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Cyber club     

    Newsletter 27


 April 2005



Just imagine a long weekend with non-stop Elvis Events. Normally the most you get is an Elvis  Tribute Show but add non-stop Elvis films, Elvis Weddings (yes, you can be married by an Elvii), Harley-Davidson parade, Caravan Club Rally (Elvis style), 50's cars, Elvis Contests with great prizes, every pub and club offering non-stop Elvis shows, jiving contests, a Rugby match between the local Rugby Club and a team of Elvis look-a-like rugby players, Elvis rides at the funfair, special Elvis guests, Elvis quizzes, hotels decorated with an Elvis theme, hound dog competitions ...the whole town goes "Elvis Crazy" and you can be part of this magical weekend.....

Porthcawl ELVIS Festival 2 
September 30th-October 2nd 2005

But, there is a problem, the largest venue only seats 500 people so you really have to book now if you want to see the best shows. Before tickets go on sale you can pre-register through this Cyber Newsletter simply CLICK HERE.

At the time of writing I will be shortly off to visit Porthcawl to help the organiser and producer Peter Phillips start the publicity and marketing machine. I will be meeting representatives from the cinema, shopping centre, pubs, clubs, the Grand Pavilion, Tourist Board, Rugby Club, Leisure Centre, funfair, the Welsh media and the Mayor. Every business will be encouraged to participate in what will become the 'GREATEST ELVIS SHOW ON EARTH'. If you are a good rugby player and look like Elvis you can join the world's first Elvii Rugby team and take on the local Welsh devils. Simply send an email to Peter Phillips with your contact details. The Elvii team will be coached by one of the leading Welsh Rugby players who won the Grand Slam this year. We hope to get gold lame shirts and shorts sponsored for the Elvii Rugby team.


We are inviting couples to get married during the festival. The Grand Pavilion has a wedding licence and we will provide each couple with an Elvis to conduct their service 'Las Vegas' style (the local Registrar is very co-operative). We will also be holding Elvis blessings. All couples can then take part in a parade on the seafront accompanied by a cruise of American cars and Harleys. If you would like to get married "Elvis Style" send an email to Peter Phillips.

Kraig Parker on stage
Experience the World's Greatest Tribute to Elvis!


Danny Summers (Majorca) riding one of the Harleys last year

Delightful Porthcawl Esplanade


Official Shows at The Grand Pavilion:

Friday Night  
30th September
The 'Elvies' Hall of Fame
Saturday Lunchtime October 1st Chat Show, meet & greet with Elvis personalities
Saturday Night  
October 1st
The 2005 Elvies
Sunday Lunchtime October 2nd   The Kenfig Hill Male Voice Choir perform Elvis songs
Sunday Night
October 2nd  
Kraig Parker, backed by  'Sweet Inspirations',  'Stamps' with Kraig's superb RTB Band

Other Festival Highlights :
  • A Tented Festival Village featuring all-day Elvis family entertainment
  • An Elvis Gospel Service at Trinity Church
  • The Elvis Cruise  
  • Elvis Weddings and Blessings in the Grand Pavilion that has a wedding license.
  • Elvis Rides at the Funfair
  • King of Karaoke
  • Harley and Classic American Car Parade
  • Elvis Films throughout the Festival
  • Hound Dog competition

Over 50 Elvis events in and around the Porthcawl area!

The ‘Porthcawl Elvis Festival 2’ is sponsored by the “McArthur Glen Shopping Outlet”. Here’s how to get to Porthcawl, on the South Wales Riviera. 

Visit the website www.elvies.co.uk 


All you Elvis Tribute Artists get on down to Selfridges on April 17th and enter their contest with fantastic prizes including performing LIVE in Las Vegas, performing at the London Palladium or winning a holiday for two in Vegas. Selfridges has a Vegas theme throughout the stores to celebrate the 100th Anniversary of Las Vegas. To start the promotion on April 17th Selfridges will get into the Guinness Book of Records by having the GREATEST NUMBER OF PEOPLE TO IMPERSONATE ELVIS singing the same song together appropriately, "Viva Las Vegas". For more information check out: www.selfridgesvegas.com


Brian Lee was one of Britain's leading Elvis Tribute Artists. He performed all over the country and was often a headline act at the famous "Circus Tavern" in Essex. His one dream was to perform his Elvis Tribute Show at the "London Palladium". He mortgaged his house to promote the show in February 1995 and then found he could not sell enough tickets...he was heading for bankruptcy and losing his home. The media picked up the story with just days to go before the big Event. British people always like a fighter and will support the underdog....from facing ruin Brian managed to sell out in just a few days and put on the Elvis show of his life. Imagine, a local lad from North Essex filling the "London Palladium" and fulfilling a lifetime dream to honour his hero, Elvis Presley. Brian repeated the occasion two years later in 1997 at the London Palladium and again sold out. I believe Brian is the only ETA to have performed a complete Elvis Concert at the world famous London Palladium.

However disaster struck Brian Lee in 1999 and he suffered a massive stroke. He could not walk, he could not talk and lost use of one arm but Brian is a fighter and is living proof that you can fight such a bad disability. Brian is not only walking and talking he even drives a car and has developed a gift... Brian helps people pull through strokes. He recently got off a speeding ban at Colchester Magistrates Court when he explained to the bench they could not wish for a better person than him to sit at their bedside should they suffer a stroke in the future. He said if they took away his licence he would not suffer personally but people in hospital will. He added that he had raised £45,000 for the Stroke Association and could not continue his good work if he lost his driving licence.  

He was found guilty of driving at 40mph in a 30mph zone but the Magistrates said they accepted an argument of exceptional circumstances, on the grounds of Brian's health problems and the impact the loss of his licence would have on him and the people he works for in a charitable sense. He was fined £90.00 with £55.00 costs but kept his driving licence.

Brian cannot play the guitar anymore but still performs and we hope he will go along to Selfridges' Elvis Contest. He will be compere at the Walton on Naze Elvis Event June 3rd-5th with Doug Church, Larry Geller and Elvis' cousin Sue Pritchard.

Brian is even opening a Rock 'n' Roll memorabilia shop in Clacton-on-Sea, with lots of vinyl records, 50's clothing and Elvisly Yours souvenirs.  You will be made very welcome by Brian Lee any time you are in Clacton-on-Sea. 

Grand Opening 1st May 2005 
177 Old Road


Elvisly Yours Restaurants

Negotiations are continuing with a private investor from Texas, a British business with extensive interests in mainland China about opening Elvisly Yours Restaurants in China, a Merchant Bank, various major Restaurant Operators and a Venture Capital Company. We will report all details when negotiations are being finalised and advise when we hope to open the first Restaurant.  

The Restaurant has several unique features. It is on three levels but the basic layout is of an acoustic guitar. The bar will probably be the longest in the world and will wrap around the inside of the Restaurant. On one of the split levels you can see the kitchen and the chefs preparing the authentic American and Cajun style meals. There will be special dining areas for private parties up to 36 people each. They will be called the "Jungle Room" and decorated in a similar style to that of Graceland and "Blue Suede Heaven". Private party guests can even book their own private chef to cook their meal and who knows whether the chef will be an Elvis Tribute Artist entertaining them in song while they wait for their meal?

Each evening will be live entertainment featuring the world's best Elvis Tribute Artists but also artists from the world of blues, country, rockabilly, gospel, soul...all the musical influences on Elvis that helped to create his unique style. During the daytime there will be Elvis karaoke and non-stop Elvis music and a fun atmosphere throughout the day, every day. There will be annual contests to find the best amateur Elvis. Through sponsorship of major companies we hope to attract major stars to do their own tribute to Elvis. I would hope big Elvis fans such as Robbie Williams, Bruce Springsteen, Bono, Madonna etc would be honored to do their own tribute to Elvis in a small, unique and intimate atmosphere created by "Elvisly Yours Restaurants". Their fees could be covered by selling worldwide TV rights.

Another Elvis Scam

You could write a book about the thousands of Elvis scams that have been going around the Elvis World since Elvis died in 1977. 

I remember Beecher Smith, the lawyer for Elvis and EPE in the early days told me how daily Graceland would get claims from look-a-likes claiming to be Elvis' long lost son or even daughter. They all got the same answer, "you may be Elvis' but you were not in the will so thankyouverymuch". 

There have been probably hundreds of TCB necklaces sold all given to their owner by Elvis and most fakes. 

I would think no more than 1% of Elvis' signatures in circulation actually are genuine. I was offered Elvis' pyjamas in 1981 and they would have fit a 12 year old.

The latest scam is the song Elvis supposedly co-wrote in 1973 called "If I'd Only Bought Her Roses". 

Someone called Paul Terry King makes this outrageous claim and Elvis-a-Rama Museum of Las Vegas bought it, I believe on eBay. 

No one I know has heard about this record yet the Museum also claims Bob Sillerman is a co-owner of the song and a worldwide competition will be organised to find the best "Elvis" to sing the song at the Museum. To put Mr. Sillerman's name in the same press release suggesting he is part of this scam is treading on very thin ice and I wonder what CKXE has to say about this fraudulent claim. Elvis did not co-write songs. His name was often credited as a song writer to earn extra revenue for Elvis and the Colonel. What song writer would not want Elvis also credited on their song...just for the publicity and fame? 


For fans who visited or communicated with Graceland they were always welcomed by America's no.1 Elvis fan Patsy Andersen who was the Fan Relations Manager at Graceland for 22 years. Patsy was loved and appreciated by thousands of fans all over the world and she was the human face of Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc, the awful, wicked "Blue Meanies" of the Elvis World. However nasty EPE got, whatever stupid decrees they passed affecting the freedom of Elvis fans in America, however much they alienated Elvis' fans, his friends and even Elvis' family Patsy was there to pick up the pieces, to reassure, to clam the nerves, to cover the cracks. While Soden was sitting on his ass doing nothing but shuffling bits of paper looking busy while still raking in the $millions for his services Patsy was working her fingers to the bone, all of God's given hours on what she discovered was a pittance of a salary compared to junior managers at Graceland. She asked to at least be paid the equivalent of younger, less experienced staff but was refused and told her job was not that important so she was forced to quit....but she is back and she deserves your help and support . Patsy has a new company called the "Patsy Andersen Group.com". Her company offers a service to Fan Clubs and businesses assisting and advising for promotions, marketing, design, tourism and all related business matters. Her 22 years experience of organising Events and helping people including some of the world's biggest stars at Graceland are a valuable asset she can pass on. She will offer the same help and advice she used to do while at Graceland, only now she has her own company and instead of EPE reaping the benefits of her vast experience, knowledge, dedication and work she and her family will benefit.   What's more Patsy will also organise major events during Elvis Weeks and her first project is a wonderful Gospel Concert probably on Saturday August 14th in Memphis. You will soon be able to book tickets for you and your family and friends through Patsy's website www.patsyandersen.com. Patsy would love to hear from fans who want help and advice and who would like to book the Gospel Concert : patsy_andersen@yahoo.com or write:   6554 Winchester Road, Suite 234, Memphis, TN. 38115

Gospel On The River

Date - Saturday, August 14, 2005 (date subject to change)
Tickets - available soon (pre-register by sending an email):

This concert is going to be like the old fashion "Gospel Sings"
 that Elvis loved to attend. 

There will be some of Elvis' favorite
gospel groups performing and a huge surprise at the end.  

Join us for this very special event in this beautiful setting with
the sun sinking on the mighty Mississippi river, wonderful Southern Gospel Music, the gentle breeze from across the water and the skyline of Memphis.


It has now been almost four months since Bob Sillerman announced he had bought 85% of EPE and formed a new company called CKXE. We hear from our contacts in Memphis Jack Soden has kept a very low profile, probably ducking the bullets. Hovey has been given a bloody nose by Sillerman allowing "Jailhouse Rock the Musical" to use the theme song from the film. In our previous "Fire Uncle Gary" campaigns we mentioned Hovey has continually refused the producer, Rene Sheridan, to use the song for ten years so the London production had to write "Jailhouse Rock" out of the Musical. CKXE then bought out the company owned by Simon Fuller "19 Entertainment" for twice the price he paid for the rights to Elvis Presley. It just goes to show what terrible and lousy business people were the megalomaniacs running EPE compared to Simon Fuller. Elvis should be worth ten times Fuller's company and I regard him as a pop marketing genius. How he got five talent-less girls who could not sing to be the biggest pop act in the world will be one of the seven marketing wonders of the world. He is the Colonel Parker of the 21st Century and his first job according to the Times of London is to "have fun with Elvis".

There has been no real contact with Elvis fans about Sillerman and Fuller's plans in the Elvis World. There is a lot of bridge building to make good the evils of the old  management of EPE over the past 22 years. I believe CKXE must get the fans on their side if they are to be really successful. When Lisa sold the business she was $25 million in debt and hopefully there will be full audits going back 22 years to discover where the hundreds of $millions have disappeared from turnover. The fact that so few people attend Elvis Weeks in Memphis 27 years after Elvis died is testament to how EPE have alienated the Elvis World. Any small town in America will attract 100,000 or more people to their major annual event but not Memphis. Thousands of fans like me have not been to Memphis in years (previously I had been there 52 times from England). If you would like to follow the ups and downs of the new company controlling EPE Inc just click on this link to get the up to date share price : CKXE

The closing price on Friday April 9th 2005 was $23.24 and the highest price ever reached $26.95. There are millions of Elvis fans around the world and many could become shareholders. CKXE should reach out to Elvis fans with open arms and keep them informed of their plans and promotions, not neglected or alternatively harassed as was the case under the old management.

Elvis in Concert 1970  

Order this artwork and other fabulous Giclee Elvis works of art
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Over the years I have had some amazing experiences while running Elvisly Yours. One day I will write a book about all the weird and wonderful psychic experiences I have had these past 27 years but one of the strangest happened around the Christmas/New Year Holidays and it was in Cyberspace.

I had sent some examples of the Elvis artworks we were launching to some fan clubs to gauge their reaction and get constructive feedback. I sent a sample jpeg of the artwork "Elvis in Concert 1970" to Susan and Roy, 'Elvis the Reality NZ Club'. Susan wrote back and said she could not open the image on her computer but each time she checked her mail there was my email without the image filling her Inbox. 

At first she thought it just strange and asked whether there was anything we could do to stop the email coming. We checked with our ISP but they said the fault was in New Zealand. 

Susan was getting desperate and she calculated the same email message must have repeated itself over 400 times but Elvis NEVER made an appearance on her NZ computer. Eventually her ISP found the reason and managed to stop the nightmare. Somehow a never-ending loop was created as the ISP tried to show 'Elvis' but kept on failing, hundreds of times.

Weekender Elvis featuring DOUG CHURCH (The Voice of Elvis)
With compere Brian Lee


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ELVISLY YOURS Competition Winner
Winner of the Elvisly Yours monthly draw is Joyce Owen of Manchester, England
who wins 
the book "Rare Elvis" signed by Sid Shaw


Celebrating Elvis' birthday during snow storms in England

Elvis' birthday falling on January 8th always made it problematic with the weather in Britain. Over the years we have been very lucky and only had two major weather disasters. The first was in 1982 in Leicester at the De Montford Hall. The whole of Britain was gripped by snow and we had to drive up to Leicester from London with Charlie Hodge to open the show but got stuck on a hill on the way to the Hall. Somehow we got a tow and managed to get to the Hall late but THE SHOW MUST GO ON and we did succeed even though the sound system broke down just as Charlie was entering the stage. I remember a small fan club wanted their money back as they got stuck and could not make the Show. But we did put the Show on and obviously could not refund tickets for fans who did not make it.

The most recent snowstorm on January 8th was in 2003 when we had Elvis, Ali G, Marilyn Monroe, Diana Ross, Frankie Howerd, Joan Collins and Sherlock Holmes at Elvisly Yours on Baker Street promoting our credit card in awful blizzard conditions..the poor girls froze to death with their light dresses and you can imagine what Frankie said ????

Return to Sender in Germany

In 1988 we were approached by the International Elvis Fan Club of Luneburg, West Germany to help with a special first day cover that actually played "Return to Sender" on a 33rpm record and post-marked with a German Elvis stamp. We licensed the fan club to release the first day cover and use our photo of Elvis from "Viva Las Vegas". There were 10,000 cancellations stamped in West Germany with a post mark in Bonn but we thought we should have a special cancellation just for Bad Nauheim. An extra 1,000 were cancelled in the town where Elvis did his army service, Bad Nauheim. Just a few of these rare first day covers exist in our archives and are still available for sale.  

Unusual Elvis Tributes 

There is a whole family of Shmelvises and they can all sing.

Elvis Shmelvis' real name is Martyn Dias Lopez and he lives in St. Albans with his lovely wife Sue and their two boys David and Michael. 

On July 5th 2004 for our 50th Anniversary of Rock 'n' Roll celebrations they were also joined by Grandpa Shmelvis and Brother Shmelvis. The 21st Century equivalent of the Von Trapp family. Elvis style.

Martyn has a great voice and learned his trade singing in the Synagogue, following in the footsteps of his father who also has a superb voice. 

It must be in the genes as both the Junior Shmelvises are accomplished singers.

 I have never heard Martyn miss one note when he sings Elvis songs, however difficult the song. He has finally invested in a fabulous Aloha jumpsuit and looks a real mensch. 

Elvis Shmelvis performs regularly in restaurants and clubs in around the London area and the South-East. 

For details of his performances contact elvis@shmelvis.co.uk and check the Elvis Shmelvis website 

January 8th 2003:Elvis, Ali G, Marilyn Monroe, Diana Ross, Frankie Howerd, Joan Collins and Sherlock Holmes at Elvisly Yours on Baker Street

If you want us to post you an application for this credit card please email your full name and address to: 

"Return to Sender" First Day Cover
stamped in Bad Nauheim

 Sid Shaw, the Shmelvises & Black Elvis


includes a thesis by Sid Shaw, DisGraceland and 21 more papers by experts in the Elvis World 
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