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Cyber Club

Newsletter 36


February 2006


In this issue

  Gutter journalism from Daily Mail         Colonel Parker BBC Radio Documentary 

   Going down Memory Lane       Lisa a secret agent        Elvis the CBS mini series

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Help us choose NEW designs for Elvis t-shirts, jackets and cushion covers 

This year Elvisly Yours will be licensing many more companies to produce new products that will be available in the shops in Britain. When we license companies to use the "Elvisly Yours" logo and our images  or photographs of Elvis we often buy the product as well from the licensee.  We don't have enough space in our shop at 233 Baker Street, London NW1 to sell all designs of new products so we would like your help in deciding what are the best designs we should sell directly from Elvisly Yours.

Below are four designs that will be available as t-shirts in British shops from the Spring but only two designs will be sold through Elvisly Yours initially as t-shirts. However, the manufacturer will supply us with transfers that we hope to print on jackets and cushion covers. We would like as many fans as possible to help us chose the best TWO designs:







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By the early Summer we will have a range of classic men's and women's casual shirts and blouses as this week we will complete a massive licensing deal. The material for some of the designs will also be available to make dresses, jackets, hats or even curtains. There will also be Elvisly Yours licensed bedspreads, duvet covers, sheets, pillow cases, lamp stands. There will also be new playing cards with each card a different photo of Elvis, a great collector's items and it will look superb framed. 

Hopefully, by the end of the year there will be dozens more Elvisly Yours products available in record and gift shops, chain stores, catalogues and from shopping channels, as well as directly from us. You can be sure that product design will be of the highest quality, with great images and photos Elvis.

Elvisly Yours has survived these past 28 years only by selling our fabulous range of Elvis souvenirs to fans all over the world. Please to continue to support us by buying our Elvis memorabilia. Our Elvis products will now be much more readily available in Britain through chain stores at first and then the rest of the world, but sadly not in the USA.


Maureen and I would like to thank all the fans who wrote to us in response to our last Newsletter and the feature about Maureen's successful battle against cancer. We hope it inspired other fans suffering from this awful disease knowing that it can be beaten.  Treatments and drugs are getting more and more sophisticated and with the correct diet, strong mental attitude and support of family and friends success rates are forever increasing. Just simple things like drinking plenty of 'green' tea, eating tomatoes and lots of green vegetables helps with the break down of toxins in the body and prevents cancer and helps in fighting the disease. 

Again we include the book that all cancer victims should read to help them in their fight. If you, any family member or friend has cancer you should read this book. It is a great inspiration and is the most practical book in the world in the battle against cancer.

ISBN number 0-0542968-0-X. The last contact address we had:  enquiries@iconmag.co.uk   or try  http://tinyurl.com/9pz52  or

Tel: 44-(0)1280-815166  fax: 44-(0)-824655


The search goes on for investors for "Elvisly Yours Restaurants" and next week we have an agent in the Middle East who is negotiating for several branches of the Restaurants in major capitals of the Middle East. In London, it seems that the effect of the bombs of 7/7 has had a serious effect on new investment in Central London and this is affecting our efforts to find investors. For example, stores in Covent Garden are showing a drop of 30% or more on turnover since the bombs. There are international advertising campaigns to attract tourists back to London but it is British tourists that are avoiding London the most. 

It will cost at least 100,000.00 to set up a share scheme to advertise to the general public for shares and discussions are ongoing to find a financial partner to meet those costs. It just takes time when you are trying to raise 4 million for one Restaurant and there is the possibility that we will open a Restaurant overseas first, where building and rental costs are far lower than in London. Wherever the first Restaurant is open in the world very quickly after others will follow. With any project the first step is the most difficult but once you are up and running the project builds its own momentum and quickly starts to develop and expand. We will keep you informed. Many fans that visit our Shop at 233 Baker Street, London NW1 promise to invest in the Restaurant if they win the Lottery and we are still waiting for that Elvis Jackpot winner to come forward.


Is Lisa Marie Presley a Secret 
US Agent?

An agent for Lisa Marie announces she has got married to her guitarist Michael Lockwood on January 22nd in Kyoto, Japan. This major news story is kept from the public until the White House announces President Bush will invite Japanese Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi to the States and plans to take him to Graceland. Elvis fans will know PM Koizumi is a huge Elvis fan and our spies tell us he was invited to Lisa Marie's wedding and sang a duet with her. Elvis' "Don't Cry Daddy" that will be released on her next album.

Since the US has one of the largest trading deficits in its history, White House aides thought they could use a bit of 'Elvis power' to persuade the Japanese to stop selling their computers and cars to the US and for the Japanese to import Lisa Marie Presley records instead. 

To cover her tracks as a top US Agent Lisa Marie decided to get married in Japan to make everything look kosher, even having a typical Japanese style wedding.

Just like her dad, it is believed, Lisa Marie also collects police badges. We are told in return for doing her patriotic duty Bush presented her with an FBI badge to follow the tradition started by President Nixon when he presented an FBI Badge to Elvis. No doubt, some time in the future Riley Keough Presley will be also be given an FBI badge by US President Hilary Clinton.

Interesting facts about the weddings of Lisa Marie Presley- at her second marriage, to Michael Jackson the best man was her ex-husband's brother. The best man at her most recent wedding was her ex-husband Danny. Both are Scientologists. I haven't discovered who was best man at her wedding to Nicholas Cage.

I wonder what Elvis would have thought about his daughter's love life? We wish her the best of health and happiness and hope she has finally found true love.

Colonel Parker BBC Radio Documentary

For years Colonel Tom Parker has been portrayed as a "baddie" by the media, most Elvis fans and most of the Memphis Mafia. There was a book out by Alana Nash that was a 'hatchet job' on the Colonel painting him mostly black. She failed to interview most of the people closest to Colonel Parker. But now some of the record is starting to be set straight and the BBC have produced an excellent Radio documentary that shows a very different Colonel Tom Parker.

Over the past few years I have been fortunate to meet people who were close to him and they give a very different image to the public persona. I was privileged to meet Al Dvorin, Charles Stone and Ed Bonja and they all worked closely with the Colonel and had great respect for him. Al worked with Colonel Parker from 1955 until Elvis' death in 1977. He only had praise for the Colonel and was one of his close friends. I don't know whether Al's book that he was writing before his sudden death (and nearly finished) will ever be published but if it is it will show the 'real' Colonel, the private man fans and the public never knew. Years ago I was told that Jerry Schilling and Joe Esposito had permission from the Colonel to write his biography but it never happened. Perhaps this excellent documentary will help you understand Colonel Tom Parker, the man instead of the myth : www.bbc.co.uk/radio/aod/radio2_aod.shtml?radio2/r2_parker

There has been many cute stories I have heard about the Colonel and his negotiating skills. In the early days I believe he was brilliant for Elvis and help to make him a worldwide star. The Colonel was an awful time-keeper and I believe, deliberately, as part of his bargaining methods. He had a business meeting arranged with all the top directors of RCA. He kept them waiting hours and when he finally arrived with Tom Diskin, his right hand man, he walked into the boardroom holding a black felt bag with drawstrings. Carefully, he opened the bag and took out a crystal ball and waved his hands slowly but repeatedly in a circular motion over the crystal ball and said "I see $1million for me and $1 million for my boy". He closed the bag and promptly left the building leaving the RCA directors with their mouths' open. In those days $million deals were unheard of but the Colonel got exactly what he wanted. In the early years after Elvis had just found fame he received a phone call from a TV company wanting Elvis on their show. He said it would cost them $5,000.00 and they were elated and agreed the fee. But, he followed the offer up with $5,000.00 to walk on the set and $95,000.00 to walk off.



With almost unlimited finance now at EPE and its owner CKXE valued at about $1.2 billion you would think they would be pulling out all the stops to promote major Elvis Events in Memphis to attract the fans and the general public. After all, the new owner Bob Sillerman controlled most of the major Concert Venues in the US so he would have had close working relationships with major stars. According to Bill Burk, on a recent Friday afternoon there were only three cars in the Graceland car park just before what should have been a busy weekend. 

Plans for 2007 are for another Elvis Virtual Concert in Memphis for the 30th Anniversary of Elvis' death. Far better would be to invite world stars that love Elvis and let them sing duets with Elvis and the show be in aid of charity. Modern technology could have Elvis singing a duet with any star, just like he did with Lisa Marie at the Memphis Concert in 1997. Just imagine big stars like Elton John, Bruce Springsteen, Justin Timberlake, Madonna, Robbie Williams, Paul McCartney and Meatloaf all on stage together, all jamming with Elvis as well as singing their favourite Elvis song in duet?

I had hoped for great imagination and great vision from Bob Sillerman and his new team. But, he has kept the same old cronies on the payroll with their lack of vision and just thinking of ways to line their own pockets. Please, Mr. Sillerman, 'SACK JACK' and start a new beginning for Elvis fans so they will again be encouraged to go back to Memphis and Graceland.

Exclusive SACK JACK badges from Elvisly Yours

Wear your SACK JACK buttons with pride and send out a strong message that you have had enough of the old style management of EPE and want change to come in the Elvis World after so many years of hurt, aggravation, pain and intimidation caused by Soden and his cronies.

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My brother-in-law Malcolm Chesler always wears the popular Elvisly Yours, "VOTE ELVIS" t-shirt almost every day whilst he is Florida for the winter break from Toronto, Canada. He is a keep fit freak and is out every day jogging and working out. He was in the Canadian basketball team many years ago and is still a basketball coach in Toronto. 

He always wear our VOTE ELVIS t-shirt and gets hundreds of complimentary comments. The back of the t-shirt has a slogan "Don't Blame Me I Voted Elvis" and as he is running around he gets cars stopping and honking their horns. An Elvis Presley presidency is regarded much more highly than that of the current Bush Presidency even though our Elvis has been dead for 29 years. If you order the "VOTE ELVIS" t-shirt you get a free manifesto that is more valuable than the shirt (sorry not available to US residents).

Raised On 

book by Sandi Pichon
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First a free DVD of 'Loving You' then gutter journalism from the Daily Mail 

How the Daily Mail could go from delighting Elvis fans one day to making them stark raving mad the next day must be a first in UK journalism. There was a very heavy advertising campaign by the "Daily Mail" in Britain to launch a free copy of the DVD of 'Loving You' on Saturday February 4th to be followed by a whole week of an Elvis Special in the paper. Elvis fans were delighted and a record 3 million copies of the paper were sold that Saturday. It was probably the most successful newspaper promotion in the history of British papers. Of course, fans were all excited to buy the papers the following week until they were shocked to discover the content of the so called "Elvis Files" by David Jones.

It seems the startling, new investigation of Elvis was based on a quick glance at Albert Goldman's book, "Elvis". Not only was the Daily Mail 'Elvis Files' factually incorrect and full of rumours it stated Elvis had sex with his mother and described Elvis as a "Bloated Freak Show"...very nice ! 

I spent 25 years trying to get the media to comment on the real Elvis, the Elvis we all know and love as the greatest entertainer the world has ever seen. Finally, for the 25th Anniversary of his death Elvis was given the respect and dignity he deserves as a one man revolution that changed the world forever. I was so pleased and so proud that Elvis had achieved the tabloid recognition he deserved and now this Daily Mail crap. Apparently, the author of the garbage, David Jones, was described as "reporter of the year". Elvis fans will think the only suitable place on this planet is the "Davie Jones Locker" for David Jones. Why the Daily Mail should want to insult the same Elvis fans who bought their paper, in many cases for the first time, with such rubbish is beyond me. In 1981 when Charlie Hodge was in Britain to unveil our life size statue of Elvis the Daily Mirror serialized Goldman's book. I immediately phoned the "Daily Star" and following interviews with Charlie ran a competing feature all week entitled "We Love Elvis"! They received 14,000 letters thanking them while the Mirror lost thousands of readers. 

You can email the Editor of the Daily Mail at letters@dailymail.co.ukand the telephone number to talk to the Editor or David Jones is 020-7938-6000. Did you know, if you call a national newspaper and ask to reverse the charges they normally will in case you have a big story for them? 

You can write: Daily Mail, Northcliffe House 2 Derry Street Kensington, London W8 5TT

Elvis & Colonel

Elvis & Ann-Margaret 

Jonathan Rhys-Meyers' Golden Balls Award for Elvis Mini Series

On flicking the channels late at night recently I came across the CBS Elvis Mini Series, Part 2. I had no idea this was on one of the Sky Movie Channels. I had seen no pre-publicity on TV or in the papers and the film was half way through when I switched over. I had to watch it after my comments about it in our last Newsletter. Surprise, Surprise, Jonathan 'Golden Balls' was half-decent and not the complete jerk I had anticipated. At certain angles he even looked a little like Elvis and his accent, although not perfect was passable for an Irishman. After the massive hype in the USA prior to the series, in the UK there has be no promotion.

It was very strange watching the other characters play people I know personally, like Charlie Hodge, Joe Esposito, Larry Geller to name a few. The actors not only looked nothing like them they had none of the mannerisms or voice of the people they supposed to be playing. The Colonel Parker actor was totally unconvincing and the Priscilla actress just a female wimp. I am sure the script was pure fabrication and I imagine most of the dialogue was made up. Did CBS get clearance from all the living characters to use their name, image and likeness and had they any input for the script? 

I cannot believe the dialogue between the Ann-Margaret character and Elvis. By all accounts she was not willing to abandon her own career for Elvis and that was the cause of the split rather than Elvis leaving her as was portrayed in the mini-series. I only saw about thirty minutes of the film and it was that exciting and engrossing that I fell asleep just after the wedding. I will have to watch both films part 1 and Part 2 before I can give an accurate review. 

What is fascinating on the CBS website it states, "Presley's master recordings will be heard for the first time in a biographical film". When you consider all the films that have been done on Elvis' life, even those commissioned by EPE they have not used Elvis master recordings. WHY?? Because, EPE were in litigation with RCA/BMG and clearance could not be agreed. EPE even had to use Ronnie McDowell for one of their TV projects instead of Elvis; that is how ridiculous is the management of EPE. Ronnie McDowell's voice was also used for "Elvis the Movie" with Kurt Russell. Of course, hearing Elvis' voice is a big plus for the Movie. Even if you close your eyes you can still hear the voice of Elvis in between making cups of tea or coffee when the mostly banal script is spoken.

 RCA Studio B was not demolished

Correction from last Newsletter

After our last Newsletter was released I immediately started to get emails and phone calls from fans pointing out it wasn't RCA Studio B that was being demolished but another building nearby where Elvis did record "Heartbreak Hotel". I apologise for this error and I got some interesting emails and one fan had unsuccessfully tried to get the building preserved. Apparently, the building had not been used as a studio for many years. The current owner did not even know of its historical significance and just turned it into a car park...blasphemy!! Nevertheless, the feature simply highlighted the fact that America destroys its heritage compared to Britain, Europe and many other countries that preserve their historical buildings for the benefit of future generations.

Perhaps some of our American friends can explain why their country so readily bulldozes is heritage and this is particularly so in the Elvis World. Such famous buildings as "American Sound Studio; the RCA Studio Nashville; Market Square Arena, Indianapolis (last concert venue); Baptist Memorial Hospital, Khang Rhee's karate school on Poplar, Memphis (changed) and the Overton Shell continually faces threats of demolition.

Paul Lillie


Elvis Presley tribute show 

PAUL LILLIE and his 15 piece orchestra 
and dancers

Live at the stunning newly refurbished
Rhodes Arts Complex- Bishops Stortford
Saturday and Sunday 25 and 26 February 

This is a rare opportunity to catch Paul with his incredible 15 piece backing band and dancers performing all Elvis's classic hits and some lesser known gems from Presley's repertoire.

TICKETS 14.50- 16.50    BOX OFFICE 01279 815464

ELVISLY YOURS Competition Winner

Winner of the Elvisly Yours monthly draw is Camila Vergez of Argentina 
She receives an Elvis first day cover stamped at the Indianapolis Concert Hall 1993


DAYS INN in Memphis
For 12 years I went to Memphis every August for Elvis Week, from 1981 until 1992. My last visit to Memphis was in January 1993 when we closed our warehouse and shipped the stock and furniture from our apartment back to England. In the early 1980's "Elvis Week" was fabulous and rather than Graceland, the focal point in the evenings for most of the diehard fans was DAYS INN on Brooks Road, except for the 'Candlelight Service'. 

Days Inn was an inexpensive motel, just one mile from Graceland and its main feature was the pool in the centre of the motel complex and the rooms mostly facing in on the pool and usually booked years ahead by the same fans, fan clubs and dealers. It also served good food in the restaurant and you could easily spend all day there chatting to other fans and friends from all over the world. Every room at Days Inn was decorated Elvis style and they even had a competition to chose the best decorated room each year. All the dealers from around the world had rooms at Days Inn and you could buy amazing photographs and collectibles from the dozens of dealers and fan clubs. 

I always remember Jimmy Velvet would have a queue outside his room from morning to night selling his newly released photographs. New images were always available each August and such great quality photographs. Just a few weeks ago a lady came in to my shop and said she was from Memphis and her family owned Days Inn, Brooks Road until they sold out a few years ago.

Days Inn Elvis Week

Days Inn Elvis Week - photo 2
It brought back such fond memories, the neatest place in Memphis where you could hang out all day, every day meeting everyone who was anyone in the Elvis World and making lots of new friends. Special Elvis guests who were in town for Elvis Week would always gravitate to Days Inn, it was just buzzing. In those days EPE had not controlled anything and the choice for fans was wonderful. You could always buy and barter whatever Elvis memorabilia or records you wanted. At Days Inn I remember meeting people like Charlie Hodge, Mary Jenkins, the Stanley brothers, DJ Fontana, Jerry Schilling, George Klein, Richard Davis, Bardhal, Jean Marc Garguillo, Pal Grunwald, Bill Burk, Elvis' Aunt Lorraine, Linda Gail Lewis, Beth Pease, Lee Lynch, Jerry Osborne, Harold Loyd, Billy Smith, Sean Shaver, Ace Andersen to name but a few. 

We had a room at Days Inn for 1987 and 1988 and this was after  EPE had won an Appeal against the original Judgement in our Court case with them. Because of a US Federal Injunction we could not sell souvenirs of the King so we sold souvenirs of the Queen...the Queen of England, with all types of cups, spoons, badges and memorabilia of the Queen and Union Jack flag. We also took our own tea bags and made the best cup of English tea in Memphis. British fans would drop by for a decent cup of tea and in 1988 the famous British TV Chat Show host Jonathan Ross came by our "British Shop" in Days Inn and Maureen made him and his crew a good cup of English tea. He came back regularly after that as he was in Memphis for a week for an Elvis Special called "Viva Elvis" filming Elvis impersonators at Bad Bobs/Vapors. After one week filming all the tribute artists singing "Suspicious Minds" and editing into one song EPE refused him permission to use the song and he had start filming all over again. Such great memories of Memphis but I have no inclination to return there until they kick out Soden. Perhaps fans can enlighten me on what the atmosphere is now like at Days Inn since EPE killed much of the joy and spontaneity of "Elvis Week" in Memphis.

Elvis on Top of the Pops

Elvis had many 'firsts' in his career but one little known by most fans was probably Elvis had the first pop video in the world on the famous British programme called "Top of the Pops" (TOTP).  The programme started in January 1964 and after 42 years is the longest running pop show in the world. It is now watched in 118 countries and its format is to play songs from the Top 40 with a studio audience of teenagers in a club setting dancing along to the music. 

It always ends with the current no.1 single usually performed live by the artist or group. It was 1965 and Elvis had his first no.1 in the UK singles chart for several years with "Crying in the Chapel". There was no way they could get Elvis over to England to appear live on the show so the producer used ingenuity and created the world's first pop video. 

He sent a photographer to take some stills of a little church outside Manchester.  The following evening the viewers saw an instant video, a live, moving montage consisting of close-up shots of the church, bits of old film, all cleverly blended in with the dancing of the teenagers in the studio. 

The face of Elvis then faded through the crowd until it filled the TV screen as if he was almost there. It was a technique perfected by TOTP and regularly used until video started in the late 1970's. I wonder if the film still exists in the BBC Archives because I sadly missed it.

The last time Elvis wasn't on TOTP was January 2005 when EPE refused BBC permission to use the clip of Elvis singing 'One Night' for the 1,000th no.1 UK single. The BBC had to use the Elvis Tribute Artist Mario of 'Jailhouse Rock the Musical' instead to sing the song at the end of the show. Probably one of the most stupid decisions ever made by the old EPE Management. 
The 1000th no.1 trophy can be seen at our Elvis shop.

Spooky Elvis Happenings  

Over the years I have experienced some strange Elvis happenings with Elvis Shows I have promoted using our life size bronze statue of Elvis. It started with the making of our life size statue when Jon Douglas, the sculptor, tried to change the stance of Elvis. It ended up with the weight of the clay (used in the sculpting) make the metal skeleton snap at the knees. Jon had called me in a panic and I went to his studio to help him, only for Elvis in clay to collapse in our arms so he had to start all over from scratch.

Then Jon became paralysed in his hands and could not complete the statue, in eight pieces the night before the unveiling. My staff and his sons put Elvis together. Then, the truck carrying the statue to the unveiling ceremony was in an accident and people sitting in the back of the truck were injured but the only damage to the statue was the microphone was bent back. 

Elvis always had problems at concerts with his microphones. At the second ceremony for the unveiling the sound broke down and the song,  American Trilogy played for the unveiling could not be finished. The next show, when we took the statue for the first time out of London to Leicester, the truck carrying it broke down. Then, the sound system broke down as Charlie made his grand entry at De Montford Hall, Leicester. To add to the trauma, there was a snowstorm that day and many fans got stuck in snowdrifts trying to get to the show.
For the next show ,when we again took the statue, the sound engineer had a breakdown and got to the show very late, so we had no sound for over an hour. 

There followed another breakdown in our company van when we took the statue to Birmingham for the Gift Show. This was self-inflicted because I put diesel in the van instead of petrol and it took four hours to clear the tank.
When I drove my car outside my old shop in Shoreditch and the car was in line with the position of the statue inside you heard a loud buzzing sound on the radio. If you drove a foot either side of the position of the statue the buzzing immediately stopped. 

I discovered this when I was driving up to my shop listening to an interview of Larry Geller on the Gloria Hunniford Show. As I parked outside my shop and was in line with the statue the buzzing started and only stopped when I moved the car and this continued forever, thereafter. Again this happens at my shop in Baker Street.
One matter that wasn't spooky but very upsetting was the theft of the official brass plaque made for the unveiling ceremony. I had specially commissioned a brass plaque to be permanently by the statue giving the time, place and date of the unveiling by Charlie Hodge in London. Because it was so hectic for days after the unveiling I did not have time to have the plaque screwed to the floor or wall and just left it alongside the statue. It was stolen from my shop just a couple of days after the unveiling. A fan stole that plaque and has kept it in his/her collection. If you know of anyone who has such a brass plaque commemorating the unveiling of the "Elvisly Yours Statue", September 27th 1981 please let me know. 

Rare Elvis Photographs

As I research our archives I find all sorts of interesting photos and documents. In fact, I am usually looking for something else when I find photos I had not seen for years.  I went to Memphis 52 times from England and to Los Angeles at least ten times. During my visits I would meet all sorts of dealers, fan clubs, collectors and members of Elvis entourage and often buy photographs to use in my "Elvisly Yours" magazine. 

Each issue had at least 14 pages of photographs, mostly A4 size and I never repeated the  same photograph, except the editors page that featured Elvis' making a speech when he received his award at the reception for the "Ten Most Outstanding Men of America" in 1971. There were 6 poster magazines, 4 Elvisly Yours magazines in the original series (plus King and Queen cover) and 42 new series Elvisly Yours magazines, each with different photographs.  

Incidentally, Elvis fans living in America CAN BUY OUR MAGAZINES (click caption to order) even though they can't buy our general range of Elvis memorabilia. When we had a warehouse in Memphis during the 1980's Elvisly Yours magazines and books were very popular and we sold them in "Souvenirs of Elvis" and "Wooden Indian" stores. 

Those were the good ol' days in the Elvis World before EPE took control like the "Blue Meanies" and destroyed all the fun and real excitement that was associated with a visit to Memphis. 

From my photo collection I have featured two rare photographs of Elvis taken when he was in his early teens. I have no idea who the other people are in the photos and perhaps someone can enlighten me.

Crying in the Chapel  cover
1,000th no.1 plaque

Presentation of the award by Rafael McDonnel 
to Sid Shaw.

Statue in Shoreditch Shop


The Unveiling Ceremony 

Elvis: Early Teen Years

Elvis: Early Teen Years  - Photo 2

includes a thesis by Sid Shaw, DisGraceland and 21 more papers by experts in the Elvis World 
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Porthcawl ELVIS

Elvis Festival in Porthcawl
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Elvis A King Forever 
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