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Cyber club     

    Newsletter 28


 May 2005



For all these years Elvis fans have gone in their thousands to Memphis to pay their respects to Elvis at Graceland but 'things ain't what they used to be' in Memphis with all the rules and controls by the EPE 'Blue Meanies'  who have taken all the fun out of 'Elvis Week'. Instead we hope to arrange tours for Elvis fans from Memphis to Britain, with the help of PATSY ANDERSEN, in late September 2005.

Last year Sandi Pichon, Kraig Parker, Charles Stone and a group of Elvis fans from Texas went to the "Porthcawl Elvis Festival" in Wales and Kraig performed. They all loved it so much they are bringing their family and friends with them this year to a much bigger Festival. Patsy Andersen is now planning to bring groups of Elvis fans from America and is researching the costs. Fans will arrive in London and have a welcome disco party to meet British fans, then tours of London and a night out at a Chinese Elvis theme Restaurant, a visit to "Elvisly Yours" and then to see "Jailhouse Rock the Musical" if it has returned to Britain, or another top musical. Then, on to Wales and the wonderful, super 'Porthcawl Elvis Festival' with 100 different Elvis Events over a long weekend September 30th-October 2nd 2005. Any American fan who has been to Memphis during 'Elvis Week' knows how the British fans love to PARTY Elvis Style. You can even get married with an Elvis Style wedding in Porthcawl or renew your marriage vows.

An ELVIS VACATION IN BRITAIN will be the holiday of a lifetime. If you are interested in more information contact Patsy at patsy_andersen@yahoo.com  or Sid Shaw at sid@elvisly-yours.com.       

For new information about the "Porthcawl Elvis Festival 2" keep on checking our websites:

 www.elvisly-yours.com   or    www.elvies.co.uk

Some of the performers at the  Porthcawl Elvis Festival

Mark Leen, the Emerald Elvis who will also 
help conduct wedding services


Colbert's moves are pure WOW!
Black Elvis, Colbert Hamilton

Kraig Parker 


Official Shows at The Grand Pavilion:

Friday Night 
30th September
The 'Elvies' Hall of Fame
Saturday afternoon 
October 1st
Chat Show and Q&A
with Sam Thompson, Dick Grob and Charles Stone
Saturday Night
October 1st
The 2005 Elvies
Sunday afternoon  
October 2nd
The Kenfig Hill Male Voice Choir perform Elvis songs
Sunday Night:
October 2nd
Kraig Parker, backed by  'Sweet Inspirations' with Kraig's superb RTB Band

Other Festival Highlights :

  • A Tented Festival Village featuring all-day Elvis family entertainment

  • An Elvis Gospel Service at Trinity Church

  • The Elvis Cruise  

  • Elvis Weddings and Blessings in the famous Porthcawl Grand Pavilion, on the seafront

  • Elvis Rides at the Funfair

  • King of Karaoke

  • Harley, Classic American Cars, Hummers  and Military Vehicles Parade

  • Elvis films on the Big screen throughout the Festival

  • Hound Dog competition

  • Elvii look-a-likes v Porthcawl RFC Rugby Match for charity with Welsh Rugby Stars 

  • Elvis "It's A Knockout" Contest

Over 100 Elvis events in 20 different venues in and around Porthcawl !

The ‘Porthcawl Elvis Festival 2’ is sponsored by the “McArthur Glen Shopping Outlet”. 

How to get to Porthcawl, the South Wales Riviera

Visit the website: www.elvies.co.uk

Fairways Hotel...the best hotel in Porthcawl


The search is on for the Best Welsh Elvis. You have to be Welsh or have Welsh blood in order to enter the competition (i.e. a grand parent can be Welsh). The heats take place at the McArthur Glen Shopping Outlet Mall, Bridgend on June 25th 2005. The final will be at the Hi-Tide, Porthcawl July 22nd. The winner of the Welsh Elvis Eilun will be crowned "Rock 'n' Roll King of Wales" and perform at the 'Porthcawl Elvis Festival'

To enter 'Welsh Elvis Eilun' email: welsh@elvies.co.uk or write: Elvis Eilun, PO Box 49, Maesteg CF34 4AA.

            ELVII 15 v PORTHCAWL RFC              Charity Rugby Match

We are looking for 15 rugby playing Elvis look-a-likes to take on the Porthcawl Rugby team during the Porthcawl Elvis Festival. Stars of the Welsh National Team will be training and playing with the Elvii team. The Rugby match will be held at Porthcawl RFC, lunchtime on Sunday October 2nd and all proceeds will be in aid of the "Wooden Spoon" charity. If you know someone who looks like Elvis and can play Rugby to a good standard please write in the first instance to wplp@beeb.net and it would help if you attached a photo (condensed jpeg). We hope to get the Elvii Rugby gear sponsored and it will be gold lame shirts and shorts.

Why have Priscilla and Lisa written a book on Elvis almost 28 years after his death ???

Don't you find it strange that mother and daughter have combined to write a book on Elvis almost 28 years after Elvis died? Where were Priscilla and Lisa to condemn all those horrible stories about Elvis being alive when the subject was first raised by that stupid woman Gail Giorgio? Giorgio wrote a book called "Orion", a fantasy about a super star faking his own death, clearly implying it was Elvis Presley. The book bombed but she turned fiction into fraudulent 'fact' with a follow-up book 'Is Elvis Alive?', even offering (with the book) a tape of Elvis talking years after he went to "Blue Suede Heaven". The person who made the fake tape showed how he produced the forgery on the Geraldo Rivera Show . Why didn't EPE sue Giorgio for fraud and demand the profits she made from the fake? I have always believed the cronies that used to run EPE believed the story of Elvis being alive was good for business, instead of condemning such evil. Where were Priscilla and Lisa when Albert Goldman came out with his wicked book ? Why didn't they openly condemn Goldman and other nasty books.

Has it taken 28 years to put the record straight and why at this particular time? Many fans have said they don't need the money but I beg to differ. It usually takes one to two years of planning to release a book. Now, remember what Bob Sillerman paid for EPE and that EPE was $25 million in debt. The deal to buy 85% of EPE was $100 million and it included clearing a debt of $25 million. The only logical explanation for the book "The Presleys" and the DVD is that they probably needed the money. For the last financial year the turnover for EPE was $43 million according to the American Forbes magazine. How you can be $25 million in debt with a turnover $43 million in one year is unbelievable. EPE should be a very profitable business. Licensing is all profit, royalties are all profit, charging about $20.00 to go into Graceland and see all the exhibits is mostly profit and the ridiculous profit margins for Elvis souvenirs at Graceland (over 1,000% for some products) means they should have a huge surplus every year. Unlike British corporations US companies do not have disclose their accounts publicly unless they are a PLC. The accounts of EPE were private.

Who knows what Soden charges, Hovey, Priscilla, the lawyers and all the other expensive executives and the Scientologist's cut to turn an income of $43 million into such a huge loss? Elvis must be turning in his grave, even more so after his only heir sold off most of his legacy. The only redeeming fact is that with 15% of EPE Lisa Marie will probably end up much richer with Bob Sillerman running the company than all the other cronies she has employed. Instead of megalomaniacs running EPE at last there is a hugely successful businessman. I hope all the accounts are carefully scrutinised by the new owners and financial investigation is conducted to find out what has happened to the hundreds of $millions generated by EPE since Elvis died. 

After such huge losses why is Jack Soden, the CEO of EPE, still in his job? Please send answers by email to sid@elvisly-yours.com with "SACK JACK" in the subject line. The most original idea will win an Elvis Clock except if the winner is American he/she will instead receive a signed copy of the banned "King and Queen" magazine of 1981. To check the latest share value for CKXE who now control EPE simply click here

Visit Brian Lee's new shop:

Elvisly Yours Restaurants

Every day we get fans asking to book at the 'Elvisly Yours Restaurant' believing we have already opened but at £3 million for each Restaurant it is a major investment and it is taking time. The world will know when we are ready to open, so don't worry. We have always hoped to find an Investor Operator and have had many requests to invest smaller sums in the Project. We had an offer of $300,000.00 from a Canadian company. For the first Restaurant we are looking into the possibilities of setting up a special Government sponsored tax saving investment scheme, EIS or it's better known as an "Enterprise Investment Scheme". We have had more enquiries from other countries including Germany, China and Dubai. We now have representatives of Elvisly Yours in China and Dubai as this email is distributed and we will keep you informed of developments and the possibility of an EIS scheme for Britain. 

We have started negotiations with potential major sponsors that will help finance some of the world's biggest stars being able to perform their own tribute to Elvis Presley in the intimate surroundings of an 'Elvisly Yours Restaurant ' and possible worldwide TV coverage. I am sure Robbie Williams, U2, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Bruce Springsteen etc would love to honour Elvis before an audience of just 350 people in a spectacular 'Elvisly Yours Restaurant'

...last night at the Piccadilly Theatre

The American producer of 'Jailhouse Rock the Musical' kindly gave me some complimentary tickets for the closing night of the show on April 23rd at the Piccadilly Theatre. It was always known that the show had to leave the theatre because of prior commitments with 'Guys and Dolls' taking over in May. The show will return hopefully to Britain before the end of the year and there could even be a tour prior to a new long term home in London. The show was so successful that a very long run is envisaged for the Show when it returns. We will keep you fully informed through our Newsletters and website. The Show will be revamped as Rene has now been given permission to have the song "Jailhouse Rock" in the Show and other songs from the film.

For the first time we were in the Circle and it was even better with a superb overall view of the stage. Sitting in the stalls you can miss aspects of the show but looking down made it even better. Maureen and I were joined by an Elvis fan who is also CEO of one of Britain's leading merchant bankers and his wife, the CEO of a major Sports Promotion company and Marilyn Monroe (Suzie Kennedy). It was a night those who attended will never forget. Even though the cast had already done an earlier Matinee Show they probably put on their best show ever and it seemed to go on and on and on.

As usual Mario performed a great starring role as Vince Everett and he was supported by some of the best singers on the West End Stage. The show carefully follows the film and having seen the film so many times you know much of the script and the scenes. It is quite amazing how they change the sets so easily and cleverly and use the set as a new form of musical instrument with the cast making great sounds from banging the bar cells and beating anything metal on the stage. However, one of the show stoppers is a fabulous acapelo number sung by some of the prisoners in the first act. The show became stronger in the first act since we saw one of the opening shows and I believe they added one or more numbers. I also noticed for the first time the gates of Graceland in one of the scenes that you could not see from the stalls.

What is amazing is that each time I have seen the show more and more of the audience gradually get to their feet to sing, stamp, clap along with the songs being belted out at full blast from all the cast on stage. It becomes one big mass Elvis karaoke session and for the last night everyone was on their feet, in every part of the theatre for probably 15 minutes. The cast just kept on going, singing song after song with the audience wanting more and more and they were obliged. It was a wonderful night and Mario very kindly met my party after the show in his dressing room.

Jim and Norma

Becky Martin's lounge

Becky Martin's bedroom


Jim Browder has the best tour company in Memphis and now he has opened a Museum in Tupelo at Becky Martin's home with Mrs. Norma Presley, Elvis' cousin. 

Becky Martin was a classmate of Elvis and she was much loved by Elvis fans who visited Tupelo where she would recount stories of her childhood with Elvis. 

Becky sadly died but her collection lives on for fans to enjoy, courtesy of Jim and Norma. You can visit Becky's home decorated throughout with Elvis memorabilia going back from today to the 1950's.

I have heard so many good things about Jim who treats his guests like royalty and takes them on fabulous tours of Memphis and Tupelo, charging very reasonable rates. 

Nothing is too much for Jim and he has made many, many lifelong friends of Elvis fans that visit Memphis and Tupelo and are treated to Jim's fine, southern hospitality.

JB TCB Tours & Shuttle

1016 East Main Street
Tupelo MS 38804



I was one of hundreds of people interviewed by the author Graham Sharpe for the biography on Screaming Lord Sutch. David Sutch was our friend for many years but like many of his friends we had no idea how depressed he had become. It is a tragedy that he should take his own life and we had the sad experience after his death of going to his home where we met his girlfriend, mother of his son Tristan and seeing his handwritten suicide plans and notes about his depression. People only saw the funny side of Sutch and he was a genius. He had an amazing talent for one liners and could think so fast on his feet answering the thousands of questions thrown at him over the years by the media who just loved Screaming Lord Sutch. 

So few people would believe he would take his own life and reading the book you share with many others their guilt about not doing something more for their friend and helping him through his nightmares.
The book goes into amazing detail about the life of Sutch and has hundreds of anecdotes supplied by hundreds of people who had the pleasure or sometimes exasperation of knowing him. Sutch often let you down and was always late. 

Graham recounts how Sutch did not turn up for a gig at the New Brighton Tower Ballroom in 1962 but the promoter managed to get a local band at short notice to stand in for Sutch, the "Beatles". The book really reads like a "Who's Who" in the British Music Industry. Believe it or not but Sutch was a headline act at the Star Club when the Beatles were a support band. The Beatles loved Sutch and his stage antics and John Lennon said, "Screaming Lord Sutch will go on forever".

Sutch was unique and way ahead of any other act with his crazy antics on and off stage. There would not be an Ozzy Ozbourne, Alice Cooper, KISS if it weren't for Screaming Lord Sutch. The book goes into great details about his stage act and he revolutionised hairstyles in Britain as he was one of the first singers to wear his hair long, very long. Jumping out of coffins was Sutch's forte and he was always throwing things at the audience such as worms in girls hair near the front of the stage. "Jack the Ripper'" became his trade mark act and Sutch believed people paid their 5 or 6 shillings to be scared to death by him. Although his song "Jack the Ripper" was denounced by women's groups and he received a lot of bad publicity.

Although Sutch could not sing and often confirmed the fact, he could scream pretty good. Nevertheless he was backed by some of Britain's most amazing musicians, the Savages and later the Black Cats and they were a terrific band. Peter Stringfellow chased after them to appear at his new club, the Black Cat in Sheffield and described Sutch as a "mad bastard", often setting fire to the stage.

The book goes into great detail about Sutch's new career as a "politician" that all started in 1963. There is amazing detail about his political career and wonderful insights into the man and his habits. There are so many facets about Sutch that I did not know, such as he always stayed in room six of the Golden Lion Inn in Ashburton Devon where he held the annual Loony Conference. This room was where Arthur Conan Doyle was said to have stayed on his tours of Dartmoor. 

Just like his musical career involved hundreds of famous and infamous people Sutch's political career reads like a "Who's Who" of British Politics. Sutch was probably one of the greatest publicists ever in Britain and standing for Parliament against the Prime Minister of the day was the perfect way to guarantee publicity for his musical career. The publicity Screaming Lord Sutch generated was worldwide. They even knew of Sutch in Russia.

Although supposedly endeared to politicians Graham explains he irritated the hell out of them. Can you just imagine Margaret Thatcher's thoughts standing next to Screaming Lord Sutch at the count for her constituency ? He was invited to tea on the famous House of Commons Terrace by Harry Greenaway, former Conservative MP for Ealing North...Sutch was tickled pink. William Hill, of whom Graham Sharpe is a director and Media Relations Manager, became the sort of sponsor of the 'Official Monster Raving Loony Party'. William Hill set bets that Sutch could win by gaining enough seats so paying for many of his 41 lost deposits. He used to do gigs in the constituencies where he stood to also finance his political career. Sutch stood for the first time for Parliament in 1963 in Profumo's old constituency of Stratford-upon-Avon, after the Christine Keeler affair and it catapulted Sutch into the headlines of the day. His genius for PR kept Sutch's name before the public for the next 35 years during which time he saw politicians and showbiz celebrities come and go. It would have been nice to have seen Sutch stand against Tony Blair and he would have had a field day ridiculing "President Blair".

The book delves into Sutch's main female relationships and all characters were at the funeral with daggers drawn. I remember the strange atmosphere between all these women, you could cut it with a knife. The book discusses his depression and misuse of prescribed drugs, the affect of his aging and losing his mother and later her beloved dog. His followers will keep the spirit of the Monster Raving Loony Party in tribute to Sutch, gladly losing their deposits and brightening up British political life but there was only one Screaming Lord Sutch. 

There is so much to enjoy in Graham's book but it is tinged with so much sadness. It was a labour of love for Graham to write the book over three years as he also lost a deer friend in David Sutch. For those that had the privilege of meeting Screaming Lord Sutch the book helps to try complete the jigsaw of his unique life, for those that never met him it is intriguing to learn about the zaniest and probably one of the most loved 'politicians' in British History. It is gratifying to see his life and memory will live on through this great book. I am honoured to have shared a small part of my life with David Sutch and to have contributed in a tiny way to the book, 'The Man Who was Screaming Lord Sutch' as well as quoted.

The book is by turns hilarious and deeply poignant. To quote Graham, The Man Who Was Screaming Lord Sutch tells the story of someone everyone had heard of but hardly knew. I am sure Sutch is smiling down on us and if ever there was a sign I received it the day the book arrived in the post. In 1998 I had written a note to Sutch on an Elvis postcard. I had obviously left the card in my shop and forgotten all about it and Sutch had not turned up to help me with a promotion so had not taken the card. By spooky chance, Maureen picked up this card last week from the millions of pieces of mail, memorabilia, notes and stock in my warehouse after having been lost and forgotten for over seven years. 

The Man Who Was Screaming Lord Sutch . Available in all good bookshops and a MUST for your collection.
ISBN  1 85410 983 9  Published by Arum Press Ltd  2005  . 

Jerry Presley


Patsy Andersen is now managing Elvis second cousin Jerry Presley and you can book Jerry through Patsy for your events. Apparently, not only does Jerry look like Elvis but has many of his mannerisms. He is soft spoken, humble and very shy but I am sure now that Patsy is in charge his career will take off. We have heard Jerry does a great tribute show and its is nice to know a real Presley is carrying on Elvis' music legacy. Jerry is related to Elvis in several ways but the first is Elvis' Great grandfather and Jerry's are brothers, then Rosella married by into the Presley Family which was Jerry's family line.

If you would like more information on Jerry Presley and/or would like to book him for a show, wedding, christening, barmitzvah, corporate function or any Elvis Event simply email Patsy patsy_andersen@Yahoo.com 

Check out Jerry's website: http://www.jerrypresleyshow.com/ 

New Weekly Newsletter from Patsy Presley

"What's Shakin'?" 

To receive Patsy's weekly newsletter send Patsy an email with 'Newsletter' 
in subject line patsy_andersen@yahoo.com

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Winner of the Elvisly Yours monthly draw is David Hindley of Warrington, England 
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Crazy Happenings on Elvisly Yours Tours to Memphis

The first Elvisly Yours Tour to Memphis was in October 1982 organised by Paul Jolliffe of Blue Sky Travel. We had about 120 fans for the inaugural tour and it went off without major incident mostly because Paul was totally professional and very conscientious. We reduced the cost of a tour to Memphis dramatically for Elvis fans who previously had to contend with the monopoly of the Elvis Fan Club. 

However in later years one had to have the patience of a saint to put up with some of the crazy things fans got up to.

The second tour we had the tricky problem of trying to cope with a love-struck Elvis fan of 16 who was blind drunk and threatening to kill himself because the much older female with who he fell in love had rejected him. Slight problem was the boy had a black belt in karate. It was a long night but with hours of talking from most of the group and sobering up he fell asleep and was persuaded to be more reasonable. 

Another year we had a blind drunk fan at 8am and had to get him on the bus and into the airport and on the flight. He was totally incoherent and we had to dress him, find his passport, ticket and luggage while still trying to get 80 more fans ready to leave for the airport. 

Equally traumatic a time was had when a fan lost their ticket on the day of departure. She was in tears at the airport but somehow I persuaded the airport to let her fly and the story ended happily because she met her husband on the trip and they were later married. Today without a ticket and after 911 you could not fly.

Another time I was called to a room where I was told a fan was dying. She was about 5 feet and weighed no more than 80lbs but managed to drink a whole bottle of peach brandy. But her death was a slight exaggeration and I rushed her to the hospital where after a long wait during which time she started to sober up the doctors prescribed some medicine and other than a huge headache she survived.

Then there was the time in 1987 when the tour guide from one of Britain's leading Travel Companies got blind drunk during a delayed wait at Gatwick and received drink vouchers from the airline for our group. I was already in Memphis and my better half, Maureen, without any prior experience had to escort 135 fans through airports and on to buses because the agent was completely legless. It seems most of our woes were the result of too much booze. 

The funniest episode of all was because of "Long Island Tea". Every trip I explained to fans in the groups that the best cocktail in America was "Long Island Tea". It is a mixture of white rum, tequila, vodka, gin, triple sec, coke, lemonade and ice and tastes wonderful. I always advised that one drink would make you merry, two tipsy, three on your knees and four legless...

One of our married lady guests had disappeared and her husband told me the last time he had spoken to her she was going to use the toilet on the bus that was returning from a night on the town. We knocked on the door but nothing. The driver tried to force the door open but nothing. As we arrived at the hotel the driver had to unscrew the back window, get a ladder and climb through the window to find our lady friend slumped against the door. She had tried three "Long Island Teas" and was legless and needed four men to carry her to her room.

Having been to Memphis 52 times from London and ran 15 Elvisly Yours Tours over ten years I decided to retire from the Memphis Tour Business and sadly the prices have shot through the roof again with the Elvis Fan Club without my competition. I had some great times on the tours, as well as traumatic experiences, and could probably write a book.

Rock and Roll in Russia

Running Elvisly Yours for the past 27 years I have had the honour and privilege to experience Elvis Events and rock 'n' roll in many countries. On my visits to Russia I met some of the great Russian rock 'n' rollers who just loved to play Elvis music, and that of the Beatles, Chuck Berry, Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly and kept the music alive through great stress, intimidation and pressure from the Communist Regime. Tens of thousands of rock 'n' roll shows were stopped by the State Police. They would come into an auditorium and just turn off the lights and electric if there were more than one guitar on stage with no warning. The Russian John Lennon (Leonid) actually spent the night in prison when he was found singing Beatles songs. He had 500 gigs stopped by the Police. 

It became a battle of wits. Remember there were no such thing as a mobile phone but the venue for gigs would change ten times on the same day with the Police chasing around trying to find the rockers. Each hour a new venue was listed only to change immediately to hoodwink the Police and often end up in the middle of a forest.

The first Elvis record in Russia, 'Jailhouse Rock' was printed on x-ray film as there were no facilities to make records for the masses except classical music. Russians are amazingly creative and ingenius and could turn out Elvis records pressed on x-ray film so Elvis' early music in Russia was known as "Music on the Bones" because you could hold up the x-ray film for 'Jailhouse Rock' and see the bones !! 

During our first visit to Leningrad our Russian host put on a rock 'n' roll concert in our honour and for three hours we and 500 others were treated to everything from Elvis to Little Richard and the Everly Brothers to the Beatles and all sung in English. If a drummer was missing from one group another would join in, they would share equipment and each group seemed even better than the previous. It was like going back in time to the 1950's when music was so raw, played to perfection, with a great love and affection and without any ego. It was a joy. We spent the day of the coup on August 15th 1991 listening to a very young rockabilly group playing Elvis and Gene Vincent songs having to share one microphone and having only one drum stick. In the evening our Elvis show "Presleystroika" with the Russian Elvis "Rafik" was stopped by the Military Commander of Leningrad because of the coup in Moscow, but we carried on the show the next day after the coup was over.

Fans leaving our hotel for the airport

Entering Elvis' home in Tupelo

Waiting for Linda Gail Lewis to perform for us

A visit to see an Elvis decanter collection

Khang Rhee talking about Elvis

Russian Elvis 'Rafik' at Elvis' grave 1991

Apartment of Russia's Rock Ambassador 1989

Some great Russian rock 'n' rollers partying 

Russians really rocking in Leningrad 1989



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