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Cyber Club

Newsletter 34


December 2005


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We Wish all our Cyber Club Members a fabulous Christmas or Chanukah and Rocking New Year

Boy, how time flies when you are having fun. A whole year has gone by and we are heading for 2006. The year promised so much and yet 12 months later it seems that the takeover of EPE by Robert Sillerman has if anything made matters a lot worse in the Elvis World. Why Robert Sillerman has kept on the same awful management and staff at EPE is beyond comprehension. Under Jack Soden's management EPE was $25 million in debt. I can't think of any other company that would keep a CEO having lost so much money for the previous owners. The only logical explanation is Soden holds the keys to all the closets holding all the skeletons of other EPE management and if fired would he publish his memoirs ?

This year we have seen officially licensed Elvis Rubber Ducks, Elvis rubber masks, Elvis cheap and tacky jumpsuits, the buy-out of Elvis-A-Rama in Las Vegas and the suggestions on various newsgroups that Simon Fuller will re-brand Elvis. Simon Fuller is a marketing genius. He launched the Spice Girls and is the creator of the huge hit TV Shows, Pop Idol and America Idol. How anyone can take five talent-less girls of average looks and figures and turn them into the world's biggest stars is a marketing miracle. Even Nelson Mandella wanted to meet the Spice Girls and Prince Charles. Fans are concerned that Simon Fuller will treat Elvis in the same way as the Spice Girls, S Club 7 and Pop Idol in a down market manner when Elvis doesn't need re-branding and why should he be re-branded? 

Elvis was the closest you could get to perfection in voice, looks, charisma, style, stage presence, sex appeal etc, etc. What I want to see is CKXE give the fans what they want with more DVD projects showing Elvis performing,  releases of more concert material and to market bootleg albums officially instead of the bootleggers. Elvis recorded every concert and yet only a fraction has been released to the fans and there is a mass of outtakes still to be released from movies. The photo archive at Graceland is enormous yet we see the same old photos time and time again. I was told many years ago by RCA that they could not market bootlegs officially instead of the bootleggers because they did not know all the session musicians on the records and could be sued. All they need do is put a simple statement on a CD that anyone who was a musician for a recording should make application to RCA and they will be given royalties for their performance. Since EPE took over the running of Elvis Presley Estate in 1982 they have NOT listened to the fans, have not cared about the fans and their needs. So many fans have been alienated by EPE and their past tactics I just hope that Bob Sillerman gets a wake-up call from the fans and makes changes that Elvis and his millions of fans would be proud of and for future generations to have access to all Elvis' recorded and film material. Since Sony/BMG own most of Elvis' music rights that was sold by Elvis and the Colonel back in the 1970's Simon Fuller cannot do much with Elvis' music without their blessing unless Bob Sillerman has plans to buy them out with his $billions.

I will be sending some SACK JACK and HIT the ROAD JACK button badges to Bob Sillerman for Chanukah.

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'Elvis On Tour’ DVD Petition

Please pass this on to all your Elvis contacts. Let us show MGM and EPE our real spirit!  It would be great if everyone got proactive on this one. We have been informed by Elvis Infonet website Australians have been pretty good in signing up - but it would be great if readers of the Elvisly Yours Newsletter could help spread the word throughout the rest of the world.   Elvis On Tour’ DVD release? It's time for Elvis fans to show MGM and EPE that they are ignoring a massive market. We have been waiting far too long, 33 years since the original film and 13 years since our last glimpse of ‘outtake’ material in ‘Lost Performances'! Having missed its 30th anniversary the new ‘Elvis On Tour’ DVD release is long overdue. 

Everyone should sign the petition to EPE/MGM. With over 1,800 signatures so far let’s get the petition to over 5000 signatures by Christmas.

Let's get the 'Elvis- On Tour' DVD released! Help the cause by signing the ‘Elvis On Tour Petition’ and we can show MGM/EPE that they are ignoring a massive market. Having missed its 30th anniversary the new ‘Elvis On Tour’ DVD release is long overdue.

Please click on this link and sign the petition

The Petition to Elvis Worldwide fans was created and written by Gregory Nolan Jr. and Renan Augusto. Let’s get the petition to over 5000 signatures by Christmas.

Elvis and Albert Fisher  
during filming in Seattle

 Elvis and Joan O'Brien from the DVD

New Home Movies

A new special DVD has been released of rare home movies taken of Elvis in 1962 while filming in Seattle. The DVD Includes color photos and other celebrities who appeared at the 1962 fair in Seattle.

Images show Elvis being peddled on a 3-wheeled bicycle by a beautiful blonde at the base of Seattle’s Space Needle. Also,  Elvis is seen with a kid actor named Kurt Russell whose mission was to kick Elvis in the knee. Also, there is Elvis presenting a ham to the Governor of Washington State.

The DVD has been released by the Technical Advisor on the 1962 Elvis Presley MGM motion picture: “It Happened At The World’s Fair.” Emmy winning television producer/director Albert Fisher was only 21 when he worked in the TV and movie department at The Seattle World’s Fair. One of his jobs was to help coordinate the location shooting of the movie starring Elvis Presley. When the fair ended its run, Fisher was asked by Elvis' team to serve as the film's Technical Advisor on location and in Hollywood.

During the shooting in Seattle, Albert Fisher not only had direct access to the stars and crew, but he carried with him an 8 mm home movie camera and a still camera. The film and photographs taken during the summer 1962 have been hidden away in a safety deposit box until now. 

These rare one-of-a-kind glimpses of the behind-the-scenes making of a Elvis Presley motion picture have been professionally edited and compiled along with still photographs and recollections by Fisher into a commemorative DVD.

His time with Elvis has always remained dear to his heart, says Fisher, who went on to become associated with major broadcast and cable networks and television syndicators as a national Emmy winning Producer and Director. Fisher goes on to note: “I have held onto these personal memories of my brief time spent with Elvis and thought that the time was right to share them with the many fans who continue to celebrate the legacy of Presley’s amazing talent and contributions to the entertainment industry.”

On the DVD Producer/Director Albert Fisher reminisces on-camera about the making of the movie and also how, when the film was finally released, Presley’s manager Col. Tom Parker “stole” Fisher’s credit as Technical Advisor.

No doubt EPE's lawyers will be after him with cease and desist demands and it will be interesting to see whether he stands firm against their expected intimidation and continues to sell the DVD. Any sane business operation would work with Albert Fisher to get the maximum exposure of this rare and unique film in order to the mass market the DVD worldwide.  Instead there will be a very limited sale through word of mouth and just hundreds will be sold instead of hundreds of thousands of DVDs.

World’s Fair Home Movies

Elvis statue in New Zealand that Susan and Roy helped raise money for and build


Elvis the Reality New Zealand is now Independent of Elvis Presley Enterprises

Susan Brennan-Hodgson and her husband Roy have are mad and 'they ain't going to take it anymore'. They have now declared themselves independent of Elvis Presley Enterprises Inc. 

They, like many fan clubs, thought they had to be approved by EPE and would get special benefits by being officially recognised. But, you don't have to be approved by EPE. Even the US Constitution protects fan clubs under the right to assembly. 
They have just had enough of EPE and their aggressive, hateful, megalomaniac antics and we hope many other fan clubs will follow their lead. 

Elvis fan clubs have thrived since the 1950's over 30 years before the EPE management started to ruin the Elvis World. They did not need approval from Elvis when he was alive to conduct their fan clubs in the way they wanted. Below is the official statement issued by the fan club and we applaud their courage. If enough Elvis fan clubs had the guts to follow this lead EPE would certainly have to take notice.

Elvis the Reality New Zealand would like to take this opportunity to advise all our contacts, that an  executive decision has been made, and we will NOT be renewing our Annual Fan Club Agreement with Graceland. For a long time now we have felt that Elvis' best interests are not being served, nor do we feel his memory is being preserved with the respect and dignity worthy of him.  The significance of Elvis' legacy to his fans has sadly been buried in the stampede to commercialize "Elvis the Product" plus anything and everything remotely linked to the Presley name.  Even "Graceland", Elvis' beloved home and retreat from the world, has become something of a circus. How sad he would be. The genuine fans,  who are after all, the life blood of EPE, seldom receive the recognition they deserve. Likewise,  those who have worked long and hard to preserve the true memory of Elvis and his music have often been disregarded and cast aside. Elvis the Reality resents the element of control constantly exerted by EPE over fan clubs, who for the most part do more to promote and preserve the Elvis dynasty than anyone else.  We would like to remind EPE that without Elvis fans, EPE would surely crumble. Last but not least, we the fans are dedicated to keeping the spirit and the magic of Elvis alive forever.  We do not need any outside help, because true love comes from the heart.

  Susan & Roy Brennan-Hodgson Elvis the Reality New Zealand Together for Elvis - we make it happen

Elvis Presley 
watches over 
Patrick Swayze ??

According to actor Patrick Swayze he has been told by four different mystics that Elvis Presley watches over him. 

According to the music website www. contactmusic.com , Swayze says even though he is not a huge fan of Presley many people have compared him to Presley. 

"They call me with reports. I am not really a big Elvis fan but a lot of people have compared our sensuality. Whatever. I don't mind that."

Patrick Swayze is a good actor but to compare himself to Elvis regarding sensuality and looks  beggars believe. Dear Patrick, you are living in cuckoo land and why should Elvis want to watch over you ?

Swayze as sensual as Elvis??

Elvis Shmelvis with our 
lifesize artwork as a bet

Elvis Shmelvis Family  All Shook Up !!

Martyn and Sue Dias and their sons live just one mile as the crow flies from the Buncefield Oil Depot in Hemel Hempstead. 

On Sunday the 11th December at 6am the largest explosion in post war Europe took place at the oil depot.

Apparently, grandpa Shmelvis who was staying with his family was thrown out of bed by the blast, Sue and the boys woke up but Martyn  (Elvis Shmelvis) slept through. He had done three gigs that night/early morning and even Europe's largest peacetime explosion was not going to shake Martyn out of his slumbers.

There was minor damage to his roof and the house shook and they could see the flames from the upstairs window. We live ten miles from the blast and could see the thick smoke for days after and I was woken by the blast but was not aware there was a blast until I turned on the TV news and looked outside to see the smoke fill the sky as we live so nearby.

Elvis in Tupelo aged 10 at the State Fair

Elvis in Tupelo Homecoming

50th Anniversary Elvis' Homecoming in Tupelo 

Elvis Presley's 1956 homecoming, which originally featured a parade in downtown Tupelo, Miss., and a concert, will now be re-created as part of the 8th Elvis Presley Festival, June 2nd-4th 2006.

In 1956, Presley was honored with a parade down Main Street and proclaimed a favorite son by Governor Coleman. The highlight of the Event was a concert where Elvis was greeted by screaming fans during the Mississippi-Alabama State Fair and Dairy Show. The same venue where Elvis sang "Old Shep" and came 5th at the age of ten years old. Elvis was born in Tupelo but moved with his parents and the Smiths in 1948 to Memphis, Tenn., where he later began his recording career. "People were standing and clapping and waving their hands in the air to Elvis' music," said Jane Riley of Tupelo. The Festival hopes to record oral histories from people who saw the concert in 1956, such as Janice Coleman, who experienced a rare privilege when Elvis stepped on her right middle finger. "I put my hand onstage, and he stepped on my finger," she said. "He didn't mean to."

For all these years Tupelo has been neglected by EPE. You would have thought they would have arranged special bus tours from Graceland direct to Tupelo so visitors could take in the whole Elvis experience. Tourists would then book a night or two in Memphis instead of just getting on and off the tour bus to visit Graceland. But Soden probably thinks he may lose a few bucks if visitors go to Tupelo so the city of Tupelo has to beg for any crumbs of help from EPE instead of working as partners in developing the Elvis business and his heritage.

You must visit Tupelo if you go all the way to Memphis. It is so much more dignified and less commercialised than Graceland. What better excuse than the 50th Anniversary of the famous homecoming concert June 2nd-4th 2006. 

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Bill Burk's EW Lunch Cancelled for the first time ever !!

 Bill Burk and his wife Connie

Even though we highlighted the story about Bill Burk's lunch being cancelled in our last Cyber Newsletter and other Newsletters and websites around the world also promoted Bill's lunch it has now been cancelled.

Over many years Bill has held meet and greet style lunches, first at Shoney's in Memphis and then at Marlowe's after Shoney's closed down. For many diehard fans this was the highlight of their visit for Elvis Week or Birthday Week and it is the first time he has had to cancel for lack of support. If Robert Sillerman is looking for signs of the continuing mismanagement of EPE this is the most damning. If such an Memphis institution for Elvis fans is cancelled is this the writing on the wall that EPE are killing the Elvis World? Fans can only take so much and after 23 years of gross neglect and such poor management fans are saying loud and clear with their pocket books they have had enough and ain't going to take it anymore and are boycotting Graceland.

The End of Choice at Graceland

So ends the final chapter in the struggle to monopolise the Elvis experience on your visit to Graceland. The last two independent stores at Graceland, " Memories of Elvis" and Loose Ends have been evicted. All there is left are boring, unimaginative, expensive EPE retail outlets at Graceland. They all sell  memorabilia at very high prices and there is now NO CHOICE for the consumer. Monopoly is illegal in the USA except, it seems, for the Elvis Presley business.

When Elvis died in 1977 the stores were all independent and selling an extensive range of Elvis memorabilia. For a few years (1982 to 1987) fans could buy Elvisly Yours products in all the independent stores. The shopping mall opposite Graceland was owned by Arabs who lived in California and managed by the Les Tubbs who owned 'Souvenirs of Elvis'. On a visit to London for the World Travel Market in 1983 Ken Brixey (Graceland marketing manager) told me how Soden nearly had a heart attack and suddenly was on top of the world because his friends bought the shopping centre. 

His cronies from Kansas City had persuaded the Trustees of the Elvis Estate to do a Real Estate deal for them to buy the shopping centre opposite Graceland and lease it back to Lisa Marie (with extortionate terms). The Bank of Commerce should be investigated for allowing, as a Trustee for the Estate, such a bad deal to go through. They could have simply loaned EPE the money to buy the property and saved $millions. Soden was now really in the $money big time. It would be nice to know how many $millions he has made representing EPE, but working against the interests of the Elvis Presley Estate. 

One by one the leases of the private stores opposite Graceland expired and tenants were evicted. Eventually,  Les Tubbs built "Graceland Crossing" mall and independent stores moved in there until now the final leases of Carol and Lisa have also expired. Carol's new store is way out of town and details can be found at Carol's Memories of Elvis.

New 2006 Elvis Calendar (1)
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Sadly, we do not have an 'Official' Elvisly Yours calendar for 2006 because the company we licensed to publish the calendar was in breach of contract and we withdrew their license. 

You can be sure that for 2007 there will be a new Elvisly Yours calendar and indeed lots of new Elvisly Yours official products that will be sold eventually in the Elvisly Yours Restaurant. However we have new 2006 Elvis calendars that you can order online NOW 

The retail price is only £6.95 plus p&p

New 2006 Elvis Calendar (2)
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Elvisly Yours Restaurants

Early in the New Year there will be negotiations with two potential individual investors for an "Elvisly Yours Restaurant" in London and if either prove successful we will immediately inform fans and the media. At the same time we will  be setting up an AIM scheme for smaller investors to buy in shares for the Restaurant. We would like a limited number of investors for the first Restaurant so shares will likely be £5,000-£10,000 each. 

With AIM schemes there are excellent tax breaks and judging by the general response by fans and smaller investors there should be no problem raising the £4 million for the first Restaurant. Ideally, we would want just one investor or a small consortium of investors. Rather than delay the Project any longer we will launch a fund-raising scheme through a financial institution. There are numerous rules and regulations governing the operation of AIM schemes and we cannot make a general offer through our website and Newsletter. AIM stands for "Alternative Investment Market" and such schemes, as mentioned, have excellent tax advantages for smaller investors. If, rather than holding money on deposit, you invest it in companies that are listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) they are exempt from inheritance tax after just two years. As property prices go higher and higher more and more people get in a trap for inheritance tax. Investing in 'Elvisly Yours Restaurants' will not only bring great pleasure and hopefully huge rewards but could save a fortune in inheritance tax should a relative die leaving the house to you.

ELVISLY YOURS Competition Winner

Winner of the Elvisly Yours monthly draw is Francisco Javier Madueño Valero, Spain.
He receives an Elvis first day cover stamped at the Indianapolis Concert Hall 1993


The Graceland Wall

Fans will probably have heard about the Graceland Wall  being crashed by a Jeep producing a big hole in the wall. The driver must have been travelling at some speed to cause so much damage. It took a few days to repair because of the icy conditions that had contributed to the crash and that had also affected the rebuilding work. You can see evidence of the damage opposite.

Over the years several stories come to mind about the Wall that have been recounted to me by fans and Elvis' cousin the late Harold Loyd. Harold was on duty  the night Jerry Lee Lewis came to Graceland and was demanding to see Elvis while waving a gun. It was feared that he would scale the Graceland Wall and attempt to force himself into Graceland. Harold had phoned Elvis from the gatehouse and told him that Jerry Lee was waving a gun and screaming that he wanted to see him. Apparently when Elvis got anxious over anything he would talk real fast. I can never remember exactly what  Elvis said but Harold had mimicked him speaking faster and faster as Elvis got more and more agitated. The words "son of a bitch" were repeated several times" and to stop Jerry Lee at any cost. 

Then there was the over-amorous, large, Elvis lady fan who did jump over the Graceland Wall and ran up across the lawns divesting herself of her clothing as she got closer and closer to the house. Harold had phoned to say a large woman had climbed over the wall and was heading for the house but by the time he got through to Vernon she was almost at the window. She pressed her very large, naked bosom against the window while screaming out her enduring love for Elvis and what she wanted to do with him when she found him. You know I can't remember how the story ended but I think they managed to cover her up and escort out of the property.

The meanest story about the Graceland Wall was after Elvis died. Even though there were beautiful comments written on the wall Priscilla Presley decided to whitewash the wall and destroy forever the original graffiti. Somewhere, in my collection, I have a small book that features photographs of some of the original comments on the Graceland Wall. There was some quite profound poetry and many heartfelt thoughts of fans, just after Elvis died. For Priscilla to have destroyed those words was evil, a destruction of history and signifies to me how little she cared for Elvis and his fans.

Aunt Loraine

Elvis' favourite Aunt was Loraine. She was the mother of Billy Smith and married to Travis. Elvis' father was a Presley and his mother a Smith. Aunt Loraine was the sister of Elvis' mother Gladys and when the Presleys moved from Tupelo, the Smiths went with them to Memphis.

You only had to meet Loraine once and you knew how Elvis adored her and that she was his favourite aunt. I had the honour to meet Gladys in the mid-1980's on one of my many trips to Memphis (I have been to Memphis 52 times from England). I believe Beth Pease introduced us and I met Linda Gail Lewis at the same time. Linda Gail and Loraine were close friends.

I asked Loraine if she would like to meet the fans I had on my Elvis tour groups to Memphis and she was delighted. Every time our fan club arrived at Memphis Airport there would be Loraine to meet them. I had arranged for Loraine to have roses and each fan was given a kiss and a rose by Elvis' Aunt Loraine and welcomed to Memphis. She would come to our hotel several times during the tour and go out with our fans to clubs partying the night away. She was always accompanied by Bill. Her husband Travis died many years ago and Bill was Loraine's boyfriend, but she called him her husband. She did not get married to Bill because she was frightened the pittance she got from the Elvis Estate would be stopped.

She was so full of life and even at 2 or 3am she would be dancing with the fans at the Hernando's night club behind the hotel where we stayed. But in 1988 something was different, Loraine was in tears saying goodbye to the fans. She was very sad and I did not know why. Ten days later I got a call from Memphis to inform me Loraine had died from a heart attack. I have always believed Loraine knew she was ill and the tears were because she knew she would not meet her friends again. I arranged for a huge bouquet of roses to be sent from our fan club for the funeral and I was told this was used as the head display at the graveside. Loraine always supported me through all my battles with EPE, she was a dear friend and truly missed.

Set-ups and Long Island Tea

If you go to a bar or club in Memphis be prepared for an extortionate charge for ice and soft drinks. Elvisly Yours used to run two trips a year to Memphis for our fan club and on each trip I would give a talk to the fans the first morning after arrival to explain do's and don'ts about their stay in Memphis. For many fans it was their first time in America and like most American cities Memphis is not safe. You don't walk alone, only in groups, you don't stop if a car pulls up asking the way, you don't carry a lot of money with you etc, etc.

Then I explained certain strange anomalies like 'set-ups'. Many clubs in Memphis and some bars do not sell hard liquor, only beer. A liquor license is very expensive and hard to get so a system called 'set-ups' exists. You bring your own liquor, always in a brown paper bag. Apparently, it is against the law to show the label of a liquor bottle on the street. The clubs don't want you to sit all night just drinking your own drink so they charge extortionate prices for ice and soft drinks.

I also told fans about "Long Island Tea". This is my favourite cocktail in America and it tastes really nice but can 'knock you dead', it's so potent. I always suggested to fans to try ONE of these unique 'teas'. After one you are pretty happy, two drinks and you have probably had too many, three and you're on your knees, four drinks prostate and five means you could soon meet Elvis in  "Blue Suede Heaven. 

Each evening during the Tours I would arrange for our bus driver to take us downtown to Beale Street or to restaurants or night clubs. One night as we were about to get off the bus at the hotel one of the fans said his wife had been in the bus' restroom for 20 minutes. The driver banged on the door but nothing. He got a special key to unlock the door but she was jammed against the door. Fans may remember Adolphe, the best bus driver in Memphis, a great guy.

The only way out was for Aldolphe to get a ladder climb up the outside of the bus and unscrew the window. Eventually, he managed to get into the rest room and found the lady fast asleep propped against the door. He opened the door and her husband and others managed to carry her out to the hotel. She had drunk three long island teas. You are warned!

The recipe for the drink: one shot of each of white rum, gin, vodka, tequila and triple sec plus a dash of lemonade and a dash of Coke with lots of ice.

hole in Graceland wall

Jerry Lee Lewis with Elvis, Million Dollar Quartet  

Graceland Wall

Aunt Lorraine with Bill and Bobby Memphis ex-husband of Linda Gail Lewis


Aunt Loraine presenting prize to Wayne Hunt

Elvisly Yours Roses at the head of the casket

A group of Elvisly Yours fans on Beale Street in Memphis

Linda Gail Lewis performing at Hernando's in Memphis


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