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Cyber club   

    Newsletter 23


October  2004


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Paul Hyu, the Chinese Elvis with Elvises 
from the TV commercial for AOL Broadband

The fabulous new 50's Elvis - 
Donny Edwards

In Britain there are two massive TV advertising campaigns using  Elvis Tribute Artists and obviously the advertisers believe that Elvis really sells. "AOL Broadband" had 950 TV spots in just one week using Paul Hyu, the Chinese Elvis and an entourage of Elvises in the commercial. The one minute TV ad is quite good, but the shortened 30 second version is a bit confusing. I believe the basic message is you can download as much music you want on AOL Broadband, whatever your tastes. Paul Hyu with the entourage of Elvises sings "Suspicious Minds" and really shakes his 'stuff'.

The second advertisement is part of a £7 million advertising campaign by "Kingsmill" bread. It features Donny Edwards of Las Vegas and is described in the Ad Trade as a "mockumentary", a documentary style commercial, but really a spoof. "Kingsmill" should now be known as the "KING of bread" !

Donny is an exciting new discovery, a 50's Elvis, described by Al Dvorin as the closest he had ever seen to a young Elvis, with all the mannerisms, moves and characteristics of the early Elvis. 

The TV commercial does not show Donny singing but he was chosen at an audition from hundreds of ETAs in the USA that had applied to star in the commercial. Donny Edward's stage show has been so highly praised that we intend to invite him over to Britain as a special guest once the "Elvisly Yours Restaurant" opens in London.


Elvisly Yours Restaurants

Negotiations continue with a number of potential investors for a chain of "Elvisly Yours Restaurants" and this will be ongoing for many months for the first Restaurant in London. We have already had enquiries for the Restaurant in two major tourist locations in England, outside London. In addition we have had many enquiries about buying shares in the Restaurant Chain from fans and individual investors. However, we are not in a position to sell shares in the Restaurants at this stage. We are looking initially for investment partners who are already Restaurant operators around the world. It is very rewarding knowing there are many potential investors who realise the potential of our Project and maybe at some later stage when there are several Restaurants operating around the world we may consider floating the company to expand more rapidly but our main thrust is concentrated on opening the first Restaurant in London, others will follow with the success of the first Restaurant.  

We have had excellent PR coverage in Trade magazines and a recent feature appeared in the Caterer Magazine. This magazine is the most important and well read in the Catering Trade in Britain. One small mistake was Paul Lillie was described as the "Emerald Elvis", with apologies to Mark Leen. I had said that Paul Lillie and the Emerald Elvis jointly won the "Elvis" Contest to be the opening act at "Elvisly Yours Restaurant" but the magazine got their facts confused.

The partners featured in photo on the right (
right to left): 
Ray Hole of Furneaux-Stewart,  Simon Gillott of Intoto Design, Adrian Bates of Bates Guest Partnership, me and Barry Hilton,      with legal representation by Richard Penfold of DLA (not in photo).

Elvis estate is a boon that needs area boost

One of the most successful and well-visited landmarks in the City of Memphis is the Elvis Presley estate and shops in the Whitehaven community. It draws over a half million tourists annually. Elvis's home draws these tourists from all parts of the world and gives them an opportunity to understand the Memphis experience. However, because of the great success it has achieved, more could and should be done to be more community friendly and make some capital improvements in the areas surrounding their historic attraction. Yes improvements have been made, but it seems only for the direct benefit of the estate. There's nothing innately negative regarding making self-enhancing improvements, but being a bit more philanthropic will help Whitehaven as well as the Elvis estate to be more successful perceptively and financially. For example, couldn't there be a half-price day for school-age students, or a $1 day for seniors citizens? One of the area vacant buildings could be used to assist some not-for profit, 501c3 organization to teach computer skills, mentor young boys or provide etiquette classes for young girls. Endeavors such as these will also work to endear the community to the Elvis estate. Many Whitehaven residents have never visited the estate and have no plans to, because they feel alienated and disconnected from their vision. An effort of inclusion, that will involve different sectors of the Whitehaven community, will provide windfall profits as well as positive people production. (News Opinion, Source: Whitehaven Appeal)

This article was taken from the excellent website "Elvis Information Net". For all the latest news and special pages for Bill Burk's "Elvis World" see www.elvisinfonet.com. It is very sad that EPE do nothing for their local community. I have not been to Graceland in ten years but I always remember how run down the area was around Graceland with shops and restaurants boarded up just a stone's throw from Graceland. It seems nothing has changed in those ten years, yet Graceland surely employs local people and for all the hundreds $millions made over the years Graceland should help Whitehaven, I know Elvis would have helped.

For those the Gods are about to destroy 
they first make mad

Our regular feature about the bizarre antics of EPE

We just go on and on wondering about the antics of EPE. Since they could not stop "Jailhouse Rock the Musical" they copied the idea and licensed their own Musical called "All Shook Up" that was in one or two cities in the States, then Chicago before it opens on Broadway. Apparently it is a Musical Comedy. The biggest joke is the billboard advertising the Musical features an "Elvis" character that looks like "Peroxide Blond, Unshaven, Hobo Man". If you are promoting a Show with Elvis songs aptly named, "All Shook Up" why not feature an Elvis character that looks like Elvis ? The theme poster for the Show is awful, a sort of wishy-washy 'Grease' rip-off. How can EPE licence a comedy? They have absolutely zero humour. 

I think this Musical Comedy will go the same way as EPE's Elvis Restaurant and reviews so far have been very under-whelming. The Elvis music may be great but the story is apparently weak and insipid. Does this artwork inspire anyone to part with their hard earned money and don't you just love the peroxide wimp riding as a "passenger" on the girl's bike ? When did you ever see Elvis ride passenger on a motor bike ? But this musical apparently is NOT about Elvis and only has his songs. Perhaps one division of EPE has not licensed the other division to use the name, image and likeness of Elvis so they have had to use a peroxide blond, George Michael look-a-like instead.


      Charles in foreground doing security

Charles Stone and Kraig Parker in UK for 
Elvis Shows

I had the pleasure of meeting Charles Stone and Kraig Parker when they were in Britain in early October. They had come over as special guests of the Elvis Festival in Porthcawl, Wales. Charles is the manager of Kraig and considers him one of the best ETAs in America and decided to manage him just two years ago. 

Charles is like Al Dvorin, a leading person in Elvis' entourage, backstage producing Elvis' Shows for years but he never cashed in on his association after Elvis died. Charles was the Tour Producer for Elvis' Shows in the 1970's and was suddenly taken off a Frank Sinatra Tour to work for Elvis and the Colonel. Charles worked with Elvis until the last concert in June 1977. He was really the Colonel's right hand man on Tour and that meant being with the Colonel nearly all the time, especially in the Casino. He had to keep the Colonel company why he gambled away $millions. The Colonel gave Charles some chips to play along but even Charles would lose up to $1,5000.00 a night (in small chips) while one night the Colonel lost $1,500,000.00. Colonel Parker was like a father to Charles and he only has praise for him. All the stories you hear about the Colonel are from people who did not know him and the real story about the Colonel is yet to come out. He gave $millions to charity but no one really knows because the Colonel's philosophy was giving should come from the heart and not for seeking publicity. Charles hopes to eventually write the definitive book on Colonel Parker. Of course, Charles was a close friend of Al's and was with him shortly before Al was killed. He told me that it was a freak accident and all because Al took off his seat belt.

When someone reached the wrecked car and Al's friend and driver Ed Bonja, Ed asked where Al was and they found his body by the road 50 feet from where the vehicle finally ended up. Even though Al Dvorin had great dreams and plans in his life, especially related to Elvisly Yours Restaurants (he just loved the idea and all the designs), it seems that he was called to heaven to be with his beloved wife Bernice, Elvis, the Colonel and his many departed friends.

Kraig was at Hard Rock Cafe doing a free gig but Hard Rock Cafe had not contacted me to give me details of times. I just thought it was for the media and did not make an announcement through "Elvisly Yours" so fans did not know. Nevertheless, Kraig gave it his "all" as a true showman. You can see Kraig Parker perform regularly each week at the Hard Rock Cafe in Dallas, where he has a huge fan club and packs them in.

produced by Charles Stone

Charles recently hosted an Elvis Convention with Kraig Parker in Las Vegas and invited special guests including Al Dvorin who were all important figures in the career of Elvis Presley. A special documentary was produced with candid discussions about Elvis Presley from this unique group of people from the Elvis World. The documentary will appear soon on TV in America and then a special DVD will be distributed around the world. It will be one of the definitive documentaries on the life of Elvis Presley and we will give further information on our website and in Newsletters when it will air in the States and when the DVD will be released worldwide.


Below is a photograph of some of the people involved in the making of the documentary. Send us a list of names, from left to right, of all the people in the photograph. On November 15th 2004 we will draw at random a person who has correctly named the group and they will win our 2005 Elvisly Yours calendar (or if American "Elvis in Canada"). 

Send entries to competition@elvisly-yours.com



"Star", as he is known, is probably the most unusual Elvis tribute artist in the world. His tribute to Elvis is not renditions of Elvis' most popular songs but something much deeper and on another, "spiritual" plane. He has produced a series of CDs entitled "Touched by the King" that are tributes to Elvis Presley, based on an actual experience "Star" had in his studios regarding Elvis and Gladys Presley. The CD series is a combination of folk, blues, narration and even meditation. There are no "Elvis" songs but songs sung in an Elvis style and they reminded me very much of music I used to hear in folk clubs when I was a student.

The greatest inspiration, probably, for Star is the spirit of the North American Indian, in particular, "Chief Joseph". Star has a tribute to the Chief who was forced off his lands by the 'white' man and who died 100 years ago. If you want some unusual Elvis CDs to add to your Elvis collection and at very reasonable prices check out Star's website: 


For more information email his manager Mary Rose:  


Both Star and Mary are huge Elvis fans and they have suggested a special tribute to Elvis for the 70th birthday. To quote Mary from her last email :

"Lastly, but by no means least, as part of my earthly 'Vision & Missions' I have envisioned us (Elvis fans) linking up by hands round the Rose Garden of Regents Park (just up the road from yourselves!) on Elvis' 'birthday', i.e. 8th Jan & passing 16th Aug and by doing so hopefully send some healing energy to Graceland too!!"

If you would like to turn this nice idea into a reality contact Mary Rose and make it happen. I will probably be out of the country on January 8th but we will help in any way we can should enough fans show an interest in this idea for Elvis' 70th birthday on January 8th 2005, a Saturday.


Io Theatre Company, newly formed by the producers of the sell-out Cambridge productions, "The Winterís Tale" and "Romeo and Juliet", are pleased to announce their next production, "Graceland Asleep on the Wind". There are two short plays by Ellen Byron. The plays show how the lives of three very different people are influenced by their love of Elvis Presley. Highly comic and deeply poignant, the plays follow their close interactions and adventures in the name of 'the King' and the spirit he inspires in them. Elvis is the centre of their hopes, dreams and hardships they endure, but in the end it is real human contact that brings them the hope to carry on in life. How familiar this sounds for most of the fans who love Elvis and receive this newsletter.

For ONE week only Oct 26th-30th  7.30pm

Box Office: 
020-7704-2001 Tickets £6.00 
Hen and Chickens Theatre 109 St Paul's Road, 
Islington, London N1 N2A 

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ELVISLY YOURS Competition Winner
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 "Last Concert Hall" Indianapolis First Day Cover


The Day I Was Sued By Graceland

I had been talking to representatives of Graceland for two or three years and I was getting a little bored because they would not put a written proposal to me about a deal. They had wined and dined me when in London. I gave their agent Mark Roesler an Elvisly Yours jacket that he wore while in London and everything seemed hunky-dory. To encourage some reaction from EPE I put an advertisement in the New York Times on January 8th 1985. It appeared top of page 8, our special 50th Birthday First day Cover.

Roesler said EPE were pulling their hair out of this ad and could I meet their lawyer, Barry Ward in Memphis when I was there in February. I had never heard of the guy and I only knew Beecher Smith (Elvis' and Vernon's lawyer). Beecher was a good guy but they managed to get rid of him, like all the other good guys at EPE. before the meeting they kept on phoning me to make sure I would be there even left a message at my hotel in Memphis, the Holiday Inn on Brooks Road near Graceland. Naively, I thought they were really serious and the truth came out at the meeting.

I was kept waiting for 30 minutes before the meeting and then taken into the "Inquisition Room". There was Mark Roesler to my right, another joker lawyer to my left and a short, little fart of a lawyer, Barry Ward sitting behind a huge desk. My chair was so soft and deep my knees were almost touching my chin when I sat down, psychologically lower than the other chairs. Behind Ward there was yet another large desk in this palatial office. The law firm has to justify all the $millions they have charged Lisa Marie.

Then the Inquisition began with question after question being fired at me from all sides and sometimes several questions at once but all geared to one thing...how much was I going to pay these bastards? I remember Barry Ward saying I was taking the food out of Lisa Marie's mouth. I immediately retorted, "how much are you charging Lisa...are you giving her a real good legal deal ?"

After 25 minutes of intense interrogation I tried to break the atmosphere with a joke I had just heard by an amazing, new comedian at the "Comedy Store" in Los Angeles. This was 1985 and Robin Williams was unknown in Britain then but he came on stage in LA and everyone was in stitches. So I repeated one of his jokes..."Did you know Richard Nixon was the greatest lover in US history?... He screwed 200 million Americans". Everyone I have repeated that joke to, before or since has laughed but you could have heard a pin drop in that room and not a murmur or titter, just blank, cold faces. Immediately after the joke Ward picked up the phone on the desk at the back and a few minutes later a new lawyer entered the room and presented me with a lawsuit filed in US Federal Court. They all smiled and shook my hands warmly and asked me to call them next day with my offer. The day was February 26th 1985 and now 20 years later EPE are still giving me grief but Ward has gone, Roesler gone, to much bigger things licensing lots of dead people and even sued EPE for breach of contract.

The Day I Sued Priscilla Presley 
in Britain

EPE had been sending threatening letters to several of the chief executive officers of companies doing business with Elvisly Yours, namely Thomas Cook, Kays Mail Order and my magazine distributor. I just wanted to stop them interfering with my business associates and stop them trying to destroying my business in England, as well as in the USA.

I heard Priscilla Presley was to be in London so I instructed a solicitor to file suit against her and EPE to stop them threatening my trading partners. The solicitor was a neighbour and I made a big mistake choosing him because he did not have experience of such actions in the UK High Court. He produced a very simple but badly worded writ and I had to serve Priscilla somehow while she was in London. Through my media contacts I found out what hotel she was staying in to serve the writ. I informed a Photo Agency "People in Pictures" about my plans and gave them an exclusive to a photo opportunity when I served papers to Priscilla Presley.

I was treated disgracefully when I was sued in Memphis by EPE,  having been invited to a meeting to discuss a deal when, in reality, I was being set up to be sued. I thought I would sue Priscilla with a bit of 'class'. Also, there was another factor to consider. If I approached her and she had a bodyguard I could be prevented from serving the papers so the perfect solution was to present Priscilla with a bouquet of flowers and the High Court Writ. It was impossible to find her comings and goings so I waited with a photographer outside the hotel one evening, but that was problematic as there were many other celebrities at the hotel, including Ringo Starr and Barbara Bach so we had to hide from the other paparazzi. Eventually, after about almost two hours of dodging photographers and trying to stay by the entrance to the Piccadilly Hotel a large car pulled up and there was Priscilla with a good looking, tall, male escort. I had never seen Priscilla in person before. She was tiny and extremely pretty. I approached her as she got out of the car and handed her the writ and the bouquet and said, "Priscilla, I am Sid Shaw and this is a High Court Writ". She had a huge smile on her face and said "You're Sid, hi, hi...." so I said again "Priscilla, this is a High Court Writ" and she said "thank you !". I did not know what else I could say to explain what she had received but the photographer asked her to pose and she gladly turned to the camera as she was entering the hotel and vaguely smiled and said "goodbye". The photo appeared around the world, in papers like the Globe in the States and Hello Magazine.


Sid and Jack Soden


Mark Roesler of CMG - previous 
licensing agent of  EPE



Sid suing Priscilla Presley in London


 Sid & Leyton outside High Court

Sadly, I was going to be out of the country when the High Court Hearing was due to be heard. I asked my solicitor to apply for an adjournment but he said not to worry as it was only a Hearing. I listened to his advice but then found when I returned to Britain not only had he lost the Hearing, using a barrister I had never met, but he wanted me to pay him £20,000.00 to appeal the case. I could not afford that sort of money and waited to get the costs of the case. In the UK, if you lose a case it is normal to pay the costs of the other side. Their costs were £12,000.00 and I offered to pay them £1,000.000 per month but they refused and applied to wind up my company "Elvisly Yours Ltd" in the High Court. They thought that was the end of Sid Shaw, but you can't keep a good man down and I just continued to trade in my own name and not as a limited company. 

All these years later I am still here and lived to fight another day...or better two days in the High Court and Court of Appeals winning landmark victories in 1997 and 1999. I have been advised by legal experts fighting me has probably cost EPE over £1million, about $2 million. They have never understood the simple maxim...if you can't beat 'em join 'em !! But it did not matter as it was only Lisa Marie's money and the poor lawyers need to feed and clothe themselves and their families.


includes a thesis by Sid Shaw, DisGraceland and 21 more papers by experts in the Elvis World 
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