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Cyber club   

    Newsletter 25


FEBRUARY 1st 2005


Elvisly Yours and Zamage to auction
 life-size Elvis Artworks  for the 
Tsunami Appeal

On February 15th 2005 Elvisly Yours and Zamage will auction at the "Hard Rock Cafe" London four magnificent Giclee Elvis artworks with all proceeds going to the Asian Tsunami Appeal. The Auctioneers "Cooper Owen" have kindly agreed to sell the no.1 of each of the four limited edition life-size Artworks during their 'Jimi Hendrix' Auction and will waive all fees so that 100% of the proceeds goes to the Tsunami Appeal. The Auction will be LIVE on eBay and online through the "Cooper Owen" website: C o o p e r O w e n.  We expect the artworks to fetch many £thousands for the Asian Tsunami Appeal. If you or your friends have the money to bid for the no.1 of each artwork please support the Tsunami Appeal by bidding on February 15th 2005. The Auction is from 11am until 1pm GMT.

Viva Las Vegas

The Spirit of Elvis

Elvis in Concert 1970

Elvis BIG70

Giclee Art is a process perfected by Zamage Digital Art Imaging Inc.  of Vancouver, Canada, whereby photographs are digitally enhanced by an artist to produce magnificent works of Art. The first series of the "Elvisly Yours Collection" has been released for Elvis 70th birthday and relate to all aspects of Elvis career. The first artwork by Peter Jurik is entitled "The Spirit of Elvis" and captures the exciting moves Elvis perfected on stage in the 1950's. The CEO of Zamage had the great idea of depicting Elvis in '70' slightly different repeats of the same image form publicity stills of  "Jailhouse Rock". This spectacular, Warhol style artwork by Peter Jurk is called "Elvis BIG70". "Viva Las Vegas" shows the almost perfect face, complexion and hair of Elvis at his peak starring in the famous film of the same name. Elvis' blue, blue eyes follow you from every angle. Remember this artwork is 6 feet high. It is awesome!! The final artwork in the first series is by Peter Jurik, "Elvis in Concert 1970". Elvis rarely wore the jumpsuit featured in the photograph because he would get too tangled while doing his active stage movements and karate kicks. Look closely at the artwork by Peter Jurik and it seems as if Elvis is actually moving with the swirl of the fringes on his jumpsuit.

If you do not have the money, bid and are unsuccessful then you can still order the life-size or 3ft x 2ft images online at Elvisly Yours :

ORDER the Spectacular Works of Elvis Art Online!


Everything you can read about Bob Sillerman, the future owner of EPE, gives hope that the legacy of Elvis will be greatly enhanced by the new EPE Plc, rather than the discrediting by the management of its predecessors. I have stated for years, over and over again there should be an investigation of the running of EPE and all its financial affairs. How such a presumably highly profitable business should find itself $25 million in debt is amazing. I have said for twenty years EPE's management could be replaced by baboons and the business would make even more money. Even baboons would not lose $25 million. Apparently, Bob Sillerman has bought 85% of EPE for $100 million and that includes paying off $25 million in debt.

 Just looking roughly at the statistics, 600, 000 plus people visit Graceland each year and pay about $20 per head to view all the various attractions. Then they buy very expensive souvenirs, drinks, ice creams etc so Graceland must generate at least $22 million in revenue and its mostly profit. There are wages to pay and maintenance but no rent. Since many staff are on minimum wage and people like Patsy Andersen was paid a fraction of other senior staff the wage bill would just be a blip on the finances of EPE until you find what Soden, Hovey, Priscilla Presley, other management cronies and the lawyers got paid. 

In 1982 before Graceland was open to the public the lawyers got $812,000.00. God knows what they get paid today. The British expression 'fat cats' comes to mind when one investigates the management salaries at EPE. The last financial year EPE turned over $43 million and probably similar figures for previous years yet they were in debt to $25 million.

Bob Sillerman is not only a highly successful businessman, he is a great philanthropist. It seems he is from that very rare breed, a businessman that gives instead of takes. Elvis was all about giving and EPE was all about taking. It is my great hope that the new EPE will start to rekindle the love affair Elvis had with his fans, let alone his family and friends who have been totally marginalised by EPE and neglected for 27 years. I hope Bob Sillerman starts to employ and use as consultants people who were around Elvis for years and respects the wishes and aspirations of the fans and especially Elvis' family (those that are left).

Bob Sillerman has lived the American Dream and he has the midas touch for every business he has nurtured. I believe EPE will be in safe hands and great new Elvis projects will start to spread around the world honouring the man and his music. Through inside contacts I have been told there will be a new beginning in the Elvis World under the stewardship of Sillerman and as Tom Jones said in a telegram to Elvis "I hope he breaks both legs!"...the show business, superstitious expression for wishing entertainers good luck.

The New Owner of EPE

Robert Sillerman with his wife Laura    


Bill Burk was the first person in the Elvis World to get an interview with Bob Sillerman. All his years of cunning and initiative as a journalist got him through to lieutenants of Sillerman and then gentle persuasion set up a one-to-one interview with EPE's new owner. I had told Bill I was going to 'press' on this Cyber Newsletter and asked for any comments he would like to make about his interview and the only comment I got out of him was...

Sid . .

Simply, THANK YOU !!!!


If you want to read about the interview with Bob Sillerman you will have to subscribe to Bill's wonderful magazine "Elvis World" now on issue no.75

email Bill at beb007@worldnet.att.net

You can also get Bill's free Newsletter online by applying through link: EWUpdate-Subscribe@topica.com with a blank email.

If you would like to read more details about Bob Sillerman and his career please click on the following links:


Robert Sillerman

Elvisly Yours wins the World's Largest Bet with 
William Hill

Instead of placing money as a bet with William Hill I persuaded them to accept a life-size Elvis artwork valued at £1,000.00. I got the bet in early and received EVENS with all winnings going to the Asian Tsunami Appeal. Win or lose William Hill agreed with Elvisly Yours the bet, a Giclee artwork of Elvis, would be auctioned for the Tsunami Appeal. 

The bet was Elvis would have the 1,000th no.1 UK single with "One Night". The £1,000 winnings will now go to the Tsunami Appeal. 

Elvisly Yours was aided on the day by Elvis Shmelvis who helped me to place the bet at the William Hill Betting Shop Edgware Rd and the whole promotion was filmed by CNN and the Press Association TV News. 

You can try and access the film clip on the CNN website through links to video and Elvis. The story was titled "
Elvis tops British charts again" (01/14/05)

The Award for the 1,000th no.1 UK Single

It was decided by Coca Cola, sponsors of the UK Official Charts, that UK fans should be awarded the Trophy to commemorate the 1,000th No.1 UK single. I was asked if I would like to be the guardian of the Award to enable fans to view it at the Elvisly Yours Shop at 233 Baker Street, London NW1as it is open 7 days a week. The presentation was made by Rafael McDonnell of Coca Cola fans : Gary King,  Suzie Kennedy, Martyn Dias, Eileen Weston and me. We will announce on our website when the Trophy will be available for viewing after it has been used for PR purposes by Coca Cola.

 The Trophy

Presentation of the award by Rafael McDonnel to Suzie Kennedy, Elvis Shmelvis, Gary King and Sid Shaw.

Presentation of the award by Rafael McDonnel to Sid Shaw.

Elvisly Yours Restaurants

Exterior and interior of the Elvisly Yours Restaurant


Negotiations to open the first "Elvisly Yours Restaurant" are ongoing. As I said at the outset this is a major investment with each Restaurant costing over £3 million. We are hopeful that the first Restaurant will be open in Central London by the end of 2005, as originally projected. We will keep you posted through the Cyber Newsletter and the Elvisly Yours website www.elvisly-yours.com . In the meantime we get enquiries daily to book seats at the Restaurant from around the world. Of course, we can't take bookings until the Restaurant is equipped and ready to rock 'n' roll and believe me you and all Elvis fans all over the world will know through the massive publicity generated that we are open for business. There are many fans who have asked about making an investment in the restaurants but we need to find a top class Restaurant Operator investor. There is no problem raising the finance but the operator is the key and all our efforts are negotiating with potential operators.


Elvisly Yours decided many years ago not to sell records and CDs as we could not compete with large record stores and we weren't happy with BMG/RCA. We had no faith in BMG/RCA and for years they had done nothing to promote Elvis Presley. Elvis' musical career was left to rot partly as result of EPE threats to BMG (there were lawsuits flying around instigated by EPE against BMG) and the meanness of this record company. Just think what would have happened if Richard Branson had controlled Elvis' music catalogue instead of BMG/RCA...Elvis would have been top of the charts for years. I was told by an executive of BMG that EPE would not allow them to use any film clips of Elvis singing or use his image for promotions but this was before I defeated EPE in the British High Court and Court of Appeals. EPE wanted 50% of the profits to allow BMG to use Elvis' image and film clips, an offer BMG could and did refuse.

As if by magic BMG suddenly got into bed with EPE for the 25th Anniversary of Elvis' death. First the producers of the film "Oceans Eleven" wanted to use "A Little Less Conversation" in the film and the producers of NIKE commercials liked the song so much they decided to use it for their TV commercials for the last World Cup. With so much pressure on EPE after 20 years of threatening instead of working with people they were forced to compromise and finally even Lisa's Uncle Gary (EPE's music licensing moron) realised you can make more money working with companies rather than against them. Of course the remix of ALLC was revolutionary for Elvis and the worldwide screening of the TV commercial gave a huge boost to the single and it was no.1 in 25 countries. At last, for the 25th Anniversary, the media recognised Elvis for his music and how he changed the world. Then Disney jumped on the Elvis gravy train and released "Lilo and Stitch" with an Elvis soundtrack except in Britain when BMG and Gareth "what a wimp" Gates ruined the film with him singing "Suspicious Minds" instead of our Elvis. To add insult to injury for the British fans, commercials for the song ended with the slogan... "Gareth has left the building".

It was almost as if Elvis Presley had been reborn, resurrected so a whole new young army of fans could appreciate the man and his music. But BMG getting into bed with EPE has meant BMG have taken on the characteristics of EPE. They never did care much for the fans and have just exploited them for all these years since Elvis died. But, with this total disgrace with the release of the UK singles that fans can't buy and the banning of "Top of the Pops" using a film clip of Elvis singing "One Night" in honour of Elvis having the 1,000th no.1 in UK history BMG have reached a new low. I understand there are media and Government investigations going on over this Elvis single's scandal. I am sure there are lots of singles that have not got to market and who are holding on to them? Record store managers have been blamed and I wonder how many Todd Slaughter is sitting on since, apparently, he was working with BMG for their release? Since the GB Elvis Fan Club is, we are told over and over again, a non profit making organisation I expect Mr. Slaughter will release the singles at the regular price for the benefit of members of his fan club. 

BMG are the distributor of the DVD of the ' 68 Comeback so they have full rights to allow clips from the DVD to be used for promotional purposes and usually without charge to TV companies because they want the publicity. What better way to promote the DVD than to have it played on TOTP to commemorate such an historic moment in British Music history of Elvis having the 1,000th no.1 UK single....But, BMG have no balls (maybe the literal translation of BMG from the German is "balls maybe gone". BMG could have simply told EPE they were releasing the clip and could you imagine EPE trying to sue BMG in the UK Courts because they allowed the clip to be used selling more Elvis music and a lot more videos.

We have been approached over the past two and a half years by PR companies wanting to work with us on behalf of BMG promoting Elvis' Music. First in 2002 a company called "Coalition" wanted our help to promote the album of "Elvis #1" but instead of working with us they went behind my back and approached Mark Leen at our Event in Blackpool (unbeknown to Mark) who I encouraged to participate in our big promotion for the 25th Anniversary. They never returned phone calls or emails. For the 50th Anniversary of Rock 'n' Roll I was approached by Peter Noble PR who wanted to work closely with us regarding all our Elvises driving through London. They wanted to buy Elvis memorabilia to give away in promotions and picked my brain about PR ideas. They never returned phone calls or emails and even hindered our promotion by leaning on the Press Association not cover our promotion and instead photograph theirs at HMV record store. We had the strange experience of Associated Press putting our promotion all over the world and not ONE word from the British Press Association about our two busloads of Elvises entertaining London's West End for the 50th Anniversary of Rock n' Roll. Finally we have been approached by another PR company  for BMG who want to work with us promoting the new Elvis "Love" CD album. They have never come back either...why? because in 2002 I was told by BMG they will no longer work with Elvisly Yours because EPE have told them not to ! They call that "shooting yourself in the foot" and how stupid can you get? ...what an emasculated lot work are at BMG.

The Man Responsible for stopping the BBC using film of Elvis singing "One Night" 

Gary Hovey is the man responsible for music licensing at EPE and has ultimate responsibilty for allowing use of Elvis film clips for promotional purposes. Supposedly, EPE believe the BBC are in some type of breach of contract over use of Elvis film for the 25th Anniversary of Elvis' death and as a result have apparently stopped the BBC using any of Elvis film footage since. I wonder if Hovey auditioned for a part in "Dumb and Dumber" or perhaps the producers are waiting for a sequel called "Dumbest". You do not aggravate the world's most prestigious broadcaster the BBC because you will always need them sometime in the future.

Hovey is a disgrace to mankind. He has spoiled the honour Elvis had achieved by having the 1,000th no.1 UK single and being seen to sing "One Night" on the world's most famous and longest running Pop Show, "Top of the Pops". Instead the BBC added insult to injury by using an Elvis Tribute Artist, Mario from "Jailhouse Rock the Musical" to sing "One Night". Mario did his best but it was Elvis that should have been there on our screens. 

Young kids watching the show will have got very confused. I don't think in the history of "Top Of The Pops" have they ever had an impersonator sing the song of any artist. Fans in the UK were outraged. They could have used dancers as they did in the old days on TOTP with some archive news clips of Elvis that are not controlled by EPE.  

Whilst fans were ranting and raving at the BBC and EPE, I was on the phone to New York and TOTP trying to get Bob Sillerman to intervene. I managed to talk to five different people in the company that handle his PR and they were sympathetic. They had heard of TOTP and realised how important it was for Elvis to show the clip. But, I only found out late on Thursday night about Elvis not appearing and with the time difference with New York I could not get through to a senior executive until 3.30pm, on the Friday, just four hours before the show. The producer of TOTP had phoned me and hinted if they were given clearance even at the 11th hour they would try and put it on the show. There had to be phone calls between New York, Memphis and Los Angeles (Hovey is in LA) and there just wasn't time. Also, I was told the sale of EPE was far from complete as there are many legalities to overcome with a new PLC Company and Bob Sillerman would not have the authority to release the film clip.

What will Lisa do to her uncle Gary when she finds out that the BBC don't want to feature her latest album suitably called "Dirty Laundry" because they were insulted by her company EPE. Also, I fully expect other British TV and possibly international TV will back the BBC in sympathy and just tell Lisa to take her album and just "Return to Sender" because you and your sorry bunch of megalomaniacs at EPE ain't nothing but "Hound Dogs"...and you ain't no friends of mine. That stupid, reckless decision to not allow Elvis singing "One Night" on TOTP will do more to damage Lisa's career than anything else imaginable.

It seems that Gary Hovey has serious psychological problems because he has to continually insult so many people in show business. It seems he gets his kicks out of saying "NO" to almost everyone who makes any small or big proposition to EPE. He is one major reason why EPE was $25 million in debt because every time he says no it means EPE lose potential $millions in revenue. To not allow Elvis to be seen on the BBC's TOTP singing "One Night" at such an historical moment for Elvis, his family, friends and fans worldwide will never be forgiven. I firmly believe that Gary Hovey is a suitable case for treatment and is in desperate need of counselling and should be relieved from his job at EPE immediately and why did not Lisa intervene to stop this madness ?

To see the Gates of Graceland 

So you think your house is just like Graceland and in every room you have tributes and displays of Elvis memorabilia? 

But, there are some fans in Cannock, Staffordshire, England that have gone that little bit further and have actually built exact replicas of the "Graceland Gates" at their home. 

Not only do they have the gates but have turned their house into an Elvis Museum that you can visit for free, as long as you give notice you are coming. 

Although entrance is free they are trying to raise money for their favorite charities and would appreciate if fans gave a reasonable donation, with 100% of the proceeds going to charity. The chosen charities are "The Heart Foundation" and Cancer Research at Moorfields Eye Hospital.

These devoted fans are Marj and Terry Bentley and they welcome Elvis fans to give them a visit, but if you want to view the Elvis Museum please phone first :




CANNOCK STAFFS WS12  4NQ          
TEL/FAX: 01543  570911

They have a pink and white 1955 Ford Fairlane as part of the Museum and even an Elvis themed swimming pool.  Can you beat the Bentleys and send photos of even bigger display of Elvis memorabilia? In Japan, during the exhibition of Vince Everett's Elvis collection, I met an Elvis fan who had 10,000 Elvis albums, EPs and singles from all over the world.

NO CONTEST...In our last Newsletter we stated "for the first time in our history we did not have one entrant to one of our competitions" and after it was repeated we finally have a winner who receives the baseball hat, "This hat is NOT licensed by Graceland" and "Elvis in Canada" and the winner is Sandy Pichon.


Sir Trevor MacDonald



Another Promotion with Screaming Lord Sutch

The "Lisa Marie" on its way to Graceland

Lee Lynch

A Young Bill Burk at Beth Pease's House

Vladimir Putin, the Deputy Mayor of 
St Petersburg opens the Elvisly Yours Supermarket

Partying in Memphis with Elvis' Family and friends

This regular column brings back so many good memories of the twenty seven years Elvisly Yours has been in existence and it becomes a labour of love deciding what to include for each Cyber Newsletter. For this issue I thought it would just be nice to show a selection of photographs and a brief description relating to each.

Sir Trevor MacDonald 

British Elvis fans will have no problem recognising the most famous newscaster in Britain, Sir Trevor MacDonald. We have a glimpse of Elvisly Yours products on the screen behind Trevor. I had just defeated EPE in the UK Court of Appeals and the final story of the national ITV News that day was describing how a simple Elvis fan defeated the might of the Elvis Presley Estate in the UK Courts and gave Elvis back to the people...and his fans in the UK.

Another Promotion with Screaming Lord Sutch

David Sutch was my friend for many years and he would often help us with Elvis promotions. It was during the visit of a Russian Elvis fan to London and Memphis (we called "Presleynost") that David helped with PR. Here you can see David with me and Cynthia Paine at Stringfellows after a TV interview. Cynthia is infamous in Britain and a film was made about her exploits as a "madam" accepting luncheon vouchers from old age pensioners for special services rendered. It will be the 6th anniversary this year that David sadly took his own life. He will be fondly remembered by millions of people for the happiness he brought to the Political World in Britain. Look out for his biography in April written by Graham Sharp of William Hill. Graham was instrumental in arranging our bet that Elvis will have the 1,000th no.1 UK single.

The "Lisa Marie" on its way to Graceland

The "Lisa Marie" was rusting away in Florida when an offer was made to buy it by Graceland. The plane could not fly and was essentially scrap so it could have been picked up for a 'song'. I was told by an EPE insider that the deal structured to buy the Lisa Marie was to pay the owner of the jet 50% of the box office from fans entering the jet. If this is true the jet that could have cost very little has ended up costing $millions because such a stupid deal.

In the photo you see the jet being hauled along the streets of Memphis on its way to its final resting place, Graceland. It looks like two cowboys hitched a ride on the jet, rather them than me.

Lee Lynch

Lee was one of those great characters you would meet every August in Memphis for Elvis Week. She did not become an Elvis fan until Elvis died and after hearing "Welcome to My World" she became a fanatical Elvis fan. You can see Lee proudly wearing the "Elvisly Yours" VOTE ELVIS t-shirt with copies of our magazine behind her in her flat in New York. She was well off and spent a fortune on Elvis artifacts and memorabilia. I was invited to stay at her apartment in New York on one trip and saw some of her amazing collection. Sadly Lee died a few years ago. After I was sued by EPE LEE stopped talking to me and I never understood why. She was well in with Soden and his cronies, Lisa Marie, Patsy Presley and perhaps she thought associating with someone in litigation with EPE would affect her small priviliges like going up to Graceland when it was closed to the public...I will never know, but I enjoyed her company and support when she would bid for artifacts at auctions when we were raising money to take handicapped Elvis fans to Graceland from the UK.

A Young Bill Burk at Beth Pease's House

Beth Pease was the most hospitable person I knew in Memphis. She was the publisher of "Graceland News", the newpaper that was sold in the early 1980's in the Graceland area. When she had to close the publication because of personal matters you would have thought EPE would have bought the newspaper and title...but as usual EPE's response was "NO". Beth would always invite me over to her house for dinner and barbecues during my visits to Graceland and Memphis. In the photo you can see a young Bill Burk, I think Beth's son and me outside on the patio. I always remember Beth's words of wisdom to me with regards to EPE..."Sid, you should learn to kiss ass" and my response always was "Beth, if you kiss ass you can get AIDS". Kissing ass never got Beth anywhere with EPE and I would rather sleep well at night then have sold my soul to the evil people that have managed Graceland.

Elvisly Yours in Russia

On July 15th 1992 Vladimir Putin, the 7th Deputy Mayor of St Petersburg opened the Elvisly Yours Supermarket in the city. In the photo you can see Mr Putin helping two children from the local orphanage cut the ribbon to open the supermarket we called "SUPER". It was the first western supermarket ever opened in Russia. The children were from the local orphanage and we were sponsoring the children with food, toys and clothes. The little girl, a week after this photo was taken, was adopted by a German couple and started a new life in Germany. What is sad about the Russian system is that the children are kept at the orphanage until 7 years old and then moved to another orphanage for older children. In many cases the children have been there since birth and it is heart breaking for them to leave. The orphanage had such dedicated staff and the children receive a lot of love from their "house parents" the carerers who worked in the homes.

Partying in Memphis with Elvis' Family and friends

Fans that went on Elvisly Yours Tours to Memphis in the 1980s and early 1990 always had a treat meeting Elvis' family and friends who would be invited to come by the hotel and party with the fans. It was a labour of love for people who knew Elvis intimately to share experiences and their love of Elvis with the fans. In the photo you can see Elvis' Aunt Lorraine, his favourite aunt, with Richard Davis and me. They are holding copies of my "Elvis A King Forever" that I presented as a gift and thank you to them for coming to our hotel. I was wearing a t-shirt that was inscribed on the front "ELVIS IS KING" and on the back "GOLDMAN IS A JUNKY". It was one of a kind printed by a t-shirt shop at the time of that awful book by Albert Goldman. I got rave reviews from Elvis' family and fans when they saw the t-shirt. Sadly, both Aunt Lorraine and Richard Davis are now dead. I and so many fans have such great memories of the time they shared with Lorraine and Richard.

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