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Cyber Club

Newsletter 35


January 2006


In this issue

 Robbie Williams'  management are miserable sods     Why does America destroy its heritage?
 Charlie Hodge Has Cancer   Where Have All the Elvis Fans Gone?     Going down Memory Lane  

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 A New Beginning for Elvisly Yours in 2006

This year there will be a new beginning for Elvisly Yours after five years of personal challenges. Elvis fans in Britain and around the world have seen Elvisly Yours open a new shop, develop our website to one of the best and most popular in the world, start a campaign to launch a chain of Elvisly Yours Restaurants around the world, continue promoting Elvis positively to get him the recognition and respect he deserves after years of put downs, lead the fight against the tyranny of Elvis Presley Enterprises and now fans have started to hear our call and followed us. What they don't know is all this time my better half Maureen had to fight a battle against cancer. Just two days after we opened our store at 233 Baker Street, London in March 2000 she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Cancer is a 'dirty' and 'taboo' word and often people do not want to discuss it or know how to talk to its victims. For years it was a death warrant but Maureen has proved you can fight and beat the disease. Normally such personal matters are not discussed in a Newsletter but I have Maureen's permission to write this feature to give hope to the thousands of Elvis fans that will also also get cancer this year. With strength of character, willpower, support of loved ones and modern drugs you can beat cancer and live a normal life again, Maureen is living proof.

In 1999 after 14 years of litigation in the USA and UK I finally defeated Elvis Presley Enterprises in the UK Court of Appeals. Publicity went all over the world and I had a green light to develop Elvis business worldwide, outside the States. First I needed to sell my old, commercial building in East London and find a new home and to give us sufficient cash to develop Elvisly Yours. By early 2000 we were raring to go and then the bombshell hit with Maureen diagnosed with cancer. Even though everything looked normal with Elvisly Yours it wasn't as I wanted to be there with Maureen hand in hand to help her in her fight. I attended every hospital visit, every operation, every treatment day after day, month after month, year after year for the past five years when finally Maureen was given the all clear later last year. I was with her in the hospital when she was first diagnosed with breast cancer and I had to challenge the Consultant when he said it was advisable to have her breast removed. Coldly he said that was the best alternative and Maureen became traumatized and could not speak. Women do not need to have their breast removed they can just have the cancerous lump removed in most cases. Since 11% of all women in Britain will get breast cancer in their lifetime it is a frightening statistic to know how many have had their breasts surgically removed, unnecessarily. 

Thankfully, another consultant did the operations, first to remove the lump and later to remove the lymph nodes. His name was Mr. Haq (in Britain they call consultants Mister instead of Doctor) and he had a caring and wonderful bedside manner and was a brilliant surgeon, so you can hardly see the scars. Maureen just hates hospitals and left the hospital the night after the first operation and the next morning after the second operation. In our area, Hertfordshire, they have a wonderful system called "Hospital at Home". Maureen should have stayed in hospital for at least a week after removal of her lymph glands. Instead, the hospital came to our home. Several times a day a nurse came to dress Maureen's wounds, administer medicine and injections and check her progress. It is an amazing medical system because everyone gains, an extra bed is free at the hospital, the staff are relaxed visiting patients and the patient feels more secure in their own home. Of course, all this was FREE under the British Health Care system. It always amazes me how the American people have put up with private rather that State Health Care for all these years so that sudden illness can financially wipe out a person's and their family's lives.

Maureen was well enough last year to fulfil a dream and visit the home, Jamaica, of many of the children she had taught in London for 26 years. British people will know Audley Harrison, our Olympic Gold medal heavyweight boxing champion. After he won his 'gold' medal he was on a TV programme being asked who had the most influence in his life and he said "his teacher" and named Maureen. We did not see the show but a friend phoned to tell us and I tracked down his office address and Maureen wrote. She had told him about the cancer and he phoned the hospital to make a surprise visit thinking she was still there. On discovering she was now home he phoned her and was on the phone for 1.5 hours and they have kept in touch ever since. When he got married in August in Montego Bay, Jamaica he invited us to the private wedding. It was a wonderful affair and amazing wedding with his beautiful bride Raychell. Audley will make a big comeback after his recent surprise defeat and he will eventually become world heavyweight champion, confirmed to me by no greater expert than Lennox Lewis. In the photos below, from the wedding reception, please note we are standing, that is how tall Audley and Lennox are and Raychell is 5ft 6 ins and Audley 6ft 6 ins.

Audley, Raychell, Maureen and Sid 

Audley, Lennox Lewis, Maureen and Sid

Now Maureen is free of cancer I can concentrate 100% of my time in developing our Elvis business and I have started the New Year in great style negotiating for and signing up new Licensing Agreements for Elvis  products. Deals have been finalised for a range of t-shirts and women's skinny t-shirts that will be available in the shops from Spring. There are negotiations ongoing for Elvis playing cards, Elvis fabrics, dress shirts, Elvis CD holders, Elvis gold records, a 2007 calendar, Elvis Wines and sparkling wines and we are only three weeks into the New Year. We hope to develop a new range of dozens of new products for the home and to wear. As more and more new Elvisly Yours products come to the market we will keep you informed through our Cyber Newsletter and website. However, there is a 3-6 month lead time usually for developing new products from signing contracts to seeing the product in the shops, so please be patient. 

We are also in negotiations to tour major Elvis Shows and Elvis Exhibitions around the world and hopefully this year will see the first "Elvisly Yours Restaurant". They say good things come to those that wait and finally that wait is over and Elvisly Yours will make for a bigger and better Elvis World.

The book that helped Maureen the most

There is one book that stands head and shoulders above all other books on cancer and it is by Chris Woollams called, "Everything you need to know to help you beat cancer". 

When his daughter developed an aggressive, malignant brain tumour Chris decided he would not let his daughter die. He had previously put his successful group of companies on the stock market and retired from business to develop his knowledge of health. He used this knowledge and new research to help his daughter defeat an aggressive brain tumour. In his words, "having spent so much time finding out so much, I simply wanted to share it with everyone".

He has produced the most thorough, informative, easy reading book on cancer in the world that must be read by everyone who has cancer as well as their friends and relatives. 

The ISBN number is 0-0542968-0-X. I tried to find it on Amazon but it is listed as out of print. The last contact address we had was the email enquiries@iconmag.co.uk or 
Tel: 44-(0)1280-815
166  fax: code+824655

Robbie Williams' Management are Miserable Sods

Most people are aware of Robbie Williams love for Elvis and his latest single is a tribute to Elvis Presley. Robbie claims he says a little prayer to Elvis before he performs. The consortium responsible for the designs and Business Plans for the Restaurants have suggested from the beginning we should make contact with Robbie Williams. It was felt because of his love for Elvis he would be interested in such a wonderful idea as "Elvisly Yours Restaurants" to enhance the memory and legacy of Elvis Presley with such spectacular designs and plans. I am sure Robbie would love to perform a tribute to Elvis at one of our "Elvisly Yours Restaurant" in London or other locations around the world.

But how do you get through to Robbie Williams? Sadly, the only way was to go through his management company and I found the phone number and address and cold-called the management company last week. I spoke to a lady who answered the phone but she said his manager was busy and perhaps she could help. I had mentioned how big a fan Robbie was of Elvis and I had two proposals that had Elvis connections that Robbie might be interested in. She was considerate and helpful and asked me to send an email with details. I also decided to deliver a CD-ROM and architect's designs to Robbie's Management offices in Shepherd's Bush. Coincidentally, they are in the street opposite my family's travel agent shop "Newmont Travel" who are Britain's leading and cheapest travel company for flights to the West Indies. I thought that was a good omen when I delivered the package but I was so wrong...

Within 45 minutes of delivering the CDRom, letter and architects designs I got a gruff phone call from someone in the Management company. He talked fast so I did not catch his name but he totally rejected both proposals. I had also suggested that perhaps Robbie would love to make a guest starring appearance as Vince Everett in "Jailhouse Rock the Musical" for the Las Vegas production when it opens sometime this year as I knew the American producer. Everyone would gain from the publicity coup and perhaps Robbie could finally break into America. I was told Robbie is not interested in the American market nor is his interested in "Elvisly Yours Restaurant". I tried to explain in a little more detail about the Restaurants but he interrupted me to state coldly and bluntly "I told you Robbie would not be interested in your Restaurant". I said "could you at least give Robbie the CDRom and architects designs?" and he refused. 

Does his management company even control his personal interests in life ? What a sad state of affairs when someone who loves Elvis Presley is denied seeing the plans for an Elvis Restaurant because a manager says he would not be interested without having the courtesy to pass on the information and let Robbie judge for himself. In the case of Elvis often great ideas, great songs, great projects never got beyond Colonel Parker so Elvis never knew and this was particularly relevant in the 1960's and the movie era when Elvis was given such poor quality songs for many of the banal movies he hated to make. We will be approaching other rich, famous Elvis fans in the coming months to support our Project and meanwhile prepare for a campaign to launch shares. Our latest interest is from Spain for "Elvisly Yours Restaurants" in Barcelona and Madrid.


50th Anniversary of Heartbreak Hotel

January 10th was the 50th Anniversary of Elvis' recording of "Heartbreak Hotel". It was just two days after his 21st birthday and his first record for RCA after leaving Sun Records. Even in those early days Elvis had the perfect 'ear' for music and realised the haunting effect he could create on the record from the echo in the stairwell of the RCA Studios. 

It was a stroke of genius Elvis maintained throughout his career. Elvis made no.1 again on the Billboard Chart in America for this 50th Anniversary release although the statistic seems rather meaningless when you discover only 4,200 copies were sold the week it was released, compared to the millions it sold after being 8 weeks at no.1 in 1956.

Apparently, we are told "Heartbreak Hotel" will not be released in Britain, how short-sighted of BMG/Sony. I am sure they could have sold tens of thousands of a limited edition box set featuring a copy of the original on vinyl and a CD.

Original RCA Studio B Nashville, now being destroyed

Photo of Abbey National building after demolition. Elvisly Yours Shop is at the end of the building works and hoardings,  next door the London Beatles Store.


Why Does AMERICA Continually  DESTROY its HERITAGE ?

Just when we are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of Elvis recording his first worldwide hit "Heartbreak Hotel" at RCA Studios in Nashville we have learned they are tearing the building down. Bob Sillerman should buy the building and move it lock, stock and barrel to Graceland. EPE could create a fabulous new Museum opposite the house that would attract not only Elvis fans but millions of country fans. What wonderful plans are there after this disgraceful destruction of an American historic landmark? ... there will be a parking lot!

One of the highlights of my visit to Memphis and that of the groups I took with Elvisly Yours was "American Sound Studio". Elvis recorded some of his greatest songs at "American Sound Studio" in Memphis like 'Suspicious Minds', 'In the Ghetto', 'Don't Cry Daddy' and Kentucky Rain. The Studio was kept going through the love and dedication of one man, Bill Glore, but he had no support from the City or Graceland. Bill used to try and recreate for fans the atmosphere when Elvis was recording at the Studios. 

Sadly, with failing ill health he was forced to close and the studio was bulldozed to the ground. Why does America continually destroy its heritage? EPE should have bought the building and rebuilt it opposite Graceland. The last concert venue for Elvis Presley in Indianapolis was recently destroyed... the destruction of buildings associated with Elvis never seems to end.

Conversely, in Britain we have "Listed Buildings" that cannot be destroyed, protected by Acts of Parliament and some buildings are not that old, but have an historic significance. 

At the moment the Elvisly Yours shop is almost surrounded by a  building lot. The famous Abbey National Building (at 221b Baker St, the home of Sherlock Holmes) has been demolished but the famous facade and clock tower of the building had to be preserved. 

The new apartments will maintain the original facade and famous clock tower for future generations to enjoy. The name plate on the wall by the entrance to the new apartments for the 'home' of Sherlock Holmes has been preserved there forever. Every time someone wrote to Sherlock Holmes they received a reply from the Abbey National.

Cover of the video available from 
Warner Home Video


'Elvis On Tour’ DVD Petition

We have repeated a campaign from our last Newsletter.

Please pass this on to all your Elvis contacts. Let us show MGM and EPE our real spirit!  It would be great if everyone got proactive on this one. We have been informed by the Elvis Infonet website Australians have been very  good in signing up - but it would be great if readers of the Elvisly Yours Newsletter could help spread the word throughout the rest of the world for the  'Elvis On Tour’ DVD release. It's time for Elvis fans to show MGM and EPE that they are ignoring a massive market. We have been waiting far too long, over 33 years since the original film and 13 years since our last glimpse of some ‘outtake’ material in ‘Lost Performances'! Having missed its 30th anniversary the new ‘Elvis On Tour’ DVD release is long overdue. 

Let's get the 'Elvis- On Tour' DVD released! Help the cause by signing the ‘Elvis On Tour Petition’ and we can show MGM and EPE that they are ignoring a massive market. 

Please click on this link 
and sign the petition

The Petition was created and written by Gregory Nolan Jr. and Renan Augusto. 

Where have all the Elvis fans gone ?


 and take your Elvis Ducks with you



January 2006 had the smallest number of Elvis fans at Graceland since Elvis died. Yet, Elvis is bigger now than ever. In the last three years Elvis sold more albums and singles than probably all the years since 1978 (the year after he died). There were more Elvis fans and more publicity generated around the world from an Elvis Tribute Contest in Blackpool, England than at Graceland. We have been informed  there were record crowds at Elvis Birthday Celebrations in other countries but at Graceland only a handful of fans attended. Why should  overseas fans be attending Elvis Events in other parts of the world en masse but Elvis' home, Graceland, attract so few people ? Some leading lights in the Elvis World have said it is all to do with the "cycle of years". The theory is the year before and after the 5th and 10th series of anniversaries are always down on numbers. Because next year will be the 70th birthday of Elvis fans are saving their money for next year so have missed the 2006 birthday celebrations.

The abbreviation for the good ol' American expression 'BS' is my answer to this misguided idea. With more and more Elvis fans in the world there should be more and more visiting Graceland. What is needed is a new management team at Graceland who are motivated, dedicated, caring for Elvis Presley and his memory. They should start to organise programmes, events, attractions that are exciting, inventive and show the Elvis World EPE really care about Elvis and his wonderful legacy. They should be working with Elvis fan clubs and fans around the world rather than harassing, intimidating and alienating them. I have lots and lots of ideas to make Graceland really rock 'n' roll and the crowds of real Elvis fans will come back in their masses. I have not been back to Graceland since January 1993 (after 52 visits from England) and thousands like me will stay away until there are radical changes in the management of EPE. It does not matter what year it is, if you put on attractive progammes featuring celebrities, family and friends of Elvis the fans know and love they will go to Graceland.

Bob Sillerman is a highly intelligent and an amazingly successful businessman and the new owner of EPE. His company CKXE has the money and power to make changes for the better in the Elvis World but the first step must be to get rid of all the old guard at Graceland... Bob....please SACK JACK !!

Exclusive SACK JACK badges from Elvisly Yours

Wear your SACK JACK buttons with pride and send out a strong message that you have had enough of the old style management of EPE and want change to come in the Elvis World after so many years of hurt, aggravation, pain and intimidation caused by Soden and his cronies.

available from Elvisly Yours 

4 badges £3.95plus £1.00 p&p (order box) 

50th Anniversary Elvis' Homecoming in Tupelo 

Festival Dates: June 2-4, 2006

 The Tupelo   
 Convention &
 Visitors Bureau 

 and the Elvis 
 Presley  Festival

 invite you to 
 the 50th  
 of Elvis’ 
 Homecoming to 

 at the 

 8th Annual Elvis 
 Presley Festival!


Relive the day in 1956 when Tupelo’s most famous native son came home for the first time to perform as a star. Festivities begin on Friday, June 2nd with the re-creation of the homecoming parade through Downtown Tupelo and the famous concert held on the grounds of the Mississippi- Alabama Fair and Dairy Show. The celebration continues through Sunday, June 4th, with the 8th Annual Elvis Presley Festival, featuring a fabulous music line-up and fun festival activities in a family/friendly atmosphere.                                         (copyright: Tupelo Convention & Visitors Bureau)

I wrote to the organisers of this Event offering to promote it on our website and Newsletter and asked for further details as there was no programme of events listed on their website. I got a brief, one line reply suggesting they were sold out and did not need help. All these years since Elvis died Tupelo has been neglected by Graceland instead of being supported. EPE management thought they may lose a "buck" if they promoted Tupelo. There should be daily buses between Graceland and Tupelo thus encouraging many visitors to stay overnight in Memphis after visiting Tupelo instead of jumping off their tour bus seeing Graceland and leaving the city immediately after their tour.

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Diamonte necklace 

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Elvis medallion

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Charlie having fun onstage with Elvis



Sadly, Charlie Hodge has lung cancer and is receiving treatment and we are told still working. Charlie stayed out our apartment when he came to England on his trip to unveil our statue of Elvis in 1981. He loved England and after the Show he asked if he could stay. I had jokingly said you are welcome to sleep on the couch as we only had one bedroom so Charlie said "fine" and slept on our couch for two weeks. Charlie was a very heavy smoker and almost always seemed to have a cigarette in his hand but would soon put it out and light the next one, usually wasting (if that is the word) half or more of each cigarette. I haven't seen Charlie for some years and I believe he continued to be a heavy smoker. I hope now with this sad news he will finally stop. 

Charlie has been the most loyal of all Elvis' friends and has never said one bad word about Elvis, one criticism or one negative comment. He was and remains a true friend to Elvis Presley. When I think of all Elvis' entourage Charlie, I believe, misses Elvis the most. We wish him well in his battle against cancer and if you would like to write to Charlie giving him encouragement, love and support his address is :   Charlie Hodge, Memories Theatre, 2141 Parkway, Pigeon Forge, TN 37863


Rumour has it that the prestigious "Golden Globes" ceremony is going to be renamed the "Golden Balls" after Jonathan Rhys-Meyers won the Best Actor for a TV Mini Series. He played the part of Elvis Presley in the mini series, "Elvis The Early Years". This is the biggest 'balls-up' apparently in cinematic history hence the name change. Now I have not seen the mini-series as it has not appeared on British TV but I can only go by feedback from Elvis friends in America who all hated the series and thought the acting was poor and the scripts much worse. How he could have beaten actors such as Kenneth Branagh, Bill Nighy, Ed Harris and Donald Sutherland is beyond credibility. By all accounts his portrayal of Elvis was awful and I have no idea how he got the part in the first place. The film "Bend it Like Beckham" was cute but you could hardly say he shook the film world with his acting, it was just average...give me Bruce Campbell anytime, the star of the irreverent "Bubba Ho-Tep" if they make a sequel about the later years. If the mini series ever gets to England I might just watch it for two minutes and cringe but I trust the opinion of many of my American Elvis friends and will probably give it a miss.

ELVISLY YOURS Competition Winner

Winner of the Elvisly Yours monthly draw is Kevin Fox of Knaresborough, England.
He receives an Elvis first day cover stamped at the Indianapolis Concert Hall 1993


Rex Martin

Recently the name of an old friend Rex Martin came up in email correspondence with a fan, Edward Verbraeken, from Belgium. He knew Rex from the old days and we swapped stories about the infamous Rex.

Elvisly Yours started in a very small way with me making busts of Elvis in our garage in 1978. One day I received a trade order from the "Today, Tomorrow and Forever Fan Club" who had wanted to buy our Elvis busts wholesale and eventually I met the leaders Diana and Ray Hill in Gloucester. Sadly, Diana died a few years ago. I was introduced to a good friend of theirs, Rex Martin, who used to put on Elvis Conventions in Britain and Europe.

Rex used to go to Elvis concerts with two cameras. One he hid under his jacket and the other he carried openly into concerts. He was asked not to take the camera into the auditorium and gladly handed over camera no.2 to the stewards. He then proceeded to film the Elvis concert with camera no.1 unknown to the stewards and guards. He would fly back to Britain and show his rare film to the fans in Europe who just loved the service he offered. He also had a wonderful collection of Elvis photographs and I started to buy his photographs and sell on to the fans through my Elvisly Yours magazine. I bought thousands and thousands of photos over the years until Rex was busted for bootlegs and he simply disappeared from the Elvis World.

He came to see me in Blackpool when I had a shop there in 1988/90 and said he was living locally in Fleetwood and had a shop there, but not selling Elvis products. I never saw him or heard from him again after that one meeting. If anyone sees Rex please ask him to contact me again as I would like to meet him to talk about the old days and perhaps some business. We had many great times together and he was a great benefit to the Elvis World in those wonderful early days of Elvisly Yours.

Larry Geller

Over the years I invited many of Elvis' friends and family to Britain as special guests at Elvisly Yours Conventions. The first guest was Charlie Hodge who unveiled our statue in 1981. Elvisly Yours  started the big Birthday Conventions in Europe with our first in Leicester again with Charlie Hodge in January 1982. There followed Conventions with George Klein, Jerry and Myrna Schilling, Dee Presley and Larry Geller. All our guests were wonderful and gave the fans insights into the real Elvis and were kind and courteous to our fan club but the best speaker was Larry Geller. It is not easy being on a stage and talking to hundreds, or thousands of people but Larry has the gift of the gab and he had the fans spellbound listening to his anecdotes and stories.

We also had small gatherings for fans at our Elvisly Yours shop in Shoreditch and fans would sit on the floor listening to Larry for hours and hours. The first trip to Britain was in January 1984 and we had a convention in Porchester Hall, Westminster and it was a sell-out with 800 fans. Believe it or not, but I had a complaint from the head of security asking for the fans to sit down and not crowd around the stage when Larry was speaking otherwise he would stop the show. I said, "okay, you go on stage and tell the fans you are closing the show and they will probably lynch you. He never complained again that evening and the show was a huge success even though Todd Slaughter had deliberately put on a competing show, just a disco, three miles away so I sent him a kiss-o-gram with the message, "Wishing you and your fan club a Happy New Year. Here's hoping for peace and happiness in the Elvis World in 1984, Elvisly Yours, Sid Shaw".

I bought Larry back for the 50th birthday of Elvis and we had over 1,000 fans at our Convention at the Hammersmith Palais, London in August 1985. We had a 15 foot long cake of Elvis, each piece "E-L-V-I-S" being 3 feet in length and sold it for charity. Larry kindly donated a leather jacket Elvis had given him and it was auctioned for charity as well, fetching over £4,000.00. We raised enough money at the Convention to fund a Variety Club Sunshine Coach for a Special Needs school. Having tried to sabotage our show with Larry in January 1984 Todd Slaughter had the cheek to invite Larry to his 50th Birthday Convention in Leicester Square without having paid one penny for Larry's airfares, hotel or expenses. I had asked Larry to mention he was a guest of Elvisly Yours on stage at Todd Slaughter's Convention but I don't believe he did. I should have sent another kiss-o-gram to Todd Slaughter while onstage with the message "We must thank Elvisly Yours for making it possible for Larry Geller to appear at our Fan Club Convention".

Dee's Convention and the ghost of Elvis

Dee Presley was the first person associated with Elvis that did not want money to come to England to talk to the fans, just the cost of her flight and hotel. Later, Jerry Schilling, Larry Geller, Joe Esposito and Harold Loyd also wanted no money. I had met Dee in Nashville with our fan club in 1982 and she spent the day traveling with us and had got on so well with the fans I invited her to come to England. We had an Elvis Convention at the Town Hall in Walthamstow and it was sold out. She went down very well with the fans and answered all questions frankly and honestly. 

Prior to the Convention I had correspondence and calls from a woman who claimed to have contact with the spirit of Elvis. She told me that the ghost of Elvis would make an appearance at our Elvis Show with Dee Presley and could she meet Dee privately during the show. 

I have had all sorts of people contact me over the years who claim to have direct contact with the spirit of Elvis and I have had many strange personal experiences. 

Dee did not mind meeting her so I invited the clairvoyant to the Show. A tiny feature appeared in a small regional paper the day before the Convention stating Elvis would make an appearance at an Elvis Show in London. I don't know who gave the story but it was so small I thought nothing of it until just before the show started I got a knock on the door of the 'green room' backstage and was confronted by twelve pressmen and photographers all there to record the historic event of Elvis' first appearance at an Elvis Convention since he died.Alas, Elvis did not make an appearance but nevertheless the show was a big success.

Diana and Ray polishing the statue. Their fan club raised £1,000 for the Elvisly Yours statue.

Larry and Sid at January 1984 Convention

15 foot long Elvis Cake for 50th Birthday

Dee and Billy Stanley in Nashville 1982

Dee on stage answering fans' questions


includes a thesis by Sid Shaw, DisGraceland and 21 more papers by experts in the Elvis World 
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