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Cyber Club   

    Newsletter 32


September 2005


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Sep 30th-Oct 2nd 2005...the best three Elvis days ever !!!

01656 786996...       01656 786996...       01656 786996

Prepare yourself for the greatest Elvis Show on earth...with some of the world's best Elvis Tribute Artists and non-stop Elvis Events all over town :  

    Read a message from Peter Phillips the producer of the amazing Porthcawl Elvis Festival 2005

Kraig Parker 

Jerry Presley

Emerald Elvis

Mario Kombou

Sweet Inspirations

Elvisly Yours will have shops at the Pavilion, Heartbreak Hotel and High Tide Inn 
(open all day and evening) with a full range of memorabilia including the official Porthcawl Elvis Festival t-shirt. 

Let the shows begin: 
Friday September 30th

10.00 am 

Launch Party with performances from local schools  

McArthurGlen Designer Outlet, Bridgend  

2.00 pm

Official Launch and Champagne Reception          

The Grand Pavilion 
(Tickets 01656 786996 )



Elvis Themed Fairground opens      

Coney Beach Amusement Park  

Official Shows at The Grand Pavilion:

Friday Night                             September 30th

The 'Elvies' Hall of Fame featuring:
Jelvis, Colbert Hamilton, Martin Elvis
MT Knight   

Saturday Lunchtime                October 1st

Chat Show, meet & greet Elvis personalities **

Saturday Night                         October 1st

The 2005 Elvies featuring Mario Kombou, Leigh Casling, Dave Smith, Jerry Presley and Mark Leen

Sunday Lunchtime                   October 2nd

The Kenfig Hill Male Voice Choir perform Elvis songs

Sunday Night:                           October 2nd

Kraig Parker, backed by  'Sweet Inspirations' and  Kraig's superb RT Band.

**Elvis Personalities: 

Charles Stone (Elvis Tour producer), Sweet Inspirations, Jerry Presley (Elvis' cousin), Patsy Andersen

Other Festival Highlights :  

  • A Tented Festival Village featuring all-day 

  • Elvis family entertainment

  • An Elvis Gospel Service at Trinity Church

  • Elvii Rugby XV v Porthcawl RFC

  • The Elvis Cruise  

  • Elvis Weddings & Blessings 

  • Elvis Rides at the Funfair

  • Elvis Speed Dating

  • King of Karaoke

  • Harley and Classic American Car Parade

  • Elvis "It's A Knockout" Competition

  • Jiving Competitions

  • Charles Stone (Elvis tour producer), The Sweet Inspirations , Jerry Presley (Elvis' cousin) and Patsy Andersen Memphis

About 80 Elvis events at 26 venues around Porthcawl !


By telephone : 01656 786996

The 'Porthcawl Elvis Festival 2005' is sponsored by  the McArthur Glen Shopping Mall and supported by Elvisly Yours

For the first time ever a male Presley sings live outside North America.....

Introducing Jerry Presley

Jerry's great grandfather and Elvis' were brothers, then Rosella Presley married John Presley which was Jerry's great Uncle. He performs regularly with the Jordanaires and he just performed at The Rockabilly Hall Of Fame Festival and received "rave reviews" plus WS Holland (Carl Perkins' and Johnny Cash's drummer) was very impressed and even offered to go out on tour with him. 

Fans have written to me from America saying how good he is on and off stage. He has the same shyness and humility like Elvis and he mixes his show with stories about the songs his cousin sang. For the ladies, he is a very good looking guy, dark and swarthy like Elvis. He is now managed by the world's most famous Elvis fan, Patsy Andersen who worked for Graceland for 22 years until EPE stupidly let her go after she discovered she was being vastly underpaid compared to other junior managers.

How to get to Porthcawl, the South Wales Riviera  

Visit the website www.elvies.co.uk 

We are still looking for Elvis lookalikes who play good rugby and appear for Elvii Rugby XV v Porthcawl RFC       

Sunday October 2nd for the "Wooden Spoon" Charity. Applications to Peter Phillips wplp@beeb.net 

Fairways Hotel...
the best hotel in Porthcawl

for the Festival or anytime

Fairways Hotel also has the best food in Porthcawl with a great breakfast, lunch and dinner and reasonably priced:

2 course special -     Mon - Friday 12-2.30       £7.95

Sunday Carvery -                         12-3.00      £7.95

Elvis Art Contest

Local schools in Wales will be organising an Elvis art competition for different age groups. Elvis prizes will be supplied by Elvisly Yours for the winners and the best entries displayed around the town during the Festival.

Other Main Locations for ELVIS EVENTS in PORTHCAWL:

 Festival Village        Hi-Tide Inn        Heartbreak Hotel   Cabin Bar   General Picton

The following artists will be appearing during the long weekend at the above locations at varying times and varying locations (Programmes will be available when you arrive in Porthcawl featuring all the Events) :

Kraig Parker, Jerry Presley, Emerald Elvis, Mario, Leigh Casling, Jelvis, MT Knight, Dave Smith, Colbert Hamilton, Gareth Elvis, Martin Elvis, the Paul Black Band, Andrew Morgan and Mark Adey.


Sadly, Sandi Pichon will not make this year's "Porthcawl Elvis Festival" as her home town, Slidell was devastated in Hurricane Katrina. Slidell is just east of New Orleans and directly in the path of the hurricane. Thankfully, Sandi and her husband were out of town at an Elvis Convention but nevertheless her life will never be the same again. It seems her home was one of the few still standing in Slidell but there must have been tremendous flood damage and according to reports she had hurricane damage insurance but not flood insurance. I hope the insurance companies do the honourable thing and say the hurricane brought the flooding therefore her and thousands more like her are covered. Bush made mention of this during one of his speeches and the Government must cover any insurance losses of people like Sandi. I tried sending her an email and don't know whether she can access her emails but our thoughts are with her as she tries to rebuild her, her family and friend's lives. We understand her publisher will be in Porthcawl selling her book "Raised on Elvis! Elvis! Elvis!" and if you haven't yet bought it, do so in Porthcawl.


                                      Elvis Duck

 Soden Duck

Priscilla Duck

      Bob Duck

In our last Newsletter we featured "Elvis Duck Week" as the lead story, essentially a piece of satire attacking EPE for their total hypocrisy. It seems EPE can license an Elvis Duck but criticise  others (including Elvisly Yours) for supposedly demeaning Elvis' memory. The managing director of the 'Celebriducks' wrote to me after reading our Newsletter that attacked his Elvis Duck.

Elvisly Yours started a campaign to stop Allied Bakeries making loaves of "Kingsmill" bread in the shape of Elvis' head. They withdrew their campaign after pressure from Elvisly Yours, Elvis friends and fans from around the world. Unfortunately, Celebriducks did not withdraw their Elvis ducks and 5,000 were available for sale and I am sure more designs will follow. However, I have published our correspondence which you may find interesting: email correspondence with Celibriducks .

The first mitzvah of Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc under the new ownership of Robert Sillerman

Perhaps Bob Sillerman reads the Elvisly Yours Cyber Newsletter but no sooner had I stated that fans were still waiting to see Bob's first mitzvah in honour of Elvis Presley when he acted with his heart and donated money to the Katrina Hurricane Appeal. A mitzvah is a good and noble deed, usually said when a person helps another in need. CKXE, the owners of EPE sent a press release announcing their fund-raising efforts : 

CKX will donate 100% of the net proceeds from Graceland, the Memphis home of the legendary Elvis Presley, collected on Saturday, Sept. 10, to aid the hurricane victims, Sillerman said. The American Idols tour will also add a show Sunday, Sept. 11th in Syracuse, N.Y. at the War Memorial in the OnCenter, with all net proceeds of that concert going to the victims as well. In addition, Sillerman announced that CKX will match contributions made by its employees to the American Red Cross for hurricane relief. Sillerman made the first CKX donation, $100,000, and a total of more than $300,000 has already been collected. All donations will be made to the American Red Cross.

I can just imagine if Hovey were in charge and clips from King Creole featuring New Orleans were required by the media for the Hurricane Appeal. No doubt Hovey would have denied the request or wanted payment. CKXE have taken the first tentative steps to replace the greed of the previous EPE Management with care and heart following the lifelong tradition of Elvis Presley. Can you imagine what Elvis would have done to help the victims in Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama, after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina?

Elvis Diamonte Brooch

£5.50 p&p
Ј1.00, Eu Ј2.00, Ov Ј3.00

Elvis Diamonte Necklace

p&p UK Ј1.00, Eu Ј2.00, Ov Ј3.00  

Official Porthcawl 
Festival t-shirt


p&p UK Ј1.50, Eu Ј3.00, Ov Ј4.50  



  p&p UK £1.00, Eu £2.00, Ov £3.00


p&p UK £1.00, Eu £2.00, Ov £3.00

Elvis Presley, from "Jailhouse Rock"

How Elvis Presley helped 
set 'hostage' Douglas Wood's
 spirit free:

During the 47 days Australian Douglas Wood was kidnapped, beaten, handcuffed and blindfolded in Iraq, he kept his spirits up by constantly humming Elvis' song, "I Want To Be Free".

The song's writer, Mike Stoller, said it was the "most important use of that song ever". 

"When I was in the hell-hole, I hummed it," Wood said, recounting the song's famous line: "freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose".

Speaking from Los Angeles, Mr. Wood said he received much more inspiration from the Elvis song after considering his predicament. The song, off the 1957 Jailhouse Rock EP, speaks of a man sitting alone in a dark room:

There's no joy in my heart, only sorrow / And I'm sad as a man can be
And this room is a prison to me / I look at window and what do I see
I see a bird way up in the tree / I want to be free

On his release, Mr Wood discussed with his cousin Ian, Seaford-based the impact of the song and his cousin sent a letter to Stoller, expressing appreciation for the motivation and support the song provided during Mr Wood's ordeal during which he was bashed, robbed, handcuffed, and witnessed other hostages being murdered. Stoller read about Mr Wood's ordeal in newspapers, and said he was "touched and honoured" by the gesture.  Douglas was freed by Allied Forces.                 

With thanks to www.elvisinfonet.com and Melbourne Age


an appropriate name for a failing Musical

This is another failure associated with the old EPE management. According to most reviews the show is not very good and although it has great Elvis songs the songs alone do not make a Musical, otherwise you can simply watch a good tribute artist. The show has next to no story and the box office has been mostly poor. Rene Sheridan, the producer of "Jailhouse Rock the Musical" tried for ten years to get the rights from Gary Hovey to use the songs from the film for the Musical, especially the title song 'Jailhouse Rock'. Instead Hovey tried to 'upstage' Rene and deliberately supported another Musical "All Shook Up" that does include 'Jailhouse Rock'. He backed the wrong show and made it very difficult for Rene Sheridan who persevered with "Jailhouse Rock the Musical" and she produced a brilliant show that will now open in Las Vegas in January or February 2006. The show will return to Britain sometime in 2006 as soon as they can get a long term booking in another London theatre. The show had to leave the Piccadilly Theatre after a very successful run because "Guys and Dolls" had been pre-booked. There could even be a British Tour of the Musical prior to its re-launch in London. The new show will have 'Jailhouse Rock' and other songs from the film, all approved by Bob Sillerman.

Back to "All Shook Up"...apparently the producer is a legend in his own mind and after one big hit show thought he was Cameron MacKintosh. 'I Got Stung" was never used in "All Shook Up." For some of the show's backers it would have been a most appropriate song as they found enormous problems caused by mismanagement, behind-the-scenes tantrums and an arrogant and inexperienced lead producer. "All Shook Up" has turned out to be one of last season's costliest flops on Broadway. It has been reported the Musical will lose at least $10 million and original investors have pulled out disgusted and just written off massive losses. 

I remember Rene Sheridan over two years ago telling me how much grief she was getting from EPE and especially Hovey and how he was deliberately licensing another musical in direct competition to Rene's "Jailhouse Rock the Musical". They say 'what comes around goes around' !! We will keep you informed of plans for "Jailhouse Rock the Musical".

New 2006 Elvis Calendar
£6.95 p/p
UK £1.95, Eu £3.90,Ov £5.85



Sadly, we will probably not have an 'Official' Elvisly Yours calendar for 2006 because the company we licensed to publish the calendar was in breach of contract and we withdrew their license. 

I have just not had time with all the ongoing negotiations for 'Elvisly Yours Restaurants' to find a new publisher. 

You can be sure that for 2007 and the 30th Anniversary year there will be a new Elvisly Yours calendar and indeed lots of new Elvisly Yours official products that will be sold in the Restaurant.

However we have a new 2006 Elvis calendar that you can order NOW online or buy in our Elvis shop at 233 Baker St, NW1. 

The retail price is only £6.95
(plus 1.95 p&p UK, twice p&p Europe, 3x World)

Elvisly Yours Restaurants

Negotiations are still ongoing for Restaurants in London, Dublin (new), Dubai and other Middle East Countries plus Shanghai and Beijing. Enquiries have come from Germany and even Colombia but these are for smaller venues and we want each location to have at least 10,000 square feet. When the first contract is signed we will make the announcement in the press and on our website.

ELVISLY YOURS Competition Winner
 Winner of the Elvisly Yours monthly draw is Faye Morgan, Miskin, Mountain Ash, Wales 
and she receives a 2006 Elvis calendar


Patsy Andersen

Biography of Patsy Andersen

 Oh! Robert, I am but a fool,
 Landlord, I love you tho' you treat me cruel,
 You hurt me and you made me cry
 And if you EVICT me I will surely die.

 Landlord there will never be another
 Cause I love you so,
 Please don't EVICT me,
 Say it isn't so
 I will always want you for my Landlord
 No matter what you do
 Oh! Robert I'm so in love with you.

Advertisement aimed at Robert Sillerman.  
I composed it and suggested to Carol to advertise in the New York Times.



I have been saying for many years now EPE have so alienated Elvis fans all over the world that they are no longer bothering to go to Graceland. 

It was hoped with new management at EPE under CKXE there would be new ideas, better marketing, new attempts to show appreciation of the fans. It seems the same old people are still in control and have kept their jobs making the same old mistakes, continuing to upset the fans. I know of no other business in the world that deliberately upset its most loyal customers.

Patsy Andersen said there were no more than 2000-3000 fans for Elvis Week and the candlelight service finished very early. There are more and more Elvis fans in the world yet less and less fans go to Memphis for Elvis Week. 

Soden and his cronies are so thick-skinned that they continue in their arrogant ways and lose $millions in potential business. Of course, fans can meet Patsy who will be coming over with Jerry Presley for the "Porthcawl Elvis Festival" will there will be five times the number of fans that attended Elvis Week in Memphis. 

Every little town in America gets at least 100,000 visitors to their annual town celebration but Memphis can only get a few thousand in August 2005...SACK JACK!!!

For the diehard fans on their next visit to Graceland there will be no more independent Elvis stores. The final link with the wonderful "Elvis Week" of years gone by will now be broken forever. Carol and Lisa are being evicted and so far there has been no change of mind. 

Carol had sent me an email asking for any help I could give. Sadly, she did not phone me as requested to discuss a promotional campaign to support her. 

One of my ideas I did not have the chance to discuss in detail with Carol was to run an advertisement in the New York Times, appealing directly to Robert Sillerman. Since it was Carol begging Bob I reworded the song "Oh! Carol!" with more appropriate lyrics, with apologies to Neil Sedaka. 


The Peabody Ducks

We weren't happy at all about the Elvis Ducks launched for Elvis Week in Memphis 2005 but there are some other ducks that are very famous and loved by Elvis fans and visitors to Memphis.

Elvisly Yours used to run Tours to Memphis, Tupelo, Nashville and Las Vegas and often the highlight of the visit after Graceland was the "Peabody Ducks". For those fans that have never been to Memphis it is hard to imagine the scene at the world famous "Peabody Hotel" in downtown Memphis. but there are ducks that live apparently in the penthouse suite and every morning and afternoon they are escorted down from their room and back up again. During the day they just play in the pool and fountain in the centre of the hotel ground floor.

The busiest time is when they go to bed around 5pm and the red carpet is laid down from the pool to the elevators. A loud fanfare is played and the ducks are marched one by one from pool in the centre of the hotel along the red carpet to the elevators and up to their penthouse suite. There are hundreds of people lining the route hanging from the balconies on the first floor overlooking the spectacle and they are all fighting for a place with their cameras and cine-cameras. I have seen people almost driven to fisticuffs pushing and shoving each other trying to get the best shot of the ducks. It is so neat and an event you should never miss when you are in Memphis. It still gives a thrill however many times you see the ducks at the wonderful Peabody Hotel, just a short walk from Beale Street.

Blue Meanies Council

Local Councils are the scourge of small business throughout the country and they simply harass us much of the time for the slightest indiscretion. Just imagine the scene, where an officer of the Council is passing Madame Tussaud and notices the sign that advertises the Elvisly Yours Shop and London Beatles Store was resting for a few minutes against the railing. The sign holder had gone to the toilet for a few minutes and left the sign, a mistake but hardly a crime. The officer makes notes and goes around to the London Beatles Store to interrogate the owner Howard Cohen.

It was only a few minutes and the sign holder was new and did not know you must always be holding the sign to be within the law and Howard apologised. But that wasn't enough for Westminster City Council, they prosecuted the London Beatles Store and Elvisly Yours for breaking some by-law. What a waste of taxpayers money and waste of our time. We defended the action in Court with the help of a barrister. Sherlock Holmes was at the Court on August 20th 2001 to give evidence on our behalf. We had demonstrated outside Court, but made a big mistake. The hearing was in the afternoon and the Judgement was not received until after 6pm so we did not make the papers. It is always best for publicity to have events take place in the morning to make the papers and TV. By 6pm it is too late unless it is a major story. We won the case and had wanted to expose the Council for their waste of taxpayers money. We were awarded costs but it took many months to get the full costs paid by Westminster.

We are grateful to Charles, Deanne and Gary for all their support and I still have the placards, just in case we get prosecuted again. The Sherlock Holmes Museum is just two doors from our Elvisly Yours Shop on Baker Street.

Remembering Bobby Day

As I go through hundreds and hundreds of old photos from the history of Elvisly Yours your memories come back of some great events and some great people I have met over the past 27 years since I left teaching and formed Elvisly Yours.

One of those great people was "Bobby Day". Bobby was just an everyday guy with a regular job but he loved Elvis and always wanted to sing. He noticed a feature about the Russian Elvis, Rafik, in the Elvisly Yours magazine that showed him wearing a jumpsuit kindly provided for free by George Berka of California. I promised to promote George in the Elvisly Yours magazine if he would give a jumpsuit to the Russian Elvis. Good deeds often get repaid and I know Bobby bought at least five suits from George and I am sure many more ETAs as well. 

Once Bobby had the suits it gave him the confidence to perform. He had thin fairish hair so Bobby got a wig, put on the suit, wore the glasses and he was Elvis and started a career as an Elvis Tribute Artist. Whenever I planned a promotion I would first call Bobby and another dear friend Leyton Sommors. I told them if they helped me I would promote and recommend them and both their careers blossomed and we became close friends. He was one of the first ETAs to produce good quality promotional material on my advice that helped him promote himself. What I didn't know was Bobby had a family history of heart failure and his grandfather and father had both died in the early 40's. Sadly, Leyton also died and more on Leyton in our next Newsletter.

We had some great times together and on one occasion we were invited to a special colour screening of "Jailhouse Rock" in Notting Hill. I said I would bring along Bobby if we could hand out leaflets for the credit card. It was agreed and Bobby went down very well meeting and greeting the hundred or so guests at the post film reception until someone from the Elvis fan club it seems complained and they asked Bobby to leave....ridiculous and insulting.

I spoke to Bobby just a few weeks before he died. He had helped promote the launch of the "Elvisly Yours Credit Card" in May 1998 and Bobby appeared in newspapers all over the world, even as far away as Vietnam. But, when Bobby tried to get a card in the name "Bobby Day" he was refused by the Bank of Scotland....why ? Bobby Day was a stage name and not his real name which was Robert Garrard. I said I would try and help, called the Bank of Scotland Management and made special arrangements for Bobby to have a card in his stage name. He was thrilled and the proud owner on a "Bobby Day" Elvisly Yours Credit Card. Sadly, two weeks later he was dead, from a heart attack aged 41 in August 1998. It was a very moving funeral with Bobby and Elvis' songs being played...a great guy who was taken much too soon.

Peabody Duck

Peabody Ducks on the red carpet waddling to the elevator, merrily on their way to their penthouse suite

Fighting Blue Meanies with Howard (Beatles Shop), Sherlock Holmes (Charles), Elvis Presley (Gary) and Diana Ross (Deanne)

Outside Horseferry Road Magistrates Court with Howard, me, Gary and Deanne

Bobby Day's promotional card. 


Rafik wearing the Burning Love suit on stage in Leningrad

Elvisly Yours credit card


includes a thesis by Sid Shaw, DisGraceland and 21 more papers by experts in the Elvis World 
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