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Cyber Club

Newsletter 33


November 2005



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Just when you thought it couldn't get any worse 
after the official "Elvis Duck".....

'Official' EPE Elvis Mask (ugh-hhhhhhhhh!)


Elvis holding panties on stage

I rarely look at the website of EPE but I was checking on jumpsuits for a tribute Artist who wanted a genuine replica suit and by chance came across jumpsuits being sold by EPE. 

Yes, EPE are now in the tacky jumpsuit business (see COSTUMES) but it gets a lot worse. They are now selling through their official EPE website Elvis rubber masks !!! 

This is the same company that claims to protect the name, image and likeness of EPE and with whom I was in litigation for 15 years and still being the subject of aggravation from them.

I showed this awful Elvis mask to my next door neighbour Howard Cohen of the London Beatles Store and he said if any company had produced a mask of John Lennon, Yoko Ono would have sued them immediately . What do they think they are doing at EPE? I looked at more of their Elvis products and came across their apparel range...

I was sued by EPE in the USA in 1985 for selling Elvis ladies knickers, "Are You Lonesome Tonight, "It's Now or Never" and "Love Me Tender" (called 'panties' in the US). During the many Court hearings in America over and over again I was harangued by the lawyers acting for EPE for demeaning Elvis' memory by marketing Elvis ladies underwear. 

I got the idea of marketing Elvis knickers from the Beatles Museum in Liverpool whose best line was Beatles knickers in the mid-1980's and the Beatles never complained. Of course, almost every show Elvis had panties thrown on stage. He usually picked them up and continued to sing holding them, as if it was part of the show.

Now, 20 years after EPE sued me in US Federal Court, they are marketing, "Love Me Tender" boxer shorts. Is EPE being sexist marketing  Elvis men's underwear while suing me for marketing Elvis ladies underwear? 

Why are men allowed to have Elvis underwear but not women? I even have a sworn affidavit from Colonel Parker stating he nor Elvis would have  allowed such a product, even though unbeknown to me until more recently, Colonel Parker and Elvis actually licensed Elvis panties in 1956 (see "Going Down Memory Lane" below ). 

Elvis rubber ducks, Elvis rubber masks...what wonderful new Elvis products will EPE be marketing around the world, next ? 

The rubber Elvis mask is an insult to the memory of Elvis Presley and finding the "official" Elvis Presley website is marketing such a product is a disgrace. 

I hope fans around the world will show their disgust regarding this latest insult to our Elvis by Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc.

 Official EPE Elvis men's underwear

Special FTD CD'S  ONLY $20.00!!
 Carol's Memories of Elvis


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Elvisly Yours

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Carol's Memories of Elvis

The final closing down sale is on at 'Carol's Memories of Elvis' at Graceland Crossing in Memphis. 

To quote Carol from her website:

At this time we are offering to you our merchandise at reduced prices.  We will most likely sell our remaining line to wholesalers or to other retailers.  We want to give you the opportunity to purchase for yourselves the merchandise we have so enjoyed offering you in the past.  Many of the items are exclusive to our store and will not be offered by anyone else in the future. 

Visit Carol's website by clicking on the link above.

Carol has had a shop opposite Graceland for 27 years, well before Jack Soden drove into town, in apparently an old Honda, to take over EPE. 

Now Carol is being driven out by Soden while he is still employed by EPE even though the company was $25 million in debt when it was sold by Lisa to Bob Sillerman.

  Why, oh why is Soden keeping his job after such disastrous trading while Carol and also Lisa of "Loose Ends" are being evicted? 

The closing day for the last two independent shops of Carol and Lisa is November 30th 2005. 

Sorry we missed the October Cyber Newsletter !

Many fans think  Elvisly Yours is a huge organisation but alas there is only me and my manager Sasha that run the Elvisly Yours office in Watford, with occasional  help from Maureen. We get 10,000 emails a year, have to run the website, handle all Elvis retail and wholesale trade around the world, negotiate license deals as well as planning for Elvisly Yours Restaurants, get calls from the media, fans and traders all day and have to do 1001 jobs to run the business.

Unfortunately, I was off work for a week having torn a muscle in my back and  then we had a VAT inspection and I had to get all our books up to date for the tax inspector and it was very time consuming. In Europe you have Value Added Tax (VAT) and a mass of paperwork for bills and invoices and it is 17.5% for all Vat-able products and services. I just run out of time to write the Cyber Newsletter for October 2005. It usually takes several days completing the Newsletter. Please accept my apologies and I hope you enjoy this belated Newsletter as much as past Newsletters.

Elvis only no.2 in UK 
single sales in 2005

The year isn't yet over but a listing of the top selling UK singles artists has been released. Here is the top 5 and Elvis came second to Tony Christie whose catchy "Amarillo" sold over one million copies,  promoted for charity with that fabulous video with lots of British stars.

1 - Tony Christie -  1,093,458
2 - Elvis Presley -     708,160
3 - Crazy Frog -         552,152
4 - James Blunt -     495,477
5 - McFly -                  459,990

When you consider Elvis was at no.1 three times in 2005 and had all the other 15 singles in the charts he sold less records than probably just one of his early hits in the UK in 1950's. 

   Trophy for 1,000 UK no.1 single presented to Sid Shaw by Rafael of Coca-Cola with Elvis statue behind

Elvis makes Crime News 
in the UK and USA

Julie Wall, age 46, is a British Elvis fan who will be spending the next three years in prison. She worked for the council in Sleaford, Lincolnshire and her job was to count the coins from the town's parking meters, but instead she stole millions of coins. 

She managed to steal about 10,000.00 a month and got away with it for almost ten years until a recent audit. 

Sam Robinson, prosecuting, said that between January 1996 and July this year she was estimated to have stolen more than 557,000 (nearly $1 million). 

All of the money she used for buying Elvis CD's, records and rare memorabilia, mostly from auctions and record fairs and on eBay. We have no record of Julie as a customer and it would be very interesting to know who she bought her Elvis collection from. I am sure she made some Elvis traders quite rich. The Elvis collection will be sold off next year to compensate the council for the theft of the money.

Meanwhile in the USA, a retired Elvis tribute Artist helped Las Vegas Police catch a man suspected of stealing more than $300,000 memorabilia from the Elvis-A-Rama Museum.

Duke Adams (age 62) was standing in line at a pharmacy when the suspect offered to sell him items once owned by Elvis. Adams said he immediately became suspicious, and quickly linked the man to last year's museum heist.

Duke told the police and set up a meeting with the suspect, Eliab Aguilar to buy the memorabilia for sale at $80,000.00 and the police arrested the thief. Apparently, the owner of the Museum, now sold to Bob Sillerman's company, has collected  insurance money and the memorabilia will be handed over to the insurance company. Everything was there except for one Elvis scarf.

  Photo courtesy of Elvis Express

Our condolences to the Lee Dawson family

Lee Dawson runs the first officially independent Elvis Presley Fan Club called the "Elvis Express". Sadly, Lee's father Barry Dawson suddenly died on October 21st after battling cancer. Our condolences go to Lee's mother, Lee, Lana and all his family at this sad time. Lee's father was a huge Elvis fan and no doubt was a driving force behind making Lee the big Elvis fan he is today. Lee's father was a paramedic and had enormous respect in his local community in Brighton where he worked for 28 years. 

When he was wheelchair bound and was pushed down to Brighton beach for the first time by a close friend there was a fleet of ambulances to greet him followed by a fly past of the Sussex Police helicopter flying just above the beach dipping down to salute Barry. Fly pasts are usually reserved for the Queen and for Barry Dawson to be so uniquely honoured showed how much he was loved and appreciated.


I got a call out of the blue from a film production company that wanted Elvisly Yours memorabilia for a TV video featuring Robbie Williams. Robbie is a huge Elvis fan and I was delighted to be asked to supply a range of our Elvis memorabilia to decorate a film set in Blackpool where the secret film shoot for his next pop video was going to take place. In the video Robbie was to play an Elvis fan that had his home covered in Elvis memorabilia. I had asked if I could meet Robbie and be present at the video shoot and this was agreed. 

I had not heard back from the film company to confirm arrangements so I called them. I was told that at the last moment a decision was made NOT to use images of Elvis for fear of problems with EPE if the video was shown in the USA. They had to rewrite the whole script and do a completely new production. In effect, Robbie Williams was banned from using images of Elvis Presley. Instead Robbie dressed up as Elvis. Some stupid lawyer pulled the plug because of some imagined threat that had no foundation. On what grounds could EPE stop a video being shot in Britain featuring an Elvis fan having Elvis memorabilia in his home? My memorabilia has appeared hundreds of times over the years on US television and there has never been a problem. The same thing happened last year with the BBC and "EastEnders". They wanted my memorabilia for the set of a new character who was a big Elvis fan. Again, another stupid lawyer got cold feet and the producer had to stop using memorabilia they had already bought from us.

So I contacted the local paper in Blackpool to tell them about the story and Robbie's filming in the town. As a result, Robbie was besieged by thousands of fans during the shooting of the video and a delighted Robbie said: "It's amazing the amount of people who have come down to say hello. It's made my night. I haven't seen anything like this since my days with 'Take That'. I feel loved." 

Diamonte necklace 

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Bill Burk's EW Lunch

It's scheduled for 1-3 p.m. Sunday, 8 January 2006 at Marlowe's, Elvis Presley Blvd.  $13, as always. HOWEVER, after a month of advertising the time and date, Bill does not have enough reservations to fill Marlowe's largest dining room table. Marlowe's usually opens at 4 p.m. and Bill needs more fans to book.

Bill is going to put a 1st December deadline to book.  If reservations don't climb dramatically, he will call off the EW Lunch and refund fan's money. 

In fact ... he won't deposit EW Lunch cheques until a final decision is made. TRUTHFULLY, he had given serious thought to not having an EW Lunch this January because of a feeling that very few fans will be attending the birthday and Elvis Week events in 2006.  

Everyone is saving up for the BIG ONE -- 2007. So... it's up to you, the fans. American fans can send a cheque and fans from overseas email Bill for payment details:  beb007@worldnet.att.net  

Box 16792, Memphis 
TN 38186 
(he won't deposit cheques if cancellation is in store).

Bill Burk's Elvis World Lunch is always a highlight of Elvis Week and Birthday Week in Memphis. It has nearly always been sold out early on. 

The way EPE treats fans and the last straw, the eviction of Carol and Lisa, seems to suggest Elvis fans are starting to boycott Memphis.

Elvis Presley tops Forbes’ list of highest earning dead celebrities...

for the fifth consecutive year by generating 45 million dollars - 28 years after he passed away in 1977 (last year it was $40 million). Elvis Presley remains the king even from the grave, with him topping the “Forbes’ annual list of highest-earning dead stars over the past year. Charlie Brown creator Charles Schulz, who died in 2000, held the number two position with 35 million dollars with John Lennon  third who earned $22 million.

The Top 10 highest earning dead celebrities rated by Forbes magazine:

1. Elvis Presley   $45 million
2. Charles M. Schulz     $35 million
3. John Lennon  $22 million
4. Andy Warhol  $16 million
5. Theodore ‘Dr. Seuss’ Geisel $10 million
6. Marlon Brando  $9 million
7. Marilyn Monroe $8 million
8. J.R.R. Tolkien $8 million
9. George Harrison $7 million
10. Johnny Cash $7 million

N.B. This turnover is mostly generated in the USA and is enormous despite the way EPE continually alienate Elvis fans. Just imagine what the turnover could be if EPE treated Elvis' fans, family and friends with care, understanding, love and respect ?

New 2006 Elvis Calendar (1)
p/p UK 1.95, Eu 3.90,Ov 5.50

FOR 2006

Sadly, we will not have an 'Official' Elvisly Yours calendar for 2006 because the company we licensed to publish the calendar was in breach of contract and we withdrew their license. 

You can be sure that for 2007 there will be a new Elvisly Yours calendar and indeed lots of new Elvisly Yours official products that will be sold eventually in the Elvisly Yours Restaurant. However we have new 2006 Elvis calendars that you can order online NOW or buy in our Elvis shop at 233 Baker St, London NW1. 

The retail price is only 6.95 plus p&p

New 2006 Elvis Calendar (2)
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Elvisly Yours Restaurants

For one year we have been negotiating with potential investors to launch 'Elvisly Yours Restaurants' in different countries in the world. Negotiations are still ongoing in several countries, however, in Britain, we wanted to find one investor that would operate the first Restaurant planned for Central London. Instead of finding one investor we have had approaches from many small investors. Rather than delay our Project any further the Consortium who have designed the concept and produced the Business Plan are now drawing up plans to find a group of investors, although each share will probably be at least 50,000.00. Information will be announced in the next Newsletter, on our website and in the media when we are ready to promote the investment scheme. In the meantime, current negotiations will continue around the world.

ELVISLY YOURS Competition Winner

Winner of the Elvisly Yours monthly draw is Oliver Ford of Saffron Walden, England
He receives a signed copy of the book "Rare Elvis, Vol.1!


Colonel Parker lied in my US lawsuit 

In 1985 I was sued in America by Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc in US Federal Court with their main argument I was demeaning the memory of Elvis Presley by selling Elvis ladies underwear. One of EPE's lawyers had ordered a set of three pairs of Elvis knickers (panties) and at the hearing in Memphis in June 1985 their litigation lawyer was waving them in court, suggesting I was some kind of pervert. 

During the Court hearing they cross-examined me and I used the English term 'knickers'. The Judge did not understand what I said, so he asked me to repeat 'knickers'. He still did not understand so he asked me to spell it out - "k-n-i-c-k-e-r-s". If this had been in a British Court there would have been a riot with people falling over themselves laughing. So I spelt "k-n-i-c-k-e-r-s" and said I believe the lawyers for EPE "had their knickers in a twist". I am told the US expression is "had their panties in a wad". The hearing  was like something out of a Monty Python sketch. Later, I was told by a friend sitting in the public gallery that Judge Horton, who was black, did not understand my English accent and thought I had said the racist "n-word" and was relieved when I spelt out 'knickers'.

To support their contention that I must have been some kind of pervert for selling Elvis ladies underwear they submitted an affidavit from Colonel Tom Parker that I more recently discovered was a pack of lies. To quote from the Colonel's sworn statement :

When a manufacturer sought approval to use the name or likeness of Elvis I would normally ask Elvis' opinion of the product and use. Neither he nor I would have tolerated the use shown in the advertisement in Exhibit A (the advert in my magazine for the knickers). Use of the names and trade marks Elvis, Elvis Presley or likeness of Elvis in the distasteful manner shown in the advertisement would have seriously injured the goodwill that was carefully at great time and expense, built in those trademarks...

I join Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc in expressing my personal distaste for such offensive use of the likeness and image of Elvis Presley and in expressing my belief that the unauthorised use of Elvis' name and likeness should not continue. Further affiant sayeth not.

Colonel Tom Parker      

signature of 
Col Parker

 Subscribed and sworn to me on this 11th day of June 1985.

Col. Parker licensed Elvis ladies panties in 1956 !!

Elvis in Japan

Probably the second largest Elvis fan club in the world is in Japan and I had the pleasure of meeting its president Tad Akazawa in Memphis several times and some of its members in Tokyo when I went there twice, to first plan and then take an Elvis Exhibition in 1995, owned by Vince Everett. I went for dinner with a group of Elvis fans from the Japanese Fan Club and it was so interesting comparing feelings, thoughts and our mutual love for Elvis from such very different cultures. The fan club publishes an excellent magazine that has extremely high printing standards and is probably one of the best Elvis fan club magazines in the world. The quality control for everything in Japan is of the highest standard.

Japan is a fascinating country and I met some very interesting Elvis fans including the now Prime Minister of Japan,  Junichiro Koizumi. He is such a huge fan that Mr. Koizumi was asked by BMG, Japan to chose his favourite Elvis songs for a special album. He not only marked his accession to the Prime Ministership in 2001 by releasing a CD of Elvis songs but burst into an impromptu rendition of "I Want You, I Need You, I Love You" when meeting Tom Cruise in 2003.

I also met the Japanese World Champion Elvis from the Memphis tribute Contest of Elvis Week 1995 and the man who really had the world's largest collection of Elvis records. It always amazes me when Elvis fans tell me they have everything of Elvis in their collection. This man, whose names eludes me, had 10,000 Elvis albums and singles on vinyl alone. He showed me just a fraction of his collection in special presentation folders. He even had record sleeves that were rejected by BMG for the final releases.

The Elvis Exhibition in Tokyo at the Mitsukoshi Department Store October 1995 was attended by 18,000 visitors over six days. Originally, the Museum was supposed to tour Japan for nine weeks but the Kobe earthquake earlier in the year meant they could only organise a one week Exhibition. It was interesting to find that most of the visitors to the Exhibition were young and aged 20-35. Perhaps in the 1950's when Elvis first started Western culture had not yet penetrated Japan, so soon after the war, and it was only in the 1970's that Elvis first made his biggest impact. I will have to ask the fan club president, Tad, if most Elvis fans are under 40 years of age and if so, why.

I was introduced to Elvis phone cards at the Exhibition and we licensed Mitsukoshi to produce 1,000 of each of three Elvis phone cards. I thought I would buy 10 of each for my own collection but at the end of the Exhibition I discovered they had sold all 3,000 in days. All I have is one phone card and two proof copies. Elvisly Yours released phone cards in Britain in 1998 and sold most out in a few days. I kept back 200 of each phone card and we just have a few left for sale.

Wherever I have traveled in the world I have found such love for Elvis and each country has its uniqueness in celebrating Elvis' music. It is interesting to find Elvis has taught so many people 'English' around the world as fans try to learn the words of Elvis' songs.

Trying to get Priscilla to give evidence in Court

During my lawsuit in America with EPE I tried to take the deposition of Priscilla Presley. I also wanted them to submit the Estate accounts since they had claimed they were losing money because of Elvisly Yours selling Elvis products in the USA. But, they had been buying from us in 1982 when Graceland opened to the public. 

Yes, we were the exclusive suppliers of Elvis Presley products to Graceland in August 1982 for the first 'official' Elvis Week. But, they sued us in 1985 for selling Elvis products they had been buying from us. You can read the sworn affidavit by Priscilla by clicking on the link: deposition

You will find it fascinating reading, from around the time Priscilla  had her son and was filming Dallas, the famous 'soap', in 1987. She swore she was too busy feeding the baby, filming Dallas and I would use the deposition to annoy and harass her. 

Even though she was President of EPE, the plaintiffs suing us, we were not allowed to question her or see the accounts. Even the US Court of Appeal Judges decided she did not need to give evidence.

Elvisly Yours knickers

A PAIR OF ELVIS PRESLEY MERCHANDISING PANTIES, circa 1956 with colour picture of Elvis with a guitar, one leg torn. Estimated sale price US $2,500-3,000  1,500-1,800.

Elvis panties licensed by EPE in 1956 and auctioned by Bonhams in 1997 (owner, Paul Lichter).

Leaflet for the Exhibition in Japan

Elvis fans at the Exhibition in Japan

Japanese phone cards

Elvisly Yours phone cards

Phonecard 1   Phonecard 2
Set of 2 original Elvisly Yours phone cards (1998)

p&p UK 1.00, Eu 2.00,  Ov 3.00

Front page of Priscilla's deposition 


includes a thesis by Sid Shaw, DisGraceland and 21 more papers by experts in the Elvis World 
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