During the twenty two years that I worked for the  
  Estate of Elvis Presley, Al was always 
  accommodating and willing to help me any way 
  possible. He was wonderful to the Elvis fans and 
  always had a smile. Thank you, Al, for being 
 there  and sharing all the wonderful Elvis stories  
 with us.  Each and every time I hear, "Elvis Has  
 Left The  Building", I will remember you. Rest in  
 Peace, my dear friend. We love you.

  Patsy Andersen (Memphis, TN ) 

"Jailhouse Rock the Musical" rocks
on and on and on and on...

EPE tried everything they could to sabotage "Jailhouse Rock the Musical". I am delighted to say reports from the American producer Rene Sheridan are that the show is so successful in London it will stay here for years and discussions have started to launch the show in other territories, including Vegas, Japan, Australia and Germany. With all the aggravation EPE and especially Gary Hovey has given Rene over ten years, they have failed. Even though the Musical cannot use the song "Jailhouse Rock" the show is a huge success and every night there are standing ovations with the audience singing, clapping, dancing along to some other great Elvis hit songs. 

Leiber and Stoller have lost a golden opportunity to share in this huge success and God knows how much money they have lost in royalties. I am still cannot understand how two of the greatest songwriters in history would not want millions of people to hear their music. Will they go to their graves just remembered for denying the world the right to hear their songs performed in a stage musical of "Jailhouse Rock". What will Elvis say to them when they get to Blue Suede Heaven ? ...probably, "You're the Devil in Disguise" and "Return to Sender".

We will keep you informed of worldwide progress of the show  and if you haven't seen "Jailhouse Rock the Musical" yet...you must...its great !!     

 Book today at the Piccadilly Theatre, London.         Telephone now:  0870-060-6630

Elvisly Yours Restaurants

Negotiations have started with a number of potential investors in several countries to launch a chain of "Elvisly Yours Restaurants". This list includes some famous people in the Music business. It will take many months to finalize negotiations before we can find a location for the first Restaurant in Central London. Although we have had enquiries for some locations outside London but our plan has always been to have the inaugural and flagship "Elvisly Yours Restaurant" in London.

Special Features

Everyone has their favourite restaurant and a combination of features make a good restaurant. The food, the service and the atmosphere of any restaurant must be good if you want customers to come back time and again. For "Elvisly Yours Restaurants" there will be a rigid quality control structure making sure that the food is only fresh (not frozen and reheated), the service friendly and charming,  the atmosphere fabulous and the entertainment the best in town. Regular spot checks will be made to ensure customers have great food, great service and with everything 100% Elvis everywhere there  will be no problem creating a great atmosphere for Elvis and music fans. We will choose the best acts from Britain, Europe and hopefully the world. There will not only ETAs but blues, gospel, country and soul singing styles that influenced Elvis and were part of his musical legacy. There will be tributes such as Jackie Wilson, Brenda Lee, Bill Haley, Everly Brothers, Roy Orbison and acts that reflect the period when Elvis' career developed in the 1950's, 60's and 70's.

We want all of our customers to feel like kings (or queens) and that they are special to us. We will send customers a birthday card on their birthday, wherever they are from in the world. Ladies, will be given a rose after an evening meal, in appreciation of their visit as they line up with their partners or friends to be announced by name... "Ladies and gentlemen, Jane has left the building, thank you and goodnight" as they leave through the 25 feet high animatronic 1950's Elvis' legs.

The menu will be a collector's item and will be available for sale. It will be in "blue suede" with an 
embossed image of Elvis and the neatest names for dishes and drinks of any menu in the world. The menu and cocktail lists will feature names from many of Elvis songs and films. There will be Elvis wine, Elvis champagne, Elvis whisky and Elvis decanters, Elvis peanut butter, Elvis place mats, Elvis napkins and all will be available for sale in the unique "Elvisly Yours" gift shop in each restaurant as well as the standard t-shirts, key rings, posters and mugs. 

The 'ladies' will feature wonderful, sexy photographs of Elvis, giant size and the mirrors will also be adorned with even more images of Elvis. Every aspect of the Restaurants has been carefully thought out with Elvis in mind and that is why each Restaurant will cost 3 million to build and equip. That is  4.5 million Euros and about US $5.5 million, in case you win the lottery in the near future. So many  fans have asked to be the first in the line when the first Restaurant opens that fans will be lining up around the block for weeks and weeks.


The Welsh seaside town of Porthcawl is going Elvis Crazy on the weekend of October 1st-3rd. The whole town is supporting this fabulous Event with even the Mayor and Mayoress renewing their wedding vows in a special Elvis themed chapel, along with many other couples.

It is great to see a whole community behind such an exciting venture and there will be tribute acts from around the world. Fans who have read about Al Dvorin's sad death may know that he was with one of the ETA's, Kraig Parker in a show in Vegas shortly before he died. Kraig is a famous tribute artist in the States and is managed by Charles Stone who worked closely with Elvis, the Colonel and Al Dvorin putting on Elvis Shows from 1972-77. Charles' friend, Elvis fan club president Sandi Pichon has just released a new book "Raised on Elvis! Elvis! Elvis!" that has had wonderful reviews in the Elvis World and she will be in Porthcawl launching her book.

You can see the 'Black Elvis', Colbert Hamilton and 'Maltese Elvis', Martin who both supported our promotion to launch "Elvisly Yours Restaurants" on July 5th. Colbert and Martin both made the final ten places in our contest. Then there is Dave Riley, the Welsh Elvis and a dear friend, Linda Gail Lewis. If you haven't seen Linda Gail Lewis perform you don't know what you are missing. Her version of "Great Balls of Fire" is as good as her brother's, Jerry Lee. Linda Gail was performing with Jerry for years. In fact, her dear brother knocked her off stage in Memphis during a gig after she got married to an Elvis Tribute Artist so she started her own solo career and has never looked back. She is the greatest female rock 'n' roll artist in the world and just watching her fingers fly across the keyboards as she plays is a sight to behold.

There will be karaoke sessions, competitions and most of the events are FREE with over 30 different events in the town. A neat idea is a Welsh Male Voice Choir singing Elvis songs. Will they include "Green, Green Grass of home" and I wonder if Tom Jones will make an appearance?

Full details about all the events and all the participating acts and artists can be found on the official "Porthcawl Elvis Festival" website:   www.elvies.co.uk . You will find Porthcawl just off the M4 about half way between Cardiff and Swansea. It is the biggest Elvis Festival in Europe this year and promises to become an annual event that Elvis fans cannot afford to miss.

For those the Gods are about to destroy they first make mad

It just amazes me the stories coming out of Graceland and they get more and more curious. The latest bombshell is Debbie Johnson has quit Graceland and will leave early October. When I was at Graceland in 1982 when it first opened I was warmly welcomed by the general management. EPE were buying Elvisly Yours souvenirs to sell in their gift shop and there was a cute, petite secretary whose name was Debbie Johnson. I believe she was a secretary but in those days with everything so new everyone did all sorts of jobs. Somehow Debbie survived all the various upheavals at Graceland as more and more of the earlier Management team got fired, along with lawyers, a Trustee and then finally there was just Patsy Andersen, Debbie and Jack Soden from the original Management. Of course, Patsy was forced to resign because of the way she was treated by Soden who vastly underestimated her worth to EPE. Now we are told that Debbie was no.2 to Jack and she is off so that leaves just one person left from the original team, Soden. 

We are hoping and praying that Soden will be the next to quit EPE and that a decent, hard working, honest, astute, caring, friendly CEO takes over. We want someone who loves Elvis and really wants to protect his memory instead of ripping off the fans for their own personal gain. We will be singing "Glory, Glory Hallelujah.." with Elvis when Soden is finally kicked out or forced to resign from EPE.

Inside the King Creole Bar

King Creole Bar - the Elvis sign above the entrance


Deke Rivers now has an Elvis and Rock 'n' Roll Bar opened in Tunbridge Wells called the "King Creole" full details can be seen on www.thekingcreole.co.uk. Soon, a restaurant will be open in the basement and we will provide full details of the grand opening. 

The bar features live acts, great cocktails and snacks and the ideal place for Elvis fans to spend a relaxing and enjoyable evening and receive a warm welcome from Jeanette and Deke.

73 Camden Road, Tunbridge Wells, Kent, TN1 2QL

Opening Hours : 

Mon-Fri 5.30pm-11.00pm 
Saturday 2.00pm-11pm

To find out what's going on or for directions                  
please call  01892 614525 or mobile 0771 9132207


As we get more and more publicity around the world about "Elvisly Yours Restaurants" we are getting all sorts of Elvis Tribute Artists approach us from all over the world. We hope to run an occasional feature on the more unusual Elvis Tribute Artists that contact Elvisly Yours.

If you were at the Notting Hill Carnival in London at the end of August you might have seen the "Calypso Elvis". He actually calls himself "Soca Elvis" which is a term for Calypso Music in the West Indies. But, I said internationally it would be far better for his career if he were known as the "Calypso Elvis". He has a great voice and sings Elvis songs in a Calypso style. He is often supported by "Cyclops" a midget Rastafarian Elvis. I questioned "Calypso Elvis" if this was exploitation and he gave me a good answer that justified his working regularly with "Cyclops". 

He told me whenever he works with "Cyclops" he shares the booking fee and that is Cyclops' only real income so he is very happy to perform with him and apparently they have a great double act. We will certainly be booking "Calypso Elvis" at some future date and maybe his pal, "Cyclops".

The real name of "Calypso Elvis" is Michael Salloum and he is from Trinidad. His parents are from Lebanon, in the Middle East but Michael has a very strong Trinidadian accent. I am sure you will be hearing a lot more about Michael in the years to come. When he was in England there was a large feature about him in the Times newspaper

Graceland and EPE are for Sale 
at $350 million ?

Yes the rumours are still around that Graceland and EPE are for sale and the asking price is $350,000,000.00. Our sources are still stating negotiations are ongoing with one or more Casino Chains to buy out Graceland. Is the sudden departure of Debbie Johnson anything to do with these rumours? There has been very little information of why she is leaving. I wonder if Debbie has signed an oath of silence about her 22 years working at Graceland. She must have some great stories to tell about the inner workings of the most hated leisure operators in the world. We will keep you posted of any developments and if Debbie and/or Patsy want to write to me or phone "I am all ears"....

ELVISLY YOURS Competition Winner
Winner of the Elvisly Yours monthly draw is :
Miss Kathrine Jones from Ely, UK
she wins the 2005 Elvisly Yours Calendar


Jimmy Kingsley

I had very few friends in Memphis after I was sued by EPE in 1985. Fans, fan club presidents and some of Elvis' family and friends gave me a wide berth. Fans I had known for many years, meeting them each "Elvis Week" completely ignored me, such as Lee Lynch. I had even stayed as a guest at Lee's apartment in New York and she contributed to many of our charity drives. I will never know why because sadly Lee died. But there was one friend who always supported me and that was the one time President of the USA Stuntman Union, Jimmy Kingsley.

Jimmy was a true gentleman and I met him for the first time through George Klein who used to invite some of Elvis' old buddies along to meet the fans on the Elvisly Yours fans club trips to Memphis in the 1980's. A group of the guys would come along and just mingle with the fans at our parties. They were very informal and just a chance for fans to be one-to-one with a close friend of Elvis.

Jimmy was a twin and his brother has a son who is a Special Olympics Champion and Jimmy was so proud of his nephew. Through Jimmy I met Elvis' secretary, Becky Yancey who was a close friend of his brother. Becky would also meet the British fans and at the hotel we would always raise money for "Special Olympics" with all sorts of crazy games like "Elvis Musical Chairs". Fans paid to enter the competition and fight for the last chair and win a prize...blood was almost spilt watching grown adults rush for the nearest chair, fighting to sit down as Elvis stopped singing. Sadly, Jimmy took his own life in 1989 after his new, young bride of 11 days left him for a local drummer and instead of shooting her he shot himself. Jimmy was one of the nicest guys you could meet. Whereas most of the Memphis Mafia would sell all the presents Elvis gave them, Jimmy said he would rather die than sell anything so treasured. His lousy new wife kept the lot and would not give Elvis' gifts to Jimmy's family.

The Photos that Parker Banned on an Album

We were approached by an independent record company, "Everest", in the early 1980's to supply photographs for an album they were releasing called "Elvis in Hollywood". We supplied that great image of Elvis on one of our plaques and that was used for a gift box. In fact, it is my favourite photo of Elvis from the 50's. This photo was for the cover but on the back we had lots of movie photos from many of Elvis' movies and these formed a large collage of photographs.

The album was released with our photos and a credit to "Elvisly Yours". We were informed by the record company that Todd Slaughter had told Colonel Parker about our photographs and the Colonel immediately threatened RCA. Everest had to recall all the albums from the stores but some were sold and are serious collector's items now. The new album sleeve had the same front cover but the back was just a series of stars and no photos of Elvis.

Elvis Week 1987

This was going to be the biggest week ever for Elvisly Yours in Memphis because it was the first major anniversary, ten years since Elvis died.  We had negotiated an exclusive deal with Thomas cook, the world famous Travel Agency  to launch  joint tours to Memphis and they were going to take many media along to promote future Memphis Tours with  the Elvisly Yours Fan Club with big promotions planned nationally for 1988.

Jim Kingsley on right

Jim Kingsley on right, Sid, Richard Davis 
and Bena (1982)





50's Elvis image



EPE turned what should have been a great week into a "wake". Firstly, they won their Appeal in the US Court 
of Appeals in our Court Case. On the back of a Tennessee Judgement, EPE threatened the Chief Executive 
Officer of Thomas Cook that they could not promote trips to Memphis with Sid Shaw or Elvisly Yours. Instead 
of promoting the Tours through 404 branches Thomas Cook cancelled all promotions with us and just operated 
the tour through one store. Instead of taking thousands of fans each year to Memphis the city lost all that 
business and Graceland cut their own throats... what absolute idiots. We had about 150 fans on the August  1987 Tour and, of course, no media were invited. To add insult to injury the Thomas Cook Tour Guide got blind drunk at the airport as she was given a lot of drinks vouchers for fans because of a three hour delay at Gatwick and overdid it on the "free" drink. Maureen had to help escort 150 Elvis fans through customs, immigration and a change of terminal in Boston for an onward flight to Memphis, having had no previous experience.

There was  then an injunction against me in America that prevented me selling any of my Elvis souvenirs. 
I hired a film company to go around with me filming all the unlicensed merchandise in Memphis. All the other 
fans, fan clubs and dealers could sell what Elvis products they wanted including all sorts of bootlegs, but Elvisly Yours was banned by US Law from selling anything with Elvis' image on it. Since we could not sell souvenirs of the KING we sold souvenirs of the Queen. We had a room at the hotel called "Days Inn" and filled the room with all sorts of wonderful British and Union Jack products plus Elvis books and magazines that are protected by the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution. It is absolutely farcical that anyone else could sell unlicensed products 
except me. There were dealers set -up with car boot sales opposite Graceland, all selling completely unlicensed products.


includes a thesis by Sid Shaw, DisGraceland and 21 more papers by experts in the Elvis World 
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