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    Newsletter 26


 March 3rd 2005



Just imagine a whole town goes Elvis where even the Mayor joins the Elvis Festivities and renews his marriage vows with the Lady Mayoress on the seafront in a mass wedding ceremony. Add one of the world's best tribute artists, Kraig Parker with his backing group from Texas, fly in the Sweet Inspirations and the Stamps from the States for Kraig's Show. Mix in some of the best Elvis Tribute Artists in Europe, add Elvis film shows, karaoke, Elvis Exhibits, ETA competitions, special Elvis guests from America : Sam Thompson, Dick Grob, Sandi Pichon and Elvis' Tour Producer Charles Stone and you can really start to rock 'n' roll.  Then don't forget the Elvis discos, lots of Elvis prizes for the best dressed amateur Elvii and 50's chicks. Then, mix them all together for three days on the South Wales Riviera and what have you got......?

Porthcawl ELVIS Festival 2 
September 30th-October 2nd 2005

In the words of Charles Stone, Elvis’ Tour Producer about last year's Festival,
I have attended many Elvis events but this was the most memorable. I am proud to have been part of it.’  

Kraig Parker
Experience the World's Greatest 
Tribute to Elvis!

Pictures from last year Porthcawl Festival:

Official Shows at The Grand Pavilion:  
Friday Night 30th September The 'Elvies' Hall of Fame
Saturday Lunchtime October 1st Chat Show, meet & greet with Elvis personalities
Saturday Night  
October 1st
The 2005 Elvies
Sunday Lunchtime October 2nd   The Kenfig Hill Male Voice Choir perform Elvis songs
Sunday Night:
October 2nd  
Kraig Parker, backed by  'Sweet Inspirations', 'Stamps' with Kraig's superb RTB Band
Other Festival Highlights :
  • A Tented Festival Village featuring all-day family entertainment

  • An Elvis Gospel Service at Trinity Church

  • The Elvis Cruise  

  • Elvis Weddings and Blessings on the Sea Front  

Over 50 Elvis events in and around the Porthcawl

The ‘Porthcawl Elvis Festival 2’ is sponsored in 2005 by the “McArthur Glen Shopping Outlet”. Here’s how to get to Porthcawl, on the South Wales Riviera. 

Visit the website www.elvies.co.uk 

Here’s a little bonus courtesy of Peter Phillips, THE man who started the Porthcawl Elvis Festival and Elvisly Yours. 

Register now....just
CLICK HERE and you will be offered tickets before they go on general sale. Since tickets are so limited you would be wise to book immediately !!!

The new EPE is ready to Rock 'n' Roll !!

You can now buy shares in the new company that controls EPE. It is trading under the NASDAQ ticker name "CKXE". Judging by the new owner of EPE, Bob Sillerman, his track record in the Entertainment business is so good that Elvisly Yours recommends you start buying shares now and watch them grow in value. I don't know why he seems to name all his companies with just letters, rather than names. Perhaps he is dyslexic? For a man who sold his last company for $4 billion he is entitled to use whatever initials he wants. But, it would have been nice for fans if he had used 'EP' or 'ELVIS' in some form. What about 'EP-XXX' that translates to 'Elvis Presley with lots of kisses', or even 'ELVIS-XXX'?  I think more Elvis Presley fans would want to buy shares in a company that features the name ELVIS or EP. Will your share certificate have great images of Elvis that will get you 'All Shook Up' or some bland, unimaginative text that you want to 'Return to Sender' ? 

Share Statistics for CKXE
March 3, 2005
Closing Price  $16.31 Previous Close $17.51
change -$1.20 -6.85%  Share Volume 27,524
Shares outstanding 43,953,000   Market Value of  CKXE  $716,873,430

Perhaps all you budding artists out there would like to send us your artwork of what you think a share certificate should look like for the new EPE. 

Send compressed jpegs to sid@elvisly-yours.com . The best artwork will be featured on our website and win a signed copy of 'Elvis a King Forever' with entries to be sent by March 31st 2005. To give you some idea of official documentation in the USA see the Certificate of Incorporation for Elvisly Yours Inc in the State of Tennessee below :

What a pity Lisa Marie had not met Mr. Sillerman 23 years ago and allowed him to manage EPE then. Instead of Elvis being in a musical wilderness for most of those years while the old EPE management threatened, harassed, intimidated and sued the Elvis and Entertainment World Elvis could have been no.1 throughout the 1980's and 1990's, again all over the world. We had to wait until the 25th Anniversary in 2002 before EPE realised by working with people like BMG, Disney and NIKE they could make much more money than threatening and suing everyone.

If you would like to read more about the share launch with Bob Sillerman ringing the NASDAQ opening bell click on Sports Entertainment Enterprises, Inc. d/b/a CKX, Inc. Approved ....It will be interesting to see whether he starts to build bridges with those EPE have offended and intimidated over many years, hopefully starting with Elvis' extended family and friends. There is so much archive film and photographs owned by probably thousands of fans that previously EPE claimed belonged to them that could be released in the future making wonderful documentaries. I used to go to Memphis and see wonderful home movies of Elvis taken by fans who used to chase Elvis around Memphis and this has been unavailable to the general public. 

Will "Jailhouse Rock the Musical" now be able to use the song "Jailhouse Rock" in future productions around the world now that an astute businessman is running the new EPE? Elvis fans around the world are waiting anxiously to see what the new management at EPE will bring. All the signs from people in the know is that the words of "If I Can Dream" will become more appropriate than a new "Devil in Disguise" for the new EPE.

the Tsunami Appeal

In January I approached Cooper Owen to ask them whether they would be willing to auction Elvis Giclee Artworks donated by Elvisly Yours and Zamage for the Tsunami Appeal. They were very pleased to waive all fees and help us in any way and suggested the best auction should be at the time of their Jimi Hendrix Auction on February 15th 2005. They had not expected the Jimi Hendrix people to object, but they did and an alternative date of March 22nd 2005 was offered  during their next Rock Legends Auction. We promoted this on our website and sent out a special Newsflash to all subscribers to our Cyber Newsletter, Elvis fan clubs and the media.

Viva Las Vegas

The Spirit of Elvis

Elvis in Concert 1970

Elvis BIG70

After repeated phone calls and emails Cooper Owen have not confirmed this auction date and their website has listed no lots for March 22nd 2005. Consequently, we have to find an alternative way to raise money from the Artworks for the Tsunami Appeal. 

We have opened negotiations with a major national newspaper to either auction the artworks for the Tsunami Appeal or offer them as prizes. If a competition goes ahead fans can phone a special, dedicated line with the proceeds of these premium calls going to the Tsunami Appeal. We will keep you informed of developments and in the meantime fans can still make bids to Elvisly Yours for any or all of the Artworks. Remember, we are donating the no.1 of each limited edition of the four artworks, each measures 6ft x 3.3ft except Elvis BIG70, 5ft x 3.3ft. Fans can still order the remainder of the editions plus the 3ft x 2ft Artworks.

Elvisly Yours Restaurants

Investors are flying in from the USA in the next few weeks to discuss the financing and operating of the first "Elvisly Yours Restaurant" in London and other locations around the world. What makes our Restaurants particularly interesting to investors is the massive opportunities for sales of memorabilia. This is the 'icing on the cake' as the potential for sales of memorabilia with be almost as great as sales of food and drink. A whole new range of memorabilia is planned with Elvis replica gold and diamond jewellery, fine wines, Elvisly Yours own brand liquors, decanters, Elvis works of art, tablemats, dinnerware,  gift-packed Elvis themed foods, leather clothing, even jumpsuits may be ordered in our Restaurant gift shops. In addition we will have all the regular Elvisly Yours memorabilia favourites.

Just imagine having a wonderful meal, excellent wine, great service and the best entertainment in town at an "Elvisly Yours Restaurant". Then, as you leave, you can remember your unique Elvis night  purchasing Elvisly Yours wine, Elvisly Yours peanut butter and jelly, Elvisly Yours beer tankard, Elvisly Yours whisky decanter, Elvisly Yours menu and there is an announcement with your name, "ladies and gentlemen, -----  ----- has left the building, thank you and goodnight".

Don't worry...the whole world will hear that "Elvisly Yours Restaurants" will be opening and we will announce it well in advance on our website and through our Newsletters.  Please be patient, there is still a long way to go but we have had great interest and from beer and soft drink companies that would like product placement in our Restaurants. Having high profile sponsors will allow us to attract some of the biggest names in show business. I think some of the biggest names in "Pop" would not only love to have a meal and night's entertainment at "Elvisly Yours Restaurants" but would like to perform on stage in honour of Elvis Presley. Some stars love to perform in small, intimate venues instead of giant stadiums. I am sure we will attract many pop stars who would consider it an honour to perform at an "Elvisly Yours Restaurant". With sponsorship from food and drink companies and TV Rights organised it would make it feasible to attract superstars.


There is a intriguing new play touring Britain this spring. It is called "Elvis, Lennon and JFK" and is set in heaven with Elvis, Lennon and Kennedy arguing about "the meaning of life" but for eternity. 

I have not seen the play so I cannot recommend it personally but I have been assured by the producer, David Chisnell that it does not demean Elvis in any way and Elvis gets the most applause of all the actors. Elvis fans that have seen it have raved about the play. Certainly the story line is very original and portrays a battle of wits and egos between three of the world's most charismatic heroes.

The artwork for the play is superb with caricatures of Elvis, John and JFK in heaven, each wearing a golden halo. The script is witty, moving and sometimes poignant. The tour starts March 7th 2005 in Cambridge at the Mumford Theatre continuing at theatres in Nottingham, Swansea, York, Bradford, Sheffield, Manchester, Brighton, Bristol, Exeter and ends in Liverpool on May 28th.

For the complete tour schedule click Tour Dates   For further details see: www.elvislennonjfk.com

We would like to thank Tony Clapson of London for donating £100.00 for a signed photo by Julie Parrish with Elvis from “Paradise Hawaiian Style”. All proceeds go to the Lynda Jackson Macmillan Centre for cancer support. We now have just two signed photos left, minimum donation £50.00 each. Also, we have photos signed by Julie from “StarTrek”, “Nutty Professor” and other TV programmes and films.


Every day another unusual request gets emailed to me or I receive a telephone call. Recently, I received a call from the States asking me to buy Elvis’ original guitar. I pointed out to the caller that I did not have the spare $2 million required for the sale but would be willing to help find a buyer through auction and/or a marketing  and PR campaign. I was assured that there was complete documentation to prove its authenticity and it was the guitar that Gladys bought for Elvis’ 11th birthday.

If it was the genuine guitar then it would be one of the most famous music artifacts in history and I am sure someone rich enough would pay $2 million to own “the guitar that rocked the world”. But there were major snags associated with the sale. 

The owner refused to do any interviews with the media and refused to have the guitar auctioned with the caveat that if publicity got into the media he would withdraw its sale. Who wants $2 million for anything without the future buyer wanting to get maximum publicity for something so rare and unique? 

The selling agent told me that Hard Rock Café and Wayne Newton were the main bidders but they had not reached the $2 million asking price. It was put up for auction some years ago and did not even reach the opening bid of $350,000.00. I have not heard anything further so I would think it remained unsold no doubt to appear again in a few years. Apparently, the old EPE management did not want it. If it is genuine it should be at Graceland.

ELVIS  by the Presleys

God knows why but I have been approached to help sell and promote the new book on ELVIS by Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley. Not only is the book being released here in May 2005 but it will be backed by a two hour documentary on Channel Four and Lisa and Priscilla will be in Britain giving interviews. Will the BBC interview them after all the grief Top of the Pops had over use of Elvis film footage? They should let Jeremy Paxman interview them or John Humphries (for readers from overseas both guys are tough interviewers who make their usual politician guests cringe). As usually happens with these talk shows they are staged managed and the guests will only answer set questions. I remember Jonathan Ross interviewing Lisa Marie and it was so wet and wimpish.

After the 22 years of aggravation I have had from EPE, originally controlled by Priscilla and in later years by Lisa Marie, you would think I would be scrubbed out of any of their contact lists, especially considering I sued Priscilla and EPE.

But, I have been given the full promotional blurb and will no doubt be sent the book for my review. Why are they doing a book now ? I presume this was arranged some time ago well before the sale of EPE and they were short of cash, remember EPE was $25 million in debt. So they got together and instead of selling some more Graceland artifacts thought why not write a book together and maybe it would help Lisa’s singing career. If she releases her latest single and album during her visit to Britain perhaps she will get on “Top of the Pops” or perhaps NOT ???  It certainly will be intriguing having them both together in Britain on a promotional tour.

NEW! NEW! NEW!...Elvis clocks!

Elvis clock "Comeback" £14.95
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Elvis clock "50's" £14.95
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ELVISLY YOURS Competition Winner
Winner of the Elvisly Yours monthly draw is Sharon Jones from Crawley, UK
who wins 
the Elvisly Yours Calendar 2005


 Henry Tanner and Sid Shaw at the Quality Inn, Brooks Road, Memphis 1983.

Sillerman was not the first  person wanting to 'float' an Elvis Company

In 1983, I was in serious negotiations in Memphis with Henry Tanner who wanted to float Elvisly Yours on the New York Stock Exchange. He had produced an Elvis colouring book and sold 100,000 copies in a few weeks and was delighted. The colouring book was awful and when Henry saw the wide range of product Elvisly Yours had he offered to go into a partnership with me. He would pay all the costs of the flotation and produce 'Elvisly Yours' share certificates that would be collectors items in themselves. Henry believed millions of Americans would love to have a share in the name "Elvis".

This was a dream come true for me. After my return to England I would be back in Memphis soon after to finalise negotiations with Henry from the very wealthy Tanner Family who had made their fortune in Television Advertising in America. 

The dream became a nightmare! Shortly after I was back in London I got a call from my Sales Manager in  Memphis, Bena Monfee, telling me Henry Tanner had been shot dead by his wife. They had an argument in a Shopping Centre parking lot and his wife grabbed his gun from his car and shot Henry dead. She got off with self defense (only in America) and did not even face a trial. I had heard the Tanner Family were going to pursue the case but I don't know what happened. 

If "Elvisly Yours Inc" had been floated EPE would have never sued such a rich and powerful company and the Elvis World in America would have been a much happier place.

Heartbreak Hotel

The First Elvis Restaurant

The first 100% Elvis Presley Restaurant was opened on Monroe Avenue in 1983, almost opposite the legendary Sun Studios. The name of the Restaurant was "The King's Heartbreak Hotel". I still have the original menu somewhere in my collection. It was really neat with framed Elvis photos all over the walls, a fabulous pink Cadillac as the Salad Bar and great, non-stop Elvis music all day. The food was great with a menu that included Prime Rib (King Cut, Priscilla Cut or Lisa Cut), the service friendly and warm.

The owner of the Restaurant was Warren Williams but he had not done his homework and in a few months he went bust, as expected. Monroe Avenue is a bad part of town and in a high crime area. Sun Studios had been closed for some years and did not have the same number of visitors it has today. In the evenings few people would travel to that part of town. With no customers, poor Warren had to end his dream and the Restaurant became a real heartbreak. I remember Ken Brixey (Graceland Marketing Manager) buying up the kitchen equipment for the 'new' Restaurant at  Graceland and the pink Cadillac from the Restaurant sits proudly outside the Car Museum there.


Some of the guys fired by Elvis in LA photographed with Jim Brown on the set of 'Roustabout'. Billy Smith is on the left.

Elvis Was A Crazy Boss

Over the years I have met most of the Memphis Mafia and listened to hundreds of hours of stories from people who were with Elvis day and night. Everyone was fired by Elvis at some stage (although Jerry Schilling swears he was the only guy not to be fired). Elvis had a bad temper and in a rage would fire some or all of the guys, only to forget some hours later.

On one such occasion in Los Angeles he fired all the guys. Billy Smith was really upset and immediately left for the airport to fly back to Memphis. But, knowing Elvis, Richard Davis, Jimmy Kingsley, Alan Fortas and Marty Lacker stayed around after Elvis went upstairs. 

An hour later Elvis came downstairs and asked after Billy, his cousin and closest friend. The guys told Elvis that he had fired everyone and Billy was at the airport flying back to Memphis. 

Elvis said they should go and get him back but they said he would have already caught the plane. Elvis told them to call Airport Security and say that Billy Smith had taken something belonging to Elvis and should be apprehended. Poor Billy was arrested at the Airport by the Police and kept until the guys came to collect him and take him back to Elvis' LA home. You can imagine how mad Billy felt and he did not forgive Elvis for months.

Photo of parking lot at Graceland 1982

Good Old Days at Graceland

In the good, old days before EPE changed everything the Graceland Shopping Centre opposite Graceland used to be a hive of little souvenir shops where you could buy a wide range of Elvis memorabilia. Most of the Elvis stores were independently owned and they were all competing like mad to offer new and different products. The Agent for the landlords, Arabs from California, was Les Tubbs who owned several stores called "Souvenirs of Elvis". There was also Bonny and Hobart owners of the Hickory Log, a gift shop and Vernon Presley's house in those days. The Hickory Log was a great place to hang out and meet fans and the Memphis Mafia. 

There was Howard Rouse, the world's no.1 bootlegger, Jimmy Velvet had his Elvis Presley Museum there. There was Carol Mullins  who specialised in photographs and Roy Wells owned the Wooden Indian. John ran the Burger Shop and you could spend all day just chatting to all shopkeepers, a great era in the Elvis World but now a distant memory.Graceland Shopping Centre was like something out of Peyton Place "Elvis Style" with all the latest gossip flying around and everyone loving and hating each other at the same time. The big mistake was when EPE started to flex their muscles instead of standing together as group the shopkeepers did their own thing leaving me to stand alone against EPE when I was sued in 1985. EPE got their monopoly and destroyed the Elvis World all the "old timers" knew and loved. "Elvis Weeks" in the early 1980's were just great but sadly, all the regular fans from those days have become so hurt and disillusioned by the antics of EPE they have not bothered to return to Memphis.

includes a thesis by Sid Shaw, DisGraceland and 21 more papers by experts in the Elvis World 
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